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Full text of "Journal of Joseph Lee Robinson - Mormon Pioneer"

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The Journal of 


Captured by Dr. Oliver Preston Robinson 
and Mary Robinson Egan 

Published journal scanned 
by David and Joni Nielsen 

Formatted as an ebook 
by Kevin Merrell 

mm^mm CONTENTS mm^mm 

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June 1856 




January 1st, 1857 




The Utah War 


Family Background 


January 1858 

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May 1859 

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October 1835 


nature Years 

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Marrh 1861 


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Nauvoo, Illinois 


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February 1868 


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February 1869 

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August 1842 


October 1871 


September 1843 

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June 1845 

Z D O 

1 R74 


January 1846 


October 1875 


February 1876 


Crossing the Plains 



March 1847 

Last. Years 


July 1848 

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J d 1 1 Ud I y ± O / / 


February 1888 


Salt Lake Valley 


January 1889 


February 1849 


January 1890 


Mission: South Utah 


January 1891 


Spring 1850 


January 1892 


Spring 1851 


Second Section 


April 1853 


April 1884 


Return to Farmington 


February 1885 


March 1854 


January 1886 


January 1855 



Note from Kevin Merrell 

I have designed this ebook form of Joseph Lee Robinson's 
journal. In this effort I stand on the shoulders of giants, 
starting with Dr. Oliver Preston Robinson. Oliver read Father 
Robinson's actual journal pages into a tape recorder, then 
had the recordings transcribed and published. Oliver in effect 
translated the journal, giving the published version the benefits 
of spelling, punctuation and paragraphs that make it easier 
for us to read today. 

Decades later, descendants David & Joni Nielsen scanned 
the published journal and shared it on their website , bringing 
the journal to a whole new audience. 

In the process of producing an interactive CD-ROM biography 
about one of Joseph Lee's granddaughters, Pearl Bennett, I 
found David's website and made his aquaintance. Along the 
way I felt prompted to offer to format the journal file as an 
interactive ebook. A larger, more interactive ebook of the 
journal is also under development. I've enjoyed collaborating 
with David on this project honoring his great, great, great, 
great grandfather. 

While I am not a descendant of Joseph Lee Robinson, his 
life has touched my life; I would invite you to let his life as 
reflected in his journal, touch your life. I am honored to be a 
part of the collective effort to tell his story, august 2003 



Note from David S. Nielsen 

I have electronically scanned the pages of the journal and am 
distributing them to my family and anyone else interested 
in Robinson family history. I am a descendant of Joseph Lee 
Robinson through his oldest son, Oliver Lee Robinson. My 
Robinson genealogy is as follows: Joseph Lee Robinson > 
Oliver Lee Robinson > Harry Stratford Robinson > Geraldine 
Robinson Nielsen > Richard James Nielsen. 

I truly feel it is a miracle that I found this journal and 
have been able to publish it. The journal was loaned to me 
by Joyce Anderson Steed, another descendent of Joseph Lee 
Robinson. In the summer of 2001, I began to work on my 
genealogy, concentrating on the journals and histories of my 
ancestors. I had already found a copy of Oliver Lee Robinson's 
journal which my wife and I have transcribed (located on http: 
//www, ). 

That summer, I was browsing through the names of people 
who had submitted Joseph Lee Robinson's and Oliver Lee 
Robinson's genealogy on Out of the 50 + 
names listed, I noticed that one of the submitters was from 
Pleasanton, ca - a town of about 50,000 people in Northern 
California and my current residence. I felt impressed a number 



of times to call her, and after several months I finally did 

We talked about how we were related and she mentioned 
that she might have some books on the Robinson family. We 
arranged a meeting and she agreed, reluctantly, to loan me 
her precious copy of Joseph Lee Robinson's journal. As of this 
writing (January, 2002) she is leaving Pleasanton for Utah. 
If I hadn't called when I did, none of us would have had the 
chance to read this incredible journal. 

Note from Oliver Preston Robinson 

This is a complete and as accurate a copy as possible of the 
main journal of Joseph Lee Robinson, entitled "History of 
Joseph Lee Robinson". The journal is beautifully handwritten 
and reasonably legible. J.L.R. arranged it in sections according 
to dates selected by himself. The pages, about 71- by 12 
inches in size, are colored with age with edges a bit frayed, 
due to considerable handling by members of the family and 
some words are missing on page bottoms. 

By assignment by the officers of the Joseph Lee Robinson 
Family Organization, this copy has been dictated by Joseph 
Lee's great grandson, Dr. Oliver Preston Robinson. Cousin 
Preston was selected because he has had considerable 
experience as an editor and writer. For many years he was 



general manager of the Deseret News Publishing Company and 
editor of the Deseret News. While serving as president of the 
British Mission in London, was editor of the Millennial Star. 

This dictation was commenced on the 10th of March, 1978 
and continued over a period extending to October, 1980 The 
typing was completed over this same period by Mary Robinson 
Egan, a great, great granddaughter. As each original page was 
completed and the dictation carefully checked, the original 
journal page was inserted in a plastic cover and the entire 
journal, fully preserved, has been deposited for safekeeping 
in the Historical Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints. It is anticipated that sufficient copies of 
the dictated journal will be made available to members of the 
family who are interested in having a copy. 

Joseph Lee Robinson hand bound his journal using the 
cardboard top of a box which had contained Martha Washington 
Genuine Turkey Red H'dk'fs. He also used the bottom of 
this box and then bound the whole journal together with a 
plaid cloth for the back, or spine, of the book. This cover is 
interesting and has been preserved with the original pages 
of the journal. Those wishing to examine it may do so at the 
Historical Dept. 

So all members of the family may see a sample of J.L.R.'s 
handwriting, a slightly reduced copy of page 22 of his journal 
which contains his impressive testimony of the Prophet Joseph 



Smith, page 23 in this dictated copy, has been included in the 
front of this journal. Also from the bottom of page 10, to the 
top of page 112 in this dictated copy, four pages in J.L.R.'s 
journal written on both sides of the sheets, his record has 
been dictated exactly as he wrote it with his spelling and 

For some reason, J.L.R. wrote a second journal, shorter 
and duplicative of his main one. This second journal has been 
read carefully and any information in it not contained in his 
original one, has been included in the dictated material. 

It has been a privilege to have accomplished this work of 
dictation so that members of this great family may have access 
to the interesting and inspirational story of the life, activities 
and fine selfless service of our great ancestor. 




Family Background 

Birth to five years old 

I, Joseph Lee Robinson, was born of goodly parentage in the 
town of Shaftsbury, Benington Co., St. of Vermont, February 
18, 1811. My father's name is Nathan, his father's name was 
Joseph, his mother's name was Rosanna. 

My mother's name was Mary, her father's name was Samuel 
Brown, his mother's name was Mary who was the wife of 
Joseph Lee, after him I was named. 

I feel very much interested in him according to the workings 
of the spirit in me. I should say that the blood of the Prophets 
courses largely in his veins. That he was a noble son of 
Joseph who was the son of Jacob and of Isaac who was the 
son of Abraham, the father of the faithful. He is through the 
loins of Ephraim so that when he has an opportunity he will 
immediately receive the gospel even the new and everlasting 
covenant for we shall do for him in holy temples what he would 
have done for himself were he here in this our day so that he 
may obtain the holy priesthood and be sealed with his holy 



wives for time and eternity and exaltation in the kingdom of 

Now with regard to my grandfather Samuel Brown, I say 
but little at present. He was a pious and good man. A son of 
Abraham through the loins of Joseph that was sold into Egypt. 
He also shall receive the holy gospel, for we his noble sons 
and daughters shall take great pleasure in performing all the 
ordinances in the House of God for our father and son of the 
faithful and our noble mothers, the daughters of Abraham and 
Sarah. Now my fathers, the Robinsons, were morally honest 
and my own father was very religiously inclined, not so much 
of the blood of Israel as upon my mother side, but they shall 
be saved in the kingdom that is if they will believe. 

My father sold his farm in Shaftsbury, Vermont state, and 
moved his family into the state of New York the winter that I 
was five years old. 




Early Adult Years 


Joining The Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints 

But as I find in some of my writings, I have written somewhat 
of my history from my birth until marriage so I will place these 
writings at the commencement of this work and let it suffice for 
the present. Therefore I will proceed to things of later years, 
in them we mention the birth of our firstborn son, we named 
him Oliver Lee. He was a very spritely little fellow, of him we 
are very proud and the Lord smiled upon us very much and 
blessed our labors. We were very much devoted to the cause 
of our dear Redeemer. That is, we served the Lord the best 
we knew when we set up housekeeping we commenced our 
worship by reading a portion of the scriptures and developed 
a family capacity to kneel before the Lord and offer up our 
prayers of thankfulness and gratitude. We offered both family 
and secret prayers and also were very punctual in attending 
our meetings and always took an active part in speaking and 
bearing testimony and all in which we took great delight and 



we strove diligently to have our lives and conduct correspond 
with our profession. 

October 1835 

The Lord gave us the second son, we called his name Ebenezer. 
He was a fine promising child, he was born October 19, 

About these days my mind was wonderfully wrought upon 
the Lord, the spirit constrained me, I prayed much and 
earnestly unto the Lord for the people that God would pour 
out of his spirit and cause a revival, or a reformation among 
the people, and I received a testimony in the spirit, that 
the Lord would grant my request and that I should see the 
day when the people should bow to the mild scepter of King 

I also prayed earnestly that I might see my Savior, that he 
would manifest himself to me, as I greatly desired to see him 
in person. At this time I knew nothing of the work of God on 
the earth, that he had revealed the holy gospel to man, that 
the angel had flown through the midst of heaven, having the 
everlasting gospel to preach to man on the earth, as John 
the Revelator prophesied should be away in the future of 
his day. I did not understand that the holy gospel had been 
taken from the earth, that there was no man on the earth 



that held the priesthood of God, or that had authority from 
God to administer the holy gospel. That is, to baptize for the 
remission of sins and to confirm the same, members in the 
church of Christ, by the laying on of hands and give to them 
the Holy Ghost, and also to heal the sick. 

August 1836 

I knew nothing of this until my brother Ebenezer came to me in 
the month of August 1836. He brought to me the holy gospel. 
He was an elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints and he opened up the holy scriptures to me as I had 
never seen them before. I saw the light of truth, I received 
it readily in a few days and believed every word he said. I 
received it with great joy and he, my brother, baptized me 
and confirmed me a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints and in the name of Jesus Christ he gave to 
me the Holy Ghost, for he had said to me as Peter said, to 
repent and be baptized and ye shall receive the Holy Ghost 
that he shall know the doctrine that it is of God. I believed 
his testimony and took him at his word and in a few days I 
received the Holy Ghost and spake in tongues and prophesied 
all which proved to me that he was called of God as was 
Aaron that he had authority to preach the gospel and to give 
the Holy Ghost. I received from him the Book of Mormon 



and a copy of the Book of Covenants. I read them much and 
thanks to my Heavenly Father that I lived in this day in the 
which God had spoken from the heavens and has committed 
the dispensation of the fullness of times. That our God was 
about to gather his people Israel from their long dispersions 
and built up his kingdom in the earth and bring forth his Zion 
preparatory to the millennial reign of Christ on earth which 
is to last for 1,000 years according to the predictions of the 
holy prophets. 

We received a periodical published by the Latter-day Saints 
in Kirtland, Ohio but soon the Saints were driven from that 
place and they had settled in the state of Missouri. But soon 
their enemies were upon them and the fall after the winter 
of [????] they, the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints, were driven from the state of Missouri. 

We had adopted the rule of attending to our family prayers 
precisely at six o'clock in the evening and about this time while 
the Saints were in this deepest trouble one Sunday evening 
after reading a portion of the scriptures as usual, we knelt 
down to attend to family prayers after addressing the throne 
of grace saying a few words, we commenced to pray for the 
Saints in Zion. A heavenly vision opened to my eyes and I 
saw a beautiful light which was before me and was present 
in my sight. 



[The vision] was in shape and color of a rainbow only the 
bow was down. It was perfect in shape and its motion was as 
the pendulum of a clock. It moved back and forth with perfect 
exactness. I gazed upon it for a length of time as it grew 
brighter and brighter until it was the purest and brightest light 
I ever saw. Then as quick as thought a very large building was 
present before my eyes. It was far enough from me to have 
a good view. I gazed with wonder and astonishment upon a 
very large and beautiful house built of hewn stone, gray rock 
polished in blocks with white joints with large and beautiful 
window and door sills and caps. I had a quarting view, more 
of a side view. It was altogether the largest and beautifully 
imposing building I ever saw. 

As soon as the house appeared in sight this extraordinary 
light was out of my sight. Presently the voice of the Good 
Shepherd said to me "This house you see is the temple of the 
living God that shall be built in this generation by the hands 
of the Latter-day Saints upon the consecrated spot in Jackson 
County, Missouri." Presently after this communication as quick 
as thought I found myself standing in one room in that house. 
To me it was a heavenly place away in front of me. In the 
end of the room there was a stand, a rich and beautiful stand 
with cushions and curtains and over the stand this marvelous 
light that had led me up to the Zion was waving magnificently. 
Then again the voice of the Good Shepherd said to me again, 



"This is the temple of the living God that shall be built by the 
hands of the Latter-day Saints in this generation upon the 
consecrated spot in Jackson County, Missouri and the pure in 
heart shall see the face of the Father and live and this light 
you see is the glory of God that shall fill the house again as 
quick as thought. 

I was removed to my former position where I gazed 
with wonder and amazement upon that wonderful house of 
God and while I was gazing upon the exterior of the house 
that wonderful light was not visible to me but I gazed with 
admiration upon the house until I was removed from the 
house which seemed to be instantaneous. Then the light in 
its glory, in its perfect motion, was waving before my eyes 
and it continued to grow less until it went out or passed away 
which seemed to occupy about the same length of time that 
I was going to the temple. The vision closed, I then arose 
to my feet and dropped into my chair, sitting, my face wet 
with tears exclaiming glory to God in the highest, hallelujah. 
I have seen the temple of the living God. I felt exceedingly 
happy, my wife smiled upon me saying, "Joseph, I guess you 
will get to heaven." 

I inquired of her how I had acted. She said after I had 
said a few words that I remained quiet upon my knees a 
considerable length of time, so that I have always known 
and have many times testified and bore my testimony when 



preaching the gospel to the people that I knew that I knew 
that whatever became of the Saints, the temple of the living 
God should be built by the hands of the Latter-day Saints of 
this generation upon the consecrated spot in Jackson County, 
Missouri. Previously to receiving this heavenly vision, as soon 
as my brother Ebenezer was gone, I read the revelation on 
the Word of Wisdom over and over again. I believed it was 
the word of the Lord so I made a resolve that I would leave 
off drinking my beer and keep the Word of Wisdom strictly 
which resolve I have strictly lived up to until this day. But it 
was with some difficulty that I got rid of my tea. My wife was 
a lover of her tea and she did not like to drink it alone so she 
would frequently set a cup on for me. After I drank one or 
two cups I saw I had to say something desperate or I should 
never leave it off. I told her if she set another cup on for me 
I would throw it out of the window and break cup and saucer 
all to smash. The tea came no more. 

We remarked that I had prayed earnestly to the Lord and 
that I had received a testimony that God would pour out his 
spirit and cause a reformation in this place which came to 
pass in a few years after. 

Also I saw the Lord in a bright vision soon after I was 
baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
It seemed to be just at night. I knew him as soon as I saw 
him. He turned in and came to the house. He was a man 



as he was when he was upon the earth. He was a beautiful, 
heavenly man. He had a new book white and clean. He held 
some argument with some of the family. His appearance, 
questions and answers was well worthy of the Son of God. 
After he had been there a while I met him in the door and 
embraced him and kissed him and he did me also. I asked 
him some questions. He answered them very wisely and then 
he was gone. I was the only one that knew him but I knew I 
had seen my Savior Jesus and I was glad. 

I defended the truth which they called Mormonism boldly 
and manfully and I was faithful, very much devoted to the 
cause of God. My wife thought it too much a disgrace to be a 
Mormon. She opposed me some two or three years but finally 
concluded that she had better obey the gospel and be saved. 
But while she was standing out I told her I should certainly 
go, or gather with the Saints to Zion. Then the Lord opened 
the way. For the spirit of gathering with the Saints was always 
upon me until she did obey the gospel. Some of her pretended 
friends labored hard to save her from falling into the error 
of Mormonism. They told her that they would assist her if 
she would not go with me and that they would help keep the 
children. She went so far at one time as to say that she would 
never go with me together with the Mormons. I told her as 
the Lord lived, I should certainly gather with the people of 
God when the time arrived and then if she did not wish to go 



with me, that I would leave with her and the children the farm 
and all of my property clear of encumbrances save enough 
to simply take me away that I might be with the Church as 
I thought that a very liberal offer. But she took it to heart 
severely and grieved and wept bitterly that I would offer to 
go and leave her. I repented that I had been so faithless that 
I had offered to leave her behind, I then told her I should 
never make her such an offer again but that I should certainly 
go to the Saints but I should never go without her and that I 
should not take her until she wanted to go with me or when I 
wanted to gather with the Saints. She also would want to go 
too and so it was that she was anxious to go. 

I remained alone [in the Church] for three years. Only 
there were a few Saints about seven miles distant and I would 
sometimes meet with them. We enjoyed ourselves remarkably 
well. The Lord was with us. We contended earnestly for the 
faith once delivered to the Saints. In the fall and winter of 
1839, Elder James Blakesly came to our place. He commenced 
to preach the gospel in one neighborhood and in the region 
round about. He had a family, wife and several children at 
quite a distance north of us. We wished to secure his services 
which we could do if we would send for his family and take 
care of them. A neighbor of mine by the name of Thomas 
S. Johnson, not yet a member of the Church, but friendly 
offered a room if I would help him raise and plaster it so that 



we could put his friend and his family in. This we did and the 
Brother Chancy Nobley with team went and moved them in 
and I mostly supported them for quite a length of time. 

Elder James Blakesley was a very fluent, interesting 
preacher and that was about all there was of him. The people 
all about the country felt curious to hear what the Mormon 
had to say and would open their meeting and school houses 
and in several of their dwelling houses for him to preach 
in. He soon began to baptize and the consequence was that 
Mormons sprang up all over the country. Soon there was a 
small branch organized in the neighborhood where I resided 
and presently he ordained me an elder and at his request the 
Saints there in our neighborhood chose myself to preside over 
them which office and appointment I received very reluctantly 
for I felt my weakness. It was so great I felt it was almost 
more than I could bear but the Lord strengthened me, the 
Holy Spirit helped me so that the burden was lightened and 
the task made easier. 

Now I realize and saw the spirit of God poured out upon the 
people and that reformation that I had so anxiously prayed 
for and received a testimony that I should soon see in my 
neighborhood, for that was the kind of reformation that the 
Lord would get up that will count. It consisted of the gospel in 
its purity preached by a man or men having authority, people 
believing their testimony and yielding obedience by going down 



into the water and being baptized for the remission of their 
sins and their receiving the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, which 
we did certainly receive. Some received the gift of tongues 
and some prophesied. I, your humble servant, did receive 
the gift of tongues which I covet very much, particularly the 
gift to sing in tongues which I did receive in a remarkable 
manner. Many times we sang in our congregations for Saints, 
for the Lord did pour out his spirit abundantly upon me, not 
only in singing in tongues, for we have seen strong men sit 
and shake like a poppy leaf, also to the great edification and 
comforting of the Saints. Not only that, but we have seen the 
sick healed. Not only in singing and speaking in tongues and 
speaking also, but in preaching the gospel, expounding the 
scriptures and in bearing testimony and in prophesying as 
well as in healing the sick and in casting out devils and also 
of visions and dreams and seeing also all which blessing we 
testify in the name and in the fear of God. These blessings 
were poured out upon and enjoyed by Latter-day Saints, or 
Mormons, in that neighborhood which proves to us without a 
shadow of doubt the truth of the work of God and his power 
attending his gospel and his servants on the earth. There 
were many baptized and several branches of the Church were 
organized in the regions round about by Elder Blakesley and 
others. Now with regard to miracles in healing, we might 
mention many of healing the sick. We will mention one. 



There lived in our neighborhood a man by the name of Bell. 
He has a wife, a very respectable, amiable woman. She was 
a member of the Baptist Church in that place. She was taken 
very sick with what is called the asthma, for a number of days. 
It was with difficulty they kept her alive. They despaired of her 
life. They had an only son, a young man grown, he was not 
a member of the Church but he had heard me speak several 
times and was somewhat believing. He loved his mother and 
felt very anxious and concerned for her. He pled with his 
mother that she would consent to let him go for me as I was 
an elder, to administer to her for her recovery. He believed 
that she might be healed but she thought it would such a 
disgrace to have a Mormon elder to come and lay hands on 
her, it would hardly do. But he continued to tease and entreat 
his mother, thus she consented, and also his father who was 
a wicked man, he gave his consent. He came for me. I went 
with him and found her sitting up as she felt a little easier 
since he went for me. I had some conversation with her. It 
was with great difficulty that she could talk at all. I asked her 
if she wished me to administer. She replied that Henry, her 
son, was very anxious and that she had no objection. 

I told her that I was a servant of the living God, that I 
did not feel at liberty to administer to any person that was 
not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints, unless they would covenant that inasmuch as they 



received a blessing and was healed that they would obey 
the gospel and that if she would agree to obey the gospel I 
would administer to her, in case her husband was willing. He 
ascended and she promised to obey. I knelt with them and 
prayed for and with them. I then arose and anointed her head 
with holy oil in the name of the Lord and laid my hands upon 
her head and prayed for her and blessed her in the name 
of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the authority of the holy 
priesthood which I held. We sealed the holy anointing which 
she had just received and rebuked the disease by which she 
was afflicted and commanded it to depart. We told her that 
she should be healed and would recover, live and not die. She 
was healed that night. The very next morning she arose and 
dressed herself and went to work as usual. She felt well, as 
well as she ever did but some weak. She thought of keeping 
it a secret from the world, but the spirit of the Lord said to 
her she must publish it to her church and to the world what 
great thing the Lord had done for her and how it was done 
in one or two days. After, it being the Sabbath day, she got 
their breakfast and did up the work and dressed herself 
and walked on foot to her meeting three-fourths of a mile. 
After the preaching, she asked liberty and bore her solemn 
testimony to what God had done for her, that she had been 
healed and that a servant of God had anointed her as Jesus 
and his apostles did in their day and laid his hands upon 



her head and blessed her and healed her. She said that she 
knew that God had blessed her and that she was healed and 
that she would publish it loud and long. She wished then to 
repent and obey the gospel. She then walked home, got her 
dinner and walked three-fourths of a mile to the meeting of 
the Saints where I presided. She there bore her testimony 
to what God had done for her, restating for that meeting the 
circumstances of her sickness and to how near death's door 
she was considered and how she considered herself, how very 
sick she was and nigh unto death's door. That, through the 
interposition and pleading of her son, she had sent for me, 
elder of the Mormon Church, and of the severe attack of the 
evil one, of the mighty struggle she had with the devil and how 
the Lord delivered her from the two or three days she was so 
very sick. But now she was well and happy. She thanked her 
God with all her heart that she was not ashamed now but felt 
proud to be called a Mormon. She declared herself a ready 
and willing candidate for baptism. We will hear say it was but 
a few days and I buried her in the waters of baptism unto 
Jesus Christ and she became a humble and devoted follower 
of the meek and lowly Jesus. 

At the waters of baptism when this sister was baptized, 
there was a pretty large attendance. The solemnities of 
eternity rested upon the audience, the ordinance and ceremony 
was beautifully performed. 



Winter 1839 

In the countenances of some in the audience it was plainly 
manifest by the heinous grin the displeasure of their master, 
the devil, but there was no threats nor any violence offered. 
The spirit of God was poured out, the reformation continued. 
For a season that neighborhood was left exclusively to the 
Mormons or Saints. So there were many that repented and 
were added to the Church by baptism. So much so that in and 
through the winter of 1839 we kept a hole cut in the ice of 
the creek where we baptized nearly all winter. The ice being 
about three feet thick, the boys cut a hole in the ice about ten 
feet long and wide enough. The congregation would gather 
all around the ice and we would sing and pray. I would jump 
down into the water, they would hand the candidate to me 
and they would come out like ducks. They would help them 
out, then we would quickly go home. We might mention many 
cases of healing during these baptismal ceremonies. 
[Editor's note: J.L.R. tells of Caleb Lampeir's baptism.] 
Soon after this they sent for me. We anointed the child 
and laid our hands upon it and blessed it in the name of the 
Lord and it was immediately healed and his wife was baptized 
that winter. 

There were many believing the gospel that were never 
baptized and some fell away but the devil soon waked up 



and persecuted. Lies and slanders were soon got up and 
held against the Saints but this was nothing strange, for so 
persecuted they the disciples of Jesus and the true worshippers 
of God in all ages of the world. 

June 1838 

In June 8, 1838 we had a daughter born to us. A blessing 
from the Lord, a spritely beautiful child. My wife was still 
not a member of the Church, but I had faith that she would 
someday join for the Holy Ghost had told me that she would 
embrace the gospel. This took place in April 1839. (Wife, Maria 
Wood, baptized) 

April 1839 

It was a great satisfaction to me to have my precious, bosom 
companion, one with me in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- 
day Saints for it came to pass that she did not dare to resist 
it to stay out any longer for she believed that Mormonism 
was true and she was afraid that God would smite her if she 
fought against it any longer. She was baptized in a beautiful 
clear pool of water that came up on my farm in April 1839, 
for which I thank my Lord and my God. 



October 1840 

It came to pass that the Lord gave us another son. We called 
his name Joseph. He was a very sober, intelligent looking child. 
He was born October 31, 1840. 

There were several families of Saints who came from the 
north and settled about Boonville in the neighborhood about us 
which made it more interesting for us. I was very industriously 
engaged in the work of the Lord and preaching the gospel 
everywhere round about for to go which way or where I would 
I could have a house to preach in and the people to preach 
to and I never failed to bear my testimony in the name of the 
Lord of the truth of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith, 
a prophet of the living God. 

I took great pleasure in preaching the gospel for I found it 
to be the power of God unto salvation for the holy spirit was 
poured out so profusely upon me, the spirit gave me utterance 
and my whole body was charged highly with the Holy Ghost 
so that my whole body was full of joy, yea joy that tongue 
cannot describe. 

I was almost always blessed with a good, quiet attentive 
congregation, so much as you could hear a pin if it should fall 
upon the floor. 

We will mention one circumstance of interest which 
occurred where I held a Sabbath day meeting in a large stone 



schoolhouse. It was filled to overflowing and it was among 
strangers. I was alone. I had been preaching for nearly two 
hours and was about to close and dismiss the congregation 
when a gentleman arose and wished me to permit him to ask 
two questions. I said yes if the congregation was willing. He 
said he would vouch for the congregation. His first question 
was if we had a gold Bible. I answered no sir, and I gave 
him my Bible. He said this is the English version. I said yes 
sir, but we have a book we call the Book of Mormon. But sir, 
do you believe this Bible, said I, He said yes sir. Then sir I 
can prove to the understanding of any candid man by this 
Bible that a book should come forth like the one the Book of 
Mormon purports to be. He wished me to give them the proof. 
I said no I would not. That I should want two hours to do that 
subject justice and that I had an appointment for that evening 
at a place where I had held several meetings. I would take 
that subject at that meeting if he or any other ones wished 
to come and hear. 

The second question was if I would show them a sign or 
perform a miracle. And it came to pass I said unto him, have 
I not preached the gospel unto you today as it is recorded 
in this Bible. Yes sir he said. A wicked and an adulterous 
generation, they seek a sign. But no sign shall be given it but 
the sign of Jonas the prophet and several other passages of 
Jesus' sayings to sign seekers. Then I proceeded to work a 



miracle by saying unto him, sir, are you willing to be struck 
dumb and remain dumb for a season in order that you may 
know and that this people may know that I am a servant of 
the living God and that the gospel that I have been preaching 
to you is the gospel of miracles. Then you shall have a sign 
sir and now, I Joseph, repeated this three times raising my 
voice each time. The third time speaking with a great deal 
of emphasis and power probably such as he had never heard 
before, for it was spoken under the influence and power of the 
Holy Ghost. Then said I, you shall have a sign. He said no, no 
sir. I say he was afraid it would come upon him. The house, 
notwithstanding it was so very full of people, it was as still 
as death. Behold silence reigned a short time. I gazed with a 
feeling of surprise upon the countenances of the congregation 
and could read their feelings. We dismissed the meeting, and 
the people withdrew. There was not a word spoken, not even 
a whisper that I heard. Not a dog to move his tongue. They 
got into their sleighs and upon their horses arm their feet 
and went home. 

This was the most remarkable sight that I had ever seen. 
My feeling I could not describe the reflection that I had been 
preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ unto a people 
professing Christianity who had the Bible in their hands and 
in their houses. That they should ask for a sign and that I had 
boldly offered to strike a man dumb, it produced a remarkable 



sensation in my mind. But my feelings were mild and serene. 
I felt assured that I had done my duty, had born my testimony 
and preached the truth and that the Lord was pleased with 
me. I felt remarkably solemn and good, but felt to pity the 
poor unbelieving Gentiles. God sends his kingdom unto them. 
His humble servants offer them life and salvation in the name 
of the Lord but their stumbling stone is so great they do not 
discern the day of their visitation. Therefore they must remain 
in their sins and perish. Wo be unto us if we preach not the 
gospel and wo be unto the Gentiles if they receive it not. For 
the hour of God's judgement is at hand and beginning already 
to be born out. I preached to a very attentive and good house 
that evening. I bore my testimony to the truth and on my way 
home on Monday, visited the grave of my mother reading the 
inscription on her gravestone. Looking upon her grave we 
offered a prophecy that my mother should come forth in the 
morning of the first resurrection and receive a crown of honor 
and glory in the celestial kingdom of our God notwithstanding 
that she had died without hearing the fullness of the gospel of 
Jesus Christ. She was, in her day, a very exemplary, devout, 
praying woman. She was a daughter of Abraham, an Israelite 
indeed in whom there was no guile, a pure Ephraimite. 

When I drove into the neighborhood and where I went to 
school where I was principally raised and in the evening the 
schoolhouse that my father had helped to build, I there lifted 



up my voice and preached to that people the first principles 
of the everlasting gospel. This was the first time that they 
had ever heard the gospel in its purity. At another time I 
preached in a schoolhouse that had been built near the spot 
where the barn stood in which I had been visited by the Lord, 
had received such a remarkable conversion. I preached to a 
very full house and attentive congregation. It being the first 
gospel sermon that was ever preached in that place, for there 
never was a man before that dared to promise to the people 
the Holy Ghost on conditions of repentance and baptism for 
the remission of sins. 

The Lord had blessed me with a good sleigh and horses 
and things of comfort. And it came to pass that I labored 
much in traveling and preaching the gospel of the kingdom 
in the regions around about besides preaching to our little 
flock at home. And it came to pass that in every congregation 
of the wicked I bore a faithful and solemn testimony to the 
restoration of the gospel of miracles, that Joseph Smith was a 
true prophet of God, that the Book of Mormon was a revelation 
of God, a true history of a branch of the House of Israel who 
was led to and lived on this continent. I testified that it was 
true that it had sprung out of the earth as the prophet David 
had said it would come and that it was certainly the book 
that the prophet Isaiah said should be read and that the 
deaf should hear the words of the book, that the blind should 



see out of obscurity and out of darkness and that the poor 
among them and the meek of the earth should rejoice in the 
Holy One of Israel. Some would believe my testimony but the 
great majority would discard the idea of there being any more 
revelation. They had the Bible and it was enough. 

Spring 1841 

It came to pass that in the spring of 1841, as I was visiting 
with a Brother Charles H. Lang and family, that he requested 
me to bless him before I left him in the morning. We had a 
very interesting visit. I laid my hands upon his head in the 
name of the Lord and began to bless him in my mother tongue. 
I had said a few words and the spirit of the Lord rested upon 
me to talk in tongues. I broke out in an unknown tongue which 
I spoke to some length. Then, before I took my hands from his 
head, I gave the interpretation of that tongue in English. There 
were many good things said but among others a prophecy was 
uttered. We said to him that the Lord should open up the way 
for him and family that they should go up to Zion that season, 
as all the Saints that could expected to go that season. As he 
was a poor man with a wife and several helpless children, he 
had nothing else not so much as one cow. 




Nauvoo, Illinois 

Memories of the Prophet Joseph Smith 
Jospeh Lee Robinson Accepts Polygamy 

It came to pass that I went up to Nauvoo that summer and 
took my family and three other families also, namely Brother 
Vosburg and family and Brother Thomas S. (R. L.) Johnson 
and family and a widow Lincoln and two children. Some of 
these I had baptized, but I could have taken Brother Lang [that 
name could be Oaug or Dany] and so fulfilled that prophecy. 
But, I knew the Lord had promised him and I was confident 
that he was able and that he was faithful to do all that he had 
promised. It came to pass that the company in the branch 
where Elder Dany lived [this name here looks like Dany but in 
any event it is the same person whose first name, as above, 
is Charles H.] was making preparations to start. The time 
had arrived within one or two days and as yet there was no 
prospect. But, behold the Lord remembers his promises and 
is faithful to perform. He sent Father Thayer to inform him, 
Brother Dang, that he had a good team of horses and a wagon 
well covered and ready for a move and that he could have the 
team to move his family to Zion. He thanked him very much 
but said, you will have to send me some money to bear my 



expenses, which he did. And it came to pass that Elder Dang 
loaded his family and goods in and was ready to move with the 
company. He came up all right in the fall of 1841 to Nauvoo. 
He was a happy man. Now the circumstances were that Father 
Thayer had a crippled wife but he thought to take her by land. 
Then it occurred to his mind that his wife could not stand to 
go by land, that she would not live to get there. Then said he, 
what shall I do with my team? It was immediately put into his 
mind that Elder Lang [or Dang] had no team, though he lived 
several miles from him. So he got his team taken to Nauvoo, 
but he charged him $18.00 for the use of it. 

He set sail or left the city of Rome, Oneida County, New 
York, the 10th day of June 1841. We had a good journey, we 
traveled pitching our tents by the way as the children of Israel 
did. We arrived in Nauvoo in the month of August. We found 
the temple in progress of building. The walls were protruding 
above the ground. The round or oval windows were just forming 
above the surface of the earth. This temple was commenced 
in the spring of 1841 on the 6th day of April. The cornerstone 
was in the formation walls. The Saints were remarkably well in 
rearing a house unto the Most High as God had commanded his 
Saints to build a temple speedily in that place. I immediately 
set in [apparently Joseph Lee means that he immediately 
began to work on the temple]. 



Now with regards to the Latter-day Saints, they had built a 
temple in the land of Kirtland, Ohio and they had been driven 
from there by mob violence and they settled in the state of 
Missouri as the Lord had commanded them. Then, because 
they worshipped the true and living God, the governor with 
the entire state formed a mob and robbed the Saints of 
their arms and ammunition and then aimed to slaughter the 
Saints, men, women and children. This mob had received 
exterminating orders from the governor of the state but they 
modified it a little and drove the Saints in mass from the state 
of Missouri from their homes and their lands that they had 
bought and paid the government of the United States and had 
received their titles for the same. This was done in the winter. 
Several of our leading men, they imprisoned and purposed 
to kill them, but the Lord delivered them. The Lord our God 
softened the hearts of the people in the state of Illinois and 
they received the Saints and showed friendship. The Lord had 
prepared a place for them, the Saints, called Commerce. It 
was situated on the curve of the east bank of the large, grand 
Mississippi River. A more beautiful sight for a city there never 
was than this place that the Lord had prepared for his Saints. 
It was sickly for the Gentiles, they had died there. They had 
undertaken to build a town or city but they were scared to 
stay there. Some men owned the land and they were glad to 
sell it to the Mormons on very reasonable terms. They, the 



Saints, purchased the land and moved directly there and 
commenced to build a city. The Lord also softened and blinded 
the authorities of the State that they gave them, the Saints, 
the most liberal charter that ever was given to any people on 
the earth. It was a blessing from Almighty God to our people. 
So our people gathered and rallied and commenced to build 
a city with a will. It went up like magic, a house of God as 
well. Thank God this city is situated upon the east bank of 
the Mississippi River. There was a large curve in the river. 
The river was three-fourths of a mile wide and there was a 
large bottom in this side with gravel rising to a bench which 
made it very sightly or beautiful. In this bottom there was a 
marsh or swampy place. The Saints drained that swamp and 
the same became healthy. The Saints builded houses and had 
good rich gardens on the same. 

It came to pass that the Lord gave to the prophet Joseph 
a very lengthy and important revelation with regard to that 
place and building a temple to the most high God. He, the 
Almighty, also instructed him to build a Nauvoo House and 
gave him directions with regard to the organization of the 
Church. As a most chosen and perfect organization of the 
same, naming many and giving them for officers in the Church 
of Jesus Christ. He was instructed in many more things of 
importance, saying that this place, Nauvoo, should become 
a cornerstone to Zion, giving the Saints a set time to build 



that temple. He said that if it, the temple, was not builded in 
or within the said time, that this people should be rejected 
with their dead. Knowing this to be the word of the Lord, it 
inspired the Saints to exert themselves exceedingly to use 
all due diligence to build that house. They soon proceeded to 
organize this city into wards, ordaining bishops, placing one 
to preside over each ward. 

Now we will return to our history when we arrived into 
the city of the Saints. I soon found my brother Ebenezer. He 
had a house for us to go into. It was a log house and very 
near the printing house, himself, Brother Ebenezer, being the 
printer of the Church as he was editing the Church's organ. 
He had built himself a good house with two stories. He used 
the second for a printing office. It was near the river. 

In that house the worst enemy we found or that found us 
was the rat. The long tailed rat which bit our little children, 
biting their lips and trying to eat their noses off while sleeping 
at night. 

Our beautiful temple that we were building was situated 
on the bench, an eminence, a beautiful sight about the center 
of the city near a beautiful grove in which we had our public 
meetings in summers. 



Fall 1841 

It came to pass that I, Joseph Lee Robinson, purchased a lot 
with a small log cabin on it of a brother in the Church and 
moved my family into it late in the fall of 1841. It was situated 
about three-fourths of a mile southeast of the temple on 
Warsaw Street, between Mulhollon and Parley Street. We had 
for neighbors Martin H. Peck, Ezra Taft Benson, John Pack, 
George Pitkin, Elisha Edwards, James Pace, John D. Lee, Joseph 
Horn, Thomas Graver, Dunbar Wilson, Father Thayer, Brother 
Carico, Bishop Jonathan H. Hale, and a great many others. 
We found ourselves in rather a new and strange country, 
subject to somewhat different diet, but we never looked back 
nor wished ourselves back to Babylon from whence we had 
come, but we greatly appreciate the blessings and privilege of 
being gathered and associated with the Saints and to assist in 
building holy temples and of being taught in the ways of the 
Lord and of enjoying the blessings of the holy gospel that we 
might receive our washings and anointings and endowments 
and sealings and baptisms for our dead. That we may hear 
the prophet's voice. That we might see eye to eye and bring 
forth the Zion of our God and carry the gospel to the nations 
of the earth, gather the Saints abroad on the earth to the 
place of gathering in this, the dispensation of the fullness of 
times according to the testimony of holy prophets. 



We are now living in the day of prophets and apostles and 
evangelists. Yea, a day of vision and dreams of revelations of 
miracles and tongues. 

We have long since believed and verily known that Joseph 
Smith was a fine and humble prophet of God, but now our 
eyes to see him and our ears hear his voice, which is like the 
voice of the mighty thunder of heaven. Yet his language is 
meek and instructive. It edifieth much, but there is a power 
and majesty that attends his words and preaching that we 
never beheld in any man before. For he is a mighty prophet. 
A holy man of God. He had seen the Father and Son and 
heard their voices and had seen holy angels and heard their 
voices at sundry times and in divers places. He truly had been 
educated in the things pertaining to the kingdom of God. He 
was highly charged with the Holy Ghost which was a constant 
companion and had seen many holy prophets and apostles 
and had been ordained under their hands and by the gift and 
power of God had translated the Book of Mormon, which is 
the best of all books and the work of this translation was done 
under the most trying circumstances. 

He had received many revelations from Almighty God on 
very important matters, had organized the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints according to the apostolic order with 
prophets and apostles and patriarchs. With high priests and 
seventies and elders, bishops, priests, teachers and deacons, 



with all the gifts and graces that adorned the ancient church 
of Christ. And to all this we do bear our solemn testimony 
in the fear of God and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
I, Joseph Lee Robinson, do verily know it is true so help me 

My love for the prophet Joseph was truly stronger than 
death. It was greater than for any man that ever lived except 
Jesus, the first begotten of the Father. 

We heard him say a great many good things. One was 
that if the Latter-day Saints would hold fast to him or to his 
garments that he would pack or carry them safe into the 
celestial kingdom of God. We never doubted his word. We 
also heard him say that God had revealed unto him that any 
man that ever committed adultery in either of his probations 
that that man could never be raised to the highest exaltation 
in the celestial glory and that he felt anxious with regard to 
himself that he inquired of the Lord that the Lord told him 
that he, Joseph, had never committed adultery. This saying 
of the prophet astonished me very much. It opened up to me 
a very wide field of reflection. The idea that we had passed 
through probations prior to this and that we must have been 
married or given in marriage in those probations, or there 
would be no propriety in making such an assertion, and that 
there were several exaltations in the celestial kingdom of our 
God. The highest exaltation we suppose to be the godhead 



and we conclude there are several grades of exaltations in 
servants to the Gods. 

Be this as it may, this is what he said and we will all know 
the truth of the matter some day. 

We will mention several of his sayings— there is not one 
key or one power to be bestowed on the Church to lead the 
people into the celestial gate, but I have given you, showed 
you, and talked it over to you. The kingdom is set up. You have 
the perfect pattern and you can go and build up the kingdom 
and go in at the celestial gate taking your train with you. 

Joseph Smith's instructions to the Quorum of the Twelve 
before his death. Again "though we or an angel from heaven 
preach any other gospel or introduce an order of things other 
than those things which ye have received and are authorized 
to receive from the First Presidency, let him be accursed" 
Joseph Smith. 

Again we heard the prophet Joseph Smith say upon the 
stand in Nauvoo in a grove near the temple when he was 
speaking to a large assemblage of Saints. With many other 
things he said, "That if I should reveal the things that God 
had revealed to me, there are some on this stand that would 
cut my throat, or take my heart's blood." 

We wondered if it was possible that that saying could be 
true. And again while speaking to the people in that place he 
supposed a case, he said suppose we send one of our elders 



to Turkey or India or to a people where it was lawful to have 
several wives. Where they practiced polygamy and suppose 
he should say to them your laws are not good, you should 
put away your plural wives. What would they do to him? They 
would kick him out of their realm. Said he, what right has he 
to speak against their laws and usages. Said he, God doesn't 
care what laws they make if they will live up to them. What 
shall they preach? Said he, they shall preach the gospel and 
nothing but the pure gospel and some will believe and be 
baptized. He shall say nothing about the gathering but confirm 
them members in the Church and give to them the Holy Ghost 
and he shall pass along, preaching and baptizing and a man 
shall receive the Holy Ghost, and that shall teach him of a 
land of Zion and of the gathering, and when the elders shall 
come around again, this brother shall accost him thus saying, 
elder, is there not a land of Zion, a place where the Saints 
should gather to? The elder should not lie to him. He shall 
say, yes, brother, there is a land of Zion where Saints of God 
are required to gather to. Then, said he, to the elder, I have 
five wives and I love one equally as well as I do the other 
and now what are the laws in that land? Can I bring my five 
wives there and enjoy them there as well as I can here? Said 
the prophet, yes the laws in Zion are such that you can bring 
your wives and enjoy them here as well as there, the elder 
shall say to that brother. 



The prophet went on preaching the gospel of the kingdom 
as if he had not said anything strange or awful, but this to 
me was the first intimation that I ever received that polygamy 
would ever be practiced or lawful with this people. 

The prophet went to his dinner and as it might be expected, 
several of the first women of the Church collected at the 
prophet's house with his wife and said thus to the prophet 
Joseph. Oh Mr. Smith, you have done it now, it will never do 
for it is all but blasphemy. You must take back what you have 
said today. It is outrageous. It would ruin us as a people. 

The prophet knew it would not avail anything to contend 
with the sisters. Said he, I will have to take that saying back 
and leave it as though there had been nothing said. For he 
was aware it was a very large pill for them or the people to 
swallow. But, as the Lord had revealed the principle of plural 
marriage to him and had informed him that the time had fully 
come that that doctrine should be taught and practiced by his 
people, the Latter-day Saints, as it was a very important item 
pertaining to the fullness of the gospel. He deemed it wisdom 
to throw out something for the people to reflect upon that 
they might begin to digest that very important doctrine which 
belongs to the dispensation of the fullness of times. But prior 
to this, he had besought the Lord to take this instruction from 
him that he might not have the responsibility of introducing 
and putting into practice that order of things because of the 



great opposition it would meet because of the traditions of 
the people. 

But it came to pass the Lord instead of releasing him 
from that burden, he sent an holy angel with a drawn sword 
unto him, saying unto him, Joseph, unless you go to and 
immediately teach that principle (namely polygamy or plural 
marriage) and put the same in practice, that he, Joseph, 
should be slain for thus saith the Lord, that the time has 
now come that I will raise up seed unto me as I spoke by my 
servant Jacob as is recorded in the Book of Mormon, therefore, 
I command my people. 

Now with regard to other sayings of the prophet, but a 
short time before the martyrdom of the prophet Joseph as he 
was Lieutenant General of the Nauvoo Legion, he called the 
Legion together and addressed them in a very affectionate and 
powerful manner as he was standing before a little frame near 
his mansion with the Legion and a great many others around 
him. He addressed us with regard to many things and several 
of his sayings I shall always remember. He says, do you love 
me? We answered in a loud affirmative, yes. He says, will you 
die for me? Yes, with loud acclamation the Legion responded, 
heartily responded yes. Then said he I will die for you. You 
are my boys and you shall be my boys through all eternity. 
He unsheathed his sword and raised it towards heaven and 
said with, a voice like thunder, he said, in the name of the 



Lord God that if there was one drop of innocent blood shed 
by our enemies in this time of persecution (as he was at that 
time under an arrest as the officers had served a writ on him 
and he would have to go immediately to Carthage to be tried 
and it looked gloomy and dark) that he would never sheath 
his sword again until victory was won for the Saints. That he 
would fight them with the thunder of heaven with lightnings, 
whirlwinds, hailstones and pestilence and devouring flames 
until they, his enemies, should be wasted until there was not 
a dog to move his tongue against Zion. And, as he was on his 
way to Carthage he said, I go as a lamb to the slaughter. I die 
innocent, I have a conscience void of offense toward God and 
men. Suffice it to say that he was slaughtered in Carthage 
Jail so that he never returned alive to Nauvoo. We shall say 
more of him hereafter. 

We will now return to his preaching in favor of polygamy. 
In the morning he declared the law in Zion should favor plural 
wives. It surprised) me much. It was the first intimation that 
I ever had as we remarked in favor of polygamy. I retired to 
my dinner. Several of the brethren stopped into my house 
and we talked about the preaching. I remarked to them that 
it was not likely that we should have the privilege of getting 
more wives but that the law would be framed so that they 
that had several wives could retain them and they did not 
know any better. 



We attended the meeting in the afternoon. The prophet 
Joseph came upon the stand. He arose to address the meeting. 
He said brethren and sisters, I take back what we said this 
morning and leave it as though there had nothing been said. 
It amused me somewhat, but did not take with me for I was 
satisfied that he meant what he had said in the morning. The 
meeting passed and the day also and two or three days passed 
away and it was in my mind constantly. I felt satisfied it was 
of God for the spirit bore testimony, and it came to pass that 
on Wednesday morning following as I was working with E. T. 
Benson, I received the first revelation upon that subject. It 
came as a flash of lightening to my mind. I stopped short, 
saying I have received a revelation. I said this to Brother 
Benson. What is it, said he. I will tell you inasmuch as the 
Lord reveals the law that shall give the brethren a right to 
bring his five wives and enjoy them in Zion and inasmuch as 
you and I are members of the Church of Jesus Christ, in full 
fellowship, it cannot prohibit us from having more than one 
wife and be just. Said he, that is true. 

That was the first revelation that I received on polygamy 
and also the first that Brother Ezra T. Benson received, except 
what the prophet said the sabbath before, but it was not the 
last that I received for it continued to reveal to me from time 
to time as the scriptures sayeth, the Lord giveth line upon line, 
precept upon precept, a little and there a little, and so He 



leadeth His Saints along from step to step. But that one word 
from the prophet gave me a starting point. It was as Alma 
in the Book of Mormon explained. The word implanted in my 
heart as a good seed sown in good ground. It was received in 
faith. It commenced to swell and it sprouted and grew from 
faith to a perfect knowledge so that I can say, as Paul, if any 
man or an angel from heaven preacheth any other gospel than 
we have preached and ye have received, let him be cursed. So, 
I can say with propriety, if any man or an angel from heaven 
comes and preaches any other doctrine than what the prophet 
Joseph did preach. If he says that polygamy is not of God I 
do verily know he lies, therefore let him be accursed. 

And now my dear readers, while I am on this subject, I 
propose to make known to you in my weak and clumsy way of 
writing how the Lord revealed to me the truth of the doctrine 
of plural marriage, or polygamy. 

I had been talking to some confidential persons on polygamy. 
As we have remarked, I never had received one word from 
any man living except that one word from the prophet, only 
as the Holy Ghost taught me and it also taught me some of 
the future destiny of this people. 

As I remarked to some, being interrogated, what will 
become of this people, this being soon after the martyrdom 
of Joseph and Hyrum? As the remarkable vision, also which, or 
in which the Lord revealed to me, unworthy me, the certainty 



or truth of that very remarkable sacred, interesting doctrine, 
pertaining to the fullness of the gospel of the Son of God, 
which had to be revealed in the dispensation of the fullness 
of times or at the commencement of that dispensation. The 
Father had a large number of spirits, very intelligent, noble 
spirits, spirits that had been kept back, kept in reserve 
because they were needed to come forth to be born under or 
in the priesthood to perform a certain very important work. 
This is what the Lord meant, when I will raise up seed unto 
me. I will command my people. The time now has fully arrived 
and it became necessary to command His people. I feel very, 
very thankful to my Father and God that he thought enough 
of me or thought me worthy to reveal unto me His will and a 
knowledge of that sacred doctrine. 

Now one word with regard to the future of this people as 
we should have remarked in answer to that question. I told 
some of them that the Lord would take this people and lead 
them way west into a goodly land and plant them and multiply 
them and discipline them and bring them under the rod and 
into the bonds of the covenant and make them a great and 
mighty people and that they should never come under the 
Gentile yoke again as they had been or that this kingdom 
should never be given into the hands of another people to 
drive them again. 




I will now proceed to relate a heavenly vision and revelation 
which was given to me, Joseph L. Robinson, on the subject 
of polygamy in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois in the year 
1844 or 1845. As we remarked, my mind was exercised upon 
that subject after hearing the prophet of God declare it should 
become a law in Zion. The Lord chastened me in the spirit 
for the space of about 20 hours in a manner or more severe 
than I had ever been chastened before. But behold the cloud 
of darkness passed away and the sun of righteousness did 
beam forth. My mind became calm and serene as the summer 
morning. I felt exceedingly happy in my mind. I was alone in 
my shop and I was a chair maker. It was about four o'clock 
in the afternoon and I was standing at my turning lathe, the 
sun shining brightly. 

The vision opened on this wise. Presently before me there 
was a light, straight as straight and narrow, very narrow, 
its color very bright and beautiful. The lower end of this 
remarkable light, or path, was about three feet from the 
earth before me and its elevation some 30 degrees and it 
extended away out of sight into the heavens. Presently there 
came a voice in the spirit, saying, this light you see is the 
straight and narrow path that leads to life. A pause for a few 
moments between each sentence. Polygamy is an institution 



of heaven, as pure a principle as ever emanated from the 
gods. It is for the purpose of raising up seed unto the Lord. 
No man has the right to crook a finger or wink an eye or do 
anything whatever to court a second wife until he first obtains 
permission from him that holds the keys of the kingdom of 
God upon the earth. 

Any man that enters into this holy order in any other way 
other than upon the principle and with an eye single to the 
glory of God, he is damned. Also, a man should be very careful 
not to interfere with the rights of any good man as this would 
be handling sharp edged tools. 

And it came to pass that I looked and beheld multitudes of 
people upon the earth. They looked very much like a swarm of 
bees as they were buzzing and all seemed searching altogether 
after the things of the earth, as I could see myriads of them 
and could not discover one of them searching after God or 
the things of God. I then saw things in a clearer light than I 
ever had before. It was then that I quaked exceedingly with 
fear and trembling before having my eyes on the straight and 
narrow path and being so exceedingly straight and narrow 
and the only chance to get to life was to find that and follow 
it, whilst the way was so broad that leads to death and the 
multitudes seemed to be travelling therein. 

There was a pause of a few moments between each 
sentence and through this entire vision this remarkable 



straight and narrow light was before my eyes and as Paul 
said, I did not know whether I was in the body or out of the 
body, I could not tell. 

The vision closed. I found myself standing by my turning 
lathe. I had seen a vision and received revelation from 
Almighty God through the medium of the Holy Ghost so that I 
did know that polygamy was of God and learned of its purpose 
and design and learned how to proceed in that holy order. Now 
with regard to this doctrine, of the truth and certainty of the 
same, I never did nor never can doubt again. 

August 1842 

As we remarked, we moved into a small log cabin with our 
little family in the fall of 1841, but our little son Joseph was 
taken sick and remained sickly until he died which was in 
August 25th, 1842. It was quite a sorrow and grief for us but 
we felt to kiss the rod and acknowledge the hand of God in 
it. We tried hard to save him. He was such a bright, spritely 
promising child. 

The Prophet Joseph Smith came to me on some business 
whilst this child was sick. I had him in my arms and I went 
out to talk with him as he sat upon his horse. He remarked, 
your child is sick, said he, you should get some bitters for him. 
I then asked the prophet what my tithing was. Said he, your 



tithing is one-tenth of what you have when you commence to 
pay tithing. After that, one-tenth of your entries annually. 

Through the blessings of God and with my little means 
and hard labor and management, I soon built me a good 
brick house with three rooms one above the other with a 
good fireplace in each room. One was a cellar kitchen with 
three windows, a good fireplace and a brick oven. The third, 
or upper room, the entire size of the house, 16 by 24, with 
a good fireplace and windows, suitable for a schoolroom. I 
fitted it up for a school, put in benches and writing tables 
and benches and table and water bucket and broom. I got it 
all in readiness with my own hands and means and I hired a 
good female teacher or sister in the Church. I agreed to pay 
her, I then informed the neighbors that a school would start 
at my house on Monday morning next and I wanted them to 
send their children to school and those that could I wanted 
them to help me pay the teacher while them that were not 
able to pay, that it should be free and that they should send 
their children to school just the same. 

Monday morning came and children also. They filled the 
room and all the teacher could do justice by. We had a good 
school and in the fall I hired a good man teacher on the same 
principle and the house full to overflowing and it continued to 
be so until the burning took place in Lima, a town about 30 
miles distant. The mob swore that the Mormons should not 



stay there. They gathered in bands nightly and set fire to their 
houses and hay and grain stacks and upset their lives and 
played regular smash with them the Saints in that town. 

Consequently we had to go to help them to come to Nauvoo 
and to take them into our house and give them succor, and 
then and not until then did our school stop. We had to stop 
our school and let one of the families in the room. All this and 
similar atrocities were fitted upon the Mormons, not because 
they were wicked but because they feared God and kept his 

September 1843 

In this house was born to us another son, our first born in 
Zion. We called his name Jeremiah W. A bright promising child. 
We were proud of him. We thank God our Heavenly Father for 
him but we had to part with him also. He was born in the city 
of Joseph. Hancock, County Illinois, September 21, 1843. 

He died August 25, 1844. One or two days before his death, 
as I held him in my arms just after the setting of the sun, his 
mother was milking the cow, the Holy Ghost said to me, Ordain 
this child to the high priesthood, I did so. I laid my right hand 
upon his head and there and then said the ceremony and gave 
him a regular ordination to the high priesthood. I never had 
heard of the like, but was satisfied that it was right. I said 



to his mother, Let us try to save this child if we can, if not 
let us be thankful for the three we have. She says, Don't say 
that. How can we spare this child? But we had to spare it. We 
buried him by the site of his brother Joseph in our lot, here 
together let these sweet dear brothers lay. Sleep in peace 
until the resurrection day. 

As we remarked, the city of Nauvoo was organized into 
wards and was named or called the city of Joseph. Jonathan 
H. Hale was ordained Bishop over the 9th Ward, where I lived. 
And he selected Thomas Casico and me for his counselors. He 
ordained me a high priest and set us apart as his counselors 
and we acted with him as such. 

We had in our ward a great many poor and sick and also 
a great many cases of difficulties to settle so that we had an 
abundance to do, sometimes busy night and day administering 
to the sick and gathering something and taking it to them 
and burying their dead. We acted as bishop and counsel and 
teachers, did all the work and we tried to perform our duty 
and do our work well. Sometimes the bishop and his other 
counselor were sick and the entire labor involved upon me 
alone and when I had I would impart of my store of provisions 
to the sick and poor. When I had none, I would take sometimes 
my little wagon and sometimes my basket on my arm and go 
and beg for them and carry it to them that they, the poor, did 
not ask in vain for we always administered to their wants. 



As yet we had no meetinghouse or tabernacle to meet in but 
we were doing the best we could in our poverty. In the winter 
season we would meet where best we could, but generally in 
our ward in my house as I had the largest room in the ward. 
There were some 14 high priests in the 9th Ward. They have a 
practice of meeting one evening every week and we had good 
meetings, a punctual attendance and a very good flow of the 
spirit in our quorum meetings and also in our ward meetings 
we were greatly blessed. 

We will now mention our exhortations or prophecy given 
in tongues one Sunday evening in my house. On this evening 
Brother Archibald Patten gave us a very lengthy and spirited 
lecture in tongues. E. T. Benson wished someone to give the 
interpretations on Brother Patten and said Brother Robinson 
could give it. I immediately arose to my feet and commenced 
by saying the Saints should continue their labors in building 
the temple of God in that place to completion so far that they 
should receive their endowments in the same and after the 
Lord should remove the Saints west out from these United 
States into a goodly land among the Lamanites in the midst 
of the Rocky Mountains. And there that they should preach 
the gospel to the house of Joseph and that many of them 
would be baptized and that the elders should go to the nations 
of the earth and preach the gospel to them and gather out 
many of the honest in heart and gather them out and that 



the work of the Lord should prosper with mighty power and 
that he would establish His Saints and increase them and 
bless them abundantly and that he would raise a mighty 
army of the Lamanites and that they should come forth from 
the mountains and that they should fall upon the Gentiles 
with mighty power and that a trembling and fear should fall 
upon these Gentiles but they should have no power to resist 
them that as well might the puny arm of man be raised to 
stop the mighty northwest winds for the Gentiles to stop this 
mighty army. At that time when I was saying these words I 
could see them coming over the hills across the river west 
of Nauvoo. They looked terrible as a dark cloud. Then I said 
they should avenge the blood of the prophets that was shed 
in Carthage Jail and that Governor Ford would not execute 
one man (as Governor Ford at this time with an armed force 
was in pursuit of the murderers saying that he would bring 
them to justice). 

But that this army of Lamanites should avenge the blood 
of the prophets. Yea, that they should make a clean job of 
it. This is only a synopsis of the prophecy but it gives some 
of the particular parts of the prophecy. We consider it a very 
interesting prophecy that would be literally fulfilled. 

We will mention one incident or case of healing which took 
place in my house, myself being the blessed party. I was at the 
time very sick with pleurisy of a very bad form so that I was 



unable to do any work. I had been administered to the Sunday 
evening before by Brother Archibald Patten and was partially 
healed but not entirely so that I went to work on Monday at 
the lathe. I did get very warm and then I would go out in the 
cold wind and it came on worse than ever. I suffered severely 
until the next Wednesday evening the time the high priest 
quorum should meet. I fasted and prayed myself the best I 
could for a blessing. When the brethren of the quorum came 
and told Brother Patten how unwise I had been and how bad 
I was, that it was with difficulty that I could get my breath 
and that they wished him to take the lead and to proceed as 
he felt, and that I wanted all the brethren to lay on hands. He 
said that I was old enough to know better than to have been 
so careless but they must try again. He had them all kneel 
while he was mouth in prayer then he anointed me with oil in 
the name of the Lord. They all laid their hands upon me and 
all touched me with their right hand and Brother Patten was 
mouth and sealed the holy anointing and rebuked the destroyer 
with all his influence and power over me. Then he uttered an 
extremely rich and unbounded blessing. He pronounced upon 
my head it seemed to me there were no things omitted in the 
shape of blessings, but he pronounced upon. I was wonderfully 
and joyfully surprised. One part of the blessing I do know that 
I received instantly and I was healed, clean perfectly healed 
of this pleurisy pain for it was clean and gone forever and in 



the midst of this administration I breathed out but could not 
feel the least particle of pain and could never after. So I do 
know that the gift of healing is in this Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints, vulgarly called the Mormons. We the 
servants of the Lord or we Mormons labored diligently and 
faithfully in building the temple of the living God in Nauvoo 
for the Lord had said unto us that He would grant unto us a 
sufficient time to build that house and that if we would go to 
with all our might and build that house in the time appointed 
that we should be blessed and not rejected as a Church with 
our dead. So, we felt determined to build that holy house. I 
labored constantly the tenth day. I well remember one tithing 
day for our ward in the fall, a great many were sick and I was 
quite sick but not confined to my bed. I took my team and 
started for the quarry to haul rock for the temple. While on 
the way to the quarry I felt inspired to say, in the name of 
the Lord, I am going to haul rock for the temple but I am sick, 
wilt thou help me oh Lord. Yes, the Lord will heal me. I know 
he will and surely he did heal me right up at that time. Yes, 
I was healed right there and then I drove to the quarry but 
found no one there but heavy rocks quarried out. Presently 
Brother Jonathan Taylor came with his team. He was in a 
grunting order but we went to work with a will and rolled on 
rocks on our wagons. We two alone that should astonish the 
world, rocks that to my judgement would weigh from ten to 



twenty hundred pounds or uppers we handled all day the Lord 
helping us. 

One more little incident I might mention where I received 
a blessing. At the time our dear brethren in Lima were visited 
with fire and the mob came by night and put the torch to their 
stacks and stocks and dwelling houses and burned them out. 
We had to go out with our teams and bring them into Nauvoo. 
Some of our people were sick, but they had to hustle out into 
the open air or burn up. I was at the time afflicted with the 
shaking ague, every other day regularly would be very sick 
but a call was made and I went on Monday, my well day, and 
got my horse shod. Tuesday was the day set for the team to 
go for them. The day for me to have my shake and fever but 
I started out for a load and as the Lord lives the ague did not 
find me. I had no more while in Nauvoo. 

June 1845 

And it came to pass the Lord gave unto us a daughter, a 
beautiful Intelligent child. She was born June 12, 1845 almost 
one year after the martyrdom of the prophet Joseph and 
Hyrum Smith, Patriarch. We rejoiced greatly and thanked 
God for in the gift of our dear little daughter. We named her 
Mary Elizabeth a heavenly treasure. But the destroyer seemed 
bent on the destruction of this child also. For some cause or 



reason we do not know, she became afflicted. She had fits 
and it seemed we could not stop them. We prayed for her. We 
administered oil and the laying on of hands and called in the 
elders. We doctored her but to no purpose only she would 
seem to get a little better. We took her to the patriarch, Uncle 
John Smith, he blessed her and after he administered to her 
he looked at her and said, There is a very intelligent spirit 
in that tabernacle and if you save her on the earth you have 
to exercise a large amount of faith for the destroyer seeks 
to destroy such that they should not remain on the earth. I 
then told him what I had done for our deceased son, that I 
had from the impression of the spirit, ordained him a high 
priest. He said that was right. He had ordained one a high 
priest, a little chap that was about to die. He considered it 
very proper. 

Those stubborn fits would not stop. We had heard the 
prophet Joseph say inasmuch as any member of a family was 
sick, if the heads of the family would fast three days they 
should get better. We knowing him to be a true prophet of 
God therefore we believed what he said. My wife proposed 
a fast, I replied if you think that you can stand it nursing a 
child I certainly will try it. She said that she would do anything 
she could to save that child. So we set about it with a will. 
We ate our dinners today as usual but when night came we 
ate no supper and morning came we ate no breakfast. She 



did her housework and I went to our wagon shop and worked 
all day as usual and this was the winter before our exit from 
Nauvoo to the Rocky Mountains. Our ward was organized into 
a company to build wagons and to make preparations to leave 
that place in the spring so that I was obliged to work whether 
sick or well, whether eating or fasting although at this time I 
was severely afflicted with rheumatism in my back and hip and 
had taken cold through taking off some flannel underclothes 
and sudden change of weather. With all this we had also to 
fast and pray for this we had decided. The first day was the 
hardest day for me. The second day came and no eating but 
plenty of work and I did not suffer as much that day. On the 
third day I came to work as usual. I proposed to my wife that 
she was nursing a child so that she must have a little crust and 
some food occasionally. But neither of us ate a mouthful at any 
time or anything whatsoever. During the breakfast, the third 
day noon came we ate no dinner until suppertime came and 
we feel satisfied that our three day fast was complete. We ate 
our supper and as yet there had been no change with the fits 
and the child or with my lameness. We retired to our beds to 
rest after saying our prayers as usual, but as the Lord liveth, 
these fits upon our dear child stopped and she had no more 
while we lived in Nauvoo and my lameness went entirely away 
this night. We testified that we received and acknowledge this 
signal favor and the great blessing from the hand of God our 



Heavenly Father. We are led to believe that if the Latter-day 
Saints would more thoroughly repent of their sins and clean 
themselves up, fast and pray more and use the doctors less, 
we would be a great people and there would be a great many 
more cases of healing than there are. 

It came to pass that the devil was mad, the people imagined 
vane things and the wicked raged and mashed upon us. It 
was with great difficulty we could keep them off of us, till we 
could build that temple so that we could get our endowments, 
washings, anointing and sealings which the Lord had purposed 
we should receive before we should go into the wilderness. The 
Lord did truly purpose to take his people into a good land from 
under the Gentile yoke where he could plant them, multiply 
them and teach and train them to his liking preparatory to the 
redemption of Zion. The Lamanites have to be taught and be 
baptized and a great army organized and prepared to redeem 
Zion and avenge the blood of the prophets, which mighty work 
shall be accomplished as the Lord liveth. 

They, the Illinois legislature, performed the ceremony of 
tearing up our charter. Yes, they tore our Nauvoo city charter 
all to pieces and left us without a shadow of law or have any 
law officers to protect us. But there was no law against an 
organization of bishops and deacons, so that there was some 
chance for us poor Mormons yet. We were soon set up into 
groups with a bishop and deacons. I was a bishop with several 



brethren as deacons. I stood guard with them. A part of us 
would watch till 12 o'clock until our relief came and when they 
were on the ground they would retire but while we were a 
chartered town we had our police and military in good running 
order. Our military was named the Nauvoo Legion and when 
mustered presented a very formidable force. They were a 
flexible army. I had a commission signed by the Governor of 
Illinois, a commissioned officer in the Nauvoo Legion. There 
were many reports of gatherings and threats by our enemies, 
that they would come and capture some of our citizens or 
cause great destruction among us so that we were obliged to 
keep constantly a strong guard. I was always on hand to do 
my part many a night on guard some nights all night long with 
our arms expecting every moment that a heavy mob would 
be in upon us. But they feared to come after our city charter 
was taken from us and some strange suspicious characters 
would make their appearance in our city. When they did so our 
boys with their long ugly looking broad knives would collect 
around these strangers with a stick in their hand would gather 
around and commence to whittle with their knives while slowly 
moving toward the strangers keeping up their whittling. This 
would greatly frighten the men and they would leave. Our 
boys would leave an opening for the stranger if he inclined to 
move but if he refused to go they would advance until their 
knives would stop against his coat. 



Some of these gentlemen would enter complaints to 
President Young of how they were treated by these whittlers. 
All the satisfaction they would get he would say to them, they 
have taken away our charter we have no laws. We can't do 
anything for you so if they would not leave in a hurry they 
would be whittled out of town. 

It came to pass the work on our temple was pursued with 
vigor. We will here relate a very interesting vision one of our 
brethren had given unto him as near as I can remember it. 
He related that when he was a laborer up on the temple it 
was manifested unto him a short time before the death of the 
prophets Joseph and Hyrum. As he was returning from his 
home one evening, it was sometime before sunset, a beautiful 
day, he had reached his small gate that led to his house. The 
vision opened, he saw our people in commotion seemingly in 
trouble. They were in arms and a dark cloud arose. It looked 
very gloomy and doleful, yea, frightful as the cloud passed 
over and when they came out their arms had passed away 
and so had their prophets Joseph and Hyrum, for he saw them 
no more and the people were in great mourning. Presently 
the twelve with Brigham at their head, they led the Church 
and next he saw the Church moving west. He could see them 
for hundreds of miles with their covered wagons and tents 
moving west. He saw them settling in a lovely land. They 
built up cities and temples and spread abroad exceedingly. 



By and by he saw the dark cloud rising and spreading over 
this people. It looked gloomy and fearfully dangerous. He 
saw there were three iron hoops around this church and the 
twelve and others with their wooden mallets thumping away 
brightening up these hoops. It still grew more dark and fearful 
and they kept turning up the hoops and it came to pass the 
hoops burst and the people went right away directly every way. 
They were so scared they ran. As near as he could calculate 
nearly or quite one half of the people left the body of the 
church. Then he said it seemed that before the hindermost 
of them were fairly out of sight, this dark and dreary cloud 
passed away and the sunbeam of righteousness shined forth 
and all that were left were exceedingly happy. Now, with him 
a time of reflection and inquiry, says he, "I came within a 
hair's breath of leaving also. Oh how thankful I am, said he, 
that I did not leave the Church." Then an inquiry arose in his 
mind and he explained, "Oh Lord why was it so that such a 
dark and fearful cloud and feeling should have come over and 
upon the people?" The answer came directly that God had 
a great blessing to pour out upon his people and that there 
were a great many that had a name with his people that were 
not worthy and that in his wisdom he took this method to 
purge them out. Said he (the temple laborer) the answer that 
I received perfectly satisfied me. He saw no thing but these 
afrighted ones who went to join, but that they were so frighted 



that they ran away. Then it came to pass that the authorities 
of the Church led the Saints to a kind of a large grand room 
where the tables were set and loaded with the sweet meats 
and all the precious things and the people feasted and they 
were exceedingly happy. 

Many things transpired with us while in Nauvoo of a very 
interesting character. One important question was raised 
which never left my mind nor inquiry until a satisfactory 
solution was obtained. I received a revelation on the subject. 
The question was this, did our spirits exist in eternity with a 
father or eternally with God? Some elders said that the prophet 
Joseph should have said that our spirits existed eternally with 
God. The question arose then, how is it that God is the father 
of our spirits? I wondered, studied and prayed over it for I 
did want to know how it could be. I inquired of several of the 
brethren how that could be a father and son and the son as 
old as the father. There was not a person that could or would 
even try to explain the matter. 

But it came to pass that in one time a vision was opened, 
the voice of the spirit came unto me saying that all matter was 
eternal. That it never had a beginning and that it should never 
have an end and that the spirits of all men were organized 
of a purer material or matter, upon the principle of male and 
female, so that there was a time when my spirit, my immortal 
spirit, as well as every other man's spirit that was ever born 



unto the world, that is to say there was a moment when the 
spirit was organized and begotten or born so that the spirit has 
a father and the material or matter that our tabernacles are 
composed of is eternal and as we understand are organized 
on the principle of male and female. This revelation explained 
this mysterious question so that I understood it and that our 
bodies are organized of a coarser material. 

It came to pass that I, Joseph, did thank the Lord for this 
intelligence. And it came to pass that the Gentiles that should 
have been our friends became our bitter enemies, as they had 
in Kirtland, Ohio, as also they were In Missouri, our people had 
been driven from both of these places and now they meant 
to drive us from Illinois. 

They sent a delegation to confer with our leaders to see 
whether we would leave the state and when, saying the 
Mormons had to leave at all hazards. Our leader consulted with 
the people and we all agreed to leave the country in the spring. 
They made arrangements to that effect with the mob. We 
thought it better for us to leave than to be slaughtered which 
we should have been, so that we worked with all diligence 
to prepare for our exit. We did not like the idea of leaving 
our beautiful temple until we had received our endowments, 
washings and anointings and sealings. 

And behold it came to pass that the old serpent, the devil, 
sent a flood of waters after her, the church, to swallow her 



up, to destroy her. For it rained torrents upon them but the 
earth helped the woman so that she swallowed up the water, 
as she was not destroyed. It came to pass when the devil 
found that he could not destroy her with the flood of waters, 
he went directly to Washington, to the seat of government 
and inspired our head officials to set a trap for the Church 
of Jesus Christ to destroy her, to demand and bring, up 500 
good efficient men to immediately muster into the service of 
the United States to fight their battles. This was one of the 
most unreasonable, wicked requirements that could be made 
under the circumstances of a religious, law abiding community 
of American citizens, exiled, driven by mob violence and 
murdering their prophets, driven three times from their 
temples and cities and hard-earned homes. A people driven 
away from civilization (falsely so called) among the wild 
savages to hunt for themselves a home and have to make it 
the fourth time. Never under such circumstances had a people 
had such an unjust requirement made of them. They (the 
authorities in Washington) had no idea that we would respond. 
Then, said they, we will have a pretext. We will send an army 
and we will easily destroy them, yea exterminate them from 
the earth. But, they knew not the mind of the Lord, neither 
understood they His counsel. And it came to pass, yes Your 
Honor, says the prophet Brigham, your men are on hand. Yes 
brother, said brother Brigham, we must respond to this call. 



The 500 soldiers must be sent immediately said he. If they 
cannot be raised without, I shall go. The 500 were forthcoming. 
They went and what were the consequences? It is, or was, 
or vital importance to this Church. It saved the Saints the 
heavy brawl that was aimed for her destruction and it left 
500 families, or less or more, as the case might be, without 
a husband, a father, or protection in that Indian wilderness 
country with scanty allowance of bed and clothing, with but 
little or no prospect of raising or getting more. Yes verily, 
they were left upon the mercy of God and the people of the 
Saints who like Abraham, by faith were seeking a country that 
they knew not of, even an asylum, a land of peace, a place 
where they might raise some bread and prepare themselves 
a home once more upon this our mother earth. A land away 
from Christian civilized mob violence, even to a place which 
God had reserved for them, His people. 

Our people made a beautiful font in the basement of the 
temple underneath resting upon twelve beautiful oxen where 
many had been baptized for their dead and many for their 
health. I had been baptized for some of my dead and had one 
of my little sons for health. 

We prepared some rooms in the temple so that the holy 
ordinances could be performed, so that the Saints could 
receive their blessings. 



January 1846 

Our enemies were so desperate and determined that we 
should leave the country (so much so) that our brethren were 
obliged to arm themselves while working on the temple. We 
labored with all our might and the Lord helped us so that we 
commenced giving and receiving our endowments about the 
commencement of the year 1846. I received my endowments 
about this time and my first wife, Maria, was sealed to me 
January 13, 1846. My second wife, Susan, January 31, 1846. 

It was a hurrying time. A great many thousand people re- 
ceived their endowments in a comparatively short time and 
we were very thankful to get so great blessings in that holy, 
holy house. Surely, it was a very beautiful, imposing house. 
It cost us so much labor and means, but we never regretted 
what we had done for we considered ourselves well and am- 
ply paid for all we had done. We counted it the Lord's house 
and we considered ourselves the Lord's also. All that we do, 
we do in the name of the Lord and for the Lord and all that 
we have is the Lord's, for it is in Him that we live and move 
and have our being and truly we are very exceedingly happy 
people, hated, slandered, belied and persecuted, the most of 
any people on earth. Yet, we are full of charity toward all men, 
but more especially for or toward the household of faith. We 
pray for our enemies. We know they do not realize what they 



are doing, that they are fighting against God and persecuting 
His high priests. 

On July 12, 1843, the Lord gave to the prophet Joseph a 
revelation on the eternity of the marriage covenant, including 
plurality of wives. But this revelation was not made public so 
that we do know the heavy persecutions and murderings and 
drivings and robbings that were perpetrated upon the Latter- 
day Saints prior to their being driven into the Rocky Mountains. 
These were not on account of polygamy, but as it always has 
been, the true worshippers of God were always unpopular, 
drawing down the wrath of their enemies upon them. 

It came to pass, the twelve with many others left Nauvoo 
in the winter of 1846, with their families and set out verily to 
seek an asylum in the west. Yes, verily, also those 500 of our 
dear brethren performed their mission admirably well. They 
were subjected to a great amount of hardship and privation 
and suffering, so much so that some few had to succumb to 
death. But they accomplished a perfect victory for the United 
States, for it came to pass when the word was conveyed to 
the Mexicans that the Mormon army was coming, that they 
would soon be there, that they were a legion and that nothing 
could stand before them, verily this report was the cause of 
bringing the Mexicans to terms of a treaty which was effected 
between the Mexicans and the United States in which a large 
territory of country was deeded to the United States and it 



was the very place where our people afterward located in the 
midst of the Rocky Mountains. In the treaty with the Mexicans 
they agreed to receive them with their religions as they were 
and behold our people are here in the Rocky Mountains with 
their publicly proclaimed polygamy in practice, so by rights 
the United States should leave us alone with out polygamy. 

And it came to pass that our brethren, the Mormon Battalion, 
did not have to fire a gun just as it was said to them before 
they left the camp of Israel. Yes, President Brigham Young 
prophesied they should not have to fight not so much even 
as to fire one gun which is another testimony in favor of a 

We will now narrate some little Incidents of a little journey 
out to Chicago. When we left the State of New York we sent 
a box of goods by water to Chicago. I engaged a load of 
passengers, elders going on missions, mostly elders Father 
Sessions, Thomas Grover, T. J. [or T. S.] Johnson and son, and 
one Alfonso Green and wife. I took my team, a pair of horses 
and wagon and all aboard and away we went flying across the 
prairie through Laharpe and Monmoth and several very nice 
little towns. But the whole country of these western states is 
one whole plain or vast prairie only some small skirts of timber 
in places of water only where it is formed and fed down by 
animals, it is a vast meadow of very rich soil when well tilled 
will produce largely of corn and other grains. 



On our way out we had a very lively, interesting time. I 
discussed many important religious subjects and the scenery 
mostly was interesting. I well recollect one evening indeed I 
never shall forget it. We camped by a lone house by a small 
stream of water. The place was called the Halfway House. It 
was away in the prairie some ten or twelve miles from a house 
either way. We arrived there a little before night. We had a 
good pleasant time, supper over, the company, it became 
dark. Our company had made their beds and all retired to rest, 
some in the house, some in the wagon and some under the 
wagon, all but myself. The spirit wrought upon me and I could 
not feel like going to bed. I felt like taking a stroll out into the 
prairie. I longed for a good season of prayer to commune with 
the heavens. I retired to where my horses were hobbled and 
grazing quietly. I here knelt down upon the ground and poured 
out my soul to God in solemn and humble prayer and had an 
exceedingly sweet and interesting time. I probably remained 
there for hours, but before leaving the place I was standing 
upon my feet gazing with wonder and amazement upon the 
bright and beautiful stars in yonder heavens, admiring their 
beauty and order. In a particular manner, the North Star which 
always remains to us stationary and in the dipper and all that 
train being of one class of stars all so majestic and with such 
order and exactness circling around the North Star every 24 
hours. While I was thus contemplating the wonderful works 



of God and praising his holy and great name, the voice of the 
spirit came unto me saying, inasmuch as you will do what you 
can in the times of your poverty for the building up of the 
kingdom of God on the earth, the time shall come when you 
shall become rich in gold and in silver, in houses and in land, 
in horses and in chariots, in wives and in children, in silks and 
in satins, in flocks and in herds, in servants and in handmaids. 
And while these different kinds of goodies were called over, 
they did glisten with exceeding luster before my eyes. I felt 
to thank the Lord God of my fathers for this great and good 
promise. I thought the sight of this could abundantly pay me 
for the time and trouble, yea a thousand times, I asked the 
Lord to help me to fulfill on my part. 

I retired to my bed more than satisfied. I well knew it was 
no fiction. I knew the voice of the good shepherd. 

In the morning we travelled on all right and arrived in the 
city of the Gentiles. It is a very large and fine city. We parted 
with the brethren and received my goods, took one passenger 
and returned home in safety and found all well. 

In the winter of 1846 I took my second wife and went into 
Missouri. She had some land and property there which we 
sold bringing back with us three yolk of cattle and some cows 
and other property which proved a great help to us insomuch 
that we were obliged to go in the spring. At about this time 
we received a letter from my first wife's father stating that 



he thought we had gone far enough on the Mormon track and 
that if we could think so too and stop and that I should go 
out into the country and hunt me up a farm that would suit 
me that could be bought him and send him the price that he 
would send the money to pay for it. Then we could have it an 
go into it and go to living. But said he, I would not wish to 
advise you in this matter. If you think best to go ahead and 
see it out, well I have $200 you can have if it can be safely 

I sat down and wrote him a letter and sent directly to him 
saying to Father Zephenia Wood, 

Dear Sir, 

Your letter came only to hand. We receive the same with 
pleasure. We were exceedingly glad to hear from you and 
mother and friends. We only wish that you all were in the faith 
and with us together with us. We thank you very much for 
your very kind offer. We say God bless you but as it regards 
Mormonism, we are greatly in love with it simply because it 
is the truth. Yes, the plain simple solid truth and nothing else, 
and that truth will prevail. We look for the little fulfillment of 
the prophet Daniel's prophecy speaking of the little stones 
taken out of the mountain without hands, which is nothing 
less than Mormonism or the kingdom of God which shall roll 
forth and fill the whole earth. It shall break in pieces all 



other kingdoms and grind them to powder, simply because 
our gospel is a gospel of peace and is truth, therefore all the 
world is or shall be arrayed against it with deadly hostility and 
will persecute rob and murder and drive the Saints until they 
the Saints shall become thoroughly cleansed from the false 
traditions and impurities of the earth. 


Crossing the Plains to Utah 

Assignment to return to Nauvoo, Illinois 
Winter Quarters, Nebraska 

[Editor's note: Great Grandfather's journal page number 46 is missing. 
Apparently it told of the group of saints with which he and his family 
were travelling had left Nauvoo and were on their way to the great 
Salt Lake valley] . 

June 27, we camped at a beautiful grove and stayed over 
the Sabbath. We found several of the brethren there and 
had some conversation with Brother Benjamin Clapp (he put 
us in mind somewhat of a clap of thunder when he spoke) 
but he was considered a very good speaker. We were talking 



upon the principle of adoption. Said he, when in the temple 
at Nauvoo, in conversation with patriarch John Smith, I said 
to him, Is a man obliged to be adopted to someone or can 
a man build up his kingdom alone? Said he, I guess he can 
if he chooses. Then said Brother Clapp, here is one that is 
going it alone. I said to him I thought it would be risky, that 
it would be necessary that we be tied up very close in order 
that the enemy did not get in and burst us up and from that 
expression alone I felt afraid that he would make shipwreck 
and be lost, but hoped not. 

We got along quite well, but had some afflictions. Our little 
daughter Anna Maria was crippled in one of her legs and one 
of Brother Johnson's little boys came down with the measles, 
and one of my drivers (a colored man, a member of the Church 
which was the property of my second wife — a good and faith- 
ful man) while yoking a cow one morning hurt his knee and 
he became a cripple. So we had two cripples which made it 
very hard on me but the Lord helped us and we kept along. 
We had a very good road and before we got to Mount Pisga 
we passed over some of the most beautiful lovely country we 
ever saw, beautiful springs and streams of water (Whig Paras) 
and small groves of timber. Our cripples soon got better of 
their lameness. 

On July 7, 1846, we arrived at Mount Pisga to the camp of 
Israel and found a good many of the Saints and a meeting in 



session. Several of the twelve had come back from the Bluffs 
the evening before, namely Presidents Brigham Young, Heber 
C. Kimball, Willard Richards and E. T. Benson. They had just 
received orders from the government of the United States that 
the Mormons should send 500 good, efficient men to California 
to help fight the Mexicans. They were at war with the Mexicans 
at that time. As we have stated heretofore, the council decided 
to raise the 500 as called for and that would leave us with 
a great many teams without drivers and as we had a good 
many cattle that should be cared for, so they decided to send 
a letter of instructions to the traveling Saints back and have 
help come on to us here (where we had a great many wagons 
and teams and needed much help). The instructions stated 
that the brethren behind should come and help to locate the 
camp of Israel that they may prepare for winter and they, the 
brethren, should take back teams and bring on the poor that 
we may go together, live or die, and it came to pass that the 
brethren sat in council and labored almost all night counseling 
and preparing the letter of instructions to all of the back 
traveling Saints. The letter of instructions called the gospel 
to send to the committee left in Nauvoo. 

And it came to pass that I Joseph L., was the man that 
was called upon to take my team and return immediately to 
Nauvoo and read the letter of instructions to every company 
of Saints on the road from Nauvoo and deliver the gospel to 



the community and also to get the terms the lowest figures 
that the Demoins millers would let us, the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints have flour for we probably might 
want to get large quantities from them. Yes, Brother Brigham, 
says Brother Joseph you have a good team, a nice little wagon 
a perfect horse. We want you to pitch your tent and unload 
your little wagon and go with these important documents. He 
said we must send these 500 men and we must gather out 
the poor left back; that they are not destroyed. As these 500 
men have to leave our camp we must have some help from 
the brethren back and then we can send teams back and bring 
their families also. I said to Brother Brigham, I told Brother 
James Pace that if he would go, he should be a captain. Brother 
Brigham says I don't know. We have been looking up some for 
captains but said we will do the best we can for him. On July 
8th, it came to pass that I, Joseph started about 12 o'clock 
this day, 1846, upon my mission east. I took Brother William 
Snow back as I had to go on a mission and a brother by the 
name of Parker and made a very good drive. We met several 
companies and read the letter to them all. All of the brethren 
sent letters and words to their friends and some sent money 
by me to get things for them. 

The reading of this letter made many joyful and light hearts 
for they were getting discouraged not knowing where they 
were going or what would become of them. 



On July 13th we arrived in the city of Nauvoo and I left 
my team with Brother Murray in Black Jack Grove and went 
to the river, crossed on the ferry about sunset and went to 
Brother Fulmer's house. He was not at home. I called on 
Brother Haycock, found him sick and informed him that I had 
the gospel for him. 

The gospel, he said, and sprang up as he was lying upon 
his casket. Yes, said I. The gospel according to Saint Brigham 
and maybe it will cure you. What, he says, he received it and 
read it with great eagerness. Well, said he rejoicing, just 
in time, said he, us trustees had met today and what to do 
we did not know, we had come to a full stop and I have just 
returned home discouraged and had just lain down sick. Now 
said he, how glad I am, now we will know how to proceed. We 
are thankful indeed. 

On the 14th, in the morning, I found myself once more in 
the city of Nauvoo with peculiar feelings. I viewed the beautiful 
temple and a portion of the city contemplating to some extent 
the past, the present and the future of this beautiful city. It 
is not now an asylum for the persecuted saints of God, but I 
could feel in the spirit that their house or place of rest was 
away in the far west. 

This morning, mother Works died at the house of her son- 
in-law. She was the mother of Brigham Young's first wife, fly 



brother Ebenezer Robinson's wife, she was a good old lady, 
she died and I helped to bury her. 

I delivered some letters in the city that I had brought 
with me and found a large excitement. The mob had taken 
up their old trade. They had unmercifully whipped several of 
our brethren while in a field at work and had taken three or 
four prisoners, and were expecting, as they had threatened 
to come directly upon the city and drive every last Mormon 
out of their country, as they termed it. 

I met in the evening with the brethren for prayers in the 
temple, wrote one letter to my brother Ebenezer Robinson 
who had been sent to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by the Prophet 
Joseph Smith with Sidney Rigdon to print for him and counsel 
him and was told by the prophet to never leave nor forsake 
him. I surmised there was something wrong or Joseph would 
not have sent him away that way and with that man, but 
Ebenezer thought sure that his character stood clear in the 
eyes of the prophet. Ebenezer Robinson had edited the Times 
and Seasons there for several years and had joined the Church 
in Kirtland and had been through the Missouri wars and he 
and Don Carlos Smith were appointed to edit a paper for the 
Church called the Times and Seasons and as Brother Carlos 
took sick and died, Ebenezer carried on the paper. I knew 
that Angeline, Ebenezer's wife, had some time before this had 
watched Brother Joseph the prophet and had seen him go 



into some house and that she had reported to Sister Emma, 
the wife of the prophet. It was at a time when she was very 
suspicious and jealous of him for fear he would get another 
wife, for she knew the prophet had a revelation on that subject. 
She (Emma) was determined he should not get another, if he 
did she was determined to leave and when she heard this, 
she, Emma, became very angry and said she would leave and 
was making preparations to go to her people in the State of 
New York. It came close to breaking up his family. However, 
he succeeded in saving her at that time but the prophet felt 
dreadfully bad over it. He went to my brother's and talked 
to Angeline on the matter and she would not give him any 
satisfaction and her husband (Ebenezer) did not reprove his 
wife, and it came to pass the prophet cursed her severely, but 
they thought it would not take effect because he, the prophet, 
was angry supposing the offense was not sufficient to merit 
so great a curse. 

They came to me for advice for they felt considerably bad 
over it. I told them I would do anything before he (the prophet) 
should curse me, but I saw they felt quite sanguine, that they 
were not to blame, but I thought that I would not have a wife 
of mine do a thing of that kind for a world. If she had done it, 
she should get upon her knees at his feet and beg his pardon 
or she should bear her own sins. But suffice it to say, he sent 
him away with Sidney Rigdon. 



I remained several days at Nauvoo but as I was somewhat 
anxious to get back and finish my mission and as I had no 
gun with me I concluded it best for me to return back. 

On July 18th, 1846, I hitched up and started for the camp of 
Israel in the west. I stopped at Bonepart and got the miller's 
terms in writing that he would let the Latter-day Saints have 
flour or he would have Joseph L. Robinson on his order have 
flour, what they wanted at $2.50 for one cwt. [100 lbs.]. I had 
very good luck, saw Uncle John Young, took some messages 
from him for Joseph his brother, stayed one night and took 
breakfast with Bishop Edward Hunter. I arrived to Mount Pisga 
[or Tisga], Friday 24th. Felt very thankful to God, my Heavenly 
Father, for his kindness to me, that I had been so wonderfully 
blessed, that he had been with me and had preserved my 
family that I see them again alive. 

My first wife and child were sick. We anointed and blessed 
them, the child is better. At this place, old Brother Thayer 
and wife died and were buried here and Brother Johnson 
went along with us. While here, I took the shaking ague every 
other day and was not well. The weather was not good at this 
place. I told the boys we must hitch up and leave this place. 
My ague and fever were very severe and it came to pass, on 
July 28th, we rode out from Pisga, my sick day. We crossed 
Grand River, I crawled off my wagon and saw, with others, 
Brother Balding, (whom I had seen at Kirtland at the house of 



Oliver Granger's. I had sung in tongues and Brother Balding 
interpreted it.) 

I said to him, I am sick with ague and fever and I want you 
to lay hands on and heel me. I sat in a chair, he blessed me 
and sure enough I had no more of that ague. We drove about 
six miles and camped the next day. We met Brother Thineas 
Richards. I told him how I had been. He said I should have 
no more ague and fever, and so it was. 

This evening, my oldest son Oliver was taken sick and my 
wife Maria had chills and fever. On August 2nd, we met Brother 
E. T. Benson going east on a mission. We found at this place a 
cold spring and a beautiful stream of water in which I baptized 
several persons. 

We drove past an Indian settlement and found a land of 
springs. Brother F. J. Johnson's little boy was very sick. We 
stopped over for the Sabbath. 

August 10th, Brother Johnson's little son died and we buried 
him in the side of a little hill. Our sick are getting some better. 
Susan did some washing. 

August 12th. We past Tea Creek, found some brethren 
there preparing for winter. We arrived at Council Point on the 
Missouri River the first time we ever saw her rily face. We 
found Bishop Jonathan H. Hale and several of the brethren 
at this point. We turned out and my cattle strayed away. We 



hunted several days and found some of them. Others we 
never found. 

August 20th. It came to pass, with my team, I took patriarch 
Isaac Morley, Bishop Jonathan Hale and Elder Phineas Richards, 
crossed the river and drove up to the camp of Israel at a place 
called Cutler's Park. Found them feeling well, organized into 
divisions, attended a council meeting. 

While there, I heard Brother Brigham say that the man 
possessing property, money who was perfectly willing at any 
time and at all times to use the same for the building up of 
the kingdom of God on the earth verily that said property 
was just as safe in his own hands as in the hands of a bishop. 
That God did not care just so men did not covet their money, 
but every man that did covet his money and was not willing 
that the same should be used for the work of the Lord, that 
God would certainly dispossess that man of all he had, yea, 
would strip him naked. 

We returned back and it came to pass that beloved Brother 
Hale took sick and in a very few days he died and we buried 
him. He was a good, faithful Latter-day Saint. I am a witness 
that he did thoroughly perform his work and duty well as a 
bishop while in Nauvoo. It came to pass also his wife took 
sick and in a few days died also and was buried by the side 
of her husband, sleeping here together. 



September 1846. We gathered up our teams and took along 
with us a Sister Roylance, her husband had gone with the 
Mormon Battalion. She had a wagon and one yoke of oxen, a 
family of small children. We drove down and camped by the 
river near old Council Point, as the ferry was there. 

That night I was awakened with distress feeling very bad. 
It was with, some difficulty I could get my breath and behold 
there was a general outcry in the camp. In every wagon there 
was a disturbance. Some children were crying and several 
were panting for breath. 

We inquired, what is the matter, the answer was we do not 
know but we feel dreadfully bad. I presently took the matter 
into consideration. It was plainly manifested to me it's the 
devil or evil spirits. They are trying to choke us to death. I 
immediately arose, got out of my wagon and walked out among 
the wagons feeling very much oppressed and hearing the 
uproar, knowing it was evil spirits, and in my heart I called 
upon the Lord and in the name of Jesus himself and in virtue 
of the holy priesthood which I held, we rebuked those evil 
spirits and commanded them to depart or leave us to rest in 
peace, and it was so no quicker said than done. They went 
directly away and all was quiet in the company. We felt very 
easy and quiet and could go to sleep. I knew there was power 
in the priesthood for I had known of devils being cast out 
before. I felt so comfortable and happy to thank the Lord my 



God for this manifestation of his divine power and goodness 
in delivering us from the powerful grasp of the devil. 

We were blessed in crossing the river and getting up to 
camp, but our little daughter Mary Elizabeth was taken very 
sick and in spite of all of our efforts to save her, she died in 
a few days after we arrived in camp. 

As I remarked, we were organized into divisions and a 
foreman for each division and I was appointed a foreman 
in the fourth division in the camp of Israel on the 13th of 
September, 1846. 

It came to pass that we buried our sweet little daughter 
in the edge of the little mound near Cutter's Park and there 
were some ten others buried there. We felt lonesome and to 
mourn the departure of our dear little daughter, but we felt 
proud and very thankful that we had entrusted to our care 
so great a treasure and so pure and precious a daughter of 
Zion, but we had to part with her. 

But our stay in this place was but short, as the summer 
was passing away and people had to prepare for winter, as it 
would soon be upon us. 

It was deemed wisdom to seek a good winter resort that the 
brethren could be preparing, to build and gather hay and go 
to settlements to procure supplies. Accordingly, an exploring 
committee was appointed. They found a beautiful place near 
the river about three miles from Cutter's Park, good land, good 



water, and plenty of wood handy. We soon repaired to this 
place, were very much pleased with the location. A few days, 
yea not many moons, and here was a city. The country was 
dotted with houses. They rose up like mushrooms. I pitched 
my tent on the south line of the city. We kept Sister Roylance 
with us as she had no tent and some of her children were 
sick. I deemed it wisdom to build her first a house. So, I with 
my little force, went to with our mights, cut and hauled logs 
and put her up a little house, built a fireplace and covered 
it in and moved her into it, and built two rooms for my two 
families and moved them in out of our tent. 

We cut some hay and helped to build a council house and 
then we put up another room adjoining my house and hired 
Brother McGuire to teach us school and we soon had it going. 
The Lord was with us and helped us and we were happy in 
him. Bishop Edward Hunter built himself a house. He was a 
near neighbor to me. 

This place was named Winter Quarters. This place is situated 
between old Council Bluffs and Council Point and is located 
on the west side of the river. 

November 16, 1846. And it came to pass that in this city 
was born to us a daughter, a fine promising child by Susan, my 
second wife, our first polygamist child. We gave it the name 
of Susan Asenath. We loved her very much. 



December 29, 1846. It came to pass that this city was 
organized into wards. By appointment Joseph Lee Robinson 
was bishop of the 7th Ward and I selected for counselors, 
James Blake and Joseph Matthews. It came to pass we 
performed our duties and labors to the best of our abilities, 
having many poor and some sick and several deaths. Among 
the deaths, was our daughter Susan Asenath. She died March 
12th, 1847. Also died, Charity Campbell, whose husband was 
one of the battalion boys. We buried them in our burying 
ground. We composed some verses fitted to the occasion, but 
we do not have a copy to insert here. We only say, let them 
sleep sweetly. Sleep until the resurrection day. 

A pioneer company was organized to go up and search 
out the land of promise for the Latter-day Saints. As yet, we 
knew not where we should go, but the prophet Joseph was 
very anxious to get this people into the Rocky Mountains. 
He said at one time he wanted temples built all over the 
Rocky Mountains. George A. Smith (in this last winter, the 
First Presidency was restored by a clear vote of the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints electing Brigham Young 
president and Heber C. Kimball his first and Willard Richards 
his second counselors.) 

We felt happy and very thankful that we had such good 
men for our leaders. The presidency deemed it wise to take 
a good company of pioneers and go and search out the land 



and to take a portion that was well prepared with them and 
leave them to commence operations and hold the fort. 

In the fall, a company was organized to go down to St. 
Joseph, Missouri, to freight up goods, and I sent one wagon 
and three yoke of good cattle. But through bad management 
on the trip and bad usage, I lost five head out of six and 
we sent back to pick the poor. I sent one yoke and surely I 
never saw them more. I also lost one yoke of burrows before 
crossing the Missouri River and also lost one cow in the winter 
which placed) me in a fix so that I was under the necessity 
of stopping this season at least. 

March 1847 

While here, I became acquainted with a lady by the name of 
Laurinda M. Atwood. We formed an attachment and agreed 
with the consent of my wives to marry. The President being 
agreeable, we were sealed at the house of E. T. Benson on 
the 20th of March, 1847 by President Brigham Young. Verily, 
if I had not been stored with a pretty good portion of faith, I 
certainly would not dared to have taken so much responsibility. 
Being driven from my home and exiled in an Indian country 
not knowing whether we should ever find another home, but 
trusting in God, the holy spirit saw I should take her that it 



should be for the glory of God and also for her good and my 
good also. 

This, may appear strange in this generation. Nevertheless 
it is verily true for if I had not had taken her, I should have 
been condemned of God. In taking her into my bosom for 
a wife I verily know that I was under no condemnation, for 
after receiving what I had, wrapped in a heavenly vision with 
the straight and narrow path before my eyes continually and 
receiving through the holy spirit, revelation from Almighty 
God on that very important subject, I knew verily the time 
had come for the humble servant of God to enter into that 
holy order. 

As Jacob was teaching his people in the Book of Mormon, 
forbidding them to practice the order of plural marriage for 
he, God, had commanded Lehi that his people should have 
wives, save one and concubines, they should have none. But, 
he adds if I will raise up seed unto me I will command my 
people otherwise you shall abide by these words. Now, it 
is plain and certain that God had the right to command his 
people just what he pleased, whatever he commands, that is 
virtue to obey the same. Now if any man is worshipping a God 
that cannot tell him what he would have him do today, it is 
not the God we worship. For we worship the God of Abraham. 
Notwithstanding, it is written thou shalt not kill. Nevertheless, 
he commanded Abraham to take his son Isaac up to the mount 



and slay him and offer him in sacrifice. Now Abraham went 
about it and certainly would have done it as he was told if the 
Lord had not stopped him. That showed to God that Abraham 
would obey him and it was counted to him for righteousness. 
Abraham knew that God commanded him to do that thing. 
Now if Abraham had refused to obey this commandment he 
never would have been the father of the faithful. Now Jesus 
came through his loins and all the faithful from Adam down to 
the last one who will ever be born on this earth of the faithful 
that will be admitted into the golden city described by John 
the Revelator, will be adopted into the family of Abraham. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. then continues with a discussion of the 
prophets from Adam to Abraham and concludes with his testimony by 
saying]: We do know that God has spoken from the heavens and that 
he has brought forth the fullness of his everlasting gospel and that 
it does embrace the doctrine of plural marriage and if that was not 
included in it would not be the fullness of the gospel. 

They wanted me to look after Sister Roylance and family, 
saying, when Brother Roylance drew wages and sent money, 
I should receive pay out of the same. I furnished her flour, 
provisions, and wood out of my own private means, but I did 
never ask them for a dollar. I could not, for I did consider 
that these battalion boys were performing one of the most 
important missions that event was performed for this Church. 



Also one of the most hazardous, attended with a great amount 
of hardship and suffering. 

Now to get our bread and many necessaries, we had to go 
down into Missouri like the children of Israel did for corn, go 
into Egypt. 

Now, many of us had to stay and go to farming in order that 
we might live and prepare to go on to the promised land. For 
surely it now has been promised for the Lord had told us by 
the interpretation of tongues and the spirit of prophecy and 
we felt it powerfully in the spirit that our God had a choice 
land in the west for his Saints. We knew verily that erelong 
the center stake of Zion should be built up by the Latter-day 
Saints and that an holy temple should be built there in this 
generation where the God of Israel should show his face to 
the pure in heart. 

So, our faces were sent Zionward. It seemed that we must 
not be diverted from the great prize that lay before us. Truly 
we have received an earnest of our inheritance and it is so 
very rich. Yea we have received the Holy Ghost and it brings 
to us such a flood of light, intelligence and knowledge. Yea, an 
assurance so that we are greatly in love for we have found the 
prize and we are willing to sell all we have for that prize. 

And it came to pass that in addition to the building of a 
large city at Winter Quarters, the Saints built a grist mill so 
that we could grind our corn and grain without having to grate 



it or to boil it, which thing we had done very much to keep 
from starving to death. 

1847. Early in the spring, the First Presidency and a good 
company of pioneers and families left to search out the place 
for the Saints to gather into. It came to pass that we that 
remained behind, went to with our mights in plowing, planting 
and sowing and fencing and going down into Missouri for 

And it came to pass that I sent our colored man, John, 
with some feed grain and provisions to raise something for 
us to come to. He went as a teamster for a brother with the 
pioneers. And behold the Lord went with them. They arrived in 
the Great Salt Lake Valley, 1847, on the 24th of July. They were 
exceedingly happy, planted some seeds and left the brethren 
and returned to Winter Quarters late in the fall, cheerful and 
happy and they were happily received by the brethren and 
sisters and we had a good time through the winter in meetings 
and dancing and in instructing the commandments. Behold we 
labored with all our mights to prepare to start in the spring 
to leave our homes again and continue our journey to the 
land of peace. 

It came to pass that prior to the death of the prophet 
Joseph, he spoke largely and lengthily upon the situation and 
upon the importance of this government, the mighty and once 
happy nation regardless of the situation that the government 



is in at the present time. He (the prophet) proposed many 
important improvements in the management and policy of the 
rulers and lawmakers, offering himself as a candidate for the 
presidency of these United States. Not that he desired office, 
or wished to take so great a responsibility upon himself, but 
merely to save the nation from ruin and utter destruction 
and from the vortex of ruin which he prophetically saw the 
government was rapidly sinking into. Now there is a pamphlet, 
or book, containing the governmental policies of the nation 
by Joseph Smith, Jr. 

It came to pass there were many elders called as missionaries 
to go into the United States to preach the gospel but also, 
in particular, to electioneer for the prophet Joseph Smith for 
president. A good portion of the Twelve and many others were 
gone already. I, Joseph Lee, was called to go into the state of 
New York and I was making preparations, expecting to start in 
two or three days, but as I attended meeting on the Sabbath, 
expecting to start the next Tuesday or Wednesday upon my 
mission, the prophet, or patriarch Hyrum Smith, came upon 
the stand and said, he did not want any more elders to go 
out upon this electioneering mission, as there was a storm 
brewing and he wanted all that was here to stay at home. 

This, to me, was enough. I stopped at home. There were 
two brethren that I knew of who went to Brother Hyrum and 
begged to go as they were preparing to take their wives with 



them back to the state of New York and they were anxious 
to go. He told them to go if they wanted to, so they went but 
never came back again. 

[Editor's note: Although this section of J.L.R.'s journal is in proper 
page sequence, obviously, this is earlier material of Nauvoo days which 
he is inserting in this place in his journal. It may, possibly, have been 
already covered in other sections of the journal, yet we feel to repeat 
it or at least insert it here.] 

It came to pass that Satan became very angry and stirred 
up the wicked rulers and they became mad, also saying if we 
let this fellow (Joseph Smith, Jr.) alone he will surely take 
away our place and nation. We must dispose of him in some 
way. So they go up persecutions and sent officers to Nauvoo 
that the prophet might be stopped. But he had crossed the 
river into Mount Rose, feeling very anxious to get his people 
into the Rocky Mountains, but his wife Emma revolted, saying 
she would not leave Nauvoo. She thought she had suffered 
enough. She wanted him to come back and give himself up 
and some of the very pious brethren went over and carried 
Emma's message. They begged him to come back and give 
himself up, saying they didn't think it looked very well for 
him to run away and leave the people to perish as they would 
fall upon the people if they could not get him. So, he turned 
back and called the Legion and addressed them at length. He 
spoke with a great deal of power saying this Legion was his 



boys and that it should exist and these should be his boys 
forever and ever. He asked us if we would die for him and 
after receiving an answer yes, he then said he would die for 
us. He then unsheathed his sword and raised it high and with 
a voice like thunder, he said, if our enemies, at this time shed 
one drop of innocent blood this sword shall never be sheathed 
until victory was won in behalf of the Saints. Said he, we will 
fight them with thunderings and lightnings, hailstones with 
whirlwinds and devouring flame until they are wasted and are 
no more. 

He went with them to Carthage to be killed. He said I go 
as a lamb to the slaughter, if I die, he said, I die innocent. I 
have a conscience void of offense toward God and all men. 

He was murdered in cold blood by a ruthless mob directed 
by the devil (we should have said when he returned to Nauvoo 
he said if my life is not worth anything to this people, it is not 
worth anything to me, I die willingly.) 

[Editor's note: We continue J.L.R.'s journal from Winter 

It came to pass that we prepared for a start with best 
outfit we could gather with the means we had at hand. We 
got provisions and clothing and seeds to go to the Valley of 
the Great Salt Lake, away in the Rocky Mountains where the 
Lord said, Stop ye, my Saints, and till the soil and in my name 
build to me a city and through yourselves habitations to dwell 



in and serve me the Lord, your God, and I the Lord will bless 
and multiply you abundantly. 

The prophet Brigham said, We have found a land that will 
do for the Mormons. It came to pass that after losing so many 
cattle and some horses, I barely could muster teams enough 
to start three wagons by hitching up our yoking cows, one 
wagon for each wife and family. 

In this spring we again left our homes in the city of Winter 
Quarters. We are organized in Amasy Lymon's company, we 
set out and traveled west upon the Mormon trail. We were 
divinely inspired to go ahead in the name of the Lord. We 
had faith in God and great love for his cause and people. 
We have an assurance, yea, we knew that God was with his 
people, therefore, we had great joy, and in rejoicing with all 
our sorrows and tribulations, for surely our tribulations were 
great and many. But, nothing daunted nor discouraged us, we 
never looked back nor repented that we had taken upon us the 
name of Jesus Christ which the world called Mormonism. 

Now, before we get far along from Winter Quarters, it 
might be proper to say a few words upon the subject of plural 
marriage and some of its effects upon our wives and sisters. 
Now with the selfishness and traditions that they possessed 
and had received, it could not be expected that they could 
enter into this new order of things without difficulty and some 
severe trial. Polygamy is calculated in its very nature to severely 



try the women, even to nearly tear their heart strings out of 
them. Also, it must severely try the men as well. Surely, a 
man needs to possess an abundance of grace, wisdom and 
patience to manage several women as wives and treat them 
with equality or in a way that he may stand justified before 
the law. Now the Lord has not given any law nor set any 
precedent saying how we should manage, but has left it all 
together to ourselves. Only, he has told us that if we lacked 
wisdom, we might ask God and that he would give liberally 
and upbraid not and that we would have a right to the Holy 
Ghost and that should act as an interpreter and revelator and 
a man should never get a plural wife unless he gets her by 
the Holy Ghost, or he should know the will of the Lord or else 
he should better never marry if he cannot get the mind of the 
Lord. This is what I have done in every instance so that I did 
know that it was the will of the Lord that I should take her to 
wife. Therefore, I have truly had great joy and satisfaction, 
more or less with every wife, mixed with cares and difficulties 
and severe trials, but can truly say I never looked back and 
never but have always felt glad and very thankful to God my 
Heavenly Father for every wife and for every child, for every 
brother and for every sister and for every blessing. But, find 
myself very weak indeed, have done many wrong things which 
have caused me much sorrow and very bitter repentance, 
but the Lord, for Christ's sake, has forgiven me all of my sins 



and blotted them from the book of his remembrance so that 
my garments and character are spotless clean and white 
before the Lord as he has shown unto me which fact has only 
created in my bosom joy, unspeakable and full of glory, so 
that, as Paul said, I do rejoice in tribulations knowing that 
tribulations worketh patience, and patience, experience, and 
experience, hope and hope maketh not ashamed for the love 
of God is shed abroad in the land by the Holy Ghost which is 
given unto us. 

Now we must say something for the sisters. There was a 
subject got up among the sisters while in Winter Quarters 
which created a considerable anxiety with some of the first 
wives. The saying was this, that the first born son in the 
priesthood would take the birthright. Sister Benson, Apostle 
E. T. Benson's first wife, felt sorry over that for fear some of 
his plural wives would produce the curtain over her children 
and my first wife, Maria, I think took it to heart some I think 
but she went immediately to the Lord and sought an answer. 
She made it a subject of humble and fervent prayer. She got 
an answer which was that no woman should produce me a 
son until after she had. Although she was the mother of four 
sons and two of them were living, but I had two wives younger 
than her and one had had one child and it was a daughter. 
They both provided a child each before her next was born but 
they proved to be daughters and not long after theirs were 



born, she had a son born, which proved her to have some of 
the faith of Abraham, I think it rather Sarah for faith. At any 
rate, it proved hers to be a child or son of promise. It was 
with her, as I suppose, as it is with thousands of others. She 
loved her husband dearly. 

When in Nauvoo the subject or doctrine of plurality was 
first mentioned, she felt very much tried over it. She thought 
she could not stand it. She could not certainly live and have 
her husband have more wives. But the Lord was very merciful 
to her insomuch that he gave her a heavenly vision. They 
took her into another world. She said she knew it was not in 
this world. She passed along beautiful streets and came to 
a beautiful mansion. She was politely invited to walk in. She 
did so. Everything was clean, sweet and tidy with beautiful 
furniture, well adorned, lovely in the extreme. She saw a group 
of women. They were the mistresses of the house, the wives 
of one man. They were happy there. There was the strictest) 
order and decorum, not an unpleasant look nor an unbecoming 
word was spoken. Everything be spoke perfect happiness and 
satisfaction. She said the situation seemed almost or positively 
envious. They were so exceedingly happy. 

This dream, or vision, did for her what was intended. She 
was converted. She never fought it any more. She knew from 
that it was a pure and heaven-born principle. 



Soon after she had this vision, she said to me in a meek 
and candid look, Joseph, when you get another wife, I wish 
you would get my sister Philana. I was surprised at such 
an expression, but said why her instead of someone else? 
Because, said she, I think that I could get along better with 
a sister than I could with a stranger. 

I knew not what had caused such a change in her neither 
did I never know until after I got another wife. After that she 
told me what she had seen. But suffice it to say, she gave her 
consent to every wife that I received after that while she lived 
and I do affirm that she is a wonderful woman. She behaved 
remarkably, so much so that I shall be in favor of her having 
a kingdom and retaining her position as first wife. 

Now, seeing that I have gone way back to Nauvoo and 
have had time to consider after mature reflection and serious 
consideration upon the matter of loss and sacrifice of time 
and property in the matter of leaving my home, my lands 
and possessions in that beautiful city and country of Nauvoo, 
with a good lot and a young and thrifty orchard, a good brick 
house, with five rooms and two good farms in the season 
and my interest in a beautiful temple which I labored hard to 
help build, although that is church property, but if we could 
have remained upon our land and possessions, I could have 
enjoyed it in common with my brethren. 



Now the question is, why did you leave your temple, your 
city, your houses, lands and possessions? The answer is ready 
and conclusive. Because we were obliged to. The voice of the 
people through a community to our leading men said you Mor- 
mons must and shall leave the state. Now, the question is will 
you go peaceably, if so how much time do you require? The 
question was discussed between them and the question was 
put to the people of the Saints. We all agreed to leave in the 
coming spring. This took place in the fall of 1845. This finally 
was the bargain and community did agree that inasmuch as 
the Saints were making all possible haste and showed by our 
word and movement that we meant it, that most should be 
let alone by the mob. We knew too well it would not do for us 
to contend with them and the spirit moved upon the people, 
the Gentiles, to give us a chance to go and upon the Saints 
to strain every nerve to go. 

Now, we will show you that they were in earnest for the 
mob raised an army with cannon and came into the city of 
Nauvoo and did fight a few, a very few of the poor Saints that 
had not got out and they had to hustle as many were sick and 
many died through exposure. 

Now, I propose that we estimate the value of my property 
and damage over and above what I received putting it at a 
low cash value. $1,000 for house and lot, $1,000 for land or 
farms in Paras [or Laras] and $1,000 for wasted time for two 



years before we found a resting place. This I do charge up to 
the people of the state of Illinois with 10% interest until paid. 
I shall hold the government and people of the United States 
for security and responsibility until it is paid, for the reason 
they did not do their duty in looking after their own number of 
the great family of states. And I do solemnly affirm that I do 
consider it a low and just estimate and charge and I charge 
it up in the name of the Lord, expecting pay some day. 

Now while we are writing some items of Nauvoo times, 
it might be interesting to relate some remarkable dreams 
that I, J.L. Robinson, had in the early days of Nauvoo. James 
Blakesley was a very smart, fluent teacher. He is the man 
who first ordained me an elder. Now, James Blakesley had 
done a large amount of preaching in the state of New York 
where I first became acquainted with him. He had built up 
several branches and baptized a great many converts and 
had gotten himself very deeply rooted in my confidence and 
good feelings. He had come into Nauvoo but was not taken 
very much notice of by the authorities and was not boosted 
up high it appears. He was very much tried and when the big 
apostasy came about, he went with them. But before this took 
place or I knew that he was disaffected, I had a night vision. 
I found myself some three or four miles down the river from 
Nauvoo where there were two log houses, cornered close 
together. I had been conversing with the man of the house 



when, looking up, here comes James Blakesley upon a horse. 
I recognized him at once but oh what a feeling came over me 
when I gazed upon him frothing at the mouth with a dusty, 
tattered hat on and his coat vest and pants, shoes, every 
vestige of his clothing from head to foot was rusty, ragged 
and tattered. The situation he was in and the feelings I had 
foreshadowed misery and death for that man. I felt sorry for 
him. Not long after this he went to preaching for the apostate 
Law party and went away with them and I have never seen 
nor heard from him since. 

Another dream I had which, if possible, made a deeper or 
more serious impression upon me and my mind. I saw in this 
Church of Jesus Christ there was a very strict law passed and 
that a transgression of that law meant death was the penalty. 
To my astonishment, my youngest, my own dear brother, 
Ebenezer Robinson, had received a trial by the Church and 
judged guilty and sentenced to die. What astonished me still 
more was that I was the man to execute the sentence. Surely 
a very trying crisis had arrived. Now according to my principle 
and grid, there was but one course for me to pursue which 
was always to obey orders. I had no scruples with regard to 
the sentence or justice of the execution and I knew that it 
was required at my hand to perform the execution. Said I in 
my reflections, he is a smarter man than I am. He is capable 
of doing more good than I possibly can and if it would be 



accepted, I would rather die instead of him. But, the thought 
came again, you are innocent, he is guilty, it would not pay 
the debt, he must die. 

In the vision, he went with me, we passed up Parley Street 
to arise up on the bench passed through a field to the right 
to a wood on Hibbard's farm, a secret, low place. Well, some- 
thing whispered, this is a suitable place. I turned facing him 
and drew a pistol from my bosom and took aim at his breast 
and I saw the fire and the blood it coming from his breast, 
he fell. 

He was at that time the editor of the Times and Seasons for 
the Church. He was considered a good, substantial member, a 
good Latter-day Saint. He was five years younger than myself. 
I always considered him a good, honest boy of good moral 
principle and good character, religiously inclined. I never saw 
but one thing against him when a boy. I shall always remember 
when he was a small boy, he said to me, Joseph, I think I will 
become a missionary and go and preach to the heathen. Said 
he, there is money in it. I shook my head, was concerned. 

This vision was given before missionary work was introduced 
into Nauvoo and I had ever heard of priesthood or endowments. 
I had no idea there was any more than the first principles of 
the gospel to ever be revealed to the Saints. I wondered and 
felt very bad for my brother. He came to my house on a visit 
a while after this dream. He was pacing the floor, feeling very 



merry. Said I to him, Ebenezer, I have had a dream of late 
which makes me feel very bad. Said he, who was it about, 
was it about me? Said I, about a near friend. Said he, if it is 
about me, he slapped his hands upon his thigh exclaiming, I 
will go it straight through. I thought of Peter boasting, saying, 
Though all men deny you, yet will not I. This made me feel 
still worse. 

Let us now return to our traveling camp west of the Missouri 
River. As we had set sail from Winter Quarters, we traveled 
on very slowly but moving westward toward the promised 
land. Had some hinderment in crossing the River and passing 
through some Indian towns and loop fork of the Piatt River 
and other streams. 

July 1848 

On Beaver Creek, my third wife, Laurinda, was delivered of a 
child, a fine daughter, we named her Jane. She, Jane Geneva, 
was born the 14th of July, 1848. The mother and child are 
doing well, but the mother had to suffer a good deal as the 
child was born in the morning and the camp moved on the 
same day. But we blessed her and the Lord blessed her and 
she was strengthened so that the camp was not hindered. 

We very soon got into the buffalo country when we obtained 
a plenty of meat which was certainly a great blessing to us. 



Now we are traveling into the wilderness. Now the Lord is 
not feeding us as manna from heaven direct. He did this with 
the children of Israel, but he is feeding us upon substantial 
food nevertheless, just as good if not better and we can 
discern his hand and his marvelous power in protecting and 
in feeding this people and in leading them to a land of peace 
which our God has certainly prepared and was holding in 
reserve for his beloved Saints where He purposeth to feed 
and to nourish them and train and discipline them and bring 
them under the eye of the wicked and into the bond of the 
covenant. When 40 years expire, or soon after the expiration 
of 40 years, he shall bring about the redemption of Zion and 
while that is being accomplished a still greater manifestation 
of the power of God will be manifest in the great destruction 
of the wicked and in the building of a holy temple upon the 
consecrated spot in Jackson County, Missouri and then the 
work of the Father will commence among all nations to gather 
them to the land of their fathers, even to Zion and Jerusalem 
and then shall greater miracles be wrought, yes far greater 
than were wrought by the prophets in leading the children 
of Israel out of Egypt into the promised land. By that time 
the Latter-day Saints will have a large experience and will 
possess great faith and will possess mighty power, then great 
and mighty miracles shall be performed and God shall get to 
himself a great name and very much honor. Now the little 



stone, very small at the beginning, and the faith of the Saints 
was weak and many, very many, have fallen away because of 
the power of the devil and the wickedness of the world and 
the littleness of their faith. Yet, for all that there has been a 
constant addition to the little stone as all that are born Saints 
and all that are baptized are joining on, which is enlarging the 
kingdom and it shall never cease growing until it shall become 
a great mountain and fill the whole earth. And it shall become 
so large that it shall grind every other kingdom to powder and 
the dust shall be blown away and there shall be nothing left 
to show where they stood, amen. 

Now we are traveling along the same, singing, prophesying, 
and praying and rejoicing because God is certainly with His 
Saints. They shall rejoice and it came to pass, we passed 
through Laramie and the Black Hills and the Sweet Water and 
we found the devil's gate and an abundance of (sateratus) 
and many of our cattle got afflicted and died. We had to use 
a great deal of precaution to save enough to get through to 
the valley. I lost several, being alkalied and one by wolves, 
but still we traveled along. 

We passed over Green River. Here a few of us stopped and 
went up the river on a hunt and killed some elk and antelope. 
We saw some of the Lamanite hunters. They looked rather 
sour but did not molest us. They might have used us up. They 
rode all around us and looked to see and learn our strength, 



but the Lord preserved us. We returned to camp and found all 
right, only one of my cows was killed by wolves. We traveled 
along very finely, crossed several fine streams, passed Fort 
Bear River and Weber, through Echo and a very diverting 
and curious canyon and up Canyon Creek and up and down 
and over the mountains. Surely it was rough and tumble, but 
through the blessing of God we reached the height of the 
last mountain before dropping into the great Salt Lake Valley 
which was destined to become the center stake of Zion in the 
midst of the Rocky Mountains. 


Salt Lake Valley 

Starting out in North Cottonwod, Utah (Farmington) 
Justice of the Peace ■ Bishop 

We halted and gazed with much wonder and admiration and 
with tears and much joy. There was an emotion of feeling in 
our bosoms that we cannot describe. Suffice it to say that the 
valley looked very good to us then. We descended and entered 
the valley the first of October 1848. I drove into the fort. The 
brethren had built a fort that they might protect themselves. 



The next day I went south six or eight miles to see some 
corn that John our colored man had raised, as he had raised 
some crop for us so that with what we had brought, we were 
obliged to make it do us until we could raise something the 
next season. 

The next day we took a brief trip north some six or eight 
miles to see the country. We saw the President and told him 
where I had been and what I thought for the present if it 
should meet with his approbation. He said all right go ahead. 
So consequently, on Saturday we drove up to the mouth of 
North Canyon and camped for the winter. 

Sunday, with a part of our family, we attended meeting 
at the fort and on Monday we took our teams and went and 
gathered our corn to secure for as we discovered there had 
been but little raised in the valley and it stood us in hand to 
save what we had that we might not starve to death. 

On October 5th, 1848, Susan my second wife was delivered 
of her second daughter. A promising child. We held the same 
with joy, very glad we now had found a resting place for the 
mother and child who are doing well. In this month we got 
out timber and built our house and we entered into it with 
some satisfaction for the canyon winds came down nice 
with a cold whine which made it very disagreeable for those 
that had to sleep out in their wagons causing them to suffer 
exceedingly. But soon in the winter, we built more log cabins 



which made it more comfortable for us. This proved to be a 
rather hard winter. We lost two cows. Still we live and rejoice 
in the Holy One of Israel believing he will sustain us and never 
suffer us to perish while we still trust in Him and keep His 

February 1849 

On February 2nd, 1849, this day Maria, my first wife was 
delivered of a son weighed 10 lbs., a fine promising child, as 
well a child of promise. Joseph Elijah his name. 

On the 1st of March we went to Salt Lake and had a good 
chat with President Young. With other questions I asked him 
where I should farm, or locate. He told me that my name was 
down for a bishop in the city but that they could put another 
in my place and that I should go north that I could do as 
much good there as here and better for myself and that they 
wanted a bishop there. 

In this month there was an election held in the fort and I 
was elected to the office of Justice of the Peace and at the 
same appointed bishop over and unto the North Cottonwood 
Ward and precinct and on the 24th of March was ordained a 
bishop under the hands of C. C. Rich and E. Snow, two of the 
twelve and set apart to preside over the North Cottonwood 
Ward so that I received two important offices at that time. I 



received it as a mission and went and soon entered my field 
of labor as a missionary but felt my incompetency for such 
a task and felt my weakness very much and did call upon 
the Lord to strengthen me and give me wisdom and grace 
according to my day. 

We moved up to Cottonwood and commenced to put in some 
crops. We moved two rooms and set to with our might but 
behold our own strength was small and our weakness was for 
the want of food. For it came to pass that early in the winter I 
went around to see if I could get or buy anything in the shape 
of edibles and behold I could not find any encouragement 
where I could get one pound of anything and I came home 
and examined and made an estimate of what we had on hand 
counting in bran and all. I saw we would have to come right 
down to half rations or else would have to go through this 
three or four months without bread. And behold I said to my 
family, now said I, if we keep on eating all we want as we have 
been doing— we will have to go without bread some three or 
four months. But if we put ourselves on half a pound a day we 
will have bread until harvest, that is if we get a harvest now. 
Said I to them, what shall we do? Said they, we have some 
bread all the while. So said I we must ration. And it came to 
pass that we commenced from that time and we weighed out 
our rations. I got my half pound and barely for the first day 
or two I thought it would most certainly kill me, for I went in 



the canyon, worked hard but felt very hungry and weak and 
after a few days I did not feel it so much. 

Now the crickets had been very destructive on their crops 
this last season and our brethren put in crops and the crickets 
came down and devoured them. I will here relate an incident, 
a very remarkable one which was told me by John S., brother 
of George A. Smith. He with others put in crops south of the 
city. They came up and the large crickets came down and were 
determined to devour them. They fought the crickets all day 
and would have to lay down at nights and then they would rise 
in the morning and fight them until they were so exhausted 
that they would not stand. But as soon as they were rested 
they would go at them again with all vengeance. But as they 
had nothing to eat and not much but roots and herbs they 
had not much strength. But the thought that if this crop was 
eaten up they would certainly have to starve to death, they 
hung on like bull dogs. He said they came into their tent one 
night and were clean discouraged. They gave out entirely, 
saying they could do no more. They then told the Lord, give 
us help or we will perish. And it came to pass that the Lord did 
help them for he sent an army of cannibals called sea gulls. 
They came as if inspired. They came that afternoon and they 
fell upon them and devoured them by the millions and soon 
as their stomachs were full they would go and spew them up 
and then go at them again and so on until they cleaned them 



out. They raised a very good crop. Now was this the hand of 
God? I say yes verily it truly was as great a miracle as the 
manna and the quail story whereby the Lord fed the children 
of Israel in the days of Moses while in the wilderness. 

Now notwithstanding there was considerable crop raised. 
There was a great many people and many of the battalion 
boys had come in from California. They had to be fed and 
consequently, there appeared to be nothing I could get so it 
seemed to be our only chance to make what we had do us 
until a harvest. 

Now we had faith that our God would feed us in some 
miraculous way, either with angel's food in raining down from 
heaven or in bringing it up from the earth the natural way. 
Now we had more faith that he would do it the natural way and 
we show that by our works in that we saved or lay up seeds 
and when seed time comes we get up in the morning and we 
labor diligently and prepare a piece of ground and plant our 
seeds and we watch that piece of ground with a great deal of 
anxiety and care and we expect to see the little shoots spring 
out of the ground and then we will do our best to guard it 
from the destruction of the devourer and if it needs water to 
irrigate it believing that it will mature and that we can gather 
to eat it to prolong our mortal existence. 

Now this is the only way that we know of to feed mortals 
on this earth. But we read of mortals being fed by a shorter 



cut or by a very different process in several instances. We 
will now mention a few. The children of Israel were fed with 
angel's food which came upon the ground every morning 
except on Sabbath morning. The people would gather it up 
every morning and live upon it for 40 years. In one instance 
the Lord caused an east wind to blow quails and they dropped 
down for them and they ate flesh to their full. Now this with 
God was no more of a miracle than causing it to grow what 
we call the natural way and then before Christ, the prophet 
Elisha caused the oil to multiply that they filled many vessels 
that she could pay off her debt and that her family could live 
off of the remainder. In another instance the barrel of meat 
was kept so full until the famine was past, 

Our Saviour has shown us that there is an easier way or 
shorter cut to feed the people and that is the natural or proper 
way. In the elements, as God has prepared them, there is an 
abundance of everything that we can possibly imagine for man 
for food, for clothing, for drink, for flowers, for our moments of 
every variety for the use and benefit and for his satisfaction. 
Now verily I say that every man that keeps a law that will 
entitle him to receive a fullness of the holy priesthood and 
celestial glory shall be in possession of eternal riches. That 
will be a thing that thieves cannot steal from him for he will be 
in possession of knowledge and power to organize and bring 
from the elements in abundance of everything that he needs 



without corroding soil labor and sweating himself so he is so 
tried and weary that he cannot rest. Now verily I say that this 
natural way that we have been speaking of is to obtain our 
bread together with the weeds, briars, and thorns and frost 
and every other considerable thing by which our crops are 
from time to time destroyed. It is a curse placed upon man 
because of transgression. It is because man transgressed and 
broke the divine law of God, his creator. Now this is the reason 
that we have to labor so hard and wait so long to get our bread 
and necessities of life. It is because of this transgression of 
man that the devil with his angels are let loose on this earth 
to tempt, afflict, worry and torment mankind until the human 
family has had an opportunity to receive the gospel again, 
an experience which shall be necessary until the seventh 
thousand year ushers in the order of things and when Christ 
comes to reign there will not be any contention, no want for 
our graineries shall be full affording all manner of store and 
our streets shall be full of innocent boys and girls playing, yea 
happy shall be the people. 

It came to pass that I did get about one bushel of potatoes 
to plant and saved one bushel of wheat to sow. I sowed it on 
one acre of ground and the crickets came upon it and seemed 
determined to eat it up, but we fought day after day and 
tramped the wheat and whipped it all to pieces but it grew 
for all that and made us about 20 bushels. With my potatoes 



I cut each eye by itself and put one eye in a hill and ate the 
heart and as soon as the young potatoes were the size of a 
bird egg our women began to grabble them and they continued 
this till harvest. When we came to harvest them I was greatly 
astonished at the quantity left there. Three of us were digging 
them and one day the boy stopped behind. I looked back and 
saw him working away. I said what are you doing there? Are 
you going to dig all day on one hill? Yes sir, said he, if they 
will keep coming out like this one is he says come here and 
see what a pile out of one hill, all of these from one hill, yes 
sir. Let us measure them— one twelve quart wooden bucket 
rounding full and the same bucket most level full from one 
hill the largest yield I ever saw all from one small eye in a hill. 
We thanked God and laughed with joy. 

Now, prior to this, after we had fairly gotten up there we 
called a meeting of the people for it was a nice inviting country 
and a good many had come upon the lands. We talked to them 
some, inquiring if they were able and agreeable that I should 
be their president and bishop and that I should select two of 
their members and set them apart as my counselors and would 
they uphold us by their prayers and faith. I wished them to 
make it manifest by the show of the right hand and there was 
a clear vote, yes. Then I proceeded and called Daniel A. Miller 
and John Harris and set them apart as my counselors. This 
was in April, 1849, and we proceeded immediately to appoint 



a meeting and to look after the interests of our ward and 
people. Our ward was bounded at that time north of Cherry's 
settlement and south of Weber River, a very large ward, but 
a few people. Suffice it to say, we met together often and 
preached and prayed and sang songs and sometimes, spoke 
in tongues. We were counseled to be rebaptized as we had 
been a long time traveling and all that wished to be Saints they 
should make it manifest. Consequently, there was a number 
baptized on the first of July, 1849 by John Harris, Joseph L. 
Robinson, Susan and Laurinda M., two of his wives, Daniel A. 
Miller, Hannah Miller, and Jacob, Lovica, James S., Susanna, 
Millers, and John and Olive Garner, Seth Dustin, Susanna 
Harris, William Harmison, all of which were confirmed by 
Joseph L. Robinson and Daniel A. Miller. Also on September 
9th, 1849, there were baptized by Joseph L. Robinson, Maria 
Robinson, Oliver Lee, Ebenezer J., Anna Maria, Robinsons, 
William P. and Sidney R. Burton, Elizabeth, David and Alma 
Hess, and Clarica Jane Miller all of which were confirmed by 
Daniel A. Miller and John Harris. Also on September 9th were 
baptized by Daniel A. Miller, Benjamin and Rosanna Matilda 
Cross, Joel Ricks, Eleanor, Louis, and Sally Ann Ricks and 
Amanda Tomkins— all confirmed by Joseph L. Robinson and 
John Harris. 

Now about our half rations. It kept us alive and as I told 
the women we would have bread till harvest and so it was. 



But we termed it the first famine that we ever passed through. 
Surely: a little piece of johnny cake was the sweetest cake 
that I ever tasted, but the Lord blessed it the little portion 
that we had, and we didn't go without bread so that we felt 
to thank the Lord our Heavenly Father and we did not trust 
Him in vain. 

In the summer, we moved Maria from the mouth of the 
canyon and put up her house. Now the immigrants were passing 
through to California for gold. They brought us many good 
and useful things. Yea, we got from them some provisions 
and a great deal of clothing, tools, good horses, foot sore 
and poor, cattle and wagons and we traded them provisions 
and recruited animals. Now some of our battalion boys found 
gold in California and that excited a great many of our Gentile 
friends in the eastern states. For they worshipped gold. So 
they took the gold fever and they would load up heavy with 
everything that we needed and by the time they got here their 
teams were given out, so we could see the hand of the Lord to 
bless his poor afflicted Saints and could but acknowledge His 
hand in this great blessing. I not only got some good horses 
and cattle and wagons from them, but some money also for 
they often get in a quarrel and then they must have a lawsuit 
as they would get near our place, there being good feed for 
their animals and they would come to the Justice of the Peace 
and he would judge their difficulties and have a little of their 



money and some of the brethren would have difficulties and 
want a lawsuit and as we, the bishop, and the bishop's court 
in Nauvoo and in Winter Quarters, had attended and set on a 
great many cases of differences and difficulties and inasmuch 
as we had not only been servants, but slaves to the people 
and had never received anything from them, we thought that 
as they would quarrel about property matters that it would 
be just that they should give us something for our time. But 
in looking after the poor or in encouraging fellowshipping 
among Church members, these were a part of our regular 
church service duties. 

There were some law cases that came from Ogden City that 
we had to hear and pass judgement upon their disputes, but 
as a rule our people were very good Latter-day Saints and 
were quite attentive to their duties. 

It came to pass that our pioneers first set their eye and 
foot upon the valley of the great Salt Lake. It was July 24, 
1847 and this day of all others will ever be remembered and 
celebrated by the Latter-day Saints. When the 24th of July 
came we certainly did celebrate it to the best of our abilities. 
We met at Salt Lake City, a committee was appointed, they got 
up a program for the day. We had a splendid dinner, a public 
picnic, music and marching. Every bishop was to carry his 
own banner with his own motto in large plain letters painted. 
I had on my flag a large beautiful eagle and my motto was 



Truth Before Gold, thinking this to be a very fitting motto in 
this gold excitement. We enjoyed ourselves very much and 
we felt that the Lord was still pleased also. 

Now we went through the summer the best we could but 
in the fall we talked of building a school house that we might 
have a house to meet in and that we might get our children 
to school. We appointed a time for a school meeting and met 
but could not agree and then another, and we did not quite 
agree this time. I then appointed a third and I had faith and 
felt determined that we would get the house and that every 
man should be enlisted in enterprise as I saw how it could be 
done and then made the proposition where it should stand and 
how we should build it. This plan was accepted. We were all 
agreed and we then entered into agreement that a group of 
men should start with me on Monday morning to cut and hew 
timbers for a block house on Wills Bottoms, being prepared 
to stop until the timbers were all cut and on Tuesday morning 
the teams should come and stick to until it was all hauled and 
then we should put it up in quick time. It came to pass, when 
the next Saturday came it found us with a good and good 
sized block house with "punchen" floor and rough and dirt 
on it, clinked and dobied all over and all done ready for use. 
Behold, Christmas was right upon our heels and we held our 
Christmas picnic dance. We had a jolly Christmas in that house 
and hired Brother Green, a good school teacher, he taught two 



months of school and he said that school had made as great 
an advance as he ever knew a three month old school to make. 
And behold ye, we had a good meetinghouse as well. 

It came to pass that the word of the Lord came to Jedediah 
Grant and others through the prophet Brigham, or in other 
words as some would term it, counseling to go to the states 
upon important missions. This was late in the fall and I had 
a very excellent, favorite horse I could have taken over $200 
for him from the immigrants. I would not let them have him 
but "Jeddy" wanted him and Brother Bolton was called to go 
to France on a mission. He had a horse, if he could sell him 
he could go. His horse was worth about one-fourth as much 
as my horse. I saw by letting my favorite horse go I could 
send him and Jedediah Grant on their missions. I could not 
withhold. I said Brother Grant you must have my horse. Said 
he how much, $100? I said what he was worth in ordinary 
times. He said God bless you Brother Robinson, I can give you 
$75 now. He gave me the money and my brother George will 
give you $25 in a few days and it came to pass I went directly 
to Brother Bolton and asked him what do you want for your 
horse. $75 and then he could go. I gave him the money and 
took his horse. God bless you Brother Robinson said he and it 
came to pass the next morning I met Brother Brigham Young. 
I told him that I had let Brother Jeddy have my horse. What 
did you ask him, Brigham asked. $100 said I, what he was 



worth in ordinary times, said he. Yes sir, said that is all. That 
is right said he, God bless you Brother Joseph and you shall 
be blessed. So you see I got three blessings for one horse 
and surely did get them. 

It came to pass the next season the gold immigrants came 
along thicker and more of them and they brought to me two 
(too) very fine horses, yea the Lord gave me three. Although 
I paid the parties all they asked for them, but they proved to 
worth over a $1,000 more than they cost me. 


Mission to Southern Utah 

Helping establish Parowan, Utah 
Visiting the southern settlements with Brigham Young 

Spring 1850 

Now in the spring of 1850, I hired a good teacher, a young 
lady and she taught an excellent school through the summer 
season. Through the blessings of God we raised very good 
crops and took cows from some of the brethren in the city 
on shares so that our women made an abundance of butter 



and cheese and behold we had plenty to eat and we were in 
prosperous circumstances. We tried to do our duties tempo- 
rally and spiritually the best we could and the Lord helped us 
so much we got a good carriage and a new wagon, or wagons, 
and cattle and horses. But the Lord saw that we were a going 
to get rich, and He, well knowing the dangers of wealth in this 
wicked world saw proper to call me on a mission. From the 
fall of 1850 to Little Salt Lake Valley about 200 or 300 miles 
south. The President felt very anxious to extend our settle- 
ments south. He called upon George A. Smith to raise 100 
men and proceed immediately to Little Salt Lake Valley and 
form a colony, to go to farming and hold the place until the 
immigration should come sufficiently strong to relieve us. 

Brother Brigham told me if I would go and help Brother 
George to start a settlement there, then I could, stay there 
or come back or go where I had a mind to. As he wanted to 
start the manufacturing of iron as soon as he could, as there 
was an abundance of very rich iron out there, soon after he 
received this call, Brother George saw me. He says, Brother 
Joseph, would you like to take a little trip with me down south? 
Then he kept letting out a little by little until I received the 
whole story. That was, I am called to select 100 men and 
start forth on a mission to Little Salt Lake Valley and start a 
colony, as we have remarked. But, said he to the President, I 
am no farmer, and not much experience in business matters. 



But said he, if you will allow me to select 15 or 20 men that 
I can depend upon that are businessmen and farmers, then, 
said he, I will enter upon my mission at once. Now, said he, I 
suppose you would not allow me to take a bishop or anyone 
in authority. Yes, said Brigham, take any man you want but 
bring their names to me and if they can be ; spared, unless I 
have some particular use for him, you shall take him. 

(Brother George A. Smith then said) now you are about 
the third man that I have spoken to. Now Brother Robinson, 
I would really like to have you go with us, now what say you. 
Yes, certainly, said I. If the Lord is willing I certainly should 
be. I will go and do the best that I can with all my heart. Now 
what shall I take. Well, said he, take provisions, see farming 
utensils and tools whatever you can and probably you had 
better take some family. And, said he, we should get started 
as soon as we can. It is a way in November now. 

And it came to pass that I set about getting ready to start 
upon our mission. My family was agreeable. Susan said she 
would go with me and she seemed to be the most suitable one 
for the mission. Laurinda had a young child, a son who was 
born August 6, 1850 and his name was Nathan and she had 
no children to help me, and Susan had (children old enough 
to help me). Maria's boys I wanted to stay and carry on the 
farm. So we fitted up the big wagon and loaded it down and I 



moved Laurinda to the city as she had friends there to remain 
with while I was absent. 

It came to pass that I packed four bushels of potatoes in 
my carriage with bran and shorts and put a small stove in it. 
Also, we made our bed on the potatoes and took my family 
in the carriage and hitched on three or four yoke of oxen and 
cows on the big wagon and while in the city I blessed my 
youngest son Nathan and added Benjamin, calling him Nathan 
Benjamin and drove to Kefs Mills and loaded in our flour and 
stayed the first night with Brother Joseph Matthew. 

On December 10, 1850 we set sail upon our mission with 
hearts full of gratitude to the Lord that he had brought us to 
so good and healthy a land and that he counted us worthy 
to go on a mission in the interest of his kingdom. For the 
Lord had said unto me that inasmuch as I would do what I 
could in the times of my poverty for the building up of the 
kingdom of God on the earth, the time should come when I 
should become rich so that I am looking forward with hope 
to a recompense of reward. 

It came to pass that in ascending a long and heavy hill 
on the divide between Salt Lake and Utah valleys our cattle 
refused to pull their load. As John, our colored man, was 
singing away with all diligence, for he was a good Saint, and 
the little boys helping him (for Susan was a widow with two 
little boys when I married her) and I came down to him, I saw 



the situation and told John to unhook the wagon and relieve 
them and then come back and hitch them again and I would 
bring my $1000 horses hitch on and they must pull it. And 
the Lord helped us and they pushed it up. We thank the Lord 
and we drove to Lehi and camped. George A. and most of the 
company was ahead of us. We passed through American Fork 
and Battle Creek, very few houses in those places. Provo, a 
small town. Springville, a small but a very pretty town and 
then to Payson. Here we had some considerable difficulty 
getting through the mire but succeeded in reaching this fine 
city. Here we found two families, Brother James Rice and Elias 
Gardner, two log cabins is all there was in this town and it was 
the settlement, the last settlement, or house we saw going 
south until we built them in Little Salt Lake Valley which we 
called Parowan. 

It came to pass we now began to realize our situation just in 
the commencement of winter, leaving our homes in civilization 
and trusting in the Lord and what we had ahead of us. 

And it came to pass that before we left our homes, I saw 
President Brigham Young and he asked me if I was going with 
Brother George A. to the south. I said, yes sir if you say so. 
And he said yes. I am glad for I feel very anxious about that 
mission. He said we want to extend our settlements south 
for good reasons, I said to him, Brother George says that he 
thinks I had better make my calculations to stop down there 



and make my home, he says he thinks maybe he will also. 
Brother Brigham said to me, Joseph you go and make you a 
place there and perform your mission and when that is done, 
said he, you can do or go where you like. You can stop there, 
or sell or rent your place there or come back here or go where 
you please. So I thanked him kindly and told him I would go 
and do the best I could. 

We will now return to Payson. Here we found George A. 
and the company. We set sail with quite a formidable company 
for behold, he had raised his 100 men, several from my ward, 
namely Daniel A. Miller, Thomas S. Smith, James Harmison, 
Ezra T. Clark went and some others were called but did not 

Passing over the summit we camped at a place I named 
Willow Springs and it retained that name. We camped one 
night on Salt Creek, it was a bitter cold night and I was afraid 
my potatoes would freeze. But we kept fires going and having 
blankets around them to save them, if possible. We passed 
Chicken Creek and found the Sevier River here. It was bleak 
and cold and I dug into the banks and prepared for fording 
the river. Here the Indians shot some of our cows and some of 
the cattle, but we did not lose many at this place and passed 
over and through and came into (Pasvant) Valley and camped 
at some springs which I named Cedar Springs for there were 
cedars there and they kept that name. We drove up and 



camped on Chalk Creek and here we found a very large valley. 
We found in this valley, at a creek, some corn the Indians had 
grown. We named it Corn Creek. We also named one creek 
New Years Creek for we camped here and smoothed a piece 
of wire grass ground and on New Years had a dance. 

There was no snow and the Lord favored us and we felt 
to acknowledge His hand. We had been greatly blessed. We 
moved slowly along passed Pine and Cove Creeks as we named 
them down to Beaver Creek. We camped on the Sabbath 
days and held meetings, had some of the elders preaching 
to the camp and had some very interesting times. And when 
we got over to the Elk Horn Springs, there was a large camp 
at that place but there was quite a few of good horse teams 
that had gone on ahead over on Yellow Creek and camped, 
namely L. S. Smith, Tom Bringhurst, Charlie Harper, Daniel A. 
Miller and James Harmison, David Brinton and several others. 
This was a Saturday evening but our president and a large 
company with him were back some miles and the captain of 
the brethren, Brother Hoffheims, with a small cannon, as we 
had a small ordinance with us. Those of the weaker teams 
were behind. We had gotten our suppers and were comfortably 
seated in my carriage doing some writing with a pan of milk 
sitting on the top of the carriage away from the dogs. Bang 
went a cannon back north of us. We knew very well it was our 
gun and it created a great excitement in our camp. Brother 



(Maman Johner) was elected captain of the horse company. 
Hurry, boys, the Indians are upon our brethren and they will 
be massacred. Some said they could hear the women and the 
children screaming. Captain (Palmer) came to my wagon in 
haste saying bishop what shall we do, those Indians are upon 
our President and company and I am afraid they will all be 
massacred. Said I, Brother Falmer, no cause of alarm. They 
have fired the canyon for a salute because of arriving into the 
valley of the Little Salt Lake, that is what it is. Said he, some 
say they can hear the women screaming. Well captain, what 
do you wish and it shall be done, said I. We think it wisdom 
to send a posse of the camp before us and have the men 
come and help us and we wish to corral our wagons as soon 
as possible and send a company to help them if they need 
help. All right, said I, but you will find it as I have told you. We 
pushed the wagons together and the milk spilt. The company 
departed, and it turned out to be just as I had told them. The 
President and boys with him laughed at us and said it was good 
enough for us for it was no business for us to have gone and 
left them. So, we had our fun for our pains. The boys ahead of 
us came back and it took them all night but we were glad that 
it was no worse, but they had to acknowledge I had it right 
and when our breakfast was over in the morning we hitched 
up and drove up to Red Creek and camped with the foremost 
company. It being Sabbath there, there should have been 



a meeting called to worship God that in so doing we should 
have sanctified the Sabbath day and kept it holy, but some of 
the men wanted to see the goodly land. And I discovered the 
move and went and inquired where they were going. Out to 
see the country said they. Said I, will you let me go with you. 
Yes get your horse and come along said they. I never stopped 
to consider. I got my horse directly and we went up to Center 
Creek about five miles from Yellow Creek. We explored up 
the canyon a ways, found it pleasant and lovely with a very 
moderate upgrade of considerable breadth, grassy with some 
lime and (altamond) a good quality of soap in the ground. We 
crossed the creek. It was but a small creek and passed down 
a ways a little below the city of Parowan afterwards was built. 
Now the soil was red as the hills above us did abound with 
a red rock in different shapes and form, they did present a 
most beautiful and grand appearance, but verily the land did 
not look very inviting to me, but I had faith. 

We were riding along and Brother Thomas Smith remarked, 
said he, I do not want to see any white man imposed upon 
so much as to be required to settle on such land as this. I 
heard the remark and called a halt. Said I, hold on boys let 
me tell you this very land that we stand on right here will 
produce abundantly of all kinds of grain and vegetables. Brother 
Thomas says, do you believe that bishop. Most certainly, I do 
said I. Do you suppose the Lord would ask His Saints to form 



a settlement upon a poor piece of land? No certainly He will 
not, said I, this ground will certainly produce abundantly. They 
shook their heads, we passed on down to camp. Brother Bur 
Frost came out to meet us. Said he, boys you will get chastised 
severely. The President and company have arrived. He scolded, 
saying elders, seventies, and bishops going out on Sunday. 
Why did they not call a meeting and worship God and get 
His spirit on them. Said he, I had my horse saddled and in a 
few moments would have been astride him and after us, but 
President Smith came up and inquired where such and such 
ones were and being, how he commenced to scold for he felt 
the spirit of discontent which was with the brethren. Said he, 
I sneaked off and pulled the saddle off my horse, felt glad that 
I was not gone with you. We turned out and retired to camp, 
saw the President, he had done his scolding and he took me 
out by ourselves and inquired of me what discoveries we had 
made and what I thought of the land. I told him it would do. 
Said he, I can feel there is a dissatisfaction with the men in 
camp. I told him what had passed between us, the expressions 
they had made that I was surprised to hear from them and 
what I had prophesied of the land. I told him it would do, for 
I dare not bring an evil report of the land for I knew the Lord 
had sent us there to form a settlement, consequently it must 
be good. I told Brother George A. the soil was red and very 
inviting but it must be good. He seemed pleased with my 



report of the goodly land. He made an inquiry of the other 
boys for he knew the spirit and feelings they had which he 
could discern and on the morrow the entire camp moved up 
to Center Creek and camped on the south side in fort form 
and turned out. It being on the 13th of January, 1857. There 
was plenty of grass but no snow. The winter, by the hand of 
the Lord was shaped for our salvation and that of our animals, 
for surely my horses fattened as fast running out in January 
as I ever saw a horse do on a plenty of good hay and grain. 
There was a plenty of good cedar and pinion pine on low hills 
nearby and by exploring down three or four, found plenty of 
good pine timber up a canyon of nice grade and easy to make 
a road. We soon opened a road up to timber, moved our camp 
on the north side of the creek where we built a town which 
is called Parowan. We turned out in mass and got our timber 
and put up a building of a house for a meeting house and 
then the brethren were set at liberty to build for themselves. 
I laid the foundation of the first dwelling house ever built by 
a white man south of Payson. 

And it came to pass that a city sprang up not in a day but 
in a very few days. We laid up a city and made a strong corral, 
enclosing about three acres in the center of the fort. 

We were soon organized into wards and it came to pass 
that I, Joseph Lee Robinson, was appointed to preside over 
the Fourth Ward. This duty I tried to perform to the best of 



my ability. The Lord was with us and Brother George A, Smith 
proved to be a very good captain, a wise counselor and a very 
interesting president. By his appointment we had our meeting 
every Sabbath in the forenoon preaching, in the afternoon 
we were organized into a community of the whole. In these 
meetings we would fetch out of the brethren their best views 
and experience in agriculture and in every branch of business 
pertaining to our mission and labors. Then when he had gotten 
all the information he could get from us he would spend his 
best judgement and would say, boys, let us do so and so. Our 
farming was divided into three surveys namely the upper, 
the rabbits and the wire grass surveys. I took a farm in the 
rabbit bush and upper surveys and was appointed one of the 
committee of three to divide the water for the three farms and 
then I was made water master of both those farms, namely 
upper and rabbit bush. Our practice was to notify every man 
what hour he should take to water and how long he would have 
it. I think we had the most satisfactory and the best order 
that I have ever seen in the mountains and in good time when 
spring came we were on hand to plow and sow and plant our 
crops. And it came to pass that the self same spot of ground 
upon which our horses stood, when the remarks were made 
and I offered the prophesy in favor of the goodness of the 
soil, even that was tested and proved all that had been said 
in its favor. This very season experience has since taught us 



that where lime rock lies in the hills above, the soil will be 
good and productive and that is why this land was good for 
we found lime in quantities lying above this land. 

Now we found ourselves sorrowed with redskins, our 
Lamanite brethren in their wild devilish state, and it came to 
pass some of our horses and cattle came up missing. A mass 
meeting was called and the result was a law was passed that 
the entire stock of the camp (in all about 500 head) should 
be herded with three efficient men or grown boys on horses 
with good guns and ammunition, and it was motioned and 
carried that I should have the job and see that it should truly 
and faithfully be done. I accepted, but not until I had it fixed 
in the shape to suit me and the entire camp agreed to it and 
that was the price was fixed for men and horses per day and 
in the case that I could not get volunteers, I should have 
power to press any man owning stock into service, and that 
each head of stock should be held to pay Its proportion of 
the expenses until it was paid, and they all said amen even 
so. And upon those terms I took the job which placed upon 
my shoulders more public responsibilities than upon any other 
man in the camp. 

It came to pass that I made it a rule to attend to all of my 
public duties first and then what time there was left I could 
improve for my own benefit, but I have always felt that I 
was upon a mission on this earth and that I was and should 



be laboring for Zion and that it was the kingdom of God or 
nothing for me. 

Spring 1851 

We all labored very faithfully and in a short time, even very 
soon, we had a city built, the ground broke for our seeds to 
be put in and in the spring of 1851 President Brigham and 
party visited our place and stopped with us a few days. They 
preached and fortified and cheered us up a bit and they 
returned rejoicing. 

While they were with us we went to Red Creek and just 
across the north side of the creek there had been evidently 
a town in some formerly time as there were a large number 
of (tombs or mounds) small ones and we opened several of 
them finding cooking utensils and broken pottery of a superior 
quality in abundance and several relics and some corn on the 
cob in very good condition. And it came to pass that many 
of the brethren were homesick and begged to be liberated 
that they might return home, but that was something that I 
never had done for I went prepared to stop until my mission 
was filled and was fully accepted and should be honorably 
discharged. Brother George A. asked the President (Brigham 
Young) if he might come up with him but he says no, you and 
Brother Robinson stay until the last of August to attend the 



September conference, saying my team would bring us up in 
six days and then we could come back in six days so that we 
had our instructions. 

And we soon had a saw mill in operation so that we soon 
had an abundance of splendid quality of fine lumber. The 
Indians took one of my cows, a very large milk cow with bell 
and strap so that they are in debt to me that much. But I 
suppose they will be abundantly able to pay all their debts 
when they get their land, for it came to pass when Jesus 
visited them or their fathers rather after his resurrection, he 
gave them all this continent and South America also. But the 
Gentiles have come since and taken possession of the most of 
their lands and they shall redeem it for they will receive the 
gospel. They shall become the battle ax of the Almighty God 
and their horns shall be made iron and their hoofs shall be 
made brass and they shall go through the Gentiles and tred 
them down and tear them in pieces and all of their enemies 
shall be cut off, so we think they will become possessors 
of their land and be able to pay all their debts. For it is the 
eternal decree of the great God that every man shall pay all 
his debts or he shall be shut up in prison and where God and 
Christ are, they can never come worlds without end. 

And it came to pass that we, George A. Smith and I, Joseph 
L. Robinson, started for Salt Lake in my carriage. The Lord 
had given me a very excellent fine span of large black horses, 



great travellers. We set sail on the 22nd of August, 1851. In 
the morning one of them (the horses) came up very sick and 
our company started, but we did not know whether we could 
go or not. But we prayed for the mare and the Lord heard 
our prayers and she got better and we started after noon 
and overtook our company in good time. In Corn Creek in 
the Parvant Valley we met Brother [Goot?] and others going 
to Parowan. I wrote a letter to my wife Susan and sent it 
back by him to her in which I told her to be of good courage 
that she should get along well, that she should bear a son 
and that his name should be Solomon. We were blessed of 
the Lord, got through all right and found my family well and 
very glad to see me, as well as I was to see them, for it was 
the longest time that I had ever been absent from them 
since we were married. It was now going on ten months. We 
attended conference the 6th of September, it being held one 
month before the time to give the missionaries more time to 
cross the plains. It came to pass that I soon received a letter 
from my wife in Parowan. In it, she gave me the good news 
and I received a very pleasing intelligence that I had a son 
in Parowan, that he was born the 27th of August, 1851. The 
mother and child were doing well, thank the Lord. 

Sometime after the conference, the President with a good 
company started for the Parvant Valley south to hunt a place 
to locate a state house for it was even so that the government 



of the United States had given unto us a territorial form of 
government and had made Brigham Young governor of the 
same, even over Utah (this was October 21st, 1851 when the 
party started its return trip to Parowan). Now this was effected 
(the territorial government) under the reign of President Millard 
Fillmore. He was a very sensible and good man and it came to 
pass that Brother George and I went with this party. We had 
a good time with them and arrived at Chalk Creek on the 27th 
of October, 1851. And it turned out that Brother Brigham, or 
rather President Young and I assisted Apostle Orson Pratt to 
clear away some cedar boughs on a tree that he could hang 
up his instruments to get the altitude or something of the 
kind. When this was effected the President said to me, will 
you walk with me, and we two passed up south to a beautiful, 
sightly spot and halted at the place where the state house was 
afterwards built. And as we arrived Brother Heber C. Kimball 
and another brother met us. Brother George A. Smith saw us 
and he came tearing toward us. Brother Brigham made the 
remark, there comes Brother George forking out. Yes said I, 
that is a right good man. Well he is, said Brother Brigham and 
he has a brother John L. Smith who will make another good 
man for he will go for counsel where he should. President 
Young said (in locating the state house) as a very sightly spot, 
a lovely place, yes said Brother Heber this is a very nice place 
for the state house, yes said I this is the spot and there is a 



beautiful cedar tree that ought to be left standing. Yes, said 
Brother Young, pointing to a beautiful cedar grove, those tree 
ought not to be cut down. No, said President Kimball, they 
should not be cut down, no said I, it should be $40 fine if 
any man cuts one down, and at this junction Brother George 
came up, said President Young to Brother George, we have 
located the state house, this is the spot, we will go right down 
and have the boys make the stakes and set Brother Joseph 
to surveying out the city. 

We passed right down to camp and work was commenced 
immediately. Brother Anson Call, with his train just arrived. 
Brother Anson come, said Brother Brigham, to him Brother 
Call, we have located the state house and the city will be 
right above here and here will be your fort for the present 
and he continued his instructions to Brother Call saying, the 
boys are now at work making stakes. Brother (Frose) will go 
immediately to surveying the city. There is a beautiful grove 
of cedars (pointing to that grove we just alluded to) we don't 
want that grove cut, saying it is a $40 fine for any man that 
cuts the green cedar in that grove. Now Brother Anson Call 
has just arrived with his company to locate and start the 
settlement in that valley as the President had relieved him 
from the Little South Stake Mission (as he was called upon that 
mission with us) to preside over a mission in the Pasvant Valley 
(that's Parvant or Pasvant Valley), now this valley received its 



name and was from this time called Millard County and that 
city was named Fillmore in honor to that man that gave unto 
us a territorial form of government and gave unto Brigham 
Young for governor. Now Brigham Young was the best governor 
that Utah has ever had and Millard the best president. 

Now President Young assisted me with his own hands to 
adjust my own carriage and prepare it for Brother George 
and I to start in the morning for Parowan. Now verily, the 
President and I had had a considerable of a conversation upon 
the subject of Brother George returning to Parowan. Now 
Brother Brigham was a very cautious man. He said he wanted 
us to go to Parowan but he was afraid it would not be safe on 
account of Indians. I told him that I understood the situation 
of the mission and that it greatly needed his presence. I told 
him we did not fear to go, we carried 21 shots ready and that 
we should not stop out only one night. He said if we could get 
a company of wise men we should go. I told Brother George, 
he was pleased, and he set right about to hunt the men. He 
found three that agreed to go with us and we were making 
speedy preparations to start in the morning. Now the three 
were Chandler Holbrook and son and Chuging Smith. 

Now morning came and we hitched up for a start but one 
man ready to go with us, namely C. Smith, but the other two 
decided not to go. We three started from Fillmore to Parowan 
and the President and party returned back, but we three were 



speedily were carried on our way by a large beautiful pair of 
black horses, the fleetest team or pair of animals that we ever 
travelled with in these mountains. We took great pleasure in 
riding after them, we had no use for a whip. They would take 
us as far as we wished to ride. We drove on and camped at 
night in the midst of a (valley) more than a gunshot from any 
brush and watched my horses until dark then tied them, fed 
them oats and found ourselves all right in the morning. We 
thanked our God and away we went to Parowan before night. 
There we found a people wonderfully blessed to see us. We 
attended meeting the Sunday following and we both spoke 
wonderfully good to the people. An appointment was given 
for the afternoon for Brother George to preach. I called and 
saw Brother Smith between meetings. He said to me, bishop, 
what shall I preach this afternoon. Said I to him, open your 
mouth wide and God shall fill it. Said he, I'll do it so he did 
so and I say to you that Brother George A. Smith did deliver 
one of the most powerful and instructive discourses that I 
have ever heard him preach in my life. 

We remained at Parowan for some time. Brother Smith was 
very busy counseling and regulating and setting in order the 
mission and we left them and returned home to Salt Lake in 
the fall. But they were sorry to have us leave them. 

We had very good luck, found the brethren of Fillmore well 
and in very good spirits and very busy. We found our oats all 



right that we had left with them until our return for Governor 
Young had given us directions that we should leave some with 
them until we should return, and directly after our return we 
saw in the Deseret News the names of the committee that 
had been to Fillmore and had located the state house. And 
it came to pass that Joseph L. Robinson was one of those 
and I drew $83.09 ($84.00) for my services which came 
very good for which I felt very thankful to God, my Heavenly 
Father. And it came to pass that we in the Latter-day Saints 
labor with all our might to build up the kingdom of God on 
the earth. We labored and God blessed our labor, He began 
to bless the earth for our sakes, for verily we had prayed 
earnestly to our Father that he would abundantly bless the 
seasons, the soils, the mountain, the waters, that they would 
greatly increase them and he would increase our faith and 
so he did. By the holy priesthood he did bless the lands, the 
mountains, the waters, and the seasons and truly they were 
blessed for it is a marvelous fact that where there was but 
a very small mountain stream, there came down from the 
moutains scarcely sufficient to water our good large farm as 
in the case of the Sessions settlement at Centerville. Brother 
Sessions and one or two or some few families settled there. 
They didn't want any more land taken in that vicinity or said 
they there will be no water for you, we claimed what there 
is and shall need more to water the farms already taken and 



so said Brother Cherry on Cherry Creek that he would need 
all of that stream to water his farm and after this Brother 
Thomas Grover took up a piece of land on Cherry Creek and 
commenced farming and they got to quarreling over the water, 
came very near fighting over it and Brother Grover left and 
settled on a small creek, a little south of North Cottonwood. 
So that we discovered that the Lord would certainly perform 
a miracle to increase the waters for the benefit of and the 
salvation of the Saints of God in these last days. It is just as 
great a miracle as when Moses smote the rock and brought 
water for the salvation of the House of Israel in his day. Our 
God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. 

[Editor's note: For the next four pages of Grandfather's journal 
I shall dictate exactly as he has written with his own spelling and 

"And at our return to Salt Lake, we learned, the president, 
or rather the governor, and suit, had been in, about one week, 
but we were paind to learn that President Young had ben very 
sick, but was happy to learn he is better now. 

As we have remarked we labored with all our might very 
diligently, to build up the kingdom of God, on the earth, and 
we rejoiced greatly in our labors, for we knew, verily I did 
know, that God, had restored the holy gospel, in its purity, 
and fullness, and that he had committed the dispensation of 
the fullness of times, and that it behold us as elders in Israel 



to assist, yea to labor with all our mights, that we might earn 
an interest in that kingdom, for surely the scriptures do say, 
that every man shall be rewarded according to his works, now 
with regard to works for worship, we discover as we reflect 
upon the works that have to be accomplished, in the great 
latter day work, some seem to think to preach, sing, and to 
pray, was the great bulk of the worship of Almighty God. But 
behold ye, these things are very proper and nesesary in their 
place and time, but preaching, is but the smallest part of this 
great latter day work. We will now ennumerate some of the 
essential part of the great labor. The mannuel labor that have 
to be performed by the sons of Jacob, but will be performed 
principally by the sons of Ephraim, and Manasseh, truly the 
gospel has to be preached, to the nations and people of the 
earth, and also the poor, the elect of God that receive the 
gospel, among those nations have to be gathered up to Zion, 
but where is the money coming from to defray expences, to 
sustain the families of those elders performing this great 
work, well, we will come right home and see what there is to 
do, we begin to annumerate, roads have to be made, bridges 
have to be built, roads into the canyons, timber got out, 
saw mills built, farms to be opened, and fenced, and billd, 
dobies to be mad, bricks also, rocks to be halld and laid into 
foundations, dwelling houses to be built, school houses to 
be built, meeting houses to be built, tabernacles to be built, 



temples to be built, and large numbers of men and women 
have to be supported, while they labor constantly in those 
temples, to perform ordinances for the living, and for our dead, 
canals to be made, to draw water out to irigate our crops, 
cities to be built, orchards to be set and cared for, viniards all 
so, horses, cattle, and sheep raised and cared for, all these, 
and a thousand other things, that might be mentioned, which 
are really essential and nesesary, for the convenience and 
comfort of the people which God, requires at our hands, and 
in which he is highly pleased, when these important labors are 
performed, in his name, and with an eye single to his glory, 
yea the meeting together often and speaking often one to 
another, and offering up our sacraments unto the Most High, 
baptizing and confirming and blessing our children, keeping 
the Word of Wisdom, marring wives, and raising up children to 
the Lord, now verily, I say, that inasmuch as any or all these 
things are faithfully done, in the spirit of the gospel, they 
shall be acceptable unto God our Heavenly Father for Worship, 
shall be just as holy, and shall be counted works, which shall 
receive merrit or reward, as preaching the gospel, or doing 
any other work in the kingdom of God. 



April 1853 

On April 20, 1853 I left my home in North Cottonwood, to take 
a mission south with the President, and Governor, Brigham 
Young, and party, expecting to take Brother George A. (Smith) 
to visit my family at Parawan and preach the gospel to the 
people, as I had been voted for a house missionary at our April 
conference, expecting to perform a preaching mission south, 
left Salt Lake City 21st in company with Brother Peck, Bull- 
ock, and others, took John S. Smith with me, as far as Provo, 
expecting to take Brother George A. from that place, as him 
and President had gone there, and when we arrived on the 
22nd, found Presidents Brigham and Heber C. and George A. 
there, a meeting was called in the afternoon, and we had the 
great pleasure of listening to some very interesting discourses 
delivered by Brother, or President, Brigham and Heber and 
others, I put up with Brother George A. and family. 

The next day, 23rd, Governor Young called a council as he 
had been credibly informed that there were several hundred 
Spaniards in our territory travelling contrary to law, and that 
they were cottegeing with the Indians, to turn them against 
us, so that he thought it expedient to, and he did issue a 
proclamation, ordering a distachment of 30 or 40 men to be 
raised immediately to travel with, and in front of this company 
south as far as the settlements did extend, reconortering the 



valleys and to take into custody all groops of Spaniards, or any 
suspicious characters. Brother Deminicus Carter concluded 
to take Brother George A. and wife in his carriage, so that 
John S. could go with me, drove to Springville, a meeting was 
called in the afternoon, and some very rich instructions was 
given by President Brigham Young, all those meetings were, 
very largely attended, 24th Sunday we travelled to Palmira 
on Spanish Fork, a meeting had been apointed Apostle John 
Taylor spoke, and was succeeded by President Young, who 
informed us that his people had to fort up or we should not 
be safe for ten years to come, for said he these mountains 
would be full of robbers, like the Gadiantan robbers of old, and 
that he had been wearied with the foolishness and teasings of 
this people. They wanted to scatter abroad, thereby exposing 
themselves to becoming the easy prey to their enemies, he 
said this people must be wide awake, and have their arms and 
amunition, in readiness, and build strong holds, or we should 
be swept of from the earth, and after dinner the President 
and suit (party) drove to Payson. We put up with Brother 
Mclellen, the President of that branch called a meeting in the 
evening, elders Amasa Lyman, and C. C. Rich talked good to 
that people, 25th Monday there were some Spaniards taken 
into custody, at this place, and we drove to Nephi on Salt 
Creek, to put up with Brother Hoyts people, a family of Saints 
that I became acquainted with, where I first received the 



gospel in 1836 in the town of Boonville, Oneida Co. St. of NY. 
They lived in what was called the Black River country, seven 
miles from my place, the first Mormon meeting that I ever 
attended after I were baptized, was at their house, at our first 
and earliest experience in the new and everlasting gospel, oh 
what a sweet time we had together, and how I loved to meet 
with them, and how they loved to have me come and meet 
and talk to and with them, they said when I came it seemed 
to them that Israel had come, oh Israel in all your abidings 
prepare for your Lord when you hear these glad; tidings, now 
the good times we enjoyed together we shall never forget, 
no never, the Lord was with us then and we can safely say 
he has never left us yet, that is not all, we hope and pray he 
never may, while we dwell on this earth, for surely we are 
only strangers and pilgrims here, and we are seeking a better 
country, a house not mad with hands eternal in the heavens, 
and it came to pass when we arrived at Nephi, I found mother 
Hoyt sick, and I anointed her with holy oil in the name of the 
Lord, and in His name administered a blessing unto her and 
she was blessed indeed, meeting was held in the evening 
preaching by the twelve, and succeeded by Brother President 
Kimball he spoke in his usual earnest energetick way, and he 
profesied that every settlement in the mountains would have 
to fort up, or they would be cut of from the face of the earth, 
or be swept out of existence. 



This evening the detachment arrived about 40 in number 
with their baggage wagons trimmed and equipped as the law 
directs prepared for duty. Tuesday morning 26th, President 
Young informed us that he should proceed no farther south 
than Sanpete that he would take Brother G. W. with him, 
that Brother Amasa and Rich would proceed directly to San 
Barnadeno, that Brother Erastus Snow would go to Iron County 
on the iron business, and that Judge Snow would go to hold 
courts, and that he wanted Brother John L. and I to go south 
and preach the gospel to every settlement of Saints, preach 
to them what the spirit should dictate, and God should, bless 
us, and it came to pass, that we proceeded on our journey 
and mission, Brother Brigham said we should be gone about 
15 days, and about 30 of this detachment under the command 
of Captain Wall, proceeded south with us, which made a good 
lively crowd, we camped near the bridge on the Severe River, 
Wednesday 27th we drove to Fillmore found the people in a 
very good condition, Brother Call the president of that place 
apointed a meeting in the evening for Brother Snow to preach, 
and he called on me to take the lead in speaking, and I had 
very good liberty a good flow of the spirit and next Brother 
John S. and then he spoke good to the Saints an excellent 
good meeting, for the spirit of the Lord was truly with us. 

Thursday 28th we passed the brimstone mines and camped 
on Pine Creek the soldier boys and company with us, we had 



a very windy knight. Some carriages blown over and covers 
of, other ways we found ourselves all right in the morning, 
we fed our horses and got our breakfast early and John S., 
Friday 29th, and I set out for Parawan, the company would 
be too days, but we drove it in one day, we fronted a very 
heavy south wind, and we drove into the creek before dark 
Brother Jame gave us some supper we had a good chat with 
him and left an apointment for a meeting with them there, 
and we drove up to Parawan found our people all well and all 
the people very glad to see us, we rested, and visited, until 
the company came up the next evening, Saturday a snowy 
day the company and soldier boys came in and a meeting was 
called and Amasa and Rich preached to the people, Sunday 
first day of May we attended meetings, I was called up the 
first speaker and had very good liberty, felt myself very much 
at home, Judge Snow sucseded me in the morning and in the 
afternoon John S. Smith preached to the people, in the evening 
we attended the prayer circle and had a good time there. 

The twelve went to Seder City and held meeting in the 
evening, Monday the 2nd visiting with the people all well, 
Tuesday the 3rd I went to Seder City took my wife, and Aunt 
Mary Smith and Gritta George A. Smith's wife with us to Seder 
City to visit while we went south on our preaching mission 
we visited the iron works the furnace was in operation, saw 



a specimen of the ore, it is said there is a considerable silver 
in it probably enough to pay for working it. 

Wednesday 4th we drove to Harmony put up and visited 
with John L. Lee [or John S. Lee] and family had an interesting 
visit with theme and on the 5th we administered the word 
of life to them, and they seemed to greatly appreciate the 
same, we had very good liberty, in our meetings, I spoke 
first and Brother John S. followed from there we drove to 
Shirts Fort held meeting had a good time with them all so 
they agreed to obey counsel, we again returned to Seder City 
staid with Brother Lunt and family we preached to them and 
gave them good counsel they seemed to apreciate our visit 
and instructions much, we saw the iron foundary in operation 
and we rejoice, that our people were engaged in so good a 

Saturday 7th took the too Sisters Smiths and drove to 
Johnsons Fort held a meeting had a good time with them they 
rejoiced much and said they would obey counsel, then we 
drove to Parawan found all well. We went to Red Creek and 
held a meeting, John S. took the lead we spoke by the Holy 
Ghost and the brethren greatly rejoiced, and several of them 
spoke, and surely we had a very affecting time it was with 
difficulty that we could get away from them, and it was at a 
late our in the evening, we returned home. Sunday 8th we 
atended meeting at Parawan, Brother James Brown a returning 



missionary from the Cociety Island was called to the stand, he 
gave a brief history of his success and percicutions while on 
his mission. And Brother John S. followed him, and he gave 
us a very fine discourse. In the afternoon John D. Lee gave 
a very good preach, and Apostle Erastus Snow, spoke, and 
gave us a very interesting discourse, informing us that God 
would take care of his priesthood, Brother Snow informed me 
that he could not go home until the last of the week and he 
instructed the President to give an other apointment for me 
to preach next Sunday evening and also a party for us on 
Monday at four o'clock I atended a corum meeting with the 
brethren in the evening, Monday 9th. I went into the field and 
plowed and put in some oats, the boys whitewashed the house 
and decorated it with flowers, that it looked very beautiful 

(May 1853) At four o'clock, the horn blew for the gathering, 
the people gathered, the President called on me to open the 
party by prayer, and also to make a speech, while the people 
were gathering which I did, the spirit rested down upon the 
people, the music was on hand, the party commenced their 
exercises about five, we were favored with some very nice 
songs by the brethren, at sunset and intermission of one hour, 
we had good order, a splendid party, a better one I never 
atended, we enjoyed ourselves so well, I am sure the Lord 
must have been there, or we could not have been so happy, 



my wife and I retired at two o'clock, the youngsters kept it 
up until day. We should have remarked, at eleven or twelve, 
we were treated with refreshments, cake, pies and cheese in 
abundance, but no spiritous liquors. 

Thursday 12th Brother Smith and I went up to the main 
mines and gathered (ofthiun) and and gum, in the evening 
atended meeting, I preached to the people, and enjoyed a 
good flow of the spirit, John S. spoke after me and several 
of the brethren, spoke all so, the Holy Ghost rested down in 
powr we had a good time." 

[Editor's note: The foregoing is a sample of Great Grandfather's 
writing with his punctuation and spelling. The following and remainder 
of his journal will be edited as dictated by his great grandson Dr. Oliver 
Preston Robinson.] 

Friday, May 13th, snowing fast and a powerful rain through 
the day, and rained considerably Saturday while we were 
preparing some hay feed for our journey home. 

On Sunday, May 15th, Elder Erastus Snow is on hand to 
start for home. I took leave of my wife and little children. They 
hated to have me leave. My little Mary Jane was determined 
to go with me, but I could not take her from her mother. At 
Red Creek we broke one arm to the tongue of my carriage, 
but got it mended there. We took dinner with Brother William 
Dame and drove over the Beaver Mountain where we camped. 



We were in number of men three wagons and twelve animals. 
It was storming some and I was elected captain. 

I wish here to remark that my mission and visit here in 
Parowan and Iron County has been a very pleasant one and I 
trust our labors have not been in vain. Brother John S. Smith 
is of a very lively turn, harmless inoffensive, a good counselor, 
first rate company, a very fine young man. I have enjoyed 
myself with him the best and a better partner I could not 
wish for. I feel to ask the blessings of our Father which art in 
Heaven upon the good people of Iron County that they may 
live and be inspired to keep the counsel given them and that 
they may be blessed in all things especially in getting good 
wives and bright and interesting children, also in extracting 
the iron from the elements. 

Monday. May the 16th, we passed the brinstone mines 
[possibly brimstone mines] and two of the boys went and 
gathered a quantity of good specimen of good brimstone. We 
camped in Cove Valley where there was very good feed for 
our animals. Now this valley, because of its peculiar location 
and formation named it as we went down in January 1850, as 
we also named a good many valleys, creeks, and springs. 

Tuesday the 17th, some of our animals were lost this 
morning but through the blessings of God they were soon 
found and we were on our way travelling and rejoicing. But, 
while crossing Corn Creek some of our horses and wagons 



mired down and were all got out without damage. We now 
find ourselves in the Parvant Valley and at five in the evening 
we arrived at Fillmore, Millard County. I put up at Brother 
Hoyt's remaining with them about two days and was very 
kindly treated by them. We stopped for Judge Snow to hold 
court in that town, the capital of this territory, because the 
state house was or had been located there. We find the 
people well but not yet forted up as we had counseled them 
as we went down, but they were making preparations to in 
the near future perform that laborious and important work. 
Now, we can discover what an easy matter it would be for the 
Spaniards and Indians to smite and use up the entire people 
of the Saints in their scattered settlements so far apart from 
each other unless we were forted or had strongholds and were 
fortified. Now, Brothers Brigham and Heber saw it clear but 
for the interposition of Almighty God and our Heavenly Father 
we should be used up now and long before this. We should 
have been swept off from the earth but for the promise that 
God had made that this kingdom (which is no less than the 
kingdom of Almighty God which Daniel spoke of that should 
be cut out of the mountain without the hands of men) should 
not, no never be destroyed in this nor in no other or future age 
or time, worlds without end, but it will be wisdom in us, his 
Saints to be very energetic in obeying counsel. When the holy 
priesthood prompts we should learn to be quick to respond 



to the promptings of the spirit of God for God knoweth all 
things, he knows our faith is weak, our knowledge very limited, 
that the enemy is on the alert watching for an opportunity to 
destroy the Church or Saints of God from off the face of the 
earth. Now how much better it would be for us to go to work 
with all our might and throw up some kind of wall of defense 
than to be invaded, our animals stolen from us and cut off 
from the earth like our brethren were at Hawn's Mill there in 
Missouri. For as the Lord lives, if our brethren had obeyed 
the counsel of the Prophet Joseph and had gone so far west 
as he told them they would not have been killed at that time, 
and so in many other cases, if the Saints would obey counsel 
they should have escaped many calamities and deaths also. 

In the evening that we arrived at Fillmore Judge Snow 
opened court and it was in session about ten days and we 
had to wait for him. Thursday the 19th we left Fill more and 
camped in Round Valley. There was some rain this evening 
and as the gentle rain distilled from the heavens, our hearts 
were chuck full of gratitude to Almighty God for His goodness 
unto us and for his blessings unto His beloved Saints. Yea, 
we reflected with wonder and admiration in the marvelous 
power of God which had been manifest in the entire history 
and travels of this people, thus far, yea, we received a re- 
freshing from the presence of the Lord, we rejoice greatly in 
the Holy One of Israel, we felt that the Lord was with us and 



that we stood strong and would not want. We felt that He 
would certainly bear off this kingdom triumphantly and that 
this people should not be moved nor be brought under the 
Gentile yoke any more. 

Now, had I not been taught of the law, and had I not great 
confidence in God and in His holy promises and ability and 
willingness to perform on His part all that the Holy Ghost had 
spoken through His servants, the prophets, I should not dare 
venture a prophecy of this kind. We dare venture a prophecy 
that 40 years or thereabouts in the wilderness and the Prophet 
Joseph shall come, Zion shall be redeemed for surely the 
battle-ax of the Almighty God shall be sharpened up and shall 
be placed in the hands of the mighty and strong and it shall 
beat in pieces many people and their gain shall be consecrated 
unto the Lord and their substance unto the Lord of the whole 
earth and all of the enemies of the house of Joseph shall be 
cut off by this battle-ax of the Lord our God. 

Friday the 20th we drove to Nephi on Salt Creek and put up 
with Brother Timothy Hoyt and found his father, the old soldier, 
sick and his mother, the old lady, not well. Yet I anointed them 
both and laid my hands upon them and blessed them in the 
name of the Lord. Here is where we parted with the prophets 
of Brigham and Heber, about 23 days gone by. 

Saturday the 21st I drove to the Spanish Fork and found 
this stream very high, about one-fourth of a mile wide and 



with much difficulty we crossed it. We worked some four 
hours wading through mud and water and had to haul our 
wagons over by hand. The horses having all they could do to 
get over loose. At nine o'clock at night we got all over and 
built a campfire, dried ourselves, and felt to thank the Lord 
that we were prospered thus far on our journey home. We 
felt humble and submissive in the hand of God. 

Sunday the 22nd we started very early, drove to Provo, 
stopped with Brother George A. Smith, He gave us some 
breakfast and he wished us to attend the forenoon meeting 
and preach to them, which we did. We found a very full house 
and Brother James Brown was called up to give a brief account 
of his mission to the Society Islands. Then I was called up 
preach to the Saints. I had a very good liberty, a good flow 
of the spirit, talked good to the Saints. Brother John S. was 
next, called up he spoke about the same length of time with 
energy and power. We drove to the point of the mountain and 




Return to North Cottonwood, 
(Farmington) Utah 

Farming ■ Building a wall around the town 

Monday the 23rd we drove into Salt Lake City, fed and got 
dinner. Sister Nancy Russet gave us our dinner. I left my 
partner John S. and I drove home to North Cottonwood and 
found my family alive and well, except my first wife, Maria. 
She had been very sick and through the blessings of God she 
was better. I felt truly thankful that I was again at home and 
that I had been so abundantly blessed and favored of the 
Lord. The very thought and knowledge that we were in the 
service of the true and divine God and being inspired of God 
and that he was with us and did really accept our labors was 
truly a source of great comfort and joy to me. 

Tuesday May 24th, 1853. I am well and at home with my 
family. It has been raining all this week. Thursday 26th I took 
some wheat and milk and two of my wives to Brother Harrison's 
to a wool picking and my little sons, Oliver and Ebenezer went 
on the mountains for poles. They went several times this week 
and they have a fine lot of them. They have worked hard and 
have sheared my sheep and made a considerable fence while 



I was gone and also put in a considerable crop. They are extra 
good boys. 

Sunday the 29th — a very pleasant morning. Some of my 
family have gone to meeting but I stay home and attend to 
the sick. My wife Maria is very sick. 

There is a great amount of rain these days and we have to 
labor hard to keep our milkers out of the mud. 

On June 4th we sent one wagon to work on the temple. 
Ebenezer is mowing hay to feed his team on the temple. 

On Sunday the 5th, the first pleasant day since I arrived 
home from my journey south, I drove up our black horses 
the first time since they returned home and they look very 
well considering the hard trip and the long journey they had 
just finished. 

I took two of my wives and my son Oliver to the city and 
attended meeting. We heard some very interesting discourses 
from Elder Parley P. Pratt and President Brigham Young and 
others. We took dinner with George Slade and family and 
agreed with Brother James Cummins to board my son while 
working on the temple. I agreed to furnish them with butter 
and cheese. Sister Jane Slade came home with us on a visit. 
We arrived home at dark found my wife Maria very sick nigh 
unto death. I immediately prayed for her and laid my hands 
upon her head in the name of the Lord and she revived and 



seemed a little easier. We found it was the turn of life and 
with her it was within a hair's breadth of going. 

On June 6th, Monday, we loaded a load of hay and sent 
my son Ebenezer with it and a team to Salt Lake City to work 
on the temple and he labored there several weeks with one 
yoke of cattle and wagon excavating for the foundation of that 
holy house. This afternoon my wife is much worse, I again 
administered to her in the name of the Lord and I baptized 
her for her health and she was a little better. 

On June 7th my wife is a little better. I baptized her again 
for her health and went to the city and took my wife Laurinda 
and her sister (Stad) to Brother Cleveland's on a visit and went 
to the city and got some medicines for my wife and arrived 
home at dark. I was exceedingly happy to find my wife still 
better and felt to praise the name of the Lord for His great 
goodness to me and to my family for I do positively declare 
that in my estimation my wife, Maria, is as pure a daughter 
of Zion and as virtuous and as honest a daughter as lives in 
the 19th century. 

Sunday, June 11, 1853, a part of the family attend meet- 
ing. I am writing some in my journal and one letter to my 
wife Susan in Parowan, Iron County. The waters are higher 
this season with us than ever known before we came to this 
country and through this entire season we were very diligent 
in all our labors in hauling wood, timbers and poles from the 



mountains in fencing and farming and hauling wood and hay to 
Salt Lake and making adobes and in working on the temple. 

August the 17th, I sent my son Ebenezer with one yoke of 
cattle with a company to Fort Hall to fetch wagons and other 
property for the Church. 

September. I sent one letter to Father Woods people liv- 
ing in the State of New York and stopped over night with 
Brother George A. Smith. We went and saw President Young 
and had a talk with him about the subject of building forts. I 
told him Major Smith had located the little fort at Farming- 
ton in a very improper place. I told him that in my feelings I 
felt very much opposed to hauling and laying up a rock wall 
in such a place as that especially if I should be required to 
build a house and live there. He President said to me we have 
formed a very favorable opinion of Brother Thomas and we 
would not like to interfere with his operations and location 
as we have appointed him to locate a fort for the people of 
the ward in North Cottonwood. Brother George A. remarked 
to the President just then said he, Brother Joseph has a very 
good idea of a suitable spot to locate a fort and he has been 
with me and assisted in locating several forts in the south 
and I think his judgement very good in such matters. Then 
President Young said to me, Joseph I'll tell you what to do, 
as Brother Smith has authority to locate and perform that 
work or see that it is done. He lays up a piece for you to do 



and you go right to work and perform your part and it shall 
be all right. Then when you have authority to perform a work 
of public nature, said he, you can say boys I want you to do 
as you are told for I have done just what I was told said I 
Brother Brigham has instructed me and that is what I will do. 
After this, said President Young to me, Brother Joseph it will 
have to be right if it is not right as it is, it will be changed 
until it will give satisfaction. After we had left the President I 
said to Brother George S., I don't know but I may have done 
the wrong thing in saying anything about it to him. No said 
he, it may be you will have from this very circumstance a job 
similar to perform some day. 

Sunday, June 26, 1853, I obtained from Brigham Young 
a permit for Brother Bastion of Iron County to get a second 
wife and sent it and also a letter to my beloved wife Susan 
in Parowan, sent by Brother Benson of Parowan whilst he 
was in the city. My sick wives are some better but very sick 
yet. I, with a portion of my family attended meeting at the 
tabernacle in Salt Lake City and heard Elder Orson Hyde and 
President Brigham Young preach upon the subjects of angels 
being our guardian spirits, proving from the scriptures the 
importance of their mission and also the great and mighty 
part they have to take in the great work of the last days, even 
the marvelous work and wonder that God our Heavenly Father 
is performing and that the Latter-day Saints are engaged in 



and have embraced and are assured of being the authors of. 
But it is God's work. He is the great author of what is called 
Mormonism. He is responsible and there are myriads of angels 
also which are very deeply interested in this latter day work. 
They certainly will act well their part in this great drama do- 
ing all in their power to bring to pass the restoration of the 
House of Israel, even God's elect and the fulfilling of all the 
promises of God and the predictions of the holy prophets. 
They have their mission to perform. They will have as it were 
the bulk of the burden to bear, and how thankful we ought 
to be as servants of the most high God. How we the elders 
of Israel ought to be encouraged to press on, not to get rich, 
but to build up the kingdom of God on the earth, realizing 
that all depends upon the kingdom of God being established 
on this earth. If that is not accomplished, then surely there 
will be no riches, honor, power, glory and happiness for us 
the Latter-day Saints hereafter. For surely there is not a son 
or daughter of Zion on this earth but what there are angels 
which are charged to watch over them and there never was 
a prophet or any important event transpire on this earth but 
that there were angels sent to instruct, regulate and prepare 
them for their work and to bring the necessary intelligence 
with regard to that event. Now with regards to the agency of 
men, God has made man a free agent. He has given unto him 
power to choose and to refuse. He can perform a work that 



shall be meritorious. He may and can earn an inheritance in 
the kingdom of God. The power is within him if he will rise 
up in the name of the Lord and in faith make a mighty effort 
and call upon the name of the Lord to help and surely He will 
help him. As Paul said through Christ, strengthen me and I 
can do all things but then again, man left to himself is very 
weak and without faith he can do nothing. But as man has 
his agency he must be responsible for his acts. Now, in these 
last days God has revealed himself to man and hath sent his 
holy angels which have communicated to man the great plan 
of salvation. He has sent his angels and committed the ever- 
lasting gospel with all its gifts and graces and his angels have 
given the power and authority of God the holy priesthood to 
administer the same to all men and give unto them the Holy 
Ghost even to every one of the whole human family that will 
receive it, while those that will not receive it shall be damned, 
saith the Lord God. 

On February the 16th, 1853, I received in holy wedlock 
Lydia Foster, an amiable young woman of 22 from the hands 
of the Prophet, Brigham Young, for which blessing, I thank 
my God. 

Now with regard to our Fort Wall business, the Indians had 
in several places killed some of our people and had stolen 
and drove away some of our stock and an excitement was 
created among our people and it has been decided that the 



people should build walls around our cities or forts. And it 
came to pass that our people of North Cottonwood were called 
together and consulted and did agree to lay out a city and 
called it Farmington and agreed to build a fort or rather a dirt 
wall around the same. 

March 1854 

On the 19th of March, 1854, the people of Farmington were 
called together and informed that we should go right about 
to be putting up our wall around the city of Farmington. Our 
walls should be of dirt four feet thick and six feet high. And it 
came to pass that we prepared our molds and brought them 
and set them up and commenced to make our wall, it being 
the first wall that was made in Farmington. I had taken three 
lots and my oldest son had taken one and our share of wall 
for the lots would be 24 rods and we worked very hard and 
faithful and remained at work during this week and made 
about eight rods of wall. 

A few days since, Dr. Willard Richards passed away and 
has gone to rest— a counselor to President Brigham Young, a 
good man and a good scholar he will be missed. 

The 25th— the day to muster, we trained, the Nauvoo Legion 
met often and drilled. 



April the 6th, 1854, I attended conference in Salt Lake. 
There were a good number of elders called on missions and a 
number of the twelve appointed to preside over stakes which 
are being organized in the states and one in California and 
President Young at this conference introduced a new order 
which we termed a new and old and an excellent order, that 
is for the Saints, one and all, to deed all their property to the 
Church that we should become Church property which order 
was hailed with a great deal of enthusiasm by many and a 
good many what are called Mormons are going to California 
this spring there is gold there. 

On April the 17th I attended meeting at our school house 
and by appointment I preached to the Saints and had a good 
flow of spirit and taught the Saints to be humble and obedient 
to counsel recommending this new order our all becoming 
Church property, advising them to honestly and faithfully enter 
into it with all their mind, might and strength, saying to them 
that God would bless them, saying this is the way I feel, that 
it is an order sent from God. Some were afraid there would 
be some catch about it but I do not think so. I consider our 
President to be an inspired holy man of God and what he said 
was all inspiration. 

We are now preparing with all our might to obey counsel, 
and that is to till well our farms and build up our fort walls, 
to build and move into the cities. We have dug some cellars, 



laid a foundation for an adobe house and are making shingles 
and fencing and performing much labor. We are attending 
our meetings, fast and Sabbath meetings and as God has 
blessed me with a good team and carriage often on Sabbath 
days and always on conference occasions, go to the Salt Lake 
Tabernacle. It was such a feast and treat also to us to get to 
our meetings and hear the pleasing word of God dispensed 
from time to time, knowing as we certainly did, that God was 
with his people and that our elders and apostles were inspired 
and holy men of God. 

May the 1st, 1854. President Young and company start 
this week on a trip south to visit and bless the Saints, but 
on account of the press of business I could not go with him 
this time. 

June 12th, Alva Foster Carpenter, commenced working on 
my house building in Farmington City. A great hailstorm came 
about the middle of this month destroying crops and doing 
much damage. 

June the 25th. On this Sunday, Brother Thomas Grover and 
I preached to the Saints in Farmington. 

June 27th. Tuesday, we attended a good two days 

Sunday, July 2nd, 1854. We attended meeting in the Tab- 
ernacle and on the 4th attended celebration in Salt Lake. 



July the 6th, 1854. My fourth wife Lydia bore to me my 
eighth son. Mother and child are doing well thank God. 

On Sunday, the 8th, we attended meeting in the Tabernacle 
and again on the 15th attended meeting in the Tabernacle. 

On the 16th of July, 1854, a dreadful storm of grasshoppers 
are eating up my wheat and garden. 

On the 24th we went to the City and attended the 
celebration, but we forgot not God nor His goodness for He 
is delivering us from bondage and is giving us a land of peace 
and plenty. 

On Sunday we attended meeting in the Tabernacle then on 
Monday began laying adobes, making wall, haying, watering 
crops. This week we gave this, our labors, for a sample that 
every day and every week is occupied in hard labor. 

On August the 1st, 1854, I have now built one house 42 
feet long with three rooms, a fireplace and each room ready 
for plastering in the city of Farmington. We are performing a 
large amount of labor all for Zion getting along very well with 
our wall building and also with our farming. 

August 31st. I fitted out one man and sent him as teamster 
to meet and help in the Mormon immigrations as we had 
covenanted with the Lord in the temple walls in Nauvoo that 
we would never cease our exertions until all the poor were 
gathered out and up into the great gathering place. I suppose 
at the time the covenant was made it meant the last poor 



left in Nauvoo. But it seems according to the wording of our 
promise before God that we are bound until the last poor Saint 
is gathered out of Babylon. Now the Lord will require at our 
hands that we keep our covenants and the law of tithing and 
the word of wisdom strictly as we shall not retain a blessing 
and standing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
Now I think it will certainly come to that for the Lord says 
that all that can be shaken will be shaken and I greatly fear 
that such ones will be shook out and be lost. 

October the 6th, 1854. Attended conference, a very 
interesting conference for this meeting President Brigham 
Young said thus, that Adam and Eve were the names of the 
first man and woman of every earth that was ever organized 
and that Adam and Eve were the natural father and mother 
of every spirit that comes to this planet or that receives 
tabernacles on this planet. Consequently, we are brothers 
and sisters and that Adam was God our eternal father. This, 
as Brother Heber remarked, was letting the cat out of the bag 
and it came to pass I believed every word for I remember 
saying to the brethren at a meeting of high priests in Nauvoo 
while I was speaking to them under the influence of the spirit, 
I remarked then, that our father Adam had many wives and 
that Eve was only one of them and that she was our mother 
and that she was the mother of the inhabitants of this earth, 
and I believe that also. But behold, there were some that did 



not believe, saying of the Prophet Brigham, even our beloved 
Brother Orson Pratt told me he did not believe it. He said he 
could prove by the scriptures it was not correct. 

I felt very sorry to hear professor Orson Pratt say that. I 
felt he should apostatize but I prayed for him that he might 
endure unto the end, for I saw verily it was possible that 
great men might fall. I remember Apostle John E. Page. I 
saw him take from his pocket a plug of tobacco and bite off 
a mouthful and put it back. It surprised me. I said old chap 
you will apostatize. But, still I really hoped he would not, but 
he is gone and I am very sorry for the poor man. 

November 3rd. Our daughter Josephine is taken very sick. 
We anointed her and blessed her in the name of the Lord. 
There is much sickness and death in the city nowadays. 

November 12th. Sunday, attended meeting at our school 
house. I received an appointment to preach there next 

November 13th. Our little daughter Josephine is better and 
my wife Laurinda was the mother of another fine daughter, 
mother and child doing very well. But the child only lived five 
days. She took very sick, I blessed her and dedicated her unto 
God and gave her the name of Mary. 

November 23rd, 1854. Little Mary passed away at three 
o'clock this morning. We were pained to part with her, but 
Thy will be done, oh Lord. 



Sunday, I preached to the Saints to a good house, had good 
liberty and blessed the Saints. We were plowing and sowing 
wheat and hauling timber and making shingles and serving 
the Lord with all our might and strength and our God is with 
us, His Saints. George A. Smith came up and preached to us 
on Sunday evening. I gave $25 in the poor fund. 

December 25th, 1854. Christmas, we enjoyed ourselves very 
much in the dance in our school house. The ward recreating 
themselves all week in parties and dancing. Moved my log 
house and put it up and put on the roof this week. Oliver and 
James Wilcox helped me. It is very fine weather now but there 
was some snow the first of the month. 

January 1855 

January the 1st, 1855. A very windy day. We attended a fine 
party at our schoolhouse. It was snowing that evening and 
makes good sleighing. We moved our log cabins this week 
and put them up for stables to make our animals comfortable. 
We are now located in the city of Farmington with a dirt wall 
partly around us to protect us, but whether it does or not 
there is one thing certain, it doth snow. Our willingness to 
obey counsel whether or not verily there is one thing more that 
is certain. This is the kingdom of God and this is the people 



of God and also this and here are the priesthood of God and 
by that priesthood this people are counseled, governed and 
controlled and by this priesthood the Saints of these valleys, 
the mountains and the timbers, the waters, the rocks are 
blessed. Yea, all things are blessed to the people of God 
only so that His people do love and fear God and keep His 
commandments for surely as the prophet David said, happy 
is that people which are in such a case. Their granaries shall 
be full affording all manner of store. Their children shall be 
as olive plants around their tables. Their streets shall be full 
of innocent boys and girls playing, for their God is the Lord 
and blessed be His name forever. 

January 21st, 1855. We attended meeting in the Tabernacle 
and heard Elder Kimball preach, very interesting. Saw Elder 
James Works just returned from a long mission in England 
and on Monday called my three wives together as there were 
some feelings between them. I labored with them in the spirit 
of meekness. Advised them some and understanding and 
forgiveness and union was affected. How thankful to our God. 
How happy we feel when we are united and one. 

February 1st. Attended fast meeting. A good turn 
out, blessing of children, the Saints very faithful in their 

February 11th, Sunday, Brothers John and Lorenzo Snow 
preached good to us today. Very fine weather. 



February 15th. The presidents of Seventies visited with us, 
namely Joseph Young, John Pack, Jacob Gates. We had a good 
time and on the 16th they advanced J. S. Smith, president of 
the 40th Quorum of Seventies and two of my sons and one 
son-in-law were received into and ordained the 40th Quorum 
of Seventies, namely Oliver and Ebenezer and James Wilcox. 
Brother C. C. Rich came and we got up a good party. 

February 18th, 1855. My birthday, 43 years old today. It 
seems that I am making very poor progress but have obtained 
favor of the Lord. He has given me four wives and fifteen 
children and a very good understanding in the things of God, 
a firm and unshaken faith in the gospel of the Son of God for 
which I feel very thankful to God. My prayers are that I may 
continue in favor of the Lord and never get out of His favor. 

February 25th. Attended meeting and Brother Daniel A. 
Miller and I preached to the Saints. Had a very good liberty 
and our people turned out well to the meetings these days. 

March 4th. This Sunday we heard President Kimball preach 
and prophesy in round numbers. Said he to the brethren, now 
is the time to lay up grain for a famine would surely come 
and that this people should be like Joseph of old that was 
sold into Egypt and that they should yet buy the world with 
grain and stock. 



April 5th, 1855. Attended fast meeting. John W. Hess being 
appointed bishop, chose and ordained his counselors Thomas 
S. Smith and James Leatherhead and they were voted in. 

April 6th, 1855. Attended conference. Many good things 
were taught, the most interesting was that President Brigham 
Young said the key was turned. The gospel should be sent to 
the lost sheep of the House of Israel and there were a good 
many elders called to take missions to the House of Joseph 
at this conference. 

April 15th. Sunday, in the Tabernacle heard Brother Brigham 
preach on the Word of Wisdom urging the necessity of laying 
the foundation for a long lived posterity. 

On Sunday the 22nd a choir was organized today and 
Brother Cotrel was elected chorister. We practiced a bit 
after meeting. On Sunday May 5th a meeting was held in the 
Tabernacle which I attended with my three wives. Some of 
the missionaries start on their eastern missions this week and 
the President and company are visiting the missions south. 
Grasshoppers are visiting us in great abundance these days. 

[Editor's Note: On the dates of May 14th through June 17th, July 
1st and onto September 7th Joseph Lee enters some personal but not 
historically important events in his journal.] 

September 7th, 1855 - At one o'clock in the morning I 
received my eighth daughter, a beautiful babe by Laurinda, 
my third wife. Mother and child are doing well and father very 



happy and not only able to get about but is obliged to get 
about pretty lively to get the bread and meat and shoes and 
stockings for so many mothers and children. This especially 
when the grasshoppers and cattle eat and destroy all or nearly 
all our wheat, potatoes and corn like they have this year. The 
Lord only knows what will be next year when they have laid 
their eggs, yea filled the ground full of them, but I do rejoice 
greatly in the Holy One of Israel, believing He will deliver us 
and feed us if need be as well as He did the children of Israel 
in Moses day. I took tithing melons, butter and eggs to the 
city tithing office. We do pay our tithing because it is the Law 
of God, therefore we can claim a right to enter into the House 
of the Lord and when we build holy temples we may enter 
into the House of God and inasmuch as we keep strictly the 
Word of Wisdom and all the commandments we will have the 
right to claim all the blessings pertaining to that holy house, 
our washings and anointings, sealings, first and second, and 
ordinations for ourselves and for our dead and an inheritance 
in Zion. And also we may with propriety claim life until we 
have filled the measure of our creation, performed our mission, 
according to the program that we were sent here to do. 
[Editor's note: We skip now to the 14th of October.] 
On Saturday, the 14th of October, very early in the morning, 
I anointed and laid hands on Ebenezer, he was sick. Oliver 
helped me to load tithing hay and I anointed and blessed his 



wife also, as she expected to be confined and I started for 
town but was greatly bothered on the way. It seemed the 
devil was determined to hinder me that I should not get back. 
Ebenezer came down for a doctor but could get none. He told 
me that Lucy was very sick if yet alive. I had promised her she 
should have strength to be delivered and that she should live 
and that she and her offspring should be blessed. But soon 
after I left in the morning she was taken with fits of seizures 
and continued to have very hard ones until about 12 o'clock 
at night. She gave birth to a son while she was insensible. I 
came home late in the night, my son Oliver was in the yard 
looking for me to come. He was weeping and wringing his 
hands, saying Lucy was dying. She would die, oh Father Lucy 
will die, she is dying. I said to him, hush my son. She will 
not die yet and I walked immediately into the house which 
was full of very serious, solemn persons. I said not a word 
to anyone but went directly to her bedside and in the name 
of the Lord Jesus laid my hands upon her head and in His all 
prevailing name and by the authority of the holy priesthood, 
commanded the fitts to leave and the destroyer to cease 
to grasp and to depart from this house and to my daughter 
Lucy to be healed and strengthened and be comforted that 
she and her little son should be blessed. Immediately the 
fitts left and she rallied and was both surprised and pleased 
to see her child. It was a nice, beautiful child and through 



the blessings of God, Lucy is recovering slowly, but gaining. 
But her child is sickly. Anna Maria is also gaining very fast 
and all feel very thankful and humble. Oliver and Lucy's little 
son passed away. I blessed him before he died on Thursday, 
October 18th. Also this evening, I blessed our little daughter 
Laurinda Eliza, a spritely and beautiful child. Oliver and Lucy's 
little son I gave the name of Oliver Joseph. His stay was short 
with us, only five days but still long enough to receive a good 
home and blessing, a perfect tabernacle, tasted death and 
went by— even to his Father in Heaven, to him that gave him 
life, to live again forever. 

Now my oldest son, Oliver Lee, and my eldest daughter, 
Anna Maria, were both married the same day, November 20th, 
1854. Oliver Lee, to Lucy Miller and Anna Maria to James 
Wilcox. October 7th, 1855, was the day Anna Maria's first child 
was born. It was a fine son, also was named James Henry. 

On the 20th and 21st of October we attended a two days 
meeting, a conference at our place, a very precious interesting 
meeting. Some of the twelve, namely Parley and Orson Pratt, 
Wilford Woodruff, Erastus Snow and Uncle John and Lorenzo 
Young, able and spirited preachers entertained us Farmington 
folks away up exceedingly. We enjoyed it much. Apostle E. Snow 
notified me that he wanted me to be in readiness to start for 
Iron County the first day of November as I was expected to 



go and take George A. Smith and Elder Snow was interested 
in the iron manufacture at Cedar, Iron County. 

Our children are getting better. Ebenezer is laboring hard 
getting out our winter's wood and shingle logs. I am extra 
busy in building a house, doing falls work and preparing for 
a trip south as I have a large interest in Iron County. There 
I have a wife, more precious than fine gold and children, 
more precious than rubies and also many friends, brothers 
and sisters, that I had formed an acquaintance with and an 
attachment unto. 

On November 2nd and 3rd we were visited with a 
remarkably heavy wind, unroofing the house and scattering 
our hay with dreadful fury. It took us one day to gather hay 
that was scattered, shucking com, digging potatoes, hewing 
and putting up joists, fixing my carriage for a start. 

On November 7th, Monday, I started for Iron County and 
for some cause Brother George could not go, but he wanted 
me to take his wife [Eliza?]to Parowan, as she was here on a 
visit. But, when we arrived in the city Brother Kay Wood was 
not ready to go yet and he and Brother Snow wished me to 
wait for them a few days, so that I returned and helped some 
more on my house until Monday the 12th. 

On the 12th I drove to the city, stayed two or three days 
waiting for Brother Snow and Kay Wood then went to Provo 
and stopped there several days, stopped with George A. family, 



Lucy and Hannah, and while there I received a patriarchal 
blessing. In it was said that I was chosen to lead a company 
of valiant men up to redeem Zion and that my wives should 
bless me and a great many other good things. I felt very 
good under it, yea, very good indeed. I remarked to some 
brethren with me, that that blessing was worth a large farm 
and a thousand yoke of oxen. So you see I was well paid for 
waiting a few days and Brother Kay Wood [possibly Haywood] 
came along. He said Brother Snow was not yet ready and that 
we should not wait any longer for him and that he should not 
go any farther than Salt Creek, and as Brother George A. had 
been sick he did not go with us. 

I took Zilpha and her little daughter and trudged along. 
Was blessed of the Lord. Met some of our brethren, a good 
company of Lamanites, we were some scared but not hurt, 
thank the Lord. They were very good-natured, and we gave 
them some biscuits and they let us pass and we went on our 
way rejoicing and were prospered exceedingly. 

We arrived at Fillmore on Sunday morning, November 25th, 
put up with commandments of God. 

Snows, storms and cold weather are increasing upon 
us very fast. We are gathering our stock and branding and 
sending them on the range to live or to die as best they can. 
I heard that my sheep were dying, starving to death. 



On January 3rd went to South Weber and hauled home 22 
head of sheep. Our people are digging a canal to bring the 
waters of Jordan to Salt Lake City. I have one man working 
on it. 

June 1856 

On January 13th, 1856 Sunday, attended meeting. On the 16th 
I took my black horses and turned them out on the range at 
the Hooper Springs. It is very cold and foggy weather, we 
hope for warm but more cold comes. 

January 12th, 1856. The perpetual immigration fund was 
legalized January 12th, 1856. We turn our stock, horned cattle 
and horses on the range hoping they may live as we have a 
considerable of stock, horses, cattle and sheep. But very little 
hay. Now the reason for our not having hay is because the 
grasshoppers had eaten it up during the last summer as they 
came in multitudes the summer before on wings and ate my 
wheat all up so that I did not thresh one bushel. They laid their 
eggs on the ground full of them and the next year they hatched 
out in great abundance. I planted my lots (as I had three of 
them) and the grasshoppers hatched and ate up everything 
that came up, weeds and all close to the ground. I planted a 
second time and again came they and ate everything again 



and they ate our meadows and grain also but along in June 
they began to fly away and I planted my lots the third time. 

I commenced the 22nd day of June and finished the 24th 
at dark planting corn and some melons and squash and they 
all came up quick and matured and this corn saved our lives, 
for in this summer the famine came for the winter of '55 
and '56 that was what we called the hard winter and as the 
grasshoppers had eaten our grass and grain then the famine 
came upon us the second time and behold ye it was a very 
trying one indeed but the Lord saved us for He blessed what 
we had and it strengthened us and we lived and did not die, 
thank the Lord. But when I saw that I could not get any more 
than what I had, we placed ourselves upon half rations even 
upon half a pound of corn, oat, or wheat meat, bran and all. 
That was all that we had of bread kind and we had not till 
harvest. As I told my people that if we would come on half 
rations we should have bread all the time and so it was. We 
did not do without bread of some kind until a harvest but 
in the last winter we lost in horses and in cattle and sheep 
an estimated $2000 and I came out in the spring poor in 
worrying and laboring in trying to save some stock but I felt 
to acknowledge the hand of God in it all. But I firmly resolved 
there and then to never be guilty of the like again that after 
this in the fall if I found that I had more stock than feed that 



I certainly would dispose of them and sincerely hope I may 
always remember and do so. 

I, Joseph L. Robinson, had been exercised for some time of 
the importance of more faithfully living my religion of Jesus 
Christ more faithfully than I had been doing but not so much 
as I have since the reformation which took place among the 
people through the preaching of President Jedediah M. Grant. 
His first meeting was held in Farmington at our courthouse 
where we had meetings, (as the people of the county had built 
a very good house and they gave the Farmington Ward the 
privilege of assisting to build it offering them the privilege 
of fitting up the upper room to hold meetings in and I as an 
individual placed $40 in building materials in the same so that 
we had a very nice room). It was in this room that the greatest 
reformation that was ever got up in Utah and with the people 
of Farmington which spread through the length and breadth 
of the territory, reaching also into the old countries, but it 
rather was look and start in Kays Ward but it proved to be a 
very deep and pungent reformation. It started on the 17th and 
18th of September 1856 and on the 19th in the meetings he 
weighed us in a balance and a great many were found want- 
ing. Previously President Brigham Young did say there must 
be a reformation among the people called Latter-day Saints 
for the spirit of God moved upon him and he said I shall take 
my knapsnack under my arm and I will travel through this 



territory and preach repentance unto this people until they do 
repent. Behold ye that listen and repent did take that load off 
the shoulders of the President and he struck out in the name 
of the Lord and did preach repentance to the people with such 
tremendous power as we never heard any man before and 
behold ye he took such a load upon himself that he did use 
him up and as it is generally learned it did kill him. 

More of this reformation hereafter, as there are some things 
we would note preceding this very important occurrence which 
took place. Verily, on the 1st day of March 1856 I commenced 
to weigh out to my family half the bread stuff as the famine 
must come so it did. On the 13th of April I with several others 
were baptized and we did prepare a place and start a prayer 
circle for the first time in the Farmington Ward and in the 
performance of this duty we felt ourselves greatly blessed of 
the Lord. 

On May 8th, 1856 several of the Carson Valley missionaries 
stopped with us overnight as they were come to sell that 
valley but that proved a failure and on the 9th I went to the 
endowment house, the house of the Lord and I need to report 
that on the 17th of March [possibly 14th of March], 1856, my 
wife Lydia, several of my children received their endowments 
namely Oliver Lee and his wife and my daughter Anna Maria 
with her husband James Wilcox and my son Ebenezer J. and 



they seemed to appreciate them very much. They considered 
these endowments as great blessings from their God. 

June 1st, 1856. I started on a trip to Iron County expecting 
to fetch my family from there, but only brought our servant 
John back with me as we decided they (the family) would 
remain there until the next spring that they might take care 
of their crops they had had in. 

I had a very pleasant trip, a good experience. I carried 
several passengers down and brought some back with me and 
traveled some with Apostle Parley P. Pratt and Elder Jacob 
Gates and heard them preach several times as they are very 
able, good preachers. It was a great treat. We were gone three 
weeks from home and found all well at home and I felt to 
rejoice and thank the Lord for His goodness and great loving 
kindness to me, unworthy me, as I am. 

On September 4th, my son Ebenezer was called on a 
mission to Salmon River. 

I desire to add more in respect to the great reformation 
with this people. As we stated, it commenced in Farmington 
on the 17th and on the 18th a host, of us were baptized for 
the remission of our sins and on the 19th we were confirmed. 
On the 21st, Sunday, we were at the Bowry in Salt Lake City 
where we heard the First Presidency preach to the Saints as 
we never had heard them before. They reproved the Saints 
with such sharpness for their sins and transgressions. Yea the 



fiery darts from the Almighty were hurled at the center of the 
hearts of the people that pierced them to the very inmost soul. 
A reformation is decreed throughout the length and breadth of 
the territory. An important time and awful crisis had arrived 
for thus saith the Lord through His servants, the voice of the 
Holy Ghost, yea the voice of God unto this Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints, they must repent of their sins and 
covenant anew before Him, confessing their faults and verily 
the people did repent, with weeping and as in dust, and ashes. 
Behold ye, when the criticism was put to the people it did 
disclose sins, wonders, that were heart sickening and we did 
not wonder that our great and good God could not and would 
not put up with the sins and transgressions of His people any 
longer. They must and should repent and do their first works, 
renew their covenants, and obtain forgiveness that His great 
peace and blessings might rest down upon the people. And 
so it was, even so for truly, this reformation was a deep and 
pungent and very extensive and the blessings and the peace 
of our God has rested down upon His people in a wonderful 
manner in that His people have been so marvelously preserved 
from the hands and power of our very bitter enemies who 
have, so diligently and ardently sought our destruction. There 
have been friends raised up unto us from time to time. Men 
of influence and power so that their (the enemies) well aimed 
and heavy blows have not taken effect to destroy this kingdom 



and this people as they intended. But this people are becoming 
rich, spreading abroad, and building up in a wonderful manner. 
The waters are being greatly increased and the frost being 
withheld so that the land has produced very abundantly in all 
kinds of grain, fruits and vegetables, grasses and timbers in 
great abundance and also in flocks, herds and horses of the 
very best quality and in a thousand other things too numerous 
to mention. That is not all, only if this people shall continue 
faithful they shall never be destroyed, neither reproved but 
they shall continue and increase and improve and live forever. 
Now, all that our very bitter enemies could do is to hasten 
the work of God and drive His people to unite more closely 
together, to stir them up to greater diligence in keeping His 
holy commandments and also to the purifying of the Church, 
and cleansing it from unworthy members. 

Also, in filling up their own cup of iniquity, which now nearly 
brims full, and after it shall run over it shall ignite and take fire 
and shall work a dreadful destruction and behold ye Babylon, 
the great, the mother of harlots, the whore of all the earth, 
shall fall and great and mighty shall be the fall thereof. Surely 
the kingdom of God that the prophet Daniel said should be 
set up, is now set up and it is not to be thrown down but will 
certainly grow into a great mountain and fill the whole earth 
and it shall grind Babylon together with all other kingdoms to 
powder, because it is the most righteous kingdom of God and 



because of the great wickedness they (Babylon and all other 
kingdoms of the earth) have practiced and the large amount 
of innocent blood they have shed. 

October 6, 1856. Our son Ebenezer, with several others, 
start on their Salmon River mission. 

October 24th. This day Alva Foster, my brother-in-law, 
came to my house very sick with inflammatory rheumatism. 
He remained bad for about two weeks and then the Lord had 
mercy upon him and healed him up. He is a very good young 
man, a Latter-day Saint, a good mechanic and has been labor- 
ing for me doing the carpentry and joiner work on my house. 
He has obeyed the holy law so far and has married a wife, a 
very nice, amiable good looking young wife, and we hope all 
the good Lord will bless their union with a house full of good 
bright intelligent children. 

The First Presidency and home missionaries are laboring 
hard to get the people to reform and live their holy religion, 
that they might escape the judgements of God and be prepared 
for the great things that await them. Our meetings are very 
spirited and interesting, but there are some questions put to 
the people, with commandment, that those that are guilty 
shall not partake of the sacrament. There were a great many 
that would not partake. The Presidency is determined on 
thorough reformation and that is a cause of great joy to me. 
I feel exceedingly happy. Also, we have a good, well attended 



prayer circle in good running order. Brother Thomas Grover 
has fitted up a good room for that purpose which he graciously 
offers us where we hold our meetings at present. This is an 
exercise that I feel very much interested in. 

November 30, 1856. We have sent a great many teams 
out to bring in our immigration people. The brethren of the 
handcart company have got in, some have died and some 
have frozen their feet. Their sufferings have been great but 
the Lord has greatly blessed them. We have felt very anxious 
about them we have prayed much for them and we felt very 
thankful to see so many of them alive. 

And now I want to say a few words in truth with regard to 
myself. I had repented of my sins long before this reformation 
came to us and in fact many of them were never committed so 
much so that when we were weighed in balance I happened to 
come up right every time and when the criticism was applied 
and the questions put, my (conscience), every time, was not 
guilty and for that reason I feel exceedingly happy. Why was 
it that I was not guilty of the heinous sins that many had to 
plead guilty of? It was because I did always remember my 
prayers. I did see the seriousness of sin. I looked upon lying 
and upon stealing and upon bearing false witness and of 
seducing females and of committing adultery and of profane 
swearing, or drunkenness, all these things, I always looked 
upon to be very heinous sins. From my youth I always despised 



them and I have always pled with and asked the Lord to watch 
over me and to help me to overcome the weaknesses of the 
flesh, the allurements of the devil and therefore the Lord has 
helped me. I do not attribute it to my own strength, but to 
the) goodness of God. I give him all the glory. 

And now I will say a few words about for, and in behalf of, 
our very dear, and very much beloved brother, and President, 
Jedediah M. Grant. Truly he is a great and mighty man, one of 
the mightiest men that God ever had on this earth. He is sick 
but he took hold with such vigor, with such almighty power 
or with such exceeding great fervor in the ministry to wake 
up the people to realizing a sense of their true condition and 
the necessity of repentance. It has prostrated him on a sick 
bed and we fear it will take him from us entirely, our very 
dear brother Jeddy. 

December 1st, 1856. This day, the great man Jedediah M. 
Grant has fallen to sleep. He passed away quietly, he is not 
dead but sleepeth, he liveth. We are very sorry to part with 
him but we cannot mourn for him because we know he is 
better off. We say that he will do us more good up there than 
he could here and that they did need him there and therefore 
they have taken him and will have plenty for him to do there. 
Yes, and for a thousand times more besides! 

President Grant was buried on the Fourth. The reformation 
is progressing finely. I have visited Ogden and talked some 



to the people, visited some with the Saints, heard some very 
excellent preaching and discover that the reformation is doing 
a great work there. 

We take great, pleasure in our prayer circle meetings and 
we have great pleasure in attending all our meetings and we 
do attend them very punctually. My family is doing well. I 
feel so happy with them in my holy religion. Surely the Lord 
is with us we shall not want. 

December 25th. We enjoyed the best Christmas that we 
ever did. Several of our children were with us. I turned one 
yoke of oxen and one pair of steers, two years old, in the 
Weber Canal and placed one cow in the poor fund, to help to 
gather the poor Saints. 

January 1st, 1857 

January 1st, 1857. We attended fast meeting and had a good 
meeting. We feel so very happy we enjoy this new year very 
much. We feel and covenant with the Lord to try and live our 
holy religion and to keep a celestial law so far and good as 
we understand it. May God our Eternal Father help us to do 
so and that we may endure to the end. 

May, 1857. The spring has opened up fine with an abundance 
of work, a plenty of work and we faithfully attend meetings on 



the Sabbath and our prayers always. My beloved Susan from 
the South has come home again. She feels very happy and 
humbled. On Tuesday 26th, President Young (party) passed our 
home and Brother (Vance?) took William Burton to Parowan 
as he did not like to stay with us here. 


The Utah War 

Difficulties with the U.S. Federal Government 

George A. Smith and John Taylor returned from Washington. 
They reported that they achieved no admittance to the Union. 
The Gentiles are mad. They would like to kill the Mormons. 
At a convention of delegates which had met in Salt Lake had 
adopted a state constitution and had elected these two breth- 
ren as delegates to Washington to present their memorial for 
admission into the Union. 

July 2nd, 1857. Brother Jay S. Smith returned home and 
Ebenezer will come soon. We had a fine rain today, our crops 
look well, our haying is on hand. Reports say that Uncle 
Sam (U.S.) is sending a company of troops here to set us to 
rights, but we have peace here and fine crops for which we 



feel very thankful to our God whom we do both love and only 
fear him. 

July 7th, 1857. We went into Weber Valley and gathered 
about eight bushels of sarvis berries. There are a large 
number of immigrants passing through to California in search 
of gold. 

There is very much plain, sound preaching with us nowadays 
and our President has declared our independence and all the 
people say Amen and we think we will have it even if we have 
to fight for it. 

September 3rd, 1857. Captain Vanfleet was detached by 
General [Harney or Kamey] the great U.S. squaw killer to come 
here and purchase a small town and some lumber and feed 
for the mob and for their animals for the winter. President 
Young informed the gentlemen they could not come in here at 
all that if they would not admit us as a free and independent 
state, that we would be free anyway. He indicated that he 
had count the cost and Uncle Sam had not and that this 
detachment could not come in at all. He went away seemingly 
satisfied that they could not come in. He said he would use 
his influence to turn them back. (George T. Barnhish was 
sent with him to Washington to persuade them again to admit 
us as a state. If they will, all right, if not, we say we will be 
free or die trying, for we pray for freedom. Our church has 
been driven four times and the Lord says for us to assert our 



rights, maintain our freedom and He will help us and we feel 
determined to do so. 

September 23th, 1857. An express came into Salt Lake City, 
that the U.S. Army sent to Utah. The Army had got to Bridger 
and they were determined to come in and we, our people, are 
determined that they shall not come in at all and 500 men 
were dispatched to cooperate with those already out. All the 
men in the county are in readiness with their arms to go at 
a moment's warning. 

October 1st, 1857. Oliver and James start today on their 
mission to Salmon River. There is now a considerable amount 
of sickness with our children. My daughter Anna Maria's little 
son died today (October 12th). He was sick but a few days. I 
have hauled two loads of wood for Bishop Hess for the poor 
and for the boys on duty. The mob is now on Hams Fork. Our 
boys have burned 70 odd wagons with all their loading and 
have found 700 or 800 head of cattle and have driven them 
into Salt Lake City, or into the valley. We are very busy getting 
wood, and helping the threshing for our soldier boys. There 
is plenty of hard work. 

November 3rd. It commenced raining. Rained very hard 
then snowed and began blowing for over a week. Our enemies 
are yet at Hams Fork waiting for Lieutenant Johnson to come 
and tell them what to do, for they dare not undertake to 



come in for our boys are prepared to use them rough in Echo 

Sunday, November 8th. I was called to address the Saints 
which I did upon the subject of the redemption of Zion and 
upon the signs of the times. We hope in God and expect prevail 
over our enemies. Colonel Johnson has come and he swears 
he will come in at all hazards. The boys are called out to meet 
them if they dare presume to come in. I have sent two loads 
of hay to the city for the soldier boys. It is very cold. 

November 16th. I went into the canyon and got a load of 
wood for the public. My son Ebenezer came home this evening, 
built a grainery and got my oxen shod this week. 

Sunday, 22nd. At eight o'clock this morning the Bishop 
called all the men and boys together and organized them into 
a company to get wood, do the threshing and other public 

November, 1857. Henry W. Miller was elected to take charge 
of the men in doing public work and I together with Brother 
Rose were called upon to meet with and assist Brother Miller to 
organize the men. We organized the city in two divisions and 
we appointed Joseph Aldrige first captain of the first division 
with two assistants and I was appointed to take charge of the 
same, to receive the wood and to keep an account of the same. 
Brother Card, captain second division, and twenty teams and 
teamsters to each division and these two divisions are for 



getting wood. We met again in the evening and divided the 
city into two districts and appointed Brother Ervin and Birk 
to take charge of the same, giving them all the remainder of 
names to do the threshing and cutting wood for the widows 
and doing other public duties about home. 

December 1st, 1857. Laurinda, my third wife, was delivered 
of a fine boy, weighed nine pounds. He was born at half past 
nine a.m. Oh Lord, let him live and become a good substantial 
man in Israel. 

December 3rd. The new governor has sent a proclamation 
ordering all organized armed men sent home. Our enemies 
are at Bridger and all our soldiers of this county, or nearly 
all, came home today. We were one week in the canyon piling 
wood, halting tithing hay, and laboring excessive hard and 
faithfully, the Lord with us. 

January 1st, 1858 

January 1st, 1858. I and my family arose early this morning 
and washed our bodies clean with pure water and we prayed 
to Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus 
for ourselves, our friends, our brethren and sisters and for all 
Israel, for these peaceful valleys, and for these mountains and 
for everything there unto pertaining. I did dedicate myself and 
all of my family unto the Lord together with these valleys and 



mountains and rocks, streams of water and fountains, timbers 
unto the Lord my God for the benefit of His people even for all 
the Saints of the Most High. We got a good breakfast, fed our 
animals well and had a very pleasant, beautiful day outside 
and indoors and in the evening the high priests got up a good 
supper and we enjoyed ourselves remarkably well and had a 
right down good day of it, thank the Lord. 

January 3rd. Sunday, attended meeting and prayer circle 
in the afternoon and at half past six in the evening, Lydia, my 
fourth wife, bore to me a son, weighed eight pounds, a fine 
child, my tenth son born to me and my twentieth child, may 
the blessings of Almighty God rest upon the lad and upon my 
all, Amen. 

January 20th-26th, 1858. The thrasher came to my place 
and thrashed my wheat, 215 bushels this last year, thank the 
Lord we are likely to have bread. On the 26th our legislature 
has decided to raise 1000 well armed men for a standing army 
and our ward has to raise 38 and I have to fit out one man. I 
have bought two ponies for that purpose. I have to pay one 
yoke of oxen and two cows for these. It will be quite a stunt 
for me, but we will try to obey orders and the Lord will bless 
his servants. We have raised a considerable of flax. I am 
working hard getting it out and preparing it for weaving. My 
second wife, Susan, is a weaver and my other wives are good 
spinners and so we have to make our cloth and the Lord does 



bless us abundantly, for the elements are full of silks and fine 
linen and wool and everything that we need. So if we will call 
upon the name of the Lord and labor diligently we may have 
an abundance of everything we need. 

January 31st. Elder Gates and Clements came and preached 
to us in the day and Apostle Orson Pratt and E. T. Benson 
in the evening. They have just returned from a mission in 
England. They report that the world is dead on Mormons. 

February 1st. I have bought two ponies for this is my 
business. I gave one yoke of oxen and two cows for them, the 
boys that were called to go in the army were enrolled Tuesday 
the 4th. James Simmons came to me and said the Bishop 
wanted me to fit him out instead of Jesse Clark. He came to 
live with me the last of the month. He was a good boy but 
poor. I had to dress him up from the stump. I purchased for 
him a saddle, bridle, arms and ammunition, blankets, clothing 
and everything. It was very extensive. We felt to do all we 
could well and we did so cheerfully. We thought it was the best 
thing and wisest thing for us to do as the Lord has said to us 
to assert our rights and stand up for them like men of God. 
If we do so the Lord will help us as we have been driven so 
many times, robbed and murdered for no offense whatsoever 
only for our holy religion. Even if our religion was man made 
like others, we knew that we had a constitution and a right 
to enjoy it as well as any and all others. We have faith in the 



Lord. We said we would never come under the Gentile yoke 
again, unless we were obliged to do so. 

March 1st, 1858. The boys are plowing, the weather fine, 
sowing some wheat this week. It has been a very fine winter. 
We are laboring exceedingly hard and getting out wood from 
the canyons for the widows and the families of the poor. The 
boys furnish them hay and are going around looking after the 
poor and needy and taking care of their wants. I was appointed 
a teacher and one of the council and was determined it would 
be never said in truth that I had been slack in performing my 
public duties. 

March 8th, Monday, bad news came this morning from the 
north. The Indians have fallen upon the Salmon River Mission 
and have slaughtered two of our boys, namely George McBride 
and James Miller and have crippled some five or six others 
namely Thomas S. Smith and Oliver Lee Robinson, my eldest 
son, Brothers Shirtleff, Jonathan Walch and Andrew Grigley 
and drove off the most of their stock. President Young sent 
100 or 200 men to their assistance. A company of 50 was sent 
from this place, Farmington. My son Ebenezer went for one 
of them. They left there on Friday the 12th. 

Colonel Cane came in from Washington and went 
immediately to the United States Army at Bridger. They are 
swearing mad. They say they will fight, that war is declared 
and that they have a treaty with the Indians, that they have 



hired them and given them arms and ammunition and that 
they will come in. Brother Brigham says that we should put 
no more wheat up. He says that the north of Utah must 
immediately move south and if the soldiers do come in that 
we will burn every house and everything that we can burn. I 
was called upon with my team to go north for wagons with 
Brother Austin. 

April 1st, 1858. Near Bear River the people in all the 
settlements north are making and repairing wagons and some 
are moving south. We are at work hard repairing and making 
beds. We attend the meetings every Sabbath, sent a load of 
wheat to the city Saturday the 3rd and we were informed that 
the Davis County people were to stop at Salt Lake City. The 
Salmon River Mission came in on April 12th and took a load 
of wheat to the city. On the 15th we took one load of wheat 
and one of potatoes down making flour boxes, repairing roads 
and harness this week. The people are moving very fast from 
the north, working on wagons. 

May 2nd, I moved Lydia to the city. Took two loads of wheat 
to Springville and got it plowed. Came home on the 6th and 
found a dreadful wind blowing. 

May 12th, Tuesday. Oliver and James Wilcox start to move 
south. Oliver's mother goes with them and her little son 
Joseph Elijah also. On the 14th I took two loads of wheat and 



one team to the city. We are repairing fences and fixing our 
wagons for moving south. 

On May 18th, 1858, we left Farmington with three wagons 
loaded heavy with Brother Madsen and family to take them 
to Provo together with our stock. They were all started but 
one team that I was to drive. I left alone, went into my house 
and did solemnly and mightily humble myself upon my knees 
before God of my fathers and in the name of the Lord Jesus 
did I supplicate His throne of grace in my own behalf and in 
behalf of my individual family that we might be preserved from 
material harm and accident and that we might be blessed in 
our move south, that we might please God and gain an experi- 
ence which should be of great worth to us and that my name 
might be glorified and that this church, thy covenant people 
might receive thy holy protection. I there and then dedicated 
myself and my house, my orchard and farm and my improve- 
ments altogether to my God into His hands for safekeeping 
that inasmuch as the word had come from our President to 
set the torch to my house and property, Oh Israel, I felt that 
I would and could do so with great cheerfulness. I did make 
the sacrifice cheerfully, without any reservation whatsoever. 

I did try to put up my fence around my farm and orchard 
that in case the Lord should send us back, we might have 
something to come to. I did remember the prophecy that I had 
made in Nauvoo after the martyrdom of the Prophets Joseph 



and Hyrum that this Church and people should be permitted 
to build our temple and therein get our endowments, and 
then our God should take this, His people in mass, and lead 
them out of bondage into a goodly land among the Lamanites 
away into the Rocky Mountains and that He should plant them 
there and that He should greatly bless and increase them 
there, and that they should never come under the Gentile 
yoke again. Now, thinks I, it certainly must turn in our favor 
and God shall surely work with us and bring us out victorious. 
So, make it be then. 

We drove to Salt Lake City and remained there four days 
through a dreadful storm of wind and dust. We improved the 
time I fitted or ringed two wheels and had three tires set 
and my stout horses shod, a thousand dollar horse, one that 
I had raised. 

On the 23rd we left the city, camped on the Jordan. The 
next day we drove around the point of the mountain and 
camped in Utah Valley. My son Ebenezer came to us. He is 
driving a team for Captain Hooper. 

On Tuesday the 24th, we camped on the Provo bench. We 
are getting along very well. On Wednesday the 25th we moved 
on and passed through Provo, left Brother Madsen and family 
there, saw Brother Shirtleff at the mouth of Provo Canyon 
and had quite a talk with him. 



May 27th, 1858. President Brigham Young and suit [party] 
are at Provo. We passed through Springville and Spanish Fork 
getting along fine by stopping at [Pond Town?]. There we had 
a good camp and facilities. The boys went into the canyon for 
wood and poles and gathered willows, fixed a shade and cut 
some hay for my horse. On the 30th we returned for loading 
and brought two loads which we left with Brother Alphonso 
Green, of American Fork and returned to fanning and brought 
two heavy loads home. 

On June 10th, we went to Willow Creek in Juab Valley where 
the farming ward had mostly gathered. My sons Oliver and 
James Wilcox, my first wife Maria were there. They were in 
very good health and spirits — and several of their cattle and 
sheep had died, supposed to be poisoned. Now the Saints were 
trying to take care of themselves, their families, their animals 
and all they had and to serve the Lord the best they could, 
anxiously waiting, praying, watching the movements of the 
waters. They hoped— and then again they hardly dared to hope. 
We hitched up and moved our camp a little west of Payson in 
a grassy field in Bunkers Camp. I went to Willow Creek and 
brought up my beloved wife Maria. We received tidings that 
sounds encouraging for our return home again, so that I sent 
George and William to Farmington to plant some seeds and 
put up a fence and do some hoeing. I took my wife Susan to 
Brother Whipple's in Provo and made than a good visit and left 



her with a friend in Battle Creek. I went to Cottonwood and got 
a load of wheat, ground it, packed my flour and went to Salt 
Lake City. There I learned the facts that peace is declared and 
our people pardoned. President Young and Kimball will return 
home. They propose that the Saints return— all that wish to. 
In returning home from the city we met the President's family 
and many others going to their homes again. We returned 
home, found it all well. William came with teams, we loaded 
up and started for home in Farmington. 

July the 6th, 1858. We start back, thank the Lord our God, 
we go by Goshen, the west side of Utah Lake. We saw some of 
the soldiers as we crossed the Jordan and had some talk with 
some of them. They thought our people very presumptuous 
to defy the United States. We told them we could not do any 
better, we meant all that we said. We got along very well. The 
Saints are gathering back to their homes, feeling very thankful 
that our God was with them, these His people and that He 
was fighting their battles for them and we had obtained a 
great victory, for the stand our President had taken, for his 
firmness, for his wise movements and counsels and that we 
were permitted to return to our homes. We returned with 
great joy and satisfaction and arrived at our homes with all 
of our stock. 

July 1858. We find our home, our fences, our wheat and 
hay and good crop of flax, with plenty of weeds, but in as 



good or in a better condition than we expected. George had 
put up fences, planted some grain hoed some potatoes and 
had commenced haying. We felt so thankful to our God, the 
spirit of God moved upon me and I proceeded forth within it 
in a solemn and humble manner. 

I, Joseph L. Robinson, did dedicate myself, my family, my 
houses, my orchard, my fields, crops, wheat, hay, flax and 
garden and all the lands that I have a right to claim, a right 
to cultivate, with all our domestic animals, with all we have 
and are unto the Lord our God exclusively for His service and 
kingdom forever and ever, Amen, and even so Amen. May God 
Almighty bless His Saints and especially our President. 

On Sunday the 18th we went to meeting once more and 
Elder Joseph Young preached to us. On the 21st I went to 
Gardner's Mill and brought home some flour and one sheep 
we had left there. 

There are plenty of goods and Gentiles in Salt Lake City 
now. No meetings are held there at present, the Presidency 
keep very close just now. It seems to be their policy that 
they should do so, but it is quite a trial for the people. The 
soldiers have gone to Rush Valley and located about 40 miles 
from Salt Lake City, as it was agreed that they should do so. 
They are quiet but it sticks in their minds (crops) they do not 
like it, but the Lord has a hook in their jaws. They cannot fall 
upon this people and destroy them. We have confidence in 



our governor. He will take care of His elect. The new governor 
has come in, he has succeeded our governor Brigham Young. 
His name is Cumming, a very good, honorable man. He has 
become a substantial friend to President Young and our people. 
He is doing all he can for us. We feel to thank God and take 
courage, our God is for us. 

August 8th, we attend meeting, but all public meetings are 
stopped all over the territory. We are laboring very hard trying 
and praying, haying and harvesting our wheat, putting our flax, 
we have a fine crop off that as well as of wheat and hay. I was 
very diligent in the spring before we moved away. I sowed 
some wheat, some flax and kept up the fence while most of 
the people put in no seed, put up no fence and consequently 
they had no such crops or hay to harvest. 

September 6th, I left for Payson for the flour and things 
we had left at the American Fork. There were many trains of 
goods and government supplies for the soldiers and all the 
more soldiers are coming. I came home Sunday evening and 
found one of my children very sick. I anointed him with holy oil 
and laid my hands on him and the Lord healed him for which, 
and for all blessings, I feel to thank the Lord, my God. 

We are laboring very hard. We bought two yokes of oxen 
and the boys are getting out wood, building one loom. We 
have a weaver with us. 



October 4th, we are preparing to build adobe house this 
fall for Saint Maria, my first wife. 

We have our wheat thrashed and have 140 bushels this 
season, a very good crop, thank God. 

October 6th we attend conference in the Tabernacle. The 
bishops and the presidents of the several quorums with the 
bishops counselors were in attendance and we had a rich 
time for two days. My wife Maria went with me on a visit to 
the City and on the 10th attended meeting in our courthouse. 
President Joseph Young and Amasa Lyman preached to us. It 
seems so good to go and hear the gospel preached again. I 
have been several Sundays at home reading and writing and 
rejoicing and praising the Lord my God for his marvelous 
goodness toward His people. 

November 4th, George and the girls have gone to the city. I 
went into the Weber Valley and stayed overnight with Brother 
Higley, and bought a house and farm of Gordon Begsted. I 
am building another house this fall. 

November the 13th, Saturday, we went to conference, Su- 
san and Laurinda, with me. Presidents Young and Heber were 
there. They gave us much rich instruction and counsel. There 
were many cut off from the Church at this conference. The 
conference adjourned until the sixth of April next year. 

[Editor's note: Grandfather now tells of finishing his house and 
moving his wife and family into the same. He records that they were 



able to move out of their log house but that they had an abundance 
of labor to perform. He writes about the work they had done when 
they first came to the valley of the Great Salt Lake in 1848 and the 
various homes that had been built in North Canyon, on the Jordan and 
then on their farm in Farmington. He also refers to the great battle 
which the Lord had fought for them and the great sacrifice they had 
made in their move south and their return again and the building of 
school houses, meeting houses, tabernacles and temples and also in 
supporting the families and furnishing the means of hundreds of our 
elders that we kept constantly in the mission field. He writes about 
the fear and concern they had as Johnson's Army moved in but that 
the supplies they brought were a great blessing to the people and 
ends this section with a statement that "surely our God, moves in 
a mysterious way His wonders to perform." Then continuing, Great 
Grandfather records:] 

The Lord did move upon a man to come from the United 
States, round by California and over the mountains through 
the dead of winter, if possible to save the shedding of blood 
and to save the army of the United States, and to save the 
credit of the United States. Also he went out to the army and 
did persuade the newly appointed governor to come right in 
with him, without arms, or guard. He, Governor Cumming, 
did so. He was warmly and very respectably received and he 
became the warm friend of our people. This wonderful man, 
Colonel Cane, went back to Washington and he did persuade 



the government to immediately send a peace commission to 
treat with our people, bringing a full and free pardon for all 
our sins on the condition that we would let their army come 
in and pass through Salt Lake City and that they should not 
disturb a thing belonging to the Mormons. Also, that they 
should camp some 40 miles from Salt Lake City— all which they 
did. The treaty was entered into and it was agreed that our 
people should not be molested by them and that our people 
might return and we did. 

And also, in the great amount of time, men and teams 
and the thousands upon thousands of dollars in money we do 
expend yearly in gathering the poor from the old countries. 
And now verily in the performance of all this vast amount of 
labor, this people must be supported by our Great God, that 
is my testimony. 

We are laboring incessantly hard all this fall and winter. 
We attend our meetings and all our duties faithfully and in so 
doing we have great joy for we do know our God is with his 
people. Even now, the wheat that I sowed in Weber Valley 
on the 19th of November last, was covered with snow until 
spring and as the snows melted in the spring it laid under the 
water for three weeks and then the water receded and the 
wheat lived, came up and it made a very good crop. Brother 
Higby told me that all the people of that neighborhood were 
watching that piece of wheat, for as yet they had not fairly 



tested that valley for raising wheat. But I had faith in God 
that he would certainly bless that valley and it came to pass 
that as I had bought a farm there I wished to put a part of 
my family there and it was decided that Laurinda, my third 
wife, would go there with her little family. 

May 19th, 1859 

We started May 19th, 1859, stopped at Brother Simmons 
place at the mouth of Weber Canyon. My family did stay there 
for two or three weeks because of high water, the Weber 
River being very high. And when we did get up it was very 
dangerous. We had to cross the river in a raft but the Lord 
helped us and the brethren with their boat helped us over. We 
thanked them very much. My wife was very courageous. She 
packed her little son, then only over a year old, over a rough 
place at the devil's gate. The water in the road was such that 
she had to spring from rock to rock. I admired her ambition, 
she was a hero. But, we got through all right and moved into 
our log cabin, keeping house. 

Now I wish to say a few words with regard to this great 
move and its effects, and some other things. Now many of this 
people had never been driven, although many of us had been 
driven from Nauvoo. Now, the Lord would know whether the 
Latter-day Saints would make the sacrifice that He required 



of them in the first place, to obey counsel, which was to resist 
a formidable army of the United States and to say with deter- 
mination that they should not come into Utah. And then to 
make a bold resistance with a formidable army, to burn their 
wagons with ropes and supplies, and to drive in hundreds of 
their cattle and make use of them, and to assert our rights 
as American citizens. To declare our independence, that in- 
asmuch as they would not admit us into the Union as a free 
and independent state, that we would be free or fight. Then 
to show them we meant what we said, we were counseled to 
move, leave our homes, and go south with the understanding 
that when the word came, to set the torch to our houses, and 
burn everything that we could. To take cash and our provi- 
sions with us so we did move. We left our homes cheerfully 
with a firm determination that if our President said so, to set 
the torch, we would burn everything we did not take with us. 
(Surely the God, our Lord and Savior did test us.) 

April 8th, 1859. I bought and brought home and set 52 
apple trees and I have 52 peach trees set in my orchard. We 
now have planted a good orchard and we do hope to enjoy 
our homes and to be permitted to eat the fruit of our orchard, 
for the Lord told me that we might now build permanently. 
Nevertheless, there are reports that the soldiers in Camp 
Floyd say they will come into Salt Lake and lay it as in ashes 
and take Brigham and some of the authorities to try them 



for treason. These reports are that our mighty judges are 
conspiring with Johnson to bring his army into Salt Lake and 
they would take the leaders of our Church and they would try 
them for treason and they are teasing Governor Gumming to 
let them come in, but he would not consent. Yet, they were 
determined to come in spite of him. The Governor came to 
President Young and Heber and said to them, what shall we 
do. They are determined to come in. Brigham said to Governor 
Gumming, you tell Colonel Johnson if he does come in he shall 
be used up. Tell him we will call out the Nauvoo Legion and 
they shall be used up. But verily they did not come in and I 
guess it was for the best that they did not come, the best for 
both parties. 




Mature Years 

Farms in Mountain Green & Farmington 

Marries Mary Taylor 
Wives Lydia, Maria & Susan pass away 

[Editor's note: Great Grandfather now records some events of the 
winter of 1858-59.] 

I find some things in my journal worthy of note that I 
had passed over. In December 1858, we were visited with a 
dreadful hard, cold mountain wind, unroofing houses, freezing 
some persons to death and many of our stock, doing a large 
amount of damage. We were very busy laboring with all our 
might. Christmas and the holy days came and we witnessed 
many things. We went to the city, enjoyed Christmas with 
some of our friends but found that the Gentiles were killing 
one or more of our police, some drunken, some talking of 
apostasy, some of going to California for gold, some to the 
states. But with we Mormons, all is well. We want nothing 
better. We rejoice greatly in it for it is most certainly true. 

We held New Years with George [Slade?] family. We at- 
tended meeting in the Tabernacle, the first public meeting 
since we returned. Brothers Joseph Young, Jacob Gates, Jo- 



seph Smith, held forth in forming doctrine and principles that 
were sublime. This caused us very much joy. Apostle C. C. 
Rich preached to us instructing us with a fine discourse. 

Now surely the hand of God was visible in all this great 
movement. It shows us that our God will and can fight our 
battles for us. Also that we should not doubt and must obey 
counsel. That we should make the sacrifices as Abraham did, 
even the sacrifice that God should require at our hands. We 
made the sacrifice and it was accepted. He brought us back 
again and placed us in our homes and for a proof positive to 
me is that the Lord did tell me after we returned home. Said 
he, now you, my people may build permanently. This to me 
said that we might now expect to stay. The Lord will fight our 
battles for us. I did remember the prophecy that I did make 
in Nauvoo after the death of the prophets Joseph and Hyrum. 
I did say that after we should get our temple built and we 
should get our endowments, then that God would take his 
people west away into the Rocky Mountains and plant them 
in goodly land among the Lamanites and that He should bless 
and multiply them and that they should never come under the 
Gentile yoke again. Now, I want to say that Brigham Young was 
the man that brought this, God's people, out of bondage like 
as did Moses bring the children of Israel out of their Egyptian 
bondage. Even with a high hand and a stretched out arm hath 



God Almighty brought this people out of bondage by the hand 
of Brigham Young, His mighty prophet, even so Amen. 

May 1860 

May, 1860. We planted our new farm in Weber Valley in 
Mountain Green, five miles. My wife Lydia bore a fine daughter, 
weighed eight and a half pounds. Mother and daughter are 
doing well. Our farm is about five miles from the mouth of 
the canyon, about 15 miles from Farmington, a nice, grassy, 
well watered valley with an abundance of wild fruit. We built 
a saw mill, a school house in this place and had a very good 
meeting and school in a few years at this very quiet settlement. 
With the help of my boys and with some hired help I carried 
on this farm and the one at Farmington also. We got along 
very well with an abundance of hard labor and the blessings 
of God upon our labors. 

May 25th, 1860. I built there a new house and a large log 
barn rejoicing constantly in the holy one and it came to pass 
that my wife Laurinda gave birth to a pair of twin girls, two 
fine daughters of Zion. Mother and babes are doing well. We 
felt exceedingly thankful to the great giver of all good bless- 
ings. We blessed them, we said let them grow up and become 
the mothers of a great people. 



November 4th, 1860. This evening, the spirit moved me to 
go out and have a season of prayer. I followed the promptings 
of the spirit. I went past my barn into my field. I fell upon 
my knees and did pray mightily to my God and He heard my 
supplications. He filled my soul with joy. I remained there for 
some length of time. I was standing upon my feet, gazing at 
the stars, admiring their beauty and order. I was exceedingly 
happy and verily the voice of the Lord came to me saying, you 
shall live and go up and help redeem Zion. You shall help to 
build that holy house, namely the temple of the living God 
upon the consecrated spot in Jackson County, Missouri. You 
shall enter into that house and see the face of the Father and 
live. You shall work in that house. He said to me so much and 
no more. Now verily there was no tongue that could describe 
the joy that filled my soul. I shouted and praised the Lord my 
God. I went directly to my house and a messenger was there 
for me. He said a man was dying. I went directly to the man, 
laid my hands upon him, rebuked the Destroyer and com- 
manded him to arise. He was healed. And I felt as strong as 
a lion and my God was with me, even so amen. 

January 11, 1860. The high priests were called together 
this evening and Gidden Brownwell was cut off from the 
Church. Bishop John Hess stated he had received word from 
President John Young that he wished him to take charge of the 
high priests in that ward, or appoint someone to do so. Joel 



Ricks was elected president and Brother Pugh and myself his 
counselors, and a good humble childlike spirit prevailed in all 
the meeting seemingly to the perfect satisfaction of all the 
brethren. Some difficulties were settled and the brethren felt 
to forgive and bless each other and our meeting continued 
the next evening also. 

February 18th, 1860. I, 48 years old, did enjoy a good 
supper, attended quorum meeting this evening and Brother 
Grover preached a continuation of the heavenly call and 
its effects and I did feel greatly revived in my spirit and 
wonderfully blessed and happy. 

March 20th, a heavy snow fell. Hay is scarce and high and 
much stock dying but I have been very lucky, lost only two 
oxen, one sheep and one young calf. 

April 1st, 1860, Maria and I took supper with our daughter, 
Anna Maria. May, I860, my son Ebenezer and others start for 
California to get a threshing machine and other things. There 
is a great stir in Congress about polygamy. September 9th, we 
finish our mission and on the evening of the 10th was called 
to preach. September 10th, I blessed Lydia's little girl, we 
named her Emma Sophiah. 

October 5th, I came down from Weber, drove my black 
horses to the fair and on October 6th attended conference. 
A very good meeting, I came home on the 9th. On the 22nd, 
Sunday, attended meeting in Weber Valley. President Farr 



from Ogden was there and organized the valley by appointing 
Brother Peterson President. 

October 23rd. Some of my little children are very sick and 
on Monday my little son George Alva died. He was two years, 
nine months old. 

On Tuesday the 24th, little George Hadfield with a match 
set his father's and my stack of wheat a fire which was in 
Farmington. I had a large stack of very excellent wheat and his 
father a good stack, altogether worth $500 or $600. Brother 
Hadfield lived in my log house and had put his wheat by mine 
so as to thrash it when I did. I was in Weber at the time the 
machine was to come next day to thrash. I went down, heard 
the report, felt very bad but nothing could be done about it. 
As for the wheat, I was concerned. I naturally felt sorry for I 
supposed I would need all that I had to support all my large 
family. I had labored very hard for that wheat and had hired 
out much. I only wonder that there is not many times more 
houses and property burned the carelessness of parents 
leaving matches where little children can get them. But I 
felt that I must and would acknowledge the hand of God in 
all things. I felt and said, Father I thank thee that it is no 

I came home and found the neighbors had saved some of 
my wheat but it was so wet and smokey that it was only fit for 



feed. Verily I say the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, 
blessed be the name of the Lord. 

I buried my little son, George Alva, he had been sick for 
some time. I did blame myself for not staying and taking care 
of my dear little sick child. They said that several times be- 
fore he died he had said where is my father, I want to see my 
father. I did regret very much that I did not stay with him. I 
felt ashamed on this occasion. I did ask my Father in Heaven 
to receive him unto Himself and for Jesus' sake to forgive us 
inasmuch as we, or either of us had done wrong. Surely an 
awful responsibility rests upon parents. It is their individual 
duty to use diligence and take special care of those heavenly 
treasures that the Lord doth commit to our care and unless 
we do so and live very near unto him, even to serve our God 
faithfully, we certainly will not be counted worthy to receive 
them again when they shall return to earth and raise them 
up, for surely somebody will have that job. Surely the Father 
loveth little children for of such is the kingdom of heaven, they 
are redeemed from the fall. 

November 11th, I thrashed my grain and had 325 bushels 
in Weber Valley. We have our saw mill running and it is doing 
very well. We have our school house built and our big job of 
birch lumber out. I am getting out saw logs and the boys will 
build a log barn. We are doing a large amount of work and 
we attend all conferences. 



On Sunday the 27th I preached to our people in our school 
house in Mountain Green and as a general rule we always at- 
tend our Sabbath meetings and always attend to our prayers, 
both secret and family prayers and always try to do right, but 
we found through the weakness of the flesh that we failed very 
much. But we repented every day and did obtain forgiveness 
and consequently we did receive and keep the holy spirit with 
us and that is why we were always so joyful and happy. 

December 25th Christmas. This day I blessed our little twin 
girls, named them Netta and Rosetta. May they live forever. 

January 1st, 1861 

January 1st, 1861. Our son Oliver and family got for us a royal 
good supper. We had a joyful time and hope the redemption of 
Zion will soon come for the southern states are seceding from 
the northern states and as our prophet Joseph prophesied, 
the wars will surely come upon this nation, human blood shall 
flow profusely and great shall be the distress of this nation 
and the judgement of God shall from time to time be poured 
out upon this people. 

February 1861. Verily, and it shall come to pass, the Latter- 
day Saints shall step forward and save the Constitution from 
falling into the hands of other nations. That heavenly, inspired 
instrument, got up by the fathers of this republic, and by them, 



independence was declared, which was maintained through 
the blessing of God and a mighty struggle in war which cost 
the shedding of much precious blood and many lives were 
sacrificed. Now the Constitution of these United States was 
inspired of God, consequently it was perfect. It surely did 
give to every man liberty to worship God just as he pleased. 
He could baptize for the remission of sins, or sprinkle or not 
baptize at all. He could receive by the commandment of God 
seven wives, or have no wife at all. He could fall down and 
worship a real god, or he might have no god at all. He could 
fall down under the wheels of his juggernaut, or sacrifice to 
idols, if he chose. So, he remains on his own dunghill. For 
surely the Constitution forbids Congress to make any law, 
to bind men's consciences or to prescribe rules for men to 
worship, if it were not so, this would not be a land of liberty 
for us, or for any other people, amen. 

March, 1861. In this month I built a house in Weber Valley 
and hauled the rocks for under pinning and have the timbers 
for a barn in Farmington, sowing wheat and stock for our 

April 1st, I hired Brother Cornelius Evans, a very good man, 
for seven months, and also for the year. 

April 6th, I went with my wives to conference and had a 
very enjoyable time. At this conference Brother Brigham gave 
to me a mission to go and bring my brother Ebenezer here. 



Said he, you had better write to him first and then when I felt 
like it to go and fetch him and that I should be blessed of the 
Lord. He is off the track. He lives in the state of Iowa. 

I will now relate a very remarkable dream I had one night 
in the city of Nauvoo. It was before the prophet Joseph's 
martyrdom. I dreamt that there was a very strict law passed 
and that a transgression of that law merited death. And 
presently, a charge was made and preferred against my 
brother E. Robinson, a court set, judgement rendered, that 
he was found guilty. The sentence of death was pronounced 
on him and that I was to be the executioner. Now, this was 
a great trial to me. I did not hesitate to obey the summons, 
but I thought he was more capable of doing good than I was 
and that if I were to die in his stead, I would prefer that. But, 
I was innocent, he was guilty, he must die. 

Now this remarkable dream made a very deep and very 
serious impression on my mind. I felt very bad even to the 
shedding of tears. I felt, oh Lord, it is not so. Cannot I be 

The southern states are strengthening themselves against 
the northern and will soon be fighting and when this war will 
end, the Lord only knows. But we have peace in these valleys 
for the Lord is with us and He will sustain this His people at 
all hazards. 

I received a letter from Susan in Iron County, all is well. 



May 22nd, 1861. President Young and party start on a 
visiting trip south. I have written one letter to my brother E. 
Robinson. I have put in upwards of 20 acres in grain in Weber 
Valley, laboring incessantly hard. 

June 8th. I preached to a very attentive congregation in 
the courthouse in Farmington. Brother Brigham and Parley 
returned, all is well. There is considerable sickness with us 
this spring and some deaths, mostly with children. There is 
great excitement and fighting in the war. 

One, Joseph Morris, a pretended prophet, is creating an 
excitement and is gathering lots of Mormons into his fold, but 
we presume no Saints, their headquarters in south (blank 
torn page). 

July 4th, I went with a part of my family to Salt Lake 
City, and attended a very interesting celebration in which 
the birthday of our nation was honorably and royally 

July 24th, we attended a celebration in Weber Valley with 
speeches, a good dinner and dance. 

The wars are raging, many people are fleeing they think 
from trouble, they say our south? is all gone, we are left 
alone. Oh God, what shall we do? Have mercy on us. But, our 
country is envious. We have peace and quiet. There is a large 
immigration this season. 



August 3rd, we attended a very interesting two days 
meetings held in Brother Thomas Grover's grove. The First 
Presidency and several of the Authorities were there and we 
received much valuable instructions, a very good meeting. We 
had peace and plenty. A fine crop of wheat and hay this year. 
My barns are built and a large amount of labor performed, 
which is marvelous in our eyes and for which we thank the 
Lord, our God. 

October 8th. We attended a very interesting conference 
in which we agreed to send 200 or 300 families south to 
raise cotton, indigo and grapes. We have peace and quiet. 
My family is in very good health. We feel extremely well and 
very thankful to the great giver of all good. However, we have 
some trouble. The crickets and grasshoppers destroy our crops, 
several seasons and the fires and rains destroy part of our 
crops during two seasons and this fall the Indians stole four 
of my horses, two valuable black studs worth from $500 to 
$1000 and two large valuable young mares. 

October 1862 

October, 1862. The United States is in a dreadful vice, being 
divided and fighting each other. I have written the second 
letter and sent to my brother Ebenezer. Our immigrations are 
coming in considerable this fall and our teams are returning 



loaded with Saints. A large amount of rainy weather this fall. I 
am writing and getting letters and sending them to my family 
in the south. 

I spent Christmas in Weber Valley and New Years in 
Farmington, it was raining most of the month. 

February came in warm, the grass growing, cattle out 
feeding the second day of February but it has now commenced 
snowing which is continuing so that we had a long, hard 
winter and much stock died. But, I had plenty of feed and 
raised a fine crop of beautiful wheat in Weber Valley about 
200 bushels. But, the rains came and wet the stacks so that 
we had got only about 30 bushels and the last fall my wheat 
in Farmington was burned, but still we lived and felt to thank 
the Lord because it was so well with us. 

March 1863 

March, 1863. It is still snowing and raining, all this month. The 
stock is not doing well. The war is still raging and thousands 
are being killed. 

Our territory is now organized as a state called Deseret, 
with Brigham Young for our governor. We hailed the day of our 
deliverance and our lit when our governors shall proceed from 
ourselves. The spirit, power and influence of Mormonism is 
spreading mightily in the earth and God is working marvelously 



according to the predictions of the holy prophets. The Church 
has voted to send 300 teams to the states this year for the 
immigrating Saints. 

May 1st, 1863, about 3 o'clock this morning Lydia, my fourth 
wife, bore me a son, weighed 10 pounds. A nice child. 

The snows are melting and the sun shining, the rivers rising 
and flooding much land. 

About the 20th of May, the Church teams start for the 
states. I send one yoke of oxen. The Weber River is several 
feet higher than ever before known. The prospects are 
favorable for an abundant harvest of all kinds. 

June 13th and 14th. At this time, an army of our men sur- 
rounded the Morrisite Camp and a war is on hand. The camp 
had resisted the officers that were sent with a writ to bring 
them to justice but they showed fight and would not be taken 
prisoners, so that an army was sent to them and the remainder 
were taken prisoners. And in the fight, the two leaders, Joseph 
Morris and John Banks were killed. In my judgement, the most 
simple, unreasonable and foolish teachings and doctrine that 
I have ever heard were taught by these men. This was done 
by the authority of the United States. It looked bad but if they 
had let other people be alone and if they had not taught their 
wicked doctrines this trouble would not have developed. 

I spent New Year's Day with Oliver and family. We had a fat 
turkey and a royal good dinner and felt very happy indeed. 



April 4th, 5th. My wife has been very sick. On March 

[Editor's note: This is cassette number 21 and I am dictating from 
page 144 of Great Grandfather's journal. The writing here is very small 
and tight and it is difficult to read. In the previous dictation, I missed 
some important dates and shall fill in here.] 

On the 18th of February my birthday was celebrated in 
Weber Valley. We had turkey, a very good dinner and a dance 
in the evening. I preached to the Saints in Weber Valley, 
returned to Farmington where I heard Elder Lyman preach. 
Lydia's children have the whooping cough and the baby is very 
sick. I have written a letter to Susan at Parowan and one to my 
son Ebenezer J. in California, and one to my brother Ebenezer 
in Iowa. I ask God, my Heavenly Father, to bless those boys 
and bring them home again. 

March 25th, 1863, at about 4 o'clock, our little son Steven 
died. We felt very sad to have one of our little precious ones 
go and leave us, but we feel to say, the Lord giveth and the 
Lord taketh away and blessed be the name forever we do 
mourn for them. 

On April 5th I attended a meeting in the city and heard 
our President Brigham Young preach. We take great delight in 
attending meetings and in hearing the prophets and apostles 
and elders preach the gospel of the Son of God. Even I, as 
weak as I am, do take great delight in bearing my testimony to 



the truth and in sounding the gospel trump and preaching it to 
a dying world. I have many times felt full, even to overflowing 
with joy and thanksgiving. 

We must be careful not to suffer ourselves to do anything 
unlawful, impure, unholy so that the spirit of God will be 
withdrawn from us. When that is withdrawn from a person, 
unless that person speedily repents and humbles him or 
herself mightily before the Lord and obtains forgiveness and 
does again receive and enjoy the holy spirit, unless this is the 
case, he will most assuredly apostatize. Jesus said, if a man 
looked on a woman lust after her he shall not have the spirit, 
he hath already denied the faith. 

I received a good letter from my daughter in Iron County. 
They and our people are doing well there. I wrote and sent a 
letter to them and one to Brother Russels in Iron County. 

On the 19th a span of my colts harnessed to my wagon 
ran furiously away with a little boy in the wagon. I cried and 
tried to stop the horses but seeing no mortal arm could help 
I did cry mightily unto the Lord my God to help me and he 
certainly did help me. The horses ran with all might through 
rough ravines and threw the boy up high and out unhurt. The 
wagons were steadied for they ran between a large rock and 
a log house just room for a wagon to go between, across a 
small creek and through brush and there was great danger 
of the wagon breaking and killing both the little boy and the 



horses, but just before they came to a precipice on a smooth 
piece of ground they both stopped as quick seemingly as if 
they had been shot. They never stirred until I came to them. 
Nothing was broken and no one was hurt. 

August 30th, 1863. John [Sevet?] and I are talking of 
putting up a water wheel and a molasses mill on my lot near 
my house as there is a good water fall, but Brother Ezra Clark 
went to Bishop John Hess and talked with him on the subject 
and Bishop Hess wrote a note to Brother Sevet telling him, 
or advising him to desist and not put the molasses mill on 
my lot but to run it by horsepower or put it somewheres else. 
Directly after this, Brother Clark put up a water wheel and 
molasses mill on his place a few rods by my water privilege 
as there is a sufficient fall for a water wheel at each place, 
but I found no fault. Some thought it did not look very good. 
I think it savors some of selfishness and shows weakness of 
the flesh. 

On October 6th we attended conference in Salt Lake City 
and now are making our molasses at Brother Sevet's by horse 
power. We made 130 gallons. 

I went to Cache Valley and bought some wheat and hauled 
it to Salt Lake City to pay for building our meetinghouse. 
Reports say that Ebenezer is on his way home from California 
with his wife. 



January 1st, 1864 

January 1st, 1864. My son Ebenezer returned this evening 
from California with his wife Cloe. We hailed them with great 
joy, so very glad to see and embrace our son again as he has 
been gone for some time. He has found and got to himself a 
nice looking and smart little wife and we congratulate them in 
the enjoyment of each other and we do wish them much joy 
with long life and many good children which may God grant. 

On January 8th I took Laurinda to Salt Lake City and with 
our friends attended a party in the 17th Ward assembly hall 
and I think I never enjoyed a dance so well before nor since. 
President Joseph Young presided and I danced with two of 
Brother Jesse Harvey's wives. They were such good dancers 
and with several of the sisters, it was to me so rich. 

January 9th and 10th, 1864. This Saturday and Sunday was 
the dedication of our new meetinghouse in Farmington. The 
First Presidency and some of the Twelve were with us. We have 
a good house, the Lord helped us to build it and we did hear 
from our presidency and the apostles some very sound and 
first class preaching to christen our new house. We enjoyed 
our meeting so very much, the spirit of God has been on 
several occasions poured out upon our President Brigham in 
preaching to us in Farmington. He said it was easy to preach 
there. He said it must be there were some extra good spirits 



there and whether he meant of old or at the present time 
he did not say, but I can say that he did preach to us some 
wonderful good, rich, extremely interesting sermons. We are 
being considerably waked up here in Farmington in religious 
matters. We do feel so very thankful to Almighty God for his 
great love he has for his people, for his wonderful compassion 
he has and does manifest toward his Saints. The pouring out 
of his spirit upon the Saints and the blessings to them in 
such a wonderful manner, spiritually and temporally, surely 
he holds his people as in the hollow of his hand. Oh how we 
do love him and how we ought to do his will and keep all his 

January 31st. We attend meetings, very nice sleighing all 
this month. 

February 4th, 1864, about 4 o'clock this morning my wife 
Lydia was delivered of a fine son. So the good Mormons will 
build up the kingdom with all their might to do what the 
prophets say. 

We had some very heavy winds this month and had to put 
our stock into the barn and let them eat for if we put any 
hay out it all would be blown away before the animals could 
touch it. 

February 18th, my birthday, I am 53 today and went to 
Farmington thrashing wheat. Ebenezer moved into his own 
house. He has a smart little wife. Thursday I blessed my little 



son William (Lanster), Lydia's son, a nice promising child, let 
him live oh Lord and not die. 

September 1865 

[Editor's note: From March 28th, 1864 to September 1865 Great 
Grandfather condenses his history into one paragraph on one-half page 
of his journal, page 148. He writes about his visit to Cache Valley to 
buy some wheat, taking Laurinda with him. Tells about meetings and 
conferences attended and work on his farm and on 30 days of work 
on a Weber ditch. He sent some things to his wife Susan and daughter 
Mary in Parowan and bought a stove for $25 and sent it to his wife 
Susan in Parowan. He writes about the wars still going on in the states 
and indicates that a great many missionaries are called to go to Dixie 
and to the Colorado to form settlements.] 

Farmington, Davis County, September 3rd, 1865. I, Joseph 
L. Robinson, leave my home with my horses and carriage to 
take a Dixie trip with President Brigham Young and company. 
I take Elder Wilford Woodruff, one of the Twelve Apostles, a 
very interesting, sociable, good man. He is a good company, 
a holy man of God. He also takes his little daughter Bula, she 
wanted to go with him. 

I took two of my wives to Salt Lake City, Laurinda and Lydia, 
on a visit and from there I took Lydia's mother Foster down 
to Grafton Dixie to leave with her children there. 



I drove to Lehi, we find the President and company there 
with a meeting. We stopped with Sister Hatch, her husband 
is on a mission to England. We were treated so very kindly 
and in the evening such beautiful music, it was so sweet and 
delightful. I should have said, Elder Woodruff took me to his 
beautiful orchard on his farm south of the city. He has a good 
variety of fruit, a beautiful orchard and they loaded us down 
with very choice fruit. We took some fruit with us to eat, had 
breakfast with him there and drove to Lehi. From there we 
crossed the Jordan River west of Utah Lake. I drove about 
25 miles, halted too late at a lone house. When I drove up 
Brother Brigham was standing looking at us. He says to me, 
Joseph, you have great, big horses. Where did you get such 
great big horses? I said I raised them, that is the kind I raise, 
I said Brother Brigham, do you remember, I well remember, 
that you blessed me once when I let Brother Jedediah Grant 
have my pet, favorite horse for $100 late in the fall for him 
to cross the plains when just before, only a few days before, 
I had been offered over $200 in good pay by the California 
gold mine immigrants and you asked me what did you ask 
him for your horse. I replied, $100, only what he was worth in 
ordinary times. You said that is right, Brother Joseph, you shall 
be blessed, God shall bless you. So you see he has blessed 
me with some of the royal family of horses. 



From this place it was 15 miles to Goshun. He drove that 
15 in one hour, and 30 minutes. I kept up with them. I saw he 
liked to make a big drive once in a while, then he would laugh 
about it. He held a meeting at Goshun. He chided the people 
there. He said you have apparently a good country here and 
why don't you build good houses and set out good orchards 
and show that you are somebody and that you expect to stay. 
He talked very kind and good to them, the fact was learned 
that there was a spirit with them, a portion wanted to build a 
town some distance from that and that they were nearly evenly 
divided. It seems that was the cause the President talked good 
to them. He advised them by all means to hang together. He 
thought they had better stop there but he proposed that they 
should obey the counsel of their President and build where he 
said. He wanted them to say whether we will or we won't. They 
did not say that night. But the next morning we drove a little 
distance. We came to a large high gate and upon the beams 
above it was written in large capital letters, WE WILL. 

The brethren were pleased. We drove to Nephi, a very nice 
town. They have a fine meetinghouse, a meeting was called 
at 4 o'clock and they were praised for their taste, enterprise 
and industry. He blessed them. 

We stopped with my brother-in-law, Alva Foster, he has a 
good family. They treated us well. We had good music here. 



They have a good brass band, they discoursed choice music 
for us. 

Now we found on this entire trip that the people had built 
good houses and good fences and had set good orchards and 
vineyards. Also from almost every town, before we arrived at 
a proper distance out, we would be met by an escort. They 
did manifest and show one and great respect to our President 
and to the priesthood of Almighty God, and well they should 
for verily I say unto you that since Jesus Christ's day or 
before his day there never have had greater or better men 
who have graced the footstool of Almighty God, than Joseph 
Smith and President Brigham Young. We might say in truth 
and with great propriety, many of the apostles of the Lamb 
and presidents and patriarchs and high counselors, and behold 
ye, the elders of Israel, the great and mighty work they have 
already performed. It is marvelous in our eyes. And also the 
great and marvelous work the Lord through His servants the 
prophets hath set upon their shoulders to perform in this 
dispensation of the fullness of times. The bishops also, what 
an enormous load is laid upon their shoulders and what an 
amount of patience and firmness, perseverance, diligence and 
charity they will be obliged to possess if they perform their 
labors and work acceptable to God. 

September 7th, 1865. We drove to Round Valley facing a 
heavy south wind and just this evening the wind changed to 



the north and it is snowing some. I took some cold. Brother 
Woodruff was rather feeble. We stopped with Brother Payne. 
We held a meeting in the evening. Some valuable and timely 
instructions were given to the people of this place. We drove 
to Cedar Springs and took dinner with Brother Johnson. He 
has a fine orchard there. These are the springs I named Cedar 
Springs when we first went to Little Salt Lake to establish a 
colony there. 

We drove up to the beautiful city of Fillmore. They have 
a nice town, some splendid orchards. The President held a 
meeting and in the evening they gave us a good party and a 
dance. I had the privilege to and did dance with two young 
ladies, the daughters of Sister Eliza Daisy Gibs. She was an 
old acquaintance way back in the state of New York, real 
friends, a good family. 

We held two meetings here and also in Beaver. They had 
in Beaver been visited with a severe frost doing them much 

On Tuesday the 12th we drove to Parowan and found a 
great improvement. Found my family well except the measles. 
I was very glad to see them. 

On the 13th the President held two meetings. We drove to 
Cedar City and stopped with Brother Isaac Waite and had a 
meeting in the evening, the Lord with us. 



On the 14th we drove to Tokersville, Dixie and put up with 
Brother [Milaraly?]. Here, we had our fill with grapes and 
enjoyed them very much. This is a nice thrifty little town and 
they treat us very kindly. Here I left Mother Foster as she 
would be taken up to Grafton where two of her daughters 
were living a few miles up the river. 

On the 15th we drove to Dixie, passed through several 
pretty towns and took dinner with Henry [Heiman?]. He lives 
in the city of Washington, a beautiful city six miles from St. 
George. Here we found John L. Lee and James Pace and sev- 
eral of our old Nauvoo brethren. We arrived in St. George at 
five o'clock just in time to witness the rich products of Dixie in 
their fair as it had not yet closed. There were rich specimens 
of the products of Dixie Land. We put up with Brother Cope- 
land and family and by them we were very kindly entertained 
during our stay there. They have a wall around a beautiful 
plantation. They have been there about three years. They have 
shade trees, orchards and vineyards and other things which 
denotes a settlement of from ten to twenty years at least. 

Well, St. George is a large and beautiful city, as large as 
any one except Salt Lake City. It is kind of an S form, upwards 
of two miles long, a beautiful city. The inhabitants are very 
industrious. They have done a vast amount of labor. Most of 
my old Nauvoo people, I find more of them here than in all of 
the settlements in the mountains put together. On Saturday 



the 16th we attended a meeting through the day and a free 
dance in the evening, a very good dance and on Sunday two 
very good meetings. We enjoyed ourselves very well for the 
Lord, our God was with us. We put up with Brother McMillen 
who treated us very kindly. On the 19th we held two meet- 
ings in this place. I was called upon to speak in the forenoon 
and had a good meeting. I blessed Elder Woodruff and he felt 
poorly, but much better. On the 20th we drove through sand 
and over rocks into Harmony and put up with the President at 
that place. Brother Brigham came and ate breakfast with us, 
he stayed over night with John D. Lee. A meeting was held 
at four o'clock yesterday and I saw many of our old acquain- 
tances in this place. This is a very rich little valley. 

On the 21st we drove over to Cedar City and they made 
for us a public dinner and a fine dance in the evening. On the 
22nd Bishop Lunt presided and we held two meetings here. 
We stopped with Isaac Halt and drove to Parowan meeting 
in the evening, and found my daughter Mary Jane. I visited 
some of my friends there and we drove to Beaver, stopped 
with the Cartwright family and on Sunday held two meetings 
there. Brother Brigham blessed the people there. We drove 
on the 26th to Corn Creek and put up with Peter Robinson, 
meeting in the evening. On the 27th we drove to Fillmore, 
took breakfast, held one meeting and drove to Round Valley. 
We then drove to Springville, stopped with Brother and Sister 



RoyTins, and drove to Provo and went to their fair. They had 
a very fine exhibition of the fruits and the energy and the 
economy of the state of Utah. 

We drove on to Lehi and had a public dinner there for the 
President and his company. We drove up to a brother who said 
to us that dinner was waiting and for us to go in and that he 
would feed our horses. When we came out this brother showed 
me what he had fed my horses. It was about a half bushel 
of heavy black oats with a considerable amount of wheat in 
them and one of the horses had eaten most of it. I was scared 
for fear it might kill her but we drove to Salt Lake, but the 
one horse took sick before we arrive to Brother Woodruff's. 
But she, the horse, brought him home but that was all she 
ever did. She died that night. They were a pair of very large 
and fine and valuable young mares that I had raised. Apostle 
Charles C. Rich was looking at them when he was on the 
Sevier River. He said my team was the best in the outfit. He 
said they were worth $500. So I said thank the Lord that we 
got home all right only minus one $250 mare, but we had a 
good time, thank the most high God for his mercies and his 
kindness with us forever. 

[editor's note: On page 148 of j.l.r's journal he indicates that he 
will later add some material from dates October 1864 to September 
1865. This material was added on page 153 of his journal, as follows: 



October 6th, 1864. We will now continue the subject as it 
was left on page 148 of this date, as I have found that portion 
of my journal that had got misplaced when I sketched out the 
lines of that Dixie trip. A warehouse has been established on 
the Colorado and it is calculated that our immigration and 
freight will come that way in the future. This has now come 
and I have purchased for myself a first class wagon and 
harness. On November 30th, went to the city, got my outfit 
for purposing to go right on to make this southern trip but 
the snows and cold weather set in so that I did abandon the 
idea of going until some future time. 

December 1st. It is very cold and snowing. I returned to 
Farmington and on the 3rd took a load of hay to the city. It 
is worth $15 a ton now and I beheld a site in that city that I 
never beheld before. So many people, so many buildings going 
up, business so lively, stores in abundance, so many goods, 
cotton goods, and groceries very high. The First Presidency 
and Twelve and some of the brethren have been holding two 
days meetings all over the territory this last summer laboring 
with and preaching to the people to try to get them to lay up 
grain. They are laboring with the people to save their grain. 
They organized a convention and set a price upon the products 
of the valley. 

I brought up some of the young people from Salt Lake City 
and took up to Weber Valley for Christmas. My son Oliver and 



son-in-law James Wilcox with their wives came also. We had 
roast turkey, a splendid supper and a royal party, a regular 
good time, thank the Lord. 

April, 1865. It continues being very cold. We attend con- 
ference, much very rich instruction and sweet interesting 
conference. Some missionaries are being sent to Europe and 
Scandinavia and the Islands. The wars are still raging in the 
south and the north are taking many cities from the south 
and causing great destruction of property and murdering each 
other by the thousands. 

I advertized some stray cattle that had wintered in We- 
ber Valley and took a load of hay to Salt Lake and found the 
stores and shops all shut up and dressed in mourning for the 
death of President Lincoln and Secretary Seward which were 
assassinated the evening before and they died this morning 
about nine o'clock. Seward's son and a number of others were 
mortally wounded and surely the judgements of God must 
and will be poured out on the ungodly nation of very wicked 
Gentiles for they have murdered our prophets and rejected 
the holy gospel of the Son of God. They have assassinated our 
president and secretary and others and they are at war one 
with another and murdering one another by the thousands, 
even a million and undoubtedly will murder many more. Must 
they not be looked after? Yes, surely, in the very far distant 
wars shall be poured out upon them and rivers of blood shall 



drench the earth and wo be unto them for they shall perish 
and famines and pestilence shall be poured out upon them 
and also dreadful destructive earthquakes shall be poured out 
and whirlwinds and devouring fires shall be poured out upon 
them with other judgements until they are washed away that 
there shall not be but few then left to mourn their death. 

April 16th, 1865. Amasa Simon [could be Lyman] preached 
in Farmington and in his discourse he said some persons, did 
charge a great many things to the devil. He said there is no 
devil, only what there is in you or in the people. Also in the 
course of his remarks he said there was no more virtue in the 
blood of Christ than there was in the blood of any other good 
man. Verily I did know at the time and do know now that those 
assertions were false. To believe or to admit them would be 
synonymous to rejecting the gospel of salvation altogether. I 
was very much surprised to hear such assertions but having 
such confidence in him I did not for a moment suppose that 
he meant that, but I thought he supposed the people were 
charging the devil with too much and that they were depending 
too much upon the blood of Jesus Christ, so that he leaned 
over too much the other way. For surely they would strike a 
death blow to two of the most cardinal points in the gospel. 
For if we should admit these things we might with the same 
propriety say that there is no god. 



May 22nd, 1865. There were this day some strays sold at 
my place in Weber that I had wintered there and I bought 
seven of them. In this month, my daughter Mary Jane and 
Brother John West came from Parowan on his way to the 
Islands as he had been called on a mission to go there. He 
asked me for my daughter for she would not marry him or 
any other man without the consent of her father. I gave my 
consent and they were sealed in the endowment house in Salt 
Lake City and she stopped with us until August. She returned 
to Parowan. 

The wars have abated in the states. This season we have 
had good peace and great prosperity in and with this people 
in these valleys for these great blessings we feel very thankful 
to the great giver of all good even to God. 

July 14th, 1865. On this day I married my daughter Janeva 
to Biram Bybe, a young man of Mountain Green, Weber Val- 
ley. May the Lord bless my daughters and their companions. 
May they be very fruitful and happy and live long and have 
many children. Those, were two of our very choice daughters, 
daughters of Zion. The oldest of the two, Jane Janeva, was 
born in Beaver Creek Indian territory July 14th, 1848 upon 
our road to these valleys. Mary Jane was born October 24th, 
1848 in Great Salt Lake Valley. Their husbands, to appear- 
ance, are honorable, good upright young men. We pray for 
them that they may be successfully preserved in life, in peace 



and in happiness and that they may be fruitful, raise up good 
families that shall be honorable in Israel. 

September 1865. This is a month that that I made the Dixie 
trip the history of which commenced on page 148. 

[Editor's note: In the next few paragraphs j.l.r. records in his 
journal the work that faced him when he returned from his Dixie trip 
and the production of his crops both in Weber and in Farmington. He 
also writes that he had word from his daughter in Parowan that she 
is the mother of a fine son a also some things about Indian troubles 
in the south.] 

November, 1865. The weather is fine with some snow and 
rain. We have plenty of work. We are hauling a considerable 
amount of grain out east and bringing in coal. My boys are a 
great help to me. We are building a fine school house near us 
in Farmington and a good road in Weber Canyon. 

February 1867 

On the 4th of February, 1867, Mary Taylor was sealed to me, 
formerly the wife of Brother [Simmons Levey?]. The same 
month I moved her to my place in Weber Valley as we had 
moved Laurinda to Farmington. We have had a very hard 

Spring, 1867. We put in a fine crop in Weber Valley but the 
grasshoppers came again this season and destroyed almost 



all our crop. In this we did thank God that it was no worse 
and acknowledged his hand. 

Some brethren have explored the Hooper Range near the 
Great Salt Lake ten miles southwest of Ogden City, a large 
farming community. Thomas Reed, and father Garner, William 
Garner's father, they have surveyed a canal to take the water 
from Weber River a little below Ogden City. I have concluded 
to turn in and help open the canal and make me a farm there. 
I have put a good force on that canal, the first best working 
team on the canal. I put on three good workers, [Dealveret?] 
Joseph, and Nathan. I furnished them with tent, tools and 
provisions and we drew some land to make us some farms 
there and the Lord worked with us, he did help us, he hath 
remained with us. We do labor for Zion. We do labor with all 
our might for Zion to build up the kingdom of our God on the 
earth. It is and it was and it always must be the kingdom of 
God or nothing with us for we do know that what the world 
calls Mormonism is the fine, the genuine, the holy, the ever- 
lasting gospel of the Son of God, that same gospel that John 
the Revelator saw an holy angel flying through the midst of 
heaven to earth, that he did commit the same to man or to 
men on the earth. That gospel is, or shall be preached to ev- 
ery nation under heaven and when that is accomplished our 
Savior said the end should, or shall, come. 



Now the question will arise with some, the end of what? 
If Jesus meant the end of the world, then that would seem 
to conflict with other scriptures for we do understand the 
scriptures to say that Jesus Christ did and should come into 
the world at the meridian or middle of time. Then, according 
to that, the end of the world will not come for at least two or 
three thousand years. Yet, for the Savior is to come and reign 
with and over his people for one thousand years yet and then 
after the thousand years are ended, then Satan is to be let 
loose to range and go forth upon this earth for probably one 
or two thousand years until the people become wicked or until 
the last half of time is filled. For the scriptures are very explicit 
that this earth shall die, the end thereof shall come, it shall be 
cleansed by fire. This old earth shall pass away and it shall be 
resurrected again and there shall be a new heaven and a new 
earth wherein shall dwell righteousness. It shall surely then 
and forever become a fit, a pleasant, a heavenly habitation for 
the millions to dwell upon. Even so with man. As Jesus told 
Nicodemus, that man had to be born of the water and of the 
spirit or he could in no wise enter into the kingdom of God. 
Now there is an exact pattern that this, our mother earth sets 
for man to follow. Or rather the great Creator of this mighty 
universe has caused her to set for man an exact pattern. This 
mighty earth has been baptized, emerged in water for the 
remission of all her sins and she has to be also baptized or 



emerged in fire and the Holy Ghost. That is also to die and be 
quickened and resurrected and become a clean, pure, heaven 
and earth that she may be prepared to take her place at the 
head of all of the celestial worlds of our Father's kingdoms. 
For surely, as she has occupied the lowest, in this important 
probation state, and as she has become the mother of the son 
of God and also the mother of the greatest and most intelligent 
spirits of our Father's. She also has had to drink the blood of 
all of those holy innocent men, or some of them at least, so 
the celestial law will require that she and they that have gone 
or descended below all things shall surely be raised above 
all things. So verily man, in order to inherit even this earth, 
will have to repent of all his sins and become a true believer 
in the Lord Jesus Christ and be baptized, emerged in water 
for the remission of his sins by a man having authority from 
Jesus Christ and that same authority must be by his hands 
upon his head and in the name of Jesus Christ confirmed a 
member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
or Former-day Saints and give unto him the Holy Ghost. That 
man shall have to, not only think, and say that he has received 
the Holy Ghost but he must positively be baptized with fire 
and the Holy Ghost and become cleansed from all his sins and 
then he must keep the faith by obeying the law of the gospel 
enduring even to the end of his probationary state or else he 
cannot, he shall not, enter into the holy city of eternal life 



even that new Jerusalem which shall come down from God out 
of heaven which shall ever remain upon this, glorified earth 
when it, the earth, shall become as a sea of glass, celestial 
pure, glorified like it shall be. 

And now, my beloved friend, if you, or I cannot or do not 
fill the bill according to the pattern then surely you or I will 
have to enter into some other kingdom, or lesser kingdom of 
glory or of no kingdom at all as the case may be, amen. 

Now with regard to the end that Jesus said should come, 
well, the scriptures are extremely plain and pointed with re- 
gard to Gentile rule. Their time must be set and when that set 
time expires certainly the Lord should have to organize that 
the gospel shall be preached to every nation under heaven 
that the end may come. 

April, 1867. The end of what? Surely the end of Gentile 
reign on this earth. They, our brethren the Gentiles, must and 
probably have all the time, or nearly so, that was granted unto 
them in the great program got up by the gods when they sat 
in council and decided where and when the earth should be 
located and of the peopling of the same. The set time when 
the seven or the great dispensations of the gospel should be 
committed to man on this earth. The times when, and who 
were to head those important dispensations and of the great 
changes and revelations that should take place, the dividing 
of the earth, the mighty deluge, the baptism of this earth 



and the destruction of all the wicked at that time as well as 
the time of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The 
time set for the fullness of the Gentiles to come in, when and 
where the great and the grand council of Father Adam and 
his wise council shall sit, when they shall commit the kingdom 
to the people of the Saints of the Most High, when the grand 
restoration of this earth shall take place, the mighty waters 
be driven into the north country where they belong, when 
Zion and Jerusalem, the eastern and western continents shall 
come together, even the land given to Abraham, all the land 
that was given to Joseph through Jacob his father, North and 
South America shall be married. These and a thousand other 
things that the prophets have said about the restoration of all 
things spoken of by the holy prophets since the world began. 
For surely all things that pertaineth unto this earth and also of 
man for when their sanctification and glorification is effected, 
then surely their restoration is completed to the glory of God. 
When there shall be no more use or labor for the devil and 
his angels for death and hell and the grave when as the Lord 
will, they may be dispensed with then they may be destroyed 
even according to the scriptures. 

As we said, I did move Mary, my fifth wife with her family 
into my house at Mountain Green and we put in a nice crop 
on that place. But the grasshoppers came this year also and 



almost destroyed our entire crop. We let her farm at the mouth 
of the canyon for this year. 

Now verily, it did come to pass that I labored extremely 
hard and had to struggle and contrive to support five families. 
I did take this last one with five children, all from virtual 
poverty, to the shame of her former man, the father of their 
five children. I will say that when I took the family on my 
hands all their individual clothing, their bedding, and the 
household furniture, cooking utensils, all put together would 
not have brought $15. I will say that I did not take her because 
(humanly desirous). Brother Brigham Young did say that some 
men took more wives because they were pernicious and we 
do never understand and know verily that polygamy is a holy 
institution and that certainly it is a pure principle that did 
emanate from the gods and that it was for the purpose of 
raising up seed unto the Lord. Also we know that any man that 
enters into that holy order on any other principle but with an 
eye single to the glory of God, that he is damned. The Lord 
did certainly bless me this much, and more also, that before 
I ever took a second wife I did know also that had not God 
commanded me I never should have taken a second wife. You 
will say why did you take this one? You will not believe me 
when I do tell you the truth which is that this the Lord told 
me if that man, her husband Brother [Simmons?]died that I 
should have to take the family on my hands to take care of 



them. I secretly said, or felt rather, how can I, with all the 
families that I have upon my hands, how can I do it? And I 
can honestly say that I did plead with the Lord and pray more 
earnestly to God for that man that he might be healed and 
live to take care of his own family. But at this time, the Lord 
heeded me not, die he would, and die he did probably one 
year or more before this as I was travelling past their house 
I was called in. His first wife and some of her family were 
there to see him die. They expected him every minute that 
he would die. His head was as large as two heads and almost 
as red as blood, sick with irrecipolous. I had faith, I told him 
in the name of the Lord he should live and that he should be 
healed. He was healed. I told him to get up and tend to his 
business and worship God. 

Verily, the Lord saw that I was a little thoughtful. He took 
me back several years to Nauvoo times before the death of 
our venerable prophet Joseph Smith. I shall never forget the 
night, nor what the Lord did tell unto me. The company with 
me had all retired to rest. The spirit constrained me that I 
must go out into the [field] and have a season of prayer. I 
was obedient to the call, remained out for some hours and 
prayed and shouted and praised the Lord and became won- 
derfully happy. I was standing upon my feet gazing at the 
stars, admiring their beauty and order and there the voice 
of the good shepherd said unto me; inasmuch as you will do 



all you can in the times of your poverty for the building up 
of the kingdom of God upon the earth, the time shall come 
when you shall become rich in gold and in silver, in houses 
and in lands, in horses and in chariots, in silks and in satins. 
In flocks and in herds and in servants and housemaids. Well 
these were all mentioned over and as they were mentioned 
they did all glisten with exceeding luster and richness before 
my eyes. I rejoiced greatly for I knew verily these words and 
promises were from God and my rejoicing was mixed with 
wonder and astonishment. This promise with the condition 
was brought before me. The Lord said to me, I will be with 
you, I will help you. I said in my heart I said, enough Lord I 
will do all thou requirest of me on these conditions. Be then, 
with me and bless me and I will forever be thine. And it came 
to pass that my feelings were so drawn out toward them that 
after this I found myself saying that I would not take millions 
of dollars for her and I would work my fingernails off to sup- 
port her and her children. So you may judge why I took her 
and I will say that I never was sorry but, on the other hand, 
was always glad. 

While I am upon this subject, I will say what wives I have 
had all the Lord did give them unto me and I do feel so very 
thankful unto him for each and every one of them and also 
for every precious son and daughter of Zion that our God has 



so graciously given or rather lent unto us— his precious sons 
and daughters. 

I do certainly consider them, these wives and children, the 
richest and greatest blessings that God ever bestowed on 
man. So, that man does prove himself worthy to hold them, 
yes in every particular worthy to hold them through time and 
eternity. That man's happiness and fullness of glory is made 
sure unto him this is the blessing of the eternal life. 

February 1868 

February, 1868. On the 16th, my wife Mary gave birth to a fine 
son. We called his name Lee Sidwell. He was born in Mountain 
Green. Mother and child doing well. We say that the blessings 
of God rest upon this lad... Let him grow up before thee and 
live and become a mighty man in Israel. 

I will now write a bit of her history, a very few of the words 
that she related to me sometime after she was married to me. 
She said it was some time or months after Brother Simmons 
was buried one evening she felt very poor and lonesome. She 
said, oh, Lord, what will become of me, what shall I do? And 
the voice of the Good Shepherd came, kneel down and pray, 
wash your body clean with pure water and then anoint yourself 
all over with consecrated oil. She did so. Her children were 
all asleep and then she bowed down before the Lord and did 



humbly supplicate his throne for mercy and that she might 
receive forgiveness of all her sins and that He would pour out 
of His holy spirit upon her even the spirit of prayer. She felt 
exceedingly humble before the Lord. She told the Lord she 
would give unto Him all her children and that she would do 
all that she could to teach them in the ways of the Lord. That 
she wanted Him to send her a man that she could live happy 
with in time and in eternity, and that she would faithfully serve 
him the remainder of her days. 

She said that within a few days after this prayer, she heard 
a wagon coming from the canyon. She looked out and it was 
myself, alone in the wagon. And she said such feelings came 
over her that she never felt before in her life so that she could 
not take her eyes off of that man till he had gone out of sight 
over the hill. 

She said after that day that it would be of no use for any 
other man to seek her hand, for she would want her hand 
and body to go with her heart. There is one thing she told 
me, a request that she made of the Lord in her prayer and 
supplication that God would sanctify her and make her like 
she was when she left her father's house. 

The man also, did pray much unto the Lord that he might 
know the will of God and that he might be enabled to do it and 
only that the consequences be what they might. For when the 
doctrine and principle of plural marriage was revealed unto 



me from heaven, the straight and narrow path was presented 
before me as vivid as lightening and the Lord God did say unto 
me that any man that enters into the holy order or any other 
principle but with an eye single to the glory of God, he, that 
man is damned. This caused me to fear, quake and tremble 
before the Lord God when I heard this declaration from His 
mouth and saw before me the way was so straight and so 
very narrow that leadeth to life eternal. So that I dare not, I 
would not take to myself a plural wife unless I did know it was 
with the commandment of God. Indeed, I never did take one 
or either of them only with an eye single to the glory of God 
and consequently upon that score I am clean before the Lord. 
I am under no condemnation. I do feel justified before my 
God, which thought and knowledge affords me great joy and 
satisfaction. I am exceedingly happy in my Redeemer for I do 
know that He liveth and because He lives I shall live also. 

February 12th, 1868. This day, I with three of my wives, 
namely Maria, Laurinda, and Lydia, we received our second 
endowments in the endowment house in Salt Lake City. We 
do receive it as a very distinguished favor and a wonderful 
blessing from heaven to get our second anointments under 
the hands of the servants of God in the holy priesthood. We 
rejoiced greatly and were exceedingly happy. Praise God. 

February 16th, Sunday morning. At half past eleven, Mary 
was delivered of a fine son at ten and a half pounds weight. 



We feel to implore the blessings of God upon all of our children. 
We receive them as very high prizes from heaven. 

April 6th, 1868. I removed my family from Mountain 
Green to our little place at the mouth of Weber Canyon. The 
grasshoppers are very severe on our crops this year. 

April 6th, 1868. We attend General Conference at the large 
tabernacle in Salt Lake City. As usual, a very large assemblage 
of Saints, or Mormons rather. Would be to God that they were 
all Saints. Jesus said, by their fruits ye shall know them. He 
said again that half of the virgins were or would be found 
foolish, the Lord help us. 

We received very good instructions and we do esteem these 
things of more value or of far greater worth than gold and 
silver or the world's goods, for we both love and fear God. 

And it came to pass that I did build a good rock house 
on this place. The little boys helped me some, but the Lord 
helped me a good deal more. 

February 1869 

[Editor's note: From February 12th to October 16th J.L.R. writes about 
his farm and crops in Weber Canyon.) 

October 16th, 1869. At this place, Mary gave birth to our 
second son, named Samuel. Let the spirit and the blessings 
of God rest upon the lad that he may become a great, a 



wise and a holy prophet, a holy man of God. We drew some 
land in Hooper as we had a canal built to a large tract of 
land sufficient for a large settlement lying about ten miles 
southwest of Ogden near the Salt Lake. 

October 1871 

October, 1871. I built two houses there and moved two of my 
wives, one on each farm, namely Lydia and Mary [Maria] so 
we did labor exceedingly hard in building, plowing, sowing, 
planting and we raised an abundance of grain, all for Zion, for 
surely that was what we labored for. 

[Editor's note: This was after the facts writing and dates are a bit 
mixed up.] 

October 1st, my wife Maria [Mary] gave birth to a fine 
daughter. We named her Harriet Ellis. We bless her that she 
may grow up a pure daughter of Zion. The blessing of God 
rest upon her and upon her good mother also. 

November 9th, the ground was broken and the site was 
dedicated to God in St. George for a second temple in these 

March 12th, 1869 is the date that our beloved daughter 
Lydia Ann died, age 13 and a few days old. She was an amiable, 
lovely, pure daughter of Zion. She was greatly beloved by her 
parents and friends, we mourn her loss or rather she the loss 



of her society. We prayed for her, we teased the Lord to leave 
her with us but we had not faith of sufficient to hold her but 
we tried to feel resigned in the will of God. We said at that 
time, she should lose nothing and that she should become the 
wife of a noble Lord. We gave her unto a nice young man, by 
the name of Ezra James Clark. She has been sealed to him. 
He was on his way home returning from a preaching mission 
in old England, the eldest son of the honorable E. J. Clark of 

September 25th, 1872 

September 25th, 1872, my fourth wife, Lydia Foster, departed 
this life. She dropped to sleep a few minutes before one o'clock 
this morning. I will here related some of the circumstances 
of her sickness and death. She was living in Hooper. She had 
borne to me six children, the youngest a son. She had taken 
a violent cold and was very sick for several days and Laurinda 
and Mary were both nursing her and this evening I had laid 
down to rest a little. She called me or sent for me to come 
and bless her that she might go to sleep. She told the women 
that she had promised to go at 12 o'clock and that I must 
get up and bless her that she might go, and I did give unto 
her a very peculiar blessing. She was told that an holy escort 
was in readiness to escort her to home, and that she should 



go in peace and that she should be greatly blessed. This was 
about 12 o'clock. In a few minutes after she says to me, oh 
father, I cannot go to sleep what shall I do. I placed my hand 
upon her head and said, Lydia, close your eyes, be quiet and 
you shall go to sleep. In a moment she closed her eyes, she 
was very quiet and breathed for a few minutes. We watched 
her, but we noticed her breathing grew slower, shorter, and 
weaker. We called her and shook her but it made no difference. 
She went fast and easy to sleep and then she awoke no more. 
She looked very pleasant, but she was gone and had left us 
in a troublesome world, to do the best we could, but we felt 
and said farewell, dear and much beloved wife and sister 
and mother to a family of very precious and very interesting, 
lovely children. We mourn her loss, but we do rejoice in the 
great victory that she has achieved from the fact that she did 
receive the gospel, in that she did obtain favor of the Lord, 
in that she did receive the remission of her sins and that she 
became the plural and precious wife of an holy man of God. 
She did become the honorable mother of six bright, intelligent 
children, sons and daughters of Zion. She did keep the faith 
and died in peace, fell to sleep in Jesus. She did receive and 
was favored with an honorable escort with songs of joy and 
gladness unto God her father that she might join the Church 
triumphant and that she might join with them in the great 
labor in making preparation for their friends that are yet to 



come and for the conning of the Lord and in preparing for the 
great marriage supper of the Lamb. 

We took her and buried her in our burial ground in Farm- 
ington where several of our family were buried. 

It might be interesting to relate a very singular phenomenon 
which was said to her on the same night that she died. There 
was an old gentleman that was camped about half a mile from 
our place. He was by some means awakened from his sleep. 
He started up his campfire and was sitting by it musing and 
reflecting and he told me that he heard such beautiful singing 
it was in the air over his head. It seemed to be coming in 
the direction from my house. He said he exclaimed, heavenly 
music, he said it was very heavenly music about 12 o'clock 
that night about the same hour that she died. 

December 1st, 1872. We are under the painful necessity of 
recording the demise of my very precious and beloved wife 
Maria Wood, the choice of my youth. She was born December 
5th, 1806 and she died December 1st, 1872. She was living 
and died in Farmington. She was not seriously sick but for a 
very few days and when the time came, she passed away easily 
without a struggle or a groan. She died as she had lived, a 
good, consistent Latter-day Saint. She was baptized into the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints April 1838. She 
was married to me on July 23rd, 1832 and she bore me five 
sons and two daughters. She loved her husband dearly and 



was greatly devoted to her family. After she resolved to leave 
the world, take up the cross and go with me in the service of 
her God and become a despised Latter-day Saint or Mormon, 
she became very zealous and devoted to the Church and to 
the cause of God on the earth. She received great faith from 
and in God and she was many times healed and also she 
received many promises and communications from the Lord 
through the medium of the Holy Ghost. 

I might with propriety mention of some few of them. After 
coming to Nauvoo, some time before the martyrdom of the 
Prophet Joseph Smith it was rumored that the Saints would 
and should go into polygamy so that the ancient patriarchal 
order of marriage would come to this people. She thought, 
could I endure to have my dear husband take another woman 
beside me and make her his wife. Oh, no, no. I certainly could 
not endure that — no never. Behold ye, I could see that that 
thing did worry her very much. I certainly said nothing to 
irritate her. I could see that thing did worry her very much. 
But I was like they said old David Crockett was, he said first 
know that you are right and then go ahead and the Lord 
knew very well that was my constitution regardless of the 
consequences. So the Lord loved her enough to open to her 
a vision. She saw herself and she said she knew it was not in 
this world. She was travelling and came to a very beautiful 
mansion. She was invited to walk in. She felt inclined and she 



did so. She was delighted to see so very beautiful a mansion 
with every room furnished with such beautiful furniture and 
it was so very pleasant and neatly and beautifully arranged. 
And to her great surprise, she saw a large group of women 
there and they were all the wives of one man and they were 
as happy and friendly and quietly together as a band of loving 
sisters could be. No unbecoming word. Neither an unpleasant 
look. She saw nor heard not any discord. This she saw was 
polygamy and it was so lovely, it captivated her. She was 
thoroughly convinced it was of God. 

Soon after this was shown to her she said to me, Joseph, 
when you get another wife, I wish you would get my sister. 
I said, why her in preference to some other one. She said, 
because I think that I could get along better with a sister than 
with a stranger. 

And behold ye, I was very greatly surprised for I did 
perceive that she was in earnest, but, what in the world had 
happened I could not think. She did not relate to me her vision 
for a very long time after she had received it for fear that 
I would be more anxious to get more wives. But she never 
thought against or fought the principle any more. Yet she fear 
that I might get another wife and I should think more of her 
(the second wife), than of her (Maria). So, she besought the 
Lord on that matter and she said the Lord told her that no 
woman should ever get between her and her husband. 



That promise settled another important question in her 
mind and verily a great many things the Lord did tell unto her 
and surely it was to her as wisdom. 

I could tell many things that would extol her virtues very 
highly. She surely was a very thorough going, neat, tidy, 
prudent, frugal and industrious housewife. She was a very 
honest, virtuous, devoted wife and a very kind mother to her 
children and a true and faithful friend to her God and to the 
Latter-day Saints. She was good to everybody. She has given 
birth to seven, I think very exceptional and good children 
and some presume to say that they do not make any better 
children. Well, I think that I can say, she was a God blessed 
woman and that she is way up high in my estimation and shall 
ever be so. If there can be any better women, I certainly 
will be very glad for them. I feel so very thankful that she is 
resting. She is not dead, but liveth. She is laboring faithfully 
with her sisters and with the good Saints up in the world of 
spirits. She shall receive a glorious resurrection and shall live 
forever. She shall wear a very bright crown and shall become 
very glorious and in very rich splendor, for I have certainly 
seen her in her glorified state. 

Now verily, with regard to myself, I propose to say a few 
words. I do feel my weakness very much but through Christ 
strengthening me I shall live to see Zion redeemed and the 
Saints possessing liberty and freedom. The House of God set 



in order, the United Order in full, blessed will be the Saints 
having received the perfect law and keeping it in the center 
stake of Zion. All which, my God grant me, for Christ's sake 

I have received great and precious promises from God my 
Heavenly Father and I do greatly desire to live here, labor with 
and suffer with the Saints of God and to sanctify and prepare 
myself to labor with the holy and the sanctified ones. I desire 
to accomplish all these things and a great deal more. Surely, 
the Lord is working marvelously in the earth. 

March, 1869. The Union Pacific Railroad was built through 
the mountains and their cars were running into Salt Lake 
Valley. A mighty work has been done by our Gentile brethren. 
I can remember of prophesying that the Gentiles would have to 
build a railroad through the Rocky Mountains for the benefit of 
His people. God has surely endowed them with skills and with 
an abundance of means to build these beautiful but expensive 
roads for the ancient prophets have plainly predicted that 
a highway shall be cast up for the ransomed of the Lord to 
pass over. Now verily, does not this mean that when the 
fullness of the Gentiles is come in and their time of holding 
rule, even when their day shall be over and the day of God's 
redeemed shall come, the gospel then shall go to them in 
great power and the spirit of God shall rest upon them, the 
spirit of gathering. Also the ten tribes shall come from the 



north country and shall come to the land of Ephraim, even 
here in Zion and then shall fall down and receive baptism 
and their washings and anointings, endowments and sealings 
in the House of the Son of God, even unto the hands of the 
elders of Israel. 

And they shall visit the house of Joseph in defending 
themselves against their enemies and they shall have to pass 
on, they shall go east even to the land of Palestine, even to 
the land that God gave to Abraham. Israel has to be gathered 
in this the dispensation of the fullness of times from out of 
the nations and from the islands of the seas unto Zion and 
to Jerusalem, as the prophets have plainly predicted and 

We shall need many of these highways to be cast up and 
railroads built upon them for the nations of the ransomed of 
the world to pass over and then they shall be dedicated unto 
God for His holy purposes, even for transporting the redeemed 
of the Lord the millions of His precious people and they shall 
pass safely over and not any of them, shall perish, not one. 
Not from railroad collisions, neither shall they perish upon 
the seas in the mighty steam vessels for they also have been 
prepared for the purposes of gathering the House of Israel. 

March, 1869. There was a large amount of sickness and 
deaths in Farmington. Our brethren James Smith and John 
Leevett both buried their only wives which left each a family 



of small motherless children and weeping husbands to mourn 
their loss. Our daughter Lydia Ann was taken also and several 
others, which deaths caused mourning and lamentation in 
several families. 


1874. I have hired Nelson Levy to build for me two houses. 
One in Hooper for Mary and family and one in Farmington for 
Laurinda and family. We have been well underway. 

[Editor's note: On the remainder of pages 167 and 168, J.L.R. 
writes about the hard work in which he was involved in providing for 
his families and in attending to his church responsibilities.] 

October 4th, 1875 

October 4th, 1875. My beloved wife Mary at 11 o'clock a.m. 
provided to me her fourth child, a splendid daughter which 
we receive with great joy and thanksgiving unto Almighty 
God our Heavenly Father. The mother is doing so well that 
she said that she could attend conference and I found a very 
long concourse of Saints and the richest, sweetest conference 
that I ever attended. 



December 1st, we named our little daughter Lucy and we 
blessed her to become a sweet singer in Israel and also to 
become a precious and pure daughter of Zion. 

February 18th, 1876 

On February the 18th, 1876, my birthday. The Hooper band 
came and did surprise me. They produced beautiful music 
and Aunt Mary had made plenty of good (root) beer and she 
prepared us a splendid supper. We had a very interesting and 
enjoyable time and a merry dance. 

April 6th, 1876. We received a letter from our family this 
month bringing the sad news of the death of their dear mother, 
my beloved wife Susan. She departed this life the 19th of April, 
1876 without a struggle. She has gone to associate and labor 
with the great family of Saints behind the veil. She was a very 
good Latter-day Saint and an affectionate wife and a very kind 
mother. We mourn her loss and the loss of her company. We 
feel that our loss is her gain that she has fought a good fight 
and that she has won a great prize. She did receive the gospel 
into a good and honest heart. In the love of it she was driven 
from Missouri with all the. Saints in the winter of '38 and '39 
with her husband and two little sons and with a servant man 
who did belong to the Church. He, Mr. Burton, stopped still 
in the state of Missouri with some of their friends. He said if 



the Lord would forgive him for following the Mormons so far, 
that he would never be guilty of following them any more. 
And he was as good as his word. He soon sickened and died 
without showing any symptoms of repentance. She, Susan, as 
soon as she could came to Nauvoo with the remainder of her 
family. She lived with and tried to serve God with the Latter- 
day Saints in the city of Nauvoo. She was born December 4th, 
1808. She received her endowments in the temple at Nauvoo 
in January 1846 and she was sealed to me the same date. 
She was driven from there with the Saints in the spring of '36 
and she did endure persecutions and difficulties with fortitude 
and a large amount of patience. 

She was a very affectionate and a very devoted wife. She 
bore to me three children, a son and one daughter living 
and in all things a very goo and very substantial Latter-day 
Saint. I have reason to be very proud. They did receive good 
Latter-day Saints for companions, have families of good bright 
interesting children. 

Aunt Susan, my very much beloved wife, came with me 
into these valley and has always been very patient and faith- 
ful. She, with us, did pass through two very severe famines 
with us in the Salt Lake Valley and in I860 the fall of 1850 in 
December she went with me to fill a very important mission 
in Iron County and helped to build up Parowan in Iron County. 
She has lived and died a Latter-day Saint. She is my second 



wife. She is mine for the Lord did say that she is thine. She 
does belong to thee and I do feel so very thankful to him 
for so good and worthy a wife. I do receive as a very great 
blessing from the mighty God my heavenly father. She shall 
wear a crown of immortal glory and shall receive a glorious 
resurrection and receive a kingdom and shall inherit celes- 
tial glory with her beloved companion. These blessings I seal 
upon her head in the name of Jesus Christ: and by virtue of 
the holy patriarchal priesthood, even so, Amen. 

April, 1876. My wife Laurinda is now doing what she has 
been telling us that she could do. She is manufacturing silk 
from the silk worms eggs. She has totally done the work: 
Hatched the eggs, fed the worms, prepared the cocoons, 
reeled and prepared the abundance of sewing silk. Brother 
Joseph Hadfield of Farmington has woven it into a considerable 
number of silk handkerchiefs and dress goods. But Laurinda 
prepared it from the loom. This is the first silk ever made in 
the mountains, a triumph for which she shall be blessed. 

I have obtained from President Brigham Young 150 mulberry 
trees and sat them in my lot in Farmington this month, April, 
1876, for silk purposes. 

June 18, 1876. We are receiving letters from our son Nathan 
from Arizona. They have founded a very good community in 
the country there and they are working in the United Order 
and are very well. But we were very sorry to hear of the death 



of our much respected brother, Bishop Lorenzo Roundy, who 
was drowned in trying to cross the big Colorado River. 

In August, at Farmington, I attended meetings, prayed for 
the people and had a very interesting time. Took dinner with 
my son Oliver and laid my hands upon his first wife's head 
and blessed her, as she is in confinement. I should note that 
on June 21st, we went to the endowment house, my wife 
Laurinda, my eldest son Oliver and my daughter Anna Maria 
and were baptized for several of our fathers and our mothers 
and friends and had several of our grandmothers sealed to 
their husbands. And for my father, his first wife Sarah Clark, 
sealed to him. We do esteem it a great privilege to do a great 
work for our forefathers. 

September 2nd, we attended a very interesting two day 
meeting at Farmington touching largely upon the United Order 
and other general matters of interest. John Taylor, Orson Pratt, 
Wilford Woodruff and Joseph F. Smith were there. We found our 
son Nathan there from Arizona and he is very fleshy. He looks 
and feels well. He has been very much blessed. Missionaries 
have been called to go into the United States, to Europe and 
into the south. We have continued to do the work for our 
dead with endowments and sealings which will now cease 
here and will be adjourned to the St. George temple in Dixie. 
The conference was adjourned, to be held in the St. George 
temple, the 6th day of next April, 1877. The Saints are required 



to finish the Salt Lake temple and to build one in Manti or in 
Sanpete Valley and also one in Cache Valley. My oldest son 
Oliver is called on a mission to the United States. 

December 5th, Tuesday, Nathan starts with his family to 
Arizona with a good outfit and between this time and Christmas 
I made several trips into the mountains and brought wood and 
lumber and also to Coalville, two trips, and brought coal. 


Last Years 

■Farming -Traveling -Writing 
Giving Blessings of Health & Patriarchal Blessings 

January 1st, 1877 

January 1st, 1877. We had a letter from Nathan. They had 
got to Parowan, Iron County, and had good roads and were 
getting along well. 

[Editor's note: On page 171 j.l.r. tells about his meetings and 
preachings to the people in Farmington and in Hooper. He also outlines 
the great amount of work they did during the winter, indicating that 



they had received letters from missionaries including Oliver and 

April 20th, 1877. Friday, April 20th, Lucy, the first wife of 
Oliver Lee Robinson died after an illness of about two weeks. 
My dear son, her beloved husband, was upon his mission in 
the east. We have written to him of her illness and we did 
try to save her, but stubborn death would not be diverted. 
Our faith was not persistent to save her. Her time had come 
to go so that we had to bid her farewell for the season. We 
pray for her poor afflicted husband that he may be spared 
to take the fatherly care of her motherless children and that 
God would grant unto him grace that sad bereavement may 
not overcome him and that he may be able to kiss the rod 
and to acknowledge the hand of God in this as well as in all 
things. For surely, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. 
They were very good children, believers in the holy gospel, 
son and daughter of Zion and the Lord had given unto them a 
large family of children, very bright, interesting, good children, 
God blessed children, heavenly treasures, how thankful they 
ought to be unto their God for them. 

Lucy was buried on the 22nd of April. The neighbors and 
her friends were very attentive and kind and did sympathize 
deeply with their dear weeping almost heartbroken children 
and they turned out largely at the funeral. The brethren Job 
Wellings and Edward Stratford did talk so very feelingly, 



beautifully upon that occasion and the services were very 

May 10th, three of our boys, namely Amos, Jedediah and 
George start for the Promitory to get cedar logs or to cut and 
bank them with teams, tools and provisions. We asked the 
blessings of our God upon them that they may be preserved 
and prospered and that they may be successful and that the 
Lord may abundantly bless them. 

May 12th and 13th, 1877. We attended a good conference 
meeting in Salt Lake City. The priesthood is getting waked up 
and is in earnest about organizing this church, this kingdom 
of God into stakes of Zion. The Holy Ghost is moving upon the 
presidency of the Church to organize this people into stakes 
that we might have more perfect discipline and order and that 
the Saints may have their lamps trimmed and burning and 
that our people may get to building temples more thoroughly 
for we have to build them as well as to preach the gospel. 
My son Oliver arrived home from his mission in New York. He 
grieved sadly over the death of his wife, Lucy. 

May 19th, 20th and 21st. A conference was held in Logan, 
Cache Valley, to organize now into stakes of Zion. The program 
is in full blast. The President has selected the spots and they 
have dedicated the same unto God for a temple in Logan and 
the ground is broken and the people are committed to build 



May 22nd, the eldest daughter of Joseph E. and Dory 
Robinson died. They took her death very hard. She was a 
very lovely child and while I was sitting by the side of the 
corpse at the time of the funeral, a very sweet and a very 
happy feeling burned in my bosom. I shall never forget it was 

May 26th, 27th, 28th. There was a conference held in 
Ogden City in which there was a more perfect and complete 
organization effected. The presidency and apostles that were 
present in their teachings and preaching and instructions to 
the Saints were extremely rich and instructive. They talked 
upon many important subjects, and silk culture was one. My 
wives Mary and Laurinda who live in Farmington, were there 
at this meeting and as Aunt Laurinda had upon herself rich 
beautiful silk dress that she had made with her own hand, 
except the weaving, but even from the elements and they 
called upon her to rise up in the congregation that the people 
might see the rich and the beautiful silk dress that she had 
made with her hands. 

June, Mary is making cheese and Laurinda is making silk. 
We help her gather mulberry leaves to feed to the worms that 
they may return to us the beautiful silk we are needing. We 
are writing a letter to our son Nathan in Arizona. 

June 16th and 17th. We attended a very interesting confer- 
ence in Farmington. President Young and some of the twelve 



were there and at this conference the Davis Stake of Zion 
was organized, by ordaining Bishop William Smith of Bountiful 
President and Christopher Layton Bishop of the Kaysville First 
Ward and Anton Call Bishop of Bountiful for second counselor. 
Twelve high priests were organized into the twelve high coun- 
cilors. Thomas Grover the first and myself as one of them. 
There were some other bishops ordained and Brother John 
Tibbits was ordained patriarch. Thomas S. Smith of Farming- 
ton was ordained and set apart as president of the high priest 
quorum in Davis Stake of Zion. Thomas Steed is first and Joab 
Welling his second counselor. 

At this conference also there were several of the brethren 
down from Ogden. President Perry and one of his counselors 
and Professor Monch and also others. They came to my house 
in Farmington to see our silk and worms. Some of them had 
never seen any before. Meetings were held in different wards 
and a very good spirit attended all their meetings. Also, a 
meeting was held in Hooper and our president Gilbert Belnap 
was ordained bishop. Charles Parker his first and William 
(Felinders) his second counselor. 

June 24th. Sunday we attend meetings in Hooper. The 
bishop called upon us to address the people and the Lord 
was with us. Our boys are home from the Promitory. We shall 



[editor's note: At this point there are seven blank pages in j.l.r's 

February 1887. I put up with Brother Edward Richens 
and family. He lives one mile north of Echo Summit County, 
a family of good Latter-day Saints and a well to do of this 
world's goods. I feel very much at home with them. I have 
been acquainted with them for many years. I found Sister Sary 
[probably Sarah] his wife very feeble, and while with them 
about six days I anointed and blessed his wife and gave to 
their eldest daughter, Sary Ellen, a good patriarchal blessing, 
a daughter of about 19 years. 

It is very stormy these days (February 12th and 13th). 
There is much snow sleighing in this country. We attend 
meetings at Coalville, the Summit Stake quarterly conference. 
A very good meeting, they were trying to get up a reformation. 
They seem to feel the need of it very much. They are a very 
good people and are building a very fine, large beautiful stake 
house which would be a credit to any people on this earth. I 
took dinner with Brother and Sister George Beard, a nice family 
and on the 14th, Monday, drove to Enterprise, took some coal, 
put up with Brothers Joseph and Silas Card. They both had 
buried each of them a wife, they have their very aged mother 
with them and their sister Harriett who had left Elkany Smith 
to keep their house. She is a very good saint, good woman. 
While here, I was sick some and she administered to me a 



good dose of ginger tea. I received from the Lord a good word 
for her and told her to keep the Word of Wisdom strictly and 
the commandments of God and her sins should all be forgiven 
her. Also that she should take good care of her aged mother 
while she should stop with them. This would not be long and 
also that she should take good care of her brothers while they 
should need or want her to that she should have strength and 
that God would provide her a good man that should lead her 
into the celestial kingdom of God and that man should preside 
over her there and that she should inherit celestial glory with 
her companion. 

On the 15th I visited a few minutes with Brother and Sister 
Havens. They both had been very much afflicted with the 
rheumatics this winter but are better now. 

I drove down the canyon, a warm day, and put up with my 
daughter Janie and family. 

My son-in-law, Byran Bibie, lives in Uintah in Weber, a very 
good man with a very good, comfortable home and a large 
orchard. He is a good provider. He has a very excellent, good 
wife and family. She is my third wife Laurinda's eldest daughter. 
They received me very kindly. I stopped with them two nights. 
It is very stormy with much snow. My wife, her mother, was 
there on a visit, a very smart old lady of 66. Now I certainly 
do feel myself highly favored of the Lord for He has given 
me five wives. They were all living at the same time, good 



affectionate wives and they all bore to me children, good and 
well disposed children. My first wife Maria, bore me seven sons 
and two daughters. My second wife, Susan, bore me three 
children, one son and two daughters. Third wife, Laurinda, 
bore me eight children, two sons and six daughters. Fourth 
wife, Lydia, gave me six children, four sons and two daughters. 
Fifth wife, Mary, bore me four sons and two daughters and 
notwithstanding we are in jeopardy every hour, yet we feel 
exceedingly happy and do rejoice with exceeding great joy, 
for God is with me. I shall not want. 

On the 17th I drove down to Hooper and home— heavy 
wheeling, the children are well, no snow here. 

I think I shall copy a letter written by myself to my afflicted 
children soon after the death of my dear son, Oliver Lee 
Robinson. He died August 18th, 1886. I was some 200 miles 
north at the time of his death, was at Eagle Rock on a Sunday 
the day of his funeral and preached to the Saints in that place. 
I saw an account in the Deseret News of his death on Monday 
the day after. 

[This is a copy of the letter.] 
Willow Creek, Idaho, September 12th, 1886. 

To my dearly beloved and afflicted children: Joseph Eliza 
and family, Anna Maria Wilcox and family, Alma Robinson 
and family, Ester and all of Lucy's children and their families, 



J received the very sad and unlooked for news of the death 
of my dear son Oliver and your very dear brother, husband 
and father. We felt very gloomy and sorrowful. We truly 
mourned the loss of so good a man. We said oh Lord, why is 
it so, why should he be. stricken down in the prime of life? Is 
it thy will oh Lord that he should be taken from us? But I felt 
to say, like one of old, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh 
away and blessed be the name of the Lord. I felt it is the hand 
of the Lord, let Him do what seemeth Him good. I said God 
bless my dear children, strengthen them that they may be 
comforted, that they may not any of them go distracted, but 
that they might have grace sufficient to their day. I know it 
is extremely hard to bear and I will try to say something to 
comfort you. His present life was not his first, he lived long 
before the foundations of this earth was 'laid. He was one of 
the noble sons of God that set in the grand council, or when 
the grand council set to take into consideration the propriety 
of organizing this earth. He did help to get up the program 
for all of the great and mighty series that should transpire 
upon the same, the mighty revelations that should take place 
and all the important dispensations that should usher in and 
the times when they should be introduced. He also voted for 
every man that should head those dispensations. He was well 
acquainted with those men. He was an intelligent spirit and 
shall become a ruler in God's kingdom. 



Now, behind the veil there is a great and mighty work to be 
done, a thousand times more people to preach the gospel to 
than there is at the present time on this earth. He was wanted 
there. They will use him well, he will have plenty of work, he 
is very willing and ingenious and will give good satisfaction 
and in taking him he will be taken from the evils to come. He 
died in the faith, he is happy, our loss is his exceeding great 
gain. Now my dear children I want you to be reconciled to 
the will of heaven. 

Thank God that He gave you so good and interesting a fa- 
ther and husband and brother, as I thank Him that He gave 
me so good and dutiful a son and that He left him with us so 
long. How thankful we ought to be to the Lord. Now, our lives 
are in the hands of God. We know not how soon our turn will 
come. Therefore, I would say, dear children, each and every 
one of you, seek the Lord, seek Him diligently for surely ev- 
eryone that seeks the Lord Jesus diligently shall find Him pre- 
cious to your souls. Now we shall go to him, he will not come 
to us until the resurrection and that shall not be very, very 
long before he shall receive his body again and it shall be a 
perfect, healthy and immortal body. Now, if we desire it and 
we are faithful, and are willing to suffer with the Saints and 
will assist to build up the kingdom of God on this earth, some 
of us will live until the Savior comes. Still, we shall have to 
die, but we shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye from 



mortal to immortal and our work will continue. We shall no 
time to rest, so must it be. 

I received a note last evening from Joseph informing us of 
the death of Oliver, but the first we heard was in the Deseret 
News. The day of his funeral we were at Eagle Rock and I 
preached to the Saints in that place. I expect to come down 
soon and hope I shall see you and talk with some of you. 

God bless you all, my mother used to say it in prayer. Prayer 
makes the (darkness) almost bright. So don't forget your 
prayers, by no means don't and the Lord will comfort you. 

Mary grieved very much over the death of Oliver, she 
sends her love to you all. We are all well at present. She says 
she prays for you all the time. Now, we mourn not as those 
that have no hope. Now Oliver has a great many friends and 
relatives and acquaintances over there. He lived and died in the 
faith of the gospel. It is certainly well with him. I had rather 
a thousand times rather bury a child or a friend of mine pure 
and innocent in the faith of the gospel than that they should 
apostatize or disgrace themselves to bring a strain upon their 
characters. I will tell you more when I come, so no more at 
present. These few lines from your father and best earthly 
friend to all my children and grandchildren, signed Joseph L 

March 1st, 1887. There has been a monstrous bill before 
the House of Congress of these United States. It has passed 



through both Houses of Congress and is now awaiting the 
signature of the President that it may become law. It is a 
very ugly, ungodly, unconstitutional thing, a thing far beneath 
the character of white men, a thing calculated to destroy the 
people of the Saints, supposing it will drive them mad so that 
they may resist a United States officer and that they may 
have a pretext to bring an army to bear against Mormons, the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They suppose it 
will be an easy matter for 50 millions of people to wipe out a 
few hundred thousand poor despised Mormons. 

This is called the Edmans-Tucker Bill. But surely God is 
with this people, the Latter-day Saints and He has sworn to 
defend His people. He has promised a wo unto them that 
fight against Zion. Now this people are improving, they are 
doing better, they are certainly making up to a greater sense 
of their duties. They say their prayers better, they pay their 
tithing better, they better keep the Word of Wisdom, they 
send their fast offerings better and their Sabbath meetings 
and their offerings and they look after the wants of the poor 
better also. Now verily, this land in the midst of these moun- 
tains is and has been greatly blessed unto and for the Saints 
and surely also it is God's thrashing floor and the wicked are 
His rod and He will surely thrash His people and clean them 
until they become very clean. He certainly will try them as 
Abraham was tried and as gold seven times tried, in the fire. 



Yea, He shall test them, that He shall know verily whether we 
will be willing to die for God and for our friends as Jesus was 
willing to die for His enemies or whether we will rather save 
our own dear lives. 

Now, we may see the necessity of our living near to God 
that we may always have His spirit with us, for surely everyone 
that is faithful so that He does get the spirit of the Lord and 
keep it for a bosom companion, shall never fall away, no 

Now the Father is very anxious to save His people and He 
knows surely and so do I know that the only possible chance 
for us to become Saviors upon Mount Zion, to become kings, 
to wear a bright crown, to come into possession of eternal 
riches, yea, to receive eternal lives, or to possess eternal 
lives is to become pure as God is pure. Now the wicked are 
acting under the influence of the evil one. They are acting 
themselves. They must be held responsible for what they do. 
They have gone so far and have so much of wickedness and 
abominations, they have brutally beaten and in cold blood 
murdered and robbed and drove the Latter-day Saints, yea 
four times they have smitten and driven them and the Saints 
have borne it very patiently and we have importuned at the 
feet of their judges, have importuned at the feet of their 
governors, and have importuned at the feet of the President, 
yea three times and they have not one of them heeded our 



prayers, neither done anything to redress our wrongs, neither 
have they ever executed one man for murdering a Mormon. 
Now surely, will not the Lord come out of His hiding place and 
vex this nation with a sore vexation? Will He not in His wrath 
cut off those wicked and unjust stewards, those wicked and 
ungodly presidents and those proud, wicked and high minded 
senators, representative and high supreme court and all the 
house of Congress, the ungodly, unmerciful governors, and 
all the unjust, ungodly judges, marshalls and juries? Yea 
and verily, shall those escape who have encouraged them in 
their murdering of the prophets and elders and Saints and 
in all their unholy proceedings? In imprisoning good men? In 
breaking up families? 

Yea cursed is he or all they that parteth the man and wife 
and cause little children to suffer. Verily shall any one of those 
escape the vengeance of an offended God? For in behalf of 
a sorely oppressed and afflict people, shall not the people of 
this nation not only suffer in the agonies of death in a very 
sore and severe suffering? Verily shall they not also pay the 
debt they owe to the people of the Latter-day Saints for the 
loss of time and property as they have by them been driven 
from their temple and homes and possessions in Kirtland, 
Ohio and from their homes and possessions in Jackson County, 
Missouri and from all their homes and possessions and prop- 
erty in and from the state of Missouri? They have also been 



driven from their lovely temple which was built expressly by 
the command of the Almighty God by the hands and means of 
the poor afflicted Latter-day Saints from the rich and beautiful 
city of Nauvoo which was built on as lovely and beautiful a site 
as the mighty Mississippi, the father of waters, as ever the 
great creator of heaven and earth ever formed. Yea a lovely 
city. They have also been driven from their homes in Lima 
and from all the countries round about in the state of Illinois 
and from our large and extensive and valuable possessions 
and improvements in Iowa and the surrounding country. Yea, 
driven by mob violence from fifty to one hundred thousand 
people entirely away from civilization into the deserts, into 
the Rocky Mountains among the wild men of the forest to per- 
ish, as they hoped and expected we should. Verily, when they 
saw that we were up and going and then, to be sure that we 
should perish as they were watching our movements, Stephen 
A. Douglas, a man who was aspiring to be president of these 
United States, did propose to President Polk that they should 
make a demand of our people for 500 good, efficient able 
bodied men to be sent immediately on route to California to 
assist the United States in fighting the Mexicans as the United 
States and Mexico were at war at that time. 

Now in the event they refused to give these 500 men to 
go, what shall we do, after consultation President Polk did 
agree to enpower Stephen A. Douglas with authority from 



the United States to go into the western part of Missouri and 
beat up for or raise an army of volunteers sufficient to use 
up and wipe out the Saints, yea the entire Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Then again, their conclusion, in case we did send the 500 
men, that the Indians and the desert would certainly use up 
the remainder of this much despised and poor and afflicted 

Now, we wish to ask a civil and solemn question. What 
shall be done with that nation, or people, that have dealt so 
very wickedly with the religious sect whose only fault was in 
believing in and striving in their weakness to keep the com- 
mandments of God, their Heavenly Father, and to believe in 
and pattern after the Lord Jesus Christ and love their neigh- 
bors as themselves. They have always sought diligently and 
manifested a disposition to keep inviolate the Constitutional 
laws of the land. Now, before we pass sentence on this mighty 
and proud nation which has grown to such dimensions upon 
this choice land of Joseph, a portion of the land of Zion, we 
would like to examine this sect of despised Mormons and see 
if we can ascertain their true character and what their work 
has been and something of what they have done ecclesiasti- 
cally and mentally and physically. In the first place, they have 
become organized with a complete set of officers, fully and 
grandly equipped with a more complete set of officers than 



any other sect or society on this earth or that ever has been 
according to history. Furthermore, this people claim to be 
inspired of God that they have received authority from Jesus 
Christ and that this organization was given by inspiration and 
it is an exact pattern of the organization in the heavens. Our 
elders do preach by the power of the Holy Ghost, they do 
baptize their converts by immersion in water for the remis- 
sion of their sins, they do in their confirmation lay on hands 
for and do give the Holy Ghost to these they baptize as the 
apostles in ancient times. Now this Holy Ghost does come 
and rest down upon the faithful Latter-day Saints which does 
open up to their minds things of God and of godliness and 
their minds do expand far and wide and giveth unto them ut- 
terance which in many instances far exceeds the wisdom, the 
understanding, the language and minds and intellect of this 
wise and learned generation. 

Now verily, God our Heavenly Father, in this our day has 
surely revealed himself to man on this earth and hath re- 
vealed and sent the holy gospel in its fullness with authority 
to preach and administer the same in that He has conferred 
the holy priesthood, called the Melchizedek priesthood, with 
some branches or an appendage called the Aaronic priest- 
hood and also evangelical or patriarchal high priesthood. In 
a presiding priesthood, the Aaronic is the lesser, its officers 
consist of priest, teacher, deacon, bishop, the bishopric is in, 



or holds the presidency over that priesthood and to attend 
to all temporal affairs of the gospel. An important office in 
the Melchizedek priesthood is that of Patriarch who comes 
through a particular lineage of chosen seers holding the right 
to bless. A patriarch should be a seer and a revelator, yea, a 
mighty minister, yea, the order of celestial and eternal mar- 
riage comes under that head or branch of the priesthood. One 
high priest is selected by inspiration and nominated, seconded 
and voted in by the members of the Church. He thus becomes 
the President of the Church of Jesus Christ in all the world. He 
chooses for first and second counselors two high priests. They 
too have to be voted in and accepted by the Church or the 
baptized members or disciples of Christ and ordained also and 
set apart to that office. Then, we have the First Presidency of 
the Church. They can proceed inasmuch as they have timber 
sufficient to build, they can proceed and ordain and organize 
the Church complete with every office and officer necessary 
and with every quorum requisite. 

Now, there must be a quorum of twelve apostles, or trav- 
elling high council. There must be a local quorum of twelve 
high councilors with their president. There must a quorum of 
seventies with their presidents. There should be a quorum of 
high priests, a quorum of elders, a quorum of priests, a quo- 
rum of teachers, a quorum of deacons with their presidents 
with their patriarch, also, now all these quorums should meet 



each by themselves to be instructed in the duties of their of- 
fice and callings. 

Now this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was 
organized the sixth day of April, 1830, with six members and 
now they will number some hundreds of thousands. 

But, now, what have they done? Have they accomplished 
anything much? I will answer, yes indeed, a great deal. As 
we have stated, they had been driven four times from four 
different places, many have been slain, mobbed, robbed 
and driven. Yet, they have built a great many cities and a 
great many large and splendid tabernacles and a great many 
meeting houses and a great many school houses and several 
academies, one temple in Kirtland, Ohio and the church owns 
it yet. They have built one temple in Nauvoo, Illinois and one 
has been destroyed which was commenced in Missouri but 
our people were driven away so soon they could not finish 
it. They have sent thousands and thousands of elders to the 
nations of the earth and have preached the gospel in and unto 
a great portion of this earth or nations. 

In these mountains they have built four temples, two of 
them finished and two of them not yet finished. They have 
expended millions of dollars in gathering the poor from the 
nations of the earth. They have made one move south, at 
the suggestion of our president and great leader Brigham 
Young. All of this great people north of Utah Valley spent one 



season with a fixed purpose of setting the torch to everything 
combustible if that horrible destructive army should come in. 
If our leaders should say fire, we should certainly have fired 
all our cities and everything that would burn. This the Lord 
had done to prove us for verily He would know if we loved Him 
or if we would do as we were told to sacrifice all and trust in 
God. When He saw what we would do He says you may go 
home and we felt like humble, faithful children. We returned 
to our homes with joy and rejoicing. We felt to praise the Lord 
our God and thank Him with all our hearts and verily the Holy 
Ghost said unto me you may now (meaning the people of the 
Saints) build permanently which said to me, you Latter-day 
Saints will remain. Then again the Lord tried His people on this 
wise to see if they would certainly obey Him in other things 
also. We had been once tried and had paid one-tenth of all 
we had for tithing. He says to us again through His servant 
Brigham Young, he says brethren it is the will of the Lord that 
we should be tithed again one-tenth of all you possess. Now 
what say you? Yes, we say, yes we do these things without 
grumbling. Then again he said, boys you must go to and fort 
yourselves in by building a wall about your cities. Behold, we 
went to work like good boys and expended a large amount of 
labor and means which gave a great amount of labor to poor 
men and behold ye we went to work with a will until the Lord 
said it is enough. He said, I will accept these testimonies and 



you may stop this work for I will be a wall of defense. I will 
protect this people and so it was our Father accepted these 
three testimonies and verily He has placed a hedge around 
this people that they shall not be moved. For this blessing 
we truly feel very grateful unto Him our God and now is this 
sufficient to establish the character and worth of this people? 
We could say a great deal more in favor of this people, but 
we think this will do. 

And now we say, inasmuch as this nation has sought 
diligently to destroy this people, let them be destroyed and 
whereas the Gentiles have sought to take away our liberties 
and to prevent us from governing ourselves even so wilt thou 
rend from them the government and give it to a people better 
than they who will frame none but constitutional laws and 
administer them in righteousness that all people may possess 
their rights and have liberty to worship God as they choose. 
If it should cost the lives of all the wicked, amen and amen. 

We look for the judgement of God to be poured out without 
measure upon this very wicked and adulterous, murderous, 
ungodly nation and that in the near future our Father and God 
shall come out of His hiding place and vex this nation with a 
sore vexation. And He shall cut off those unwise stewards and 
unjust stewards and He rather shall send them to their own 
place— and it shall come to pass that wars shall be poured out 
abundantly upon this nation. Yea and upon all nations also 



and it shall come to pass also that great hailstones shall be 
poured out so, which shall destroy the crops of the earth. Also, 
our God shall send great and mighty storms and whirlwinds 
which shall fall with pain upon the heads of the wicked and 
they shall perish. 

Yet, in all this we rejoice not in the sufferings of the wicked 
(but rather they would repent and live) but we do and will 
rejoice in the Lord our God, in that He is mindful of His people 
Israel, that He will yet choose Jacob for His inheritance and 
Jerusalem for His resting place and that He doth have mercy 
upon poor grieving Zion. Yea our God shall comfort her, He 
shall surely redeem her, for surely she shall be very beautiful 
in her situation, the joy of the whole earth, in the lives of the 
north, the city of the great king, for surely Zion shall become 
very pure. Out of her shall proceed them all, for it shall come 
to pass as saith the prophets of God that our venerable father 
Adam shall come (in the near future it shall be) to the center 
stake of Zion and shall sit in council with a host of the ancient 
and modern prophets, with many of the venerable fathers 
and a host of the mighty sons of God and a large concourse 
of angels. They will certainly take into consideration the 
situation, they shall certainly understand the true character 
of the Latter-day Saints and shall understand how many times 
they have been smitten by the Gentiles, their ungodly enemies. 
How many have been murdered by them and robbed and 



plundered and driven and how patiently they have borne all 
their persecutions. How many times they have importuned at 
the feet of their judges, their governors, their presidents, also 
and that they have not ever heeded their prayers neither have 
they ever executed a man for murdering a Latter-day Saint and 
that their law makers have made many unjust unconstitutional, 
ungodly laws and on purpose for our destruction have sent 
very beastly, wicked men here among us to execute these 
ungodly laws, which they have done with a vengeance. They 
have very unmercifully abused and beaten and imprisoned 
and murdered innocent men, women, and children and there 
were but few that had the virtue or the moral courage to plead 
the cause of or protest against the abuses of the Saints. And 
they, this grand council, shall decide that the government, the 
kingdom and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole 
heavens shall be rent from the Gentiles and they shall decide 
that the people of the Saints have proved themselves worthy. 
That they have earned the kingdom, and they, this grand and 
mighty council, shall take and give and confer the kingdom 
and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heavens 
unto the people of the Saints of the Most High and they, these 
poor despised Mormons, Latter-day Saints, shall take the 
kingdom and possess it under the whole heavens. Then they, 
the Saints, shall organize an exact, just, holy constitutional 
laws and appoint just and righteous judges. Then and not until 



then, shall the law go forth of Zion and the word of the Lord 
from Jerusalem and then there shall be an end of kingdoms. 
There shall be but one kingdom and that shall be of God. 
And behold ye, it shall last forever, which may God grant for 
Christ's sake, amen. 

February 28th. I wrote two letters and sent one to Mary 
F. Robinson and one to Amos G. Robinson and sent some 
recommends to unite with the branch of the church there. 

March 3rd. Attended fast meeting, the fullest house and 
the best fast meeting I have ever witnessed in Hooper. Very 
many bore their testimonies. It was plainly manifest the spirit 
of God is striving with the people and to the true Latter-day 
Saints it is very cheering. Several children were blessed. We 
administered to Bishop Belnap for his health. 

March 5th. Getting out and sorting potatoes, laboring hard 
this week at home. Fine weather came in with March. Our 
boys are plowing. 

March 6th. We attend meeting, a full house to overflow- 
ing. Partook of the sacrament of the Lord's supper. There was 
manifest a very solemn and humble spirit. Elders Henry Man- 
ning and William Garner were called to the stand. They spoke 
very good to strengthen and instruct the Saints. Administered 
to counselor John (Jolinders). Went to Brother Manning's, ad- 
ministered to a very sick sister. Had a good, rich conversation 



with the brethren, sisters, several sisters wished me to give 
them a patriarchal blessing, I have to promise them. 

March 7th. I took my wife and Laurinda Parker to Farm- 
ington. Arrive eight o'clock one evening. Found the children 
mostly well. Found Joseph Elijah with a very bad foot. I 
anointed and blessed him. We promised him in the name of 
the Lord he should recover and become sound, saying to him, 
be of good courage, be very humble, exercise faith in God, 
and He shall surely visit thee, He shall heal thy feet, and set 
them on high. Thy body also shall be healed and thou shalt 
be exalted in His presence. 

March 8th, 1887. We visited my daughter, Anna Maria, at 
her house. I gave to her a patriarchal and father's blessing. 
She feels herself very greatly blessed. She is an exceedingly 
kind, affectionate and a faithful daughter of Zion. She received 
a very choice blessing. Eugene Robinson, my grandson, is 
getting better, visited with him and Lorin and Ester and their 
families which was very interesting because of the spirit and 
love of God which is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy 
Ghost which is given unto us. Visited also with sisters Mary 
Clark and Mary Elizabeth, her daughter. Had a very good, 
interesting talk with them, upon important and family mat- 

March 9th. Visited with Anna Robinson and family. Prayed 
with and took breakfast with them. She is my son Oliver's 



[deceased] second wife. A very amiable, good woman with 
a very good family of seven living children. She has buried 
four. She shall be blessed. We came home to Hooper with my 
daughter Sister Parker. Had a good visit, received letters from 
Willow Creek. My wife Mary and Lee, my son. They are having 
a long and hard winter there. Was pleased to hear they were 
well and that they were interested in the work of God as the 
Saints are alive and trying to do their duties in that part of 
the vineyard. 

March 13th. Sunday attended meetings, a full house. 
Opened the meeting by prayer, broke bread and Brothers 
George Towers and Ollie Olson talked good to the Saints. After 
meeting, by request, went to Brother Ollie Olson's and gave 
him and his wife and Brother Jones a good sound patriarchal 
blessing. Brother Olson brought me home. We feel ourselves 
greatly blessed, I, under the influence of the Holy Ghost in 
giving, and they in receiving. 

March 14th. Monday, my son Samuel, a fine lad of about 
17. He has gone as a teamster to work on the railroad. I pray 
for him that the spirit and blessing of God may be poured out 
upon him that he may be preserved from gross sins, from 
death, or even much sickness, as also all our brethren. 

Burt and I, putting in wheat and some garden, peas, turnips, 
cabbage. It has been for two weeks very fine weather. I am 



writing some these day evenings. My faith is strengthening, 
very happy. 

March 20th. Sunday morning I gave to my step-son Burt 
Simmons, and his wife Sarah Jane, a patriarchal and good 
father's blessing. They felt very humble. Attended meeting, a 
very full house, missionaries from Pleasant View. Our meeting, 
very interesting today. One of the speakers told a very thrilling 
incident of moving that he experienced and passed through in 
a late mission in one of the southern states. A mob of wicked 
men, determine to stop the Mormons from preaching in that 
country gathered around and shot at the elders with intent 
to kill them, this brother said. One bullet came so close to 
his head it knocked him down and that several pierced close 
by his head but through the mercy of God he escaped death 
at this time. But, he knew Mormonism could be true and that 
God was with this people. 

After the meeting closed I repaired to Brother Henry 
Manning's house and partook of a good supper and then gave 
three patriarchal blessings upon the heads of Sister Lee and 
Sister Manning and one of her daughters, Sister Belnap and 
surely they felt themselves greatly blessed and manifested a 
determination to try if possible to render themselves worthy 
before the Lord to receive them. 

The past week, very fine weather, working very hard upon 
the farm to help Burt put in our crops. 



That monstrous bill, called the Edmans and Tucker Bill, has 
become law, but we hope to live for all that. We look unto 
God and He shall bear us up victorious. We continued working, 
finished sowing small grain. 

March 26th, Saturday, took some molasses and salt up 
Weber. Put up with Brother and Sister Hadens. Had a good visit 
with them. Sold some and bought some potatoes for seed. 

March 27th. Sunday morning drove to my daughter's in 
Richville and visited with them. Found them well and with 
them attended meeting, the young men's conference held 
in the morning. Spirited meeting. I was invited to the stand 
and I felt honored with having the privilege to speak in their 
house and bear my testimony to the truth of the work of God 
in these last days. I told them that Mormonism was a creature 
of God and that God was with this people, that they should 
never be moved. That this was His thrashing floor and that 
He should thoroughly purge out from among His people those 
that offend and make a lie. That this people should continue 
the good work of building holy temples and that work should 
never cease until thousands of them should be built and 
that the sons and daughters of Zion should work in them all 
through the millennium or until the last son and daughter of 
Adam that was worthy should be administered for and unto. 
That our young men, sons of Ephraim, had a mighty work to 
do and that their sons that were yet in embryo should come 



forth and rise and perform a greater work than ever had been 
performed yet on this earth. And that we seventies, elders, 
presidents, bishops and everybody had to better themselves 
and purify ourselves before the Lord or He would remove us 
out of the way, for this kingdom was destined to go ahead 
and kingdoms had to be thrown down and that truth must 
prevail on this earth for as the Lord saith, wickedness shall 
not reign. 

We told them that Jesus Christ was the great prototype, 
a pattern for us to try and imitate, a pattern for piety, a 
pattern for meekness, a pattern for obedience, a pattern for 
prayerfulness, and patience and always doing good. He was 
the one, altogether lovely, the chiefest among the thousands 
and altogether the most amiable and lovely person that ever 
lived on the earth. 

We told the young men to fear God and keep His 
commandments better than their fathers had done, for them 
to improve every opportunity of doing good and of learning 
that they might become very efficient and mighty men in their 
day and in the world, for great things should be required at 
their hands and we blessed them in the name of the Lord. 

After the meeting, we retired home, to my son-in-law's 
house. He has a very good house and he is a very good man, 
a good Latter-day Saint, a home missionary, a just man, a 
preacher of the gospel and a very good school. I employed 



him to write for me some as I had given some fine previous 
blessings to Elder Edward (Richany) and his good wife and 
they had been taken in such a clumsy way that they could 
not read them and I deciphered and read them and he wrote 
them in a good, plain, intelligible hand, and it came to pass 
it did take us until after ten o'clock in the evening and I had 
a good interesting visit with my children. 

March 28th. In the morning, drove to Brother Richen's. He 
lives near Echo. Found them in usual health and had a good 
visit with them. Prayed for and with them and delivered and 
read their blessings to them and they were very much pleased 
and delighted for they were saintly, good, sound, rich bless- 
ings, but none too good for them (if they live for them). 

March 29th. Drove to Enterprise. Stopped with Brother Ha- 
vens and family. We administered to their little granddaughter 
as she was very unwell. Sold all I took to sell and bought what 
I went for that was some early seed potatoes. Was blessed 
of the Lord greatly. 

March 30th. A good day but cool. Drove down to Hooper, 
home, left five bushels with Brother William Fowler for seed 
as he greatly needed them and he had let me have some fruit 
trees which I sent to my boys and family at Willow Creek. 

March 31st. The last day of March, spring has come, travel 
is good, the weather dry, preparing to attend conference at 
Provo this spring. The Lord be with His people. 



April 3rd, 1887. A Sabbath day, a day of rest and we feel 
truly to keep the Sabbath day holy unto the Lord, but as 
Brother Parker and I concluded to attend conference and travel 
we concluded to start today. But as our bishop, and counsel 
and people of this ward are very busy in trying to build for 
themselves a meeting house (which they greatly need and 
ought to have built long since) Brother Parker must stay un- 
til after the meeting. Consequently, we set out at about half 
past four in the evening, arriving at Farmington at dark. Good 
weather, the roads very dry and dusty. We feel well and truly 
very zealous in the work and cause of God our Heavenly Fa- 
ther. Knowing as we do by the Holy Ghost, that Mormonism 
is verily true and that God loves His people and that He is 
with this people and that He does always pour out His spirit 
and blessings upon the Saints and elders at His general and 
semi-annual conferences, therefore we go in the name of the 
Lord with joyful hearts and with cheerful countenances. 

We find the children and family very well and my son 
Joseph Elijah greatly improved as he had been very sick for 
several weeks. We had prayed for him very much. We felt very 
thankful to our God that He had restored him so much so that 
he could commence his labors once more, for we do know it 
is the hand of God for he is a very honorable and useful man 
and a man beloved of the Lord and a man greatly beloved and 
respected by his brethren and the Saints generally. 



April 4th Monday we leave Farmington. I take my wife 
Laurinda M. and my daughter Laurinda E., Brother Charles 
Parker's wife and we drove to Salt Lake City and called at 
Sister Annette Cummings. She gave us a good dinner. Salt 
Lake City is very large and beautiful, a city of the Saints, but 
at the present time there is much in it that is not Zion or 
righteousness, but is Babylon, but we hope the wickedness 
of the city will not become so great that the entire city will 
have to be destroyed or burned up. 

We drove about 15 miles into what is called West Jordan 
and stopped with Brother William Bills and family. They were 
very much pleased to see us as we were old acquaintances. 
They treated us very cordially. We had a very good time and 
visit with them. They seemed very anxious we should come 
and stop with them on our return. They said that the marshalls 
had very lately given that neighborhood a thorough scouring 
for polygamist men. They did not find the bishop but they 
gathered in one of his sons and one of his wife's brother's 
polygamist wives, but the bishop fell not into their clutches 
at that time. He said he has never kept the Edmons law one 
hour but still he does not wish to be cast into the pen, if the 
Lord will, he rather stay out. He ate supper with us and spent 
with us a portion of the evening. He believes very much like 
I preach that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
shall never again come into bondage, that she shall not be 



moved for truly God hath planted a hedge about this people 
and He shall see to it that the enemy shall not break it down 
so as to drive, scatter and destroy this people, His elect. So, 
Brother Bills says he believes with all his heart and. mind and 
strength as I do. So it is, I do find now and then one or two 
that believe same as I do. 

April 5th. Tuesday, the bishop was with us this morning. 
He blessed us and seemed very anxious that we should cer- 
tainly stop with them when we returned. He lives west of the 
Jordan River. We feel very much refreshed and comfortable 
and thankful. At rather a late hour this morning we resume 
our journey, crossed over the Jordan and away south with 
the Utah southern wind around the headway, way up from 
Jordan. We looked down with admiration upon the crooked 
Jordan moving the fresh waters from the great reservoir in 
Utah Valley depositing it in the Great Salt Lake and also the 
Rio Grande road by the side of her and the canals also on 
either side of her to water the thirsty land in Salt Lake Valley, 
a great work done by the hands of the Latter-day Saints. God 
bless the Saints. 

Passing through the city of Lehi, a large town more than 
twice or three times the size it was the last that I saw it before, 
also through American Fork, a very large and beautiful city, 
as also Pleasant Grove. I was greatly astonished to see the 
great improvements in this valley and also on the Provo Bench, 



the many streams of water we crossed, the many farms they 
watered, arriving into the large and noted city of Provo. Here 
we found Sister Mary Peck, with her daughter Sister Grayham, 
a good home and family with plenty. We put up with them, 
they gave us tickets to enter into their hall and we witnessed 
their theatrical performance that evening and it brought 
considerable laughter to the surface and some out of us. 

April 6th. A beautiful morning and conference opened at 
ten o'clock in a very large and beautiful tabernacle which 
was very well built. Singing was by a good choir. There were 
five of the twelve on the stand, Apostle John Taylor, the first 
speaker, he bore a good testimony saying there was never a 
great miracle wrought or any great blessing obtained without 
fasting and that that was a very important ordinance and that 
a real Latter-day Saint fasted much and that the people of 
the Saints must repent of their sins, fast and pray much that 
they may come into the possession of a greater amount of 
the spirit of the Lord and that they may get deeper into his 
graces and favor. 

Abraham H. Cannon was the next speaker. He bore a 
faithful testimony and with much spirit and energy exhorted 
the Saints to greater diligence and faithfulness that they might 
obtain the victory and win a prize. 

In the two o'clock afternoon meeting, the first speaker was 
Apostle H. G. Grant. He gave us a very interesting discourse 



edifying and very instructive, encouraging the Saints. President 
Angus M. Cannon spoke at some length, very spirited and good 
to the Latter-day Saints saying the brethren "that had not 
entered into the holy order of plurality might with propriety 
take that best oath and save their fathers and brethren from 
falling into the hands of those hellish skunks and cut throats. 
On account of my deafness, I could not understand all his 
words but suffice it to say he spoke extremely well. 

April 7th. The house was called to order by Apostle Lorenzo 
Snow followed by singing and prayer. The first speaker, John 
Henry Smith. The second, delegate Cain and a man, I don't 
know his name. The next speaker was Elder John Stacy? All 
of those brethren spoke with boldness and a great deal of 
earnestness being interesting to the Latter-day Saints, I should 
judge from what I heard. Also, Apostle Franklin K. Richards 
made a splendid talk and the authorities were voted in. Apostle 
Lorenzo Snow spoke, I could not hear, but from appearances 
he greatly interested the people for he is an able speaker, a 
good man. 

In the two o'clock afternoon meeting Bishop Whitney read a 
very lengthy and a first class more than sound epistle from the 
First Presidency and the conference closed. All in all, a very 
interesting conference and it is raining nicely which will be a 
great blessing to the people, but will make it very unpleasant 
for the people who get a good soaking in their best attire. 



We drove to Pleasant Grove ten miles on our return. We 
brought Sister (Heljion) to her home there and we stopped 
with them over night, thankful for rain. 

We might have stated that we drove to Springville while we 
were in Provo and stayed and visited with some of our friends 
and stopped with them overnight. Springville has grown won- 
derfully into a large and beautiful city and we should judge 
the people are getting wealthy from appearances now with 
regard to riches it has to my certain knowledge been proph- 
esied that riches should be poured out upon the people of the 
Saints and that many of them would apostatize. While they 
did stand poverty and kept the faith and their standing in the 
Church, but riches will in many instances get them down and 
out of the Church. Yes, many will apostatize. 

April 9th. A fine rain last night. Thank the Lord it will do 
such a vast amount of good. Have a good road. Drove to Salt 
Lake City. Stopped with Aunt Jane and George Slade. It rained 
good this night also. We acknowledge the hand of God, but 
we find many have gone the wrong way and I fear for them 

April 10th. The Sabbath Day we returned to Farmington 
and Hooper and home again, thank God. We feel exceedingly 
happy, the Lord is with us. He has blessed our conference and 
blessed us on our journey and also with our friends, we always 
try to remember him. For he, the Lord, is all our joy and in him 



we trust and in the service of our God we take great delight, 
for we try to do his will and also to bear with patience all of 
our afflictions. We know as Paul said, We joy in tribulation 
as tribulation worketh patience and patience experience, and 
experience hope, and hope maketh not ashamed for the love 
of God is shed abroad in one's heart by the Holy Ghost which 
is given unto us. Knowing this also that the trial of our faith is 
more precious than fine gold. For after much tribulation then 
cometh the blessing for the blood of Christ cleanseth from all 
sin. But we must be willing to suffer even as he suffered and 
not murmur even as he never murmured. He always sought 
the will and the favor of the Father, even so should we, not 
only to say, but to do his will. To do the will of the Father in 
all things, now should we expect to earn a great reward, to 
obtain the kingdom and to enjoy the greatness and glory of 
the kingdom without sacrifice. Now what is sacrifice? What 
does sacrifice mean? Now if I have got into the habit of using 
tobacco, drinking imported tea and coffee and of drinking to 
excess or imported spiritous liqours or in eating swine's flesh 
to excess or any other flesh other ways but sparingly, and 
wisdom prompts leave of any or all of those habits, now we 
will all admit it will be a sacrifice. Now can we make such a 
great sacrifice? Well now, I must make it in order to be worthy 
to obtain hope in Christ and greater sacrifice than these I will 



have to make I expect before I will get into the kingdom. Now 
that will be taking up our cross and following Christ. 

Jesus did set us an example worthy of imitation. He did sac- 
rifice a good name, earthly honors and pleasures and wealth 
and instead of laboring for himself to gain wealth, comfort 
and the good things of the earth, he labored entirely for the 
benefit and comfort of the people, both his friends and his 
enemies too. He not only sacrificed his good name and plea- 
sures in this world but his life also. He did all this to do the 
will of the Father and in doing this he certainly will obtain a 
kingdom, honors and glory, even in obtaining a seat at the 
right hand of the Father on his throne, also he has earned 
eternal riches, eternal honors, eternal powers, dominion and 
might, eternal happiness and pleasures. 

Time and language will not fail to describe all the benefits 
and blessings he shall receive just by doing not his own will 
by the will of the Father and behold ye I do not begrudge him 
his happiness, amen. 

April 10th. Hooper City, we are at home again in Hooper 
and while at Provo I saw my grandson Joseph West looking 
well and feeling first rate, very much interested in his studies 
at school. 

I am helping Burt this week hauling manure, planting 
potatoes, preparing water ditches, sheering sheep and plowing 
to get our crops in before I go north. I feel cheerful and 



happy laboring hard through the day and writing and reading 
evenings to a late hour. 

April 14th. A very pleasant day. I took a trip to west Weber, 
called and saw Brother [Ferndland]. His hand is getting much 
better and will get well. Saw Brother Greenwell, a good Ogden 
butcher, a very good man, he has lately emerged from the 
pen. He feels first rate, cheerful and happy. He talks good 
sound Mormonism, good sense. He says he has to live alone 
by himself or they will plunge him right back into the pen. 

I had a good chat with him, sounded him and pronounced 
him good in the faith of the gospel, well up in my estimation, 
an honorable man. Two of his sons were in the pen with him 
and the third barely escaped only by taking the underground. 
He says they like to have got the whole family. 

On my return, settled my water bill and called at Sister 
John Manning's to see her sick baby. It will recover I think. 
Its father, Brother John Manning, is on a preaching mission 
in New Zealand and we pray much for all such. I also called 
a few moments at my son-in-laws, Charles Parker. He is on 
work driving for a flowing well. We hope it is successful, as 
many are flowing and doing nicely in this country now. I saw 
my daughters, his wife Laurinda and she gave me some honey 
and also my daughter, [Welle or Wette Rice]. We brought her 
with us from Farmington for a visit, then called at the house of 
Brother Bachelor and gave to him and his wife Sister Bachelor, 



a good patriarchal blessing. Brother Bevins, our school teacher, 
wrote them. 

April 23rd. I took Brother Case and we visited Brother John 
Flinders, he is in rather bad condition of mind. The enemy 
is worrying him and tempting him. We tried to instruct and 
comfort him. We prayed with him and for them. We anointed 
and laid our hands upon his head and blessed him in the name 
of the Lord. He will get better soon we think and I do firmly 

Go to Farmington, took to our folks some flour, potatoes, 
meat and molasses. I found Aunt Rinda and Dora on the 
sick list, but they soon got better. I found several new born 
grandchildren to bless. 

April 24th. It is the Sabbath, attended meetings, several 
spoke and spoke very good. I broke bread and administered 
to my little afflicted grandson Joel Rose as he was afflicted 
with crapping. I blessed Jedediah and Lora's daughter and 
gave it the name of Lora. It was born on Sunday morning April 
17th, 1887. I also blessed George Clawson's daughter, born 
January 1887 and gave it the name of Pearl, a fine daughter. 
Also blessed one of LeGrand Robinson's little daughter and 
also administered to Eugene Robinson, my grandson for his 
health. He is poorly yet but is going north by rails. He starts 
this morning, the 25th. He goes to Elgin, Idaho. I came to 
Hooper and found all to be well and very busy. I helped Burt 



put in the crops and repair the canal. We are working very 
hard. The weather is cool and I am writing late evenings. 

April 30th and May 1st. I wrote two letters and mailed them 
one to our son Samuel and one to Harriet our daughter. 

Sunday, very cool, I drove into the Basin and saw my son 
William and family, all well. He will let me have his new wagon 
to take some of our loading north. I drove over to Uintah and 
visited with my daughter Janie and family, was late for meeting 
by reason of hinderment. The road being fenced up and I had 
to turn around so far, but had a good visit with my children. 
They are trying to be Saints, they are Saints. 

May 2nd, Monday. It came to pass, early even before I arose 
from my bed, the Holy Ghost did manifest many good things 
unto me such as it had never done before. Which manifesta- 
tions and revelations caused my heart to rejoice exceedingly. 
Yea, my joy was very full, almost beyond measure. 

Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief. I did exclaim, praise 
to the Lord hallelujah, glory to God in the highest I will praise 
thy name forever and ever. 

The promise is, the Holy Ghost shall lead you into all 
truth, shall take of all things of the Father and show them 
unto you and show you things to come. Now Jesus saw this 
but who is there that believes it? I feel very anxious to live 
up to my privileges and to perform my duty to keep all the 
commandments. These are my sincere and honest desires. 



May 3rd. Visiting with Brother Migley. He is very sick and 
his case is doubtful. 

Burt went to Ogden. He got some goods for me to take to 
Snake River County. 

May 4th-8th. Planting potatoes and working on water 
section mostly this week. Visiting with Father Migley and 
blessed him, he may leave us soon. Writing on my history. 
William came to see me today. He is a good boy. 

May 10th-12th. Visited Brother Migley and we blessed him. 
It took effect, he will recover, thank the Lord and will stop 
with us yet awhile we hope. 

Leave Hooper for Willow Creek and Snake River country. 
Will take some supplies to my boys and family there. Little 
David Fowls went with me and drove our team. We made the 
journey in eight days. We were greatly blessed and favored 
of the Lord and found our family well and much pleased to 
see us. Once more, we encountered a sharp hailstorm today, 
the last day of our drive up here. 

May 20th. A splendid rain, said by some to be the best 
rain they had ever seen in this country. In my stay this time 
I attended four Sabbath meetings and one fast meeting and 
preached the gospel to and for a faithful testimony to the 
Saints of that place. Gave six patriarchal blessings, attended 
a Relief Society meeting and set some of them, or one, apart 
as teacher and blessed several others. Visited some others, 



did considerable labor, set an orchard and put in some garden 
and some corn and sowed some barley, plowed some potatoes, 
made one cupboard, repaired one plow and watered my lucerne 
and barley. I did some trading and blessed the land even the 
whole country for the sake of Latter-day Saints. Surely it is a 
very good and a very large country prepared for the people 
and there is room for thousands of families where they can 
make themselves good homes and it is hoped the Saints will 
improve the opportunity and secure a large portion of the 
goodly land, the prospects are flattering for very good crops 
in this country this season. 

My boys have a very nice crop in and they are laboring hard 
to water and take care of the same. The waters are very high 
this season and are fine. I had a very interesting, enjoyable 
good time while there with my family and friends. The Saints 
seem to be willing to serve the Lord and perform their duties. 
They have a Relief Society formed or organized with a good 
substantial president with very good counselors, or they ought 
to be for my wife Mary is her first counselor and according 
to her faith and works and her patriarchal blessing and my 
certain knowledge of her, she is a chartered, good woman, a 
faithful Latter-day Saint. 

Our son Amos, as well as a great number of others from 
this settlement and county, have gone to Montana to help 
build a railroad and there is many being built these days. The 



Gentiles are inspired to build roads for the benefit of the Saints, 
yes for the gathering of God's elect in the last days. 

The Gentiles are building them for the purpose of mak- 
ing money. They care not for God, nor his people. They will 
not work for them only to be able to destroy them, but they 
will work hard for themselves and for their God. That God is 
money. But, the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof 
and all the cattle on a thousand hills and all the gold and sil- 
ver is his also and he is about to rest these goods and things 
from the hands of the ungodly and place them in the hands 
of a righteous people that will serve God and keep his com- 

The Lord has a great work on his hands to perform for he 
has sworn by himself (for there is none greater) that he will 
surely gather all Israel from all parts of the earth and all the 
islands of the seas. Consequently, he needs a great many 
railroads with a great many roads for many will have to travel 
on foot and pitch their tents by the way. 

Now, we proposed to help the Lord do all we can in our 
weakness. To build up his kingdom and to bring forth his 
Zion and gather his elect in these last days. After a little 
when he has thoroughly chastened his Saints and purified 
his Church, he will show how he will redeem his Zion and set 
his Saints free that they may serve him and their shant be a 
dog to move his tongue against Zion, when there shall not be 



any ungodly Gentile courts or judges to abuse our innocent 
women and children and fine and imprison men for keeping 
the commandments of God. 

Still the work of prosecuting the polygamists is going on. 
The papers state of late there were 14 sentenced in one day 
to serve the term of five months or more in the penitentiary 
for living with their wives, but it is by the law (mob law). 

June 16th. I leave my dear family and friends at Willow 
Creek for Utah. Had very good roads and good fine time 
except one accident. One wheel ran off of the boys wagon. 
We hunted for the burr but found it not, but the Lord helped 
us. He gave us another burr too large. We placed a leather 
inside it and turned it on. It worked well. 

We made the trip in five days, traveled 200 miles or upwards. 
I stopped with Ely and family in Marsh Valley over the Sabbath 
and attended meetings with him and preached good to the 
Saints in that place, and partook of the Lord's supper with 
them. We arrived home at Hooper Tuesday evening, the 21st, 
found all well, felt very thankful to my God for his goodness 
to us on our way home. 

June 22nd. I find myself at home again in Hooper with 
the crops looking better and the farm in better shape than 
I expected, but plenty of work to do. I set directly into work 
repairing pasture fences and preparing for watering. I am 
working hard, watering and attending crops. I learned that 



Brother Higley is dead and buried. He suffered a great deal, 
poor soul, he was a very good man of long standing in the 
Church. A firm believer in the gospel who had a very extensive 
experience in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
He was very industrious, a hard laborer and a very well-read 
and excellent researcher of the scriptures. A very kind husband 
and father to his children. He suffered much. He shall be saved 
and he will certainly receive a glorious reward, even a glorious 
resurrection. The Father, for Christ's sake, will forgive him all 
his sins and he shall be happy. 

26th. The Sabbath, attended meeting, heard Elder Guiliams 
that had lately emerged from the pen. He gave us a detailed 
account, very particular of his treatment while there and of 
matters and things pertaining to that department. He talked 
very good, we were pleased to see him look and feel so well. 
We hope it a blessing to him. 

27th. In Farmington, visiting with my beloved family there. 
Find them mostly well. Find my grandson Eugene Robinson 
very poorly. I administered to him for his restoration. We hope 
and pray for him that his faith fail not that he may recover and 
become well and sound again. Took breakfast with my beloved 
son and family Joseph Elijah, had a good chat with him, was 
pleased to see the marked improvement in his health. Was 
very happy to see and visit with my dear grandson Ebene- 
zer Wilcox. He had just returned from a two year's mission 



preaching the gospel of life and salvation to the Gentiles and 
of men that will receive it, that the Lord, our God, may gather 
out the honest in heart, even his elect for he willeth to save 
them, even all men if they will listen to the sweet invitations 
of the gospel of his son, Jesus Christ, which he sends unto 
them through his humble servants, the elders of Israel, even 
the sons of Ephraim, the horns of the unicorns which are to 
push the people together to the ends of the earth. He (Eu- 
gene) feels first rate, his heart is in his work and spirit of the 
gospel. If he continues faithful he will make a mighty man in 
Israel. He is a good boy and man. My wife and daughter Rosa 
came up to Hooper with me for a visit. 

I strive to make myself useful in doing all the good I 
possibly can both in temporal labors and in spiritual labors 
also in teaching the people and also in administering blessings 
to the Saints and their children and in setting a good example, 
one worthy of imitation. I feel very much encouraged for Zion 
because of the marked improvements with the Saints, in some 
respects. We pray for them that they may still improve a great 
deal more. We feel they must most certainly become more 
punctual attending to their family duties, to their prayers, both 
in secret and family prayers and in observing the holy sabbath 
and in keeping their covenants and in paying their honest 
tithing and in obeying the celestial law of plural marriage and 
in strictly performing their duties to their wives and children 



in that holy order and lastly, and not least in keeping strictly 
the Word of Wisdom. Inasmuch as they will do these things 
honestly and faithfully in the name of the Lord, they shall 
have health in their navels and marrow in their bones. The 
destroying angel shall pass by them and not destroy them. 
Also they shall become very intelligent and if they will not 
observe to do these things, to improve in those duties, and 
keep the words of wisdom strictly, they shall be visited of the 
Lord, his hand shall be laid upon them, even all of us that 
transgress God's holy laws. The destroying angel shall visit 
them and the grim messenger of death shall be commissioned 
and there shall be weeping and mourning and lamentation in 
Israel, even with and in the families of the Latter-day Saints 
and very many gravestones will be needed. For, saith the 
Lord, shall my people which have tasted of the good word 
of God and of the powers of the world to come, that have 
been instructed in the things of God, in the doctrines and 
principles of the gospel— if they heed not my holy laws and 
holy commandments, shall they escape chastisement? Verily 
no saith the Lord. 

Would they have the Lord their God punish the ignorant and 
uncircumcised Gentiles with death and destruction by famines 
and pestilence and sword, with thunderings and lightnings, 
with earthquakes and whirlwinds and devouring flames? Verily 
not so until his Saints and Church have become pure and clean 



before him, as gold seven times tried in the fire. For surely 
God has chosen his people in a furnace of affliction. 

Now, my dear brethren and sisters, and wives and children, 
we must purify ourselves before the Lord and keep all his 
commandments that we may claim his promised protection 
and have faith and power to overcome all things. 

June, 1887. Now, God's people shall be made willing in the 
day of his power. They shall be saved, but it shall be through 
faith and obedience and also shall all the wicked be cut off in 
the own due time of the Lord and they shall be cast into the 
prison and there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing 
of teeth, while the Saints, those that prove themselves such 
shall be taken into mansions where there shall be light, liberty 
and peace and plenty to do to carry the work. That is, the 
work they should have done here on the earth and to make 
preparations for a glorious millennium, the peaceful reign of 
Christ here on this earth. Which event is very near and not 
very far off. 

I would now say a few words with regard to myself. I can 
say my mind and body is in a very healthy condition. I can see 
God, in the sun, in the moon and in the starry heavens and in 
the earth also among and over the nations of the earth. Surely 
he is working marvelously among the people in preparing 
the Saints to take and possess the kingdom under the whole 
heavens and in multiplying them and in giving them peace 



and prosperity and in spreading themselves abroad. Also in 
giving the Gentiles the loose halter, to see what they would 
do with God's holy people and with that holy instrument, the 
glorious Constitution, that sacred instrument, that inspired 
the fathers of this republic to pledge their sacred honors, their 
lives and their all to maintain and to keep sacred and inviolate 
that sacred instrument. They faithfully charged their children 
and their successors to do the same. Our fathers fought, they 
bled and many of them died to obtain that Constitution and 
liberty of speech of the press and to worship God according 
to the dictates of their own conscience and did bequeath to 
their posterity and successors that they should enjoy this very 
rich legacy. But, oh how far, how very far their successors 
have departed from the letter and spirit of that sacred 

The history of this Church will tell a dreadful tale. It will 
tell of the martyrdom of the prophets, of the murdering of 
the Saints and the robbing and driving of them four times 
and also the murdering of our elders whilst in their fields 
of labor preaching the pure gospel of the Son of God to the 
world of mankind. Also the mighty persecutions brought to 
bear against our elders and also the mighty effort that was 
made in President Buchanan's day when he sent Johnson 
with an army to hang and destroy our leading men and to 
break up the Mormon organization that they might bring us 



into bondage or drive us the fifth time from our hard earned 
homes. Also, the many ungodly, unconstitutional laws the 
lawmakers of these United States have made for the express 
purpose of destroying the Latter-day Saints. But behold ye 
the Father hath brought his poor and afflicted people out of 
bondage by the hand of his servant Brigham Young with a 
right hand and an outstretched arm unto these valleys of the 
mountains. Yes he has brought them here to stay and saith 
the prophets they shall never come under the Gentile's yoke 
nor into bondage again. 

Now these, our Gentile friends, have become our very bitter 
enemies. They have not only made those unconstitutional laws 
but they have selected men, wicked men of the worst type, and 
sent them here to govern us and to judge us and to execute 
those laws. They do justify them in selecting the wickedest 
men for grand and petite jurors and they have arrested and 
sent men and have sentenced them to the full extent of the 
law. Now our mighty government has presumed to measure 
arms with the Almighty which is no less nor more than the 
Mormon's God. He (our God) says to his Saints, you shall do 
a certain work or you shall be damned. Saith the Lord, but 
this mighty nation says you shall not do that work for if you 
do you shall be imprisoned and fined severely. Hence, this 
mighty raid against the polygamist portion of this community. 
But what shall it prove? It shall prove a great blessing to the 



Latter-day Saints. It shall terminate in glorifying God and in 
overthrowing of this government and in the destruction of 
this mighty nation, as the Lord God liveth. Yet, before this 
nation goes out of power, we do predict that they shall do 
one good thing for Utah. They shall admit her as a state. She 
shall become a free and an independent state. Utah for Utah 
and the Mormons. 

June 29th. I wrote one letter to Aunt Mary and sent it. I 
took Aunt Rinda to Janie's for a visit. 

July 2nd. I brought my daughter Janie and her mother 
to Hooper to celebrate the 4th of July. This 4th is the 111th 
anniversary of the independence of these United States 
of America. This sacred day was thoroughly and heartedly 
celebrated in north Hooper by Bishop Belnap and his ward. 
Now Hooper has good reason to be proud. For surely they can 
boast of a very well uniformed and well disciplined brass band 
which did certainly discourse very sweet and heavenly music 
on that day and upon that occasion. The ward turned out in 
mass and did justice to the occasion. They did very well. 

July 16th. I drove to Farmington on my way south and 
found several of our people and children sick. I administered 
to several of them in the name of the Lord and some got bet- 
ter. I visited with several of my children and friends, had a 
good visit with my old friends and acquaintance Keddick [or 



Reddick] Allred and his first wife who was Lucy Hoyt. They 
live in Sanpete County. They are on a visiting tour. 

Many of our grandchildren are sick with whooping cough. 
We have administered to them. We hope they will live. If our 
children and friends would keep the Word of Wisdom strictly 
we could promise them in the name of the Lord. 

July 23rd. I drove to Salt Lake City. Took my wife Laurinda. 
We purpose to take a visiting tour south and to be gone a 
few days. Took dinner with Aunt Dawn Cummings and heard 
that our beloved President, John Taylor, is very sick and that 
his recovery is very doubtful. We hope he will not suffer very 
long. We feel very, very sad over the prospect of losing so 
good a man from our head, God forbid unless he is wanted 
up yonder. We feel and say the will of the Father be done. He 
(John Taylor) is a master, he has fought the good fight, he 
has nearly finished his work, he has kept the faith, henceforth 
there is laid up a crown of glory for him in heaven, his eternal 
abode. I wish our prospects were as good as his. Let him 
depart in peace and never again be abused by his enemies. 

Drove into West Jordan, stopped with Bishop William 
Bills and family. They treat us very kindly. We have a very 
interesting visit with them. 

July 27th, Sunday. It is very warm, dry weather. We attend 
ward meeting with him and family. There were a very good 
number of people in attendance. He has a very good ward. 



They passed the Lord's supper and I was called upon to speak. 
I felt very thankful for the opportunity. I solicited an interest 
in their prayers that the spirit of God might rest down upon 
their speaker that he might be inspired to speak the things of 
God and that they might be edified, interested and comforted. 
And behold ye, the Holy Ghost did rest down upon the speaker 
and while explaining or trying to explain some things they 
were opened to my understanding with a light and clearness 
that I have never beheld before. Consequently, I was very 
much interested and had good liberty teaching them the duty 
and importance of deacons and also of teachers and how they 
should perform their duties and also upon the subject and 
importance of baptism, using it as the figure of speech showing 
up the importance and necessity of death and the resurrection. 
Also setting forth the order and organization of this Church 
of Christ that its organization was an exact pattern of the 
organization in the heavens and that the teachings, doctrine 
and organization of any other denomination was nowhere 
in comparison to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints. These people are the only ones that dare to promise 
the Holy Ghost to baptized believers and that we did promise 
the Holy Ghost and did explain to them the office and work 
of the Holy Ghost testifying firmly that the Holy Ghost was 
actually given to the Saints. I did testify that it should show 
them things to come. I rehearsed to them a heavenly vision 



wherein a holy temple was seen and that it was actually built 
and finished upon the consecrated spot in Jackson County, 
Missouri and that it was entered into and received revelations 
from Almighty God and the glory of God was seen in that 
house. Yet, behold ye, that house is not yet built but as the 
Lord lives, it shall be built in this generation and the pure in 
heart shall see the face of the Father in that house and live. 
I showed them how the Prophet Joseph did see the Father 
and the Son and that the holy angels did visit and instruct 
him and that he, Joseph, was a very great and holy man of 
God and showed the need of Joseph testifying and dying for a 
very important purpose, even as Jesus died for an important 
purpose. Until Jesus died and went and opened the prison 
doors, they could never be opened, neither until Joseph died 
could the prison doors be opened for he held the keys of this 
last dispensation and after his death he went and opened the 
prison doors and started Mormon meetings there and never 
until he came was that door and that his testimony was not 
in force until he, the testator, was dead and sealed it with his 
own blood. Many things we told them which we have not time 
to say here. Also we did prove by and say unto them many 
good things that God had brought this people and that this 
people is here to stay. That Brigham Young was that prophet 
like unto Moses to bring this people out of bondage, that the 
Latter-day Saints should never come under the Gentile yoke 



again. That they should not be hindered in the good work of 
building holy temples, working in them, and in their increase 
and improving and spreading abroad and in opening up new 
farming and forming new settlements. 

From the signs of the times and workings of the spirit, 
we expect soon to be admitted into the Union, free and 
independent as a sovereign state. And many more good 
things we told them. 

June 25th, Monday. This day we celebrated a very memo- 
rable day, a day that should always be remembered and with 
humble praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God for all true 
Latter-day Saints and their children after them forever, be- 
cause he had brought them and their generations with them 
out of bondage and planted them into so goodly a land. We 
had a good time and visit with them. 

A good warm day and we traveled and as we travel we 
behold with much pleasure much interesting scenery and 
many beautiful and interesting towns, homes and cities. We 
put up with our old friends the beloved John Gleason and 
family and found them well and in very good circumstances 
with a good farm, good, crops of hay and grain. I attended 
celebration with him in their beautiful town, Pleasant Grove, 
in the afternoon and had a good time and a very interesting 
visit with him and family. Promised to call again. 



June 26th. Passed through the large and beautiful cities 
of Provo, Springville, Spanish Fork and in Payson we stopped 
with Brother and Sister [Bringhurst?]. Found them well and a 
good visit with them. Found them good in the faith and with a 
considerable of fruit in their orchard. In almost all the valley 
of Utah their fruit were blasted with late frosts. This [Payson] 
is also a large and beautiful city, population 1500. 

June 27th. This morning the report says our venerable 
President is dead. He has gone to rest, he died easy at five 
minutes to eight o'clock Monday afternoon. So that the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are called to mourn the 
loss of their third president, prophet, seer and revelator. 
Surely a great man has left us. We sustain a great loss, but 
it is wisdom in the Father to take him. His work is done and 
well done on this earth. He has fought the good fight, he has 
kept the faith, he has died a martyr, he shall wear a master's 
crown, receive his kingdom and crown, shall receive a glorious 
reward according to his works and it shall be well with him. 

July, 1887. We drove to Santaquin. Called on several 
brethren and agreed to call and see them when we return. 
Put up with Sam Foster and family, found them well, they were 
very much pleased to see us and we them. She is marry to a 
good man by the name of David Ostler and she has six children. 
Their names are Harriett, Maria, Anna, William, her youngest is 
Lula. A very nice and interesting family. We enjoyed ourselves 



and visit with them very much. I administered to a very sick 
child while there. He got better. And also to several sisters 
that were afflicted. 

Nephi is a very interesting town, a large city with a 
population of about inhabitants. 

[Editor's note: no population number is given.] 

July 29th. The funeral of President Taylor. Drove to Sanpete 
Valley through several beautiful towns, their flags at half-mast, 
their public and some private houses draped in mourning. A 
very solemn day. We mourn, but we have a bright hope of the 
glorious resurrection. 

Stopped with Bishop Reddick Allred's family. Were very 
kindly entertained by them. Feel very thankful to our God for 
his goodness to us and ours and to his people for he is blessing 
them abundantly. They are becoming wealthy. We fear many 
will apostatize and forsake the Lord their God. 

July 30th. Saturday, drove through Ephraim, a beautiful 
city of 2,000 inhabitants, and passed the beautiful temple at 
Manti. Stopped with Brother and Sister James and Rebecca 
Wareham, good faithful Latter-day Saints. They received us 
very kindly. He is sick and has been for a long time, but he's 
not that fast. By his request I anointed and blessed him. He 
felt a little better. We had a good visit with them, we hope he 
will recover. He is a worthy president of the high priest quorum 
of Manti. The people in these counties are doing well. They 



shall be blessed and abundantly rewarded. They are pushing 
their temple marvelously. They will soon reach completion. 
God Almighty bless them in their mighty good work. 

The marshalls are very busy these days. They have ar- 
rested several of late in this place and also in Davis since our 
departure. They have captured our worthy and very much 
respected President William Smith of Centerville. He has re- 
mained firm at home and with his people laboring faithfully for 
the benefit and salvation of the Saints. A few days since, our 
worthy brother and near neighbor, Ezra T. Clark, came home 
hale and hearty from the pen where he has been confined for 
six months. We were happy to see and shake hands with him. 
Once more God bless him, for we love and so respect all good 
men that are firm and willing not to go back and discard their 
wives, their religion, their covenant and their God. 

August 1st. Election day for Utah, and a lively day it was 
with the people generally in all the cities and towns in the ter- 
ritory and the people's ticket was largely in the excess except 
in some mining camps. But as the general thing, it passed off 
very quietly, but largely in favor of the Constitution. 

While in Manti, we visited with several of our friends, went 
to the house of and had a good visit with our old friend and 
worthy brother Patriarch James Works and with our aged 
Brother and Sister Smith. She repaired immediately to her 
kind bishop, Reed, and he gave her a recommend for her man 



and myself and wife to visit the beautiful temple of Manti in 
the tops of the mountains, or rather, it is high and lifted up 
on an eminence, beautiful and grand. It affords as much joy 
to look upon at a distance. But to enter into and behold some 
of the beautifulest rooms we ever saw, and to contemplate 
it as a house of God and for the holy angels, and for men 
and women that are worthy to enter therein secluded from 
the outside world that they may there be brought the things 
of God and receive their washings and anointings, even their 
holy endowments and sealings for themselves and for their 
venerable dead. Even the contemplation afforded us much 
joy almost respectable and full of glory. We were admitted 
into the temple and very cordially shown and passed through 
all the rooms that were permitted to visitors and we gave 
the "widow's mite" which will help a little and get our names 
enrolled in the big book. We visited the house in the forepart 
of the day. Sister Smith gave us a good dinner and we drove 
15 miles to Chester, put up for the night with Bishop Allred's 
family again on the way to Castle Valley. We were very kindly 
entertained by them. We told Sister Allred to write to her hus- 
band, and tell him to stop with our people in or at Farmington 
as long as he wished to do so. 

August 3rd. Wednesday morning, left Chester, drove 
through three very interesting and nice towns, namely 
Springtown, Mount Pleasant, and Fairview, then up a canyon 



into the tops of the mountains. A very interesting scenery 
and a very passable road. Saw an immense quantity of timber 
and splendid grass in abundance and plenty of water of the 
best quality. We camped two nights in the mountains and 
dropped down into Castle Valley. Found it a big desert, it with 
its surroundings only where the water was applied and that 
beautifully. It would produce very good crops of fruit, grains 
and grass. Found our son Solomon and family in the city of 
Huntington, with castles around the valley. He and his family 
well and very much pleased to see father again. 

Attended meeting on the 7th, Sabbath, partook of the sac- 
rament with the Saints of that place and did preach to them 
the holy gospel and prophesied good for Israel. While there 
helped Sally gather some hay and built for them a small house, 
and did some writing. 

He (Solomon) was taken sick the evening we arrived there. 
Was sick all the next day and not hardly able to be out at all. 
In the evening I anointed him with holy oil in the name of the 
Lord and laid my hands upon him and he received a great 
blessing for he was healed and the next day, Sunday, he went 
to his meeting and remained well until we left. 

We had a very excellent good visit with them and attended 
a quarterly conference which was held in Orangeville, a nice, 
thrifty little town in a good large bowery. 



I would liked very much to have occupied a portion of time 
in their conference in speaking to them in the name of the 
Lord. But as I received no introduction, I was not called upon, 
but the elders were very interesting in their remarks. They 
talked like Saints and they looked like Saints for they are very 
good looking people. Well, glad, intelligent looking and as the 
spirit moved upon me I blessed their valleys, their waters, their 
timbers, their rocks, their mountains and all things pertain- 
ing to them and their country. While we were there we had 
some very excellent rains, although their country looks so 
very uninviting it will certainly be strengthened and blessed 
and the Saints will certainly, through their faith and industry 
become very wealthy and build for themselves very beautiful 
and substantial homes, meetinghouses, and tabernacles. Yes 
and may an holy temple, yes one at least. 

August 18th. I have written two good letters and mailed 
them today, one to Mary and family and one to my daughter 
Mary Jane South. We left Huntington and passed up Hunting- 
ton Canyon. A very good road with some bad places, my son 
Solly (Solomon) with his family with us. He is to pilot us and 
be in our company over the mountains and he wishing to visit 
their family in Manti. We were favored of the Lord, camped 
out one night in the mountains, we enjoyed ourselves well, 
splendid feed and water for our animals. 



We passed some coal mines, saw and shingle mills. We 
stopped with Brother Riley Howard's family in Mount Pleasant. 
They were holding conference in Sanpete. 

19th, Saturday. Take our leave of Solly and family, blessed 
them in the name of the Lord. They pass on to Manti and we 
over and down to Nephi. Put up with Ann and family. 

20th, Sunday morning. Preparing ourselves for meeting, 
visit Brother Andrew Love, an old friend and acquaintance. 
Attend meeting the Nephites in their roomy tabernacle. A 
good house of respectable Saints and I was invited onto to 
the stand and introduced to the congregation. I occupied 
the afternoon in speaking to the people, told them that we 
were ministers of God, that we were engaged in a great work 
and that the angel had been sent from heaven and with a 
dispensation of the gospel. That this was the seventh and the 
last dispensation of the gospel to the children of men on this 
earth. Showed them that God had committed a dispensation 
of the gospel to Adam after the fall and to Enoch also, and 
to Noah, and also to Abraham, Moses, also to Jesus and his 
apostles and lastly to Joseph Smith and his apostles. That 
the kingdom of God had come this time to earth to stay, that 
it should stand, forever that it should break in pieces every 
other kingdom and grind them to powder. That this people 
had come here into these mountains to stay and they never 
should be moved or driven again from their homes and from 



their lovely temples. That Brigham Young was that prophet 
that God has raised up like unto Moses to lead his people out 
of bondage, that he had led them out of bondage and planted 
them here in these mountains and that this people had never 
been in bondage since they left Nauvoo. That they are not 
in bondage today and that they never shall be in bondage 
again. We told them this people should become wealthy, yes 
rich, that they must certainly be tried in riches for God had 
said it, but that I greatly feared and trembled for his people 
and that many would apostatize. Yea, I feared half or more 
would leave the ranks of the Saints and be lost. We told 
them that this people were under the rod and they should 
be chastened until the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints had become thoroughly cleansed, until every unworthy 
member, or dry branch was taken away and that a thorough 
and mighty test was surely coming which would split them 
out by the wholesale. I told them that the good work of the 
Lord should go on, that this people should continue building 
holy temples and that they should hold possession of them 
and work in them until the Lord should come. 

We did exhort the Saints to diligence and faithfulness and 
not neglecting their prayers, pay their honest tithing, keep all 
their covenants and the Word of Wisdom strictly. Also, they 
should keep the Sabbath day holy, the fast days also, pay 
their fast offerings and verily not one of them that would do 



these things shall fall. Many more things we said unto them 
in the name of the Lord and by the power of the Holy Ghost. 
We had liberty and good flow of spirit. We told them the truth 
for the Holy Spirit beareth record and we rejoice greatly in 
the Holy One of Israel. 

We traveled the length of and through almost all the towns 
of Utah, Juab, Sanpete and considerable in every stake. Called 
on Brother Simons, our faith doctor. He blessed me on ac- 
count of my deafness. He had instructed me how to proceed, 
he said I would get better of my deafness. He also gave me 
some instruction how to proceed with my little grandson, poor 
afflicted Joel Rose. He sent a handkerchief to put next to his 
person and that I should visit him after a certain set time after 
I arrived home. The exact time was set that his mother and 
I should sit one on either side of him for some time. Then I 
should administer to him and he would be there and that he 
would use me as proxy. 

We visited some with Brother Stickney and family. I 
administered to one of his wives, she was sick. She got 

We stopped with and had a very good visit with Brother 
John Gleason [or Clayson] and family and also with Sister 
Laury. That was Bishop Hunter's wife. She came with us to 
Salt Lake City to visit her sick daughter. We stopped with 
our beloved sister Annette Cummings and arrived home in 



Farmington Sunday evening, the 27th. Found our children and 
grandchildren that had been so very sick with whooping cough 
comparatively well. Felt so happy and thankful to Almighty 
God for his protecting care and great goodness to us and ours. 
We were gone one month and four days. 

[editor's note: Great Grandfather has dates on the left-hand 
margins of his pages and in view of the fact that this last trip took 
him over a month apparently these dates are writing dates and not 
actual dates when the events occurred.] 

I delivered the handkerchief that Brother Simons sent to our 
dear afflicted Joel. His mother fastened it to his little bosom 
and he rested good that night and had no cramping as he had 
had formerly for a long time before. On Tuesday evening, the 
29th, at half past eight p.m., the time set and agreed upon 
with Brother Simons, I visited him, seating myself on the one 
side of him and his mother on the other side of Joel for half 
an hour or more, conversing about him and his sufferings and 
other matters pertaining to her family and children. She there 
told me that I had promised her in a blessing on her head 
that she should have power to heal the sick in her house and 
that in many instances when her little children were afflicted 
with a fever and great pain, she had laid her hands upon their 
heads, and blessed them and prayed to the Lord for them and 
they were healed instantly. So, she knew that she possessed 
that gift from God. But, when she laid her hands on Joel, he 



never would get better but if anything he would get worse 
which thing caused her to marvel. Still, she had faith that she 
could heal her other children but not him. 

According to agreement, I blessed Joel as proxy instead 
of Brother Simons. 

I find it in my journal written thus while in Farmington last 
winter that I received a word from the Lord in regard to that 
child that we should bless that child and ordain him to the 
holy priesthood and dedicate him unto the Lord and leave him 
in his hands. Further, that inasmuch as his father and mother 
would covenant and agree before the Lord, that they would 
keep the Word of Wisdom strictly and the commandments and 
they should fast three days, advising them to get what help 
they could in the past, then that boy should commence to 
get well and should continue to mend until he should become 
well and sound. But his father said he thought he had gone 
so long that he could not recover. But, I do firmly believe, 
had they been willing to have made the sacrifice and tried 
the experiment, the child would certainly have been healed. 
It certainly is a mystery to us for this child is so afflicted, but 
we hope it will be revealed to us some day. 

September 10th and 11th. Drove to Hooper, visited some 
with our friends and children. Worked very faithfully on the 
farm a few days. Attended a stake conference, held in a 
beautiful grove in Farmington. We were blessed with some 



very lovely weather also with five very interesting discourses 
from the following brethren, namely Doctor Seymor Young, 
and our delegate Cain, Brother Cornwall [Carnwel], Jacob 
Gates and Apostle Heber J. Grant. They were all very spirited 
and instructive. The bishops also gave very favorable reports 
of their respective wards. I anointed and administered to 
our afflicted son and brother, Eugene Robinson. He will get 
well, we hope. I anointed and blessed my son Willey's wife 
Diana, she is very poorly. She is better and will get well. Also 
administered to Sister Baker's baby. It was sick and will get 
well. (This was on the 13th and 14th.) 

Took some melons to Farmington. We loaded my wagon 
with peaches and drove them to Parley's Park and sold out 
in Centerville. 

September 18th, Sunday. Attended meeting with the Saints 
in that place and was called to the stand and preached the 
gospel to the people. Had good liberty and they seemed very 
much interested. The bishop requested me to come and preach 
to them again. Partook of a very excellent dinner with Hyram 
Workman and family. He has a very excellent wife. 

I stopped with Brother Theodore Johnson and in the eve- 
ning gave to his wife, a very promising young woman, a good 
sound patriarchal blessing. Her mother, being present, was 
very much interested, very kindly invited me to stop and make 
myself at home with them if I should ever come that way again, 



that I should be very welcome. I have many invitations of that 
kind which make me feel very humble and very grateful to 
my Heavenly Father and to my dear friends also. Feel myself 
greatly blessed, the Lord is with my all the time. 

September 19th. Drove to Farmington, we loaded again with 
fruit and I made another trip. Sold out. Visited with some of 
my old friends and returned to Hooper. Made two more trips 
to Summit County. Took some fruit and molasses. Sold and 
brought home two loads of coal and blessed Sister Croft. She 
was very sick. She will get well. 

October 7th, 1887. Visited Eugene Robinson. He is yet 
poorly but some better. I drove to Salt Lake City, drove my 
wagon into Sister Smith's and took with me my horse feed, 
provisions, and bedding and attended a very rich and interest- 
ing conference held in the mammoth tabernacle. There were 
six or seven of the Twelve Apostles in attendance. Yes, we 
were favored with the privilege of attending the 57th Semi- 
Annual Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints and we do consider it a very important and interesting 
day with this Church and people of Latter-day Saints. Many of 
our dear brethren are in exile and many also imprisoned for 
keeping the commandments of God. A mighty nation, with as 
it were with a drawn sword unsheathed drawn over our heads 
threatening us with annihilation and other destruction unless 
we will renounce our holy religion and deny our God which 



thing we cannot afford to do, no never. Our God is greatly 
blessing this people and pouring out his holy spirit upon his 
Saints and multiplying them greatly both in numbers and in 
spirit and blessings and in temporal blessings also. For surely, 
he has promised to make them rich and also we look for a 
great and mighty test prepared for this people. Which test, 
in that this mighty nation with drawn sword will threaten this 
people with other destruction. For their armies shall be very 
great and terrible and they will offer protection to every soul 
that will come out and renounce Mormonism. 

Yes, if we will forsake the Lord and his cause and kingdom 
and come over on the devil's side and join them, they will 
protect us, saying all those that will not come over on their 
side shall utterly be destroyed, for they have decreed in their 
hearts or shall manifest by the laws that they have made and 
those laws which they shall hereafter enact against us, and by 
their armies they shall send, that Mormonism shall be a thing 
of the past. That all Mormon organizations shall be burst up 
and cease forever. Which thing they will perform if they prove 
to be the strongest party. 

Now this will be the question with some, yes with many 
so that many will probably leave our ranks, yes go to leave 
us to perish by reason that they have not kept the Word of 
Wisdom, neither the commandments and laws of the gospel 
as they should have done. They have failed to get the spirit of 



the Lord which bringeth a testimony and giveth a knowledge 
of the work of God on the earth. That the God of Abraham 
is with this people so that they cannot be destroyed, neither 
hindered in performing the work of God on the earth. For our 
God shall come out of his hiding place and shall surely vex 
the nation, even this Gentile nation, in his wrath, for his anger 
shall be greatly kindled against them. 

[Editor's note: Here again, repeats his predictions of 
destruction and the blessings to the people, the members of the 
Church if they will live the commandments.] 

Now, let us return to our 57th Semi-Annual Conference. 
It was a success. We might say or write pages of interesting 
matter concerning it. But one of the most interesting things, 
or circumstances, was a very lengthy, intelligent epistle 
from President Wilford Woodruff. His person was seen in the 
afternoon of Sunday the 9th of October in the President's stand 
in the mammoth tabernacle and his precious voice was heard 
by the thousands, even a vast multitude was greatly diverted 
and pleased again to see his face and hear his voice. It was 
more than music to them. He talked to some length, said 
the last time he had met with the people in that large house 
some two or three years ago. President John Taylor was with 
us there but he had done his work and had gone to join those 
above and that he, himself, was the last one of the Twelve yet 
living that received their endowments from the hands or by 



the Prophet Joseph Smith in Nauvoo. And also had received 
from him and under his hands all the keys and powers and 
authority of the holy priesthood that he (the prophet) had 
received to carry on the work of the kingdom of God on the 
earth and had given unto us a solemn charge— saying upon 
you Twelve, even upon your shoulders, I bestow the burden 
of this kingdom, for I am going to rest exhorting us to be 
courageous to round up our shoulders, to bear the burden, to 
bear this the mighty kingdom of God on earth. 

President Woodruff occupied some half hour in talking to 
us. We enjoyed it hugely, and then he was gone and we saw 
him no more. But, we hear from him from time to time. The 
marshalls were watching for him and Brother Snow but found 
them not. 

Now, Brother Erastus Snow had been preaching long and 
good to the Latter-day Saints the afternoon of the previous 
day. Now the Twelve, and brethren, talked very encouraging 
and good to the Latter-day Saints. 

October 23rd, Sunday. Attended meeting in Farmington, 
visited several of our children and administered to my daughter 
Josephine Rose. She was very sick. Also, administered to and 
blessed Eugene Robinson. We hope he is improving, some 

My good wife Laurinda came to Hooper to stop with me a 
while at least. She is a good cook. A very interesting, good 



Latter-day Saint. God bless her. Let her live yet many years 
upon this earth oh Lord, and see many good days. 

October 18th, 1887. I would now record a very remarkable 
circumstance as I was called to administer to a very sick child, 
a daughter of Sister Ann Parker Wadsworth. I felt to enter 
deeply into sympathy with them and promised to do all I could 
to help them save their child. 

I was sent for and while on my way there had very serious 
reflections. It occurred to my mind some of the words that 
were spoken when I was ordained a patriarch. It was said 
that whomsoever you bless, shall be blessed and whomsoever 
you curse, shall be cursed and whatsoever promise to anyone 
in the name of the Lord and by the virtue of my calling and 
priesthood, it should be verified. 

Now, I tried to reason with the Lord as I knew I was clean 
before him. Therefore, I besought the Lord earnestly that he 
would heal that child and restore it to health and cause it to 
live to the joy and satisfaction of its parents. 

I came into the house, saw its mother and several others 
in tears. I looked upon the child and verily it seemed to be 
struck with death and I discovered there was little or no faith 
in the house unless I possessed some. 

I prayed for the child and waited some time. Besought the 
Lord earnestly that he would show me that he would teach me 
what to say. I knew verily there was power with God to heal if 



there was faith it should be done and I tried to exercise faith 
for that child. I asked the Lord to give unto me the Holy Ghost 
and put words into my mouth what I should say and I would 
lay my hands upon the child and leave it with the Lord. 

We did so and promised the child it should live and grow 
up to womanhood and become a mother in Israel, and there 
was no condition, nor may be so, and we naturally supposed 
the child should rally and live and get well. 

I told the mother I would do all I could for her. I tried to 
encourage them to exercise faith and it certainly would be 
all right. I related several remarkable cases of healing that 
I had been knowledged to hoping it would strengthen their 
faith and encourage them some. 

I left the house feeling first rate and on my way home felt 
wonderful happy and said the child will certainly get well. But 
to my astonishment the next morning was told the child died 
at 12 o'clock that night, October 19th. 

Now, says the tempter, see how much you know. You said 
that child should live and grow up to womanhood. Now see 
where you are, where you prophesy is now. How can you 
depend on your God. You might as well give it up. If your God 
will deceive you in that way. 

Surely it was a great trial to me. I felt bad over it and 
said Lord, what can it mean, why was it that I should be so 



deceived. Said I, would like to know, oh Lord, wilt thou tell 

And it came to pass after two or three days the Lord 
did tell me. He showed it up plain to my understanding and 
when I saw it my heart was full of gratitude and thanksgiving 
to Almighty God my Heavenly Father, for surely thou art a 
revealer of secrets, full of mercy and truth. Thou art almighty, 
full of wisdom and truth. I will speak for thy goodness and 
praise thy name forever more, amen. 

And it came to pass the Father did reveal unto me through 
the medium of the Holy Ghost on this wise. That child is not 
dead, but sleepeth. It liveth and when the trump shall sound 
for that kind of dead, to awake, it shall come forth. It shall 
wake up and shall look sickly and poor. It shall look just as 
it did when it went to sleep and died, as you term it. It (the 
child) shall be the same size and its mother, if she is worthy, 
shall receive it into her arms and shall nourish and cherish 
and it shall be healed and become healthy and grow up to 
womanhood as you promised it, not one jot or tittle shall fail 
of all you promised it. If her own mother is not worthy, a 
mother shall be prepared to receive it and raise it up and she 
shall be called a mother in Israel. 

Now, saith the Lord, in my wisdom, chose this way to fulfil 
your words with regard to that child, to try your faith as well. 
Verily, you will find in your writing it is written that I the Lord 



shall visit the families of the Latter-day Saints and inasmuch 
as they do not observe to keep the Word of Wisdom and my 
commandments better, that there should be weeping and 
mourning in the House of Israel and families of the Latter-day 
Saints and there should be need of many gravestones. And 
now, saith the Lord, if my elders should have power to heal 
the sick, then how would that prophesy be fulfilled. Be thou 
faithful and it shall be well with thee for I will reveal unto 
you many things pertaining to my kingdom and people. For 
verily, I say unto you that all the meek and obedient shall 
be visited of the Lord. Their understanding shall reach unto 
heaven and they shall comprehend many things pertaining 
to this earth also. 

Now my soul doth magnify the Lord for I know that my 
Redeemer liveth, I will praise his name forever. He shall reign 
over my people on the earth. Verily, the time is nigh, yea very 
near, when the prophet Joseph shall come. He shall receive his 
body, his martyred fleshy body. It shall contain the very scars 
where the bullets pierced his body and caused his death. Yea 
as Jesus carries his scars, the nails, the spear which opened 
the vein so that every drop of blood was extracted from his 
precious body, as the prophet Joseph, also, and they too shall 
carry the scars in their bodies to all eternity so there shall be 
no cause of doubt, nor chance for deception. 



It shall come to pass, the Prophet Joseph, the seer, the 
great and mighty man, the man that heads the dispensation 
of the fullness of times, the man that helped to organize and 
build this mighty earth of ours or upon which we dwell, the 
man that hath been elected lieutenant general, the head 
general, the commander in chief of the armies of Israel, and 
the armies of Israel shall be organized and come under the 
head of the Nauvoo Legion. Now legion signifies many without 
number, verily I say unto you the Nauvoo Legion was organized 
in the city of Joseph, called Nauvoo, and the Prophet Joseph 
was elected lieutenant general, and now verily, he Joseph, 
shall hold that position in and through all eternity and the 
Nauvoo Legion shall remain in and through all eternity. The 
house and sons of Jacob is God's and they all shall belong to 
the Nauvoo Legion. 

Now, the time is near, yea very nigh, when the gospel 
shall be preached to the Lamanites in great power. The spirit 
of God shall be poured out upon them and they shall listen 
and obey and the spirit of the mission shall rest upon them 
for they shall avenge the blood of the prophets, Joseph and 
Hyrum, and Zion shall be redeemed. The Prophet Joseph shall 
in person be the head general. He shall order the whole affair 
and his blood shall be avenged. 

November, 1887. We went to Farmington, attended a very 
interesting meeting. The presidency of the stake was in atten- 



dance. They seemed to be very meek and the elders seemed 
very humble and talked very good and encouraging to the 
Saints. The choir sang with a spirit and the understanding 
also. It was very marvelous, a very interesting meeting. 

I again anointed and laid my hands upon the head of 
Eugene Robinson and blessed him and called upon the name 
of the Lord to heal him by his power and his holy angels to 
come and administer to him and that he should be healed, 
and he felt much better. 

I took a trip into Morgan County and find there a sickness 
called diphtheria in the worst form which proved fatal taking 
from several families two and three of their numbers. This 
is in south Morgan City. I visited my son-in-law, Frederick 
Clark, and my beloved daughter Emma Sophia, his wife. While 
there, musing in my bed in their home, had some of the most 
interesting and the purest reflections I ever had in my life. 
It was on the subject of the turning key, when the kingdom 
should be rent from all Gentiles and placed upon Israel and 
remain with that house and people forever. For the time is 
near. That happy time when Christ shall come on earth to 
reign for the thousand years in which time a great work shall 
be performed in preparation of the people and this earth. In 
this time, thousands of temples shall be built and God shall 
visit them and many thousands of Saints, sons and daughters, 



of Zion shall be working in them performing a very important 

I also passed up into Summit County and also transacted 
some temporal business. Had an excellent good time in visiting 
some of the Saints. 

November 20, 1887. Sunday, we attend meetings in Hooper. 
A very good house of respectable Latter-day Saints. The sac- 
rament was administered and we were treated with a very 
excellent good discourse from Elder Francis M. Brown from 
Ogden. He related some of his experiences and very energeti- 
cally, plainly and honestly taught us or preached to us pure 
and holy gospel of the Son of God. 

November 25th. We received word that our beloved 
daughter Josephine Rose was very sick. She had just been 
delivered of a son, her ninth child, and that several of our 
grandchildren were sick. We went down immediately, found 
it even so. I administered to my grandson and several of our 
grandchildren that were very sick and I returned home to 

[Editor's note: On several pages in his late November writings, 
Joseph Lee Robinson discusses in detail the organization of the Church 
and the duties of the various offices within the Church. These writings 
are based upon and in accordance with instructions in the Doctrine 
and Covenants.] 



January 1888. The presidency of this stake of Zion has 
appointed a two days meeting to be held in this, the Hooper 
Ward. They were in attendance and it was an excellent 
meeting. The spirit of God was poured out upon President 
(Denney) and on the elders and people. It was a very good 
meeting, indeed. 

I enter upon this New Year with pleasure and delight, 
because God is with this people and we feel to serve him 
with all our might. If it be possible, to do better than we have 
done for the year past. My sons Jedediah and George Clawson 
and grandson Joseph West came here on a visit last week. 
The boys to do some work on our house. They drove some 
cattle for me to winter. Joseph A., my grandson, a very fine 
interesting young man. He is attending, or going to the Provo 
Academy. On vacation, he is to visit here and he, himself, and 
William went up to Morgan on a visit today. He seemed to 
enjoy himself well while with us. The boys, while here, built 
us a stairway and did some painting and other work. They 
are good boys. 

January 3rd. I wrote and mailed two letters. One to Mary 
in the north and one to Mary Jane in the south. 

January 5th, fast day. We attend meetings. A house full, a 
good meeting, a very liberal portion of the spirit. We had a 
house full this evening, William Baker, Charles (Turk), Jedediah 



and George and Lee and Willy with all their families and Aunt 
Rinda got us a royally good supper. 

January 6th. The winter is fast upon us and we gather 
the most of our stock because of the cold weather. The boys 
finish up their job and are preparing for home to Farmington. 
All is well. 

January 13th. We receive a good letter from Aunt Mary. 
Amos is on the road. We fear he will freeze. We receive a 
letter from Charles E. Robinson from New York. He is trying 
to trace out the Robinson records and he wants a genealogy 
of my family. He sent to me blanks for me to fill out for my 
own family, also for my father and grandfathers. 

January 19th. Received two letters from Amos with a $25 
check. He is all right but says there is a large amount of sick- 
ness among the children mostly. Several have died causing 
much weakness and grief with the parents and friends. We 
will mention one family in particular, Brother John McGreger. 
They have been called to part with five of their children. We 
feel to sympathize with them very much. May the Lord com- 
fort them. 

February 1st, 1888 

February 1st, 1888. Received a letter from my daughter, Jo- 
sephine Rose. They are mourning the loss of their youngest, 



a very promising bright child, the first one they have ever 
buried, their ninth child. We sympathize with them in their 
bereavement and we ask God to bless them and give unto 
them comfort and enable them to repent of all their sins and 
become as pure as that child and endure in faith and good 
works unto the end in order that they may be as sure of sal- 
vation as that child is. 

Then they have, cause to rejoice, for surely, if that mother 
proves worthy to receive that child again when it shall wake 
up, for the trump shall sound, yes, for that kind of dead and 
it shall come forth. It shall wake up and look just as it did 
when it was laid down. So, it shall want a mother to receive 
it, nourish it, and cherish it. And she (the mother) shall raise 
it up to womanhood and inasmuch as the Holy Ghost has 
promised that children, such as this child, shall receive it just 
whatsoever was promised it and then her joy shall be full. We 
shall say, and verily, in the fear of God, the same shall be 
verified with regard to her lost child. 

February. We attend fast meeting, a very good meeting. 
We talked good to the Saints. Amos talked good to us all 
also. Jeddy and George came and helped us some with some 
painting on our house. We had a good visit with them. They 
are very good. 

Preparing my family genealogy to send to Charles E. 
Robinson. I also went to Sister Henry Manning's and gave 



to Sister Mary Ann Manning Robinson a good healthy, sound 
patriarchal blessing. We administered to a great many sick, 
children mostly, we take pleasure in blessing them, innocent 
children of the Most High. 

February 14th. We received five Perry's magazines and 
Deseret News. Christmas gets us that and Brother F. S. John- 
son gave us a book, titled The Apocryphal New Testament, 
a wonderful good book. It speaks largely on Jesus Christ, of 
his infancy and early days so that we are blessed with an 
abundance of good reading matter. We also take the Juvenile 
Instructor. The snow is gone here except drifts. 

February 18th. My birthday. It is as I dreamed last night, 
snowing all day. I, at our place, am very busy all day reading 
good books. Felt very happy and comfortable thinking, oh 
how good the Lord has been to me that he had so graciously 
spared so unworthy a servant as I for seventy and seven 
years, that he had been with me most of that time. That he 
had imparted information to me, so many rich blessings that 
he had revealed to me and to the world of mankind the fullness 
of his everlasting gospel in its fullness. Very particularly for 
the law of celestial marriage including plurality of wives that 
has given to me by law and revelation so many amiable, good 
looking, honorable daughters of Zion for wives. Also that the 
Lord has so graciously given so many, such good, well disposed, 
honorable children and also so many good, honorable sons-in- 



law and daughters-in-law and also a host of bright, intelligent, 
grand and great grandchildren. It begins to put me in mind 
of the hosts of Israel. 

Now, while reflecting on these important and very 
interesting matters, it almost surprised me, now thinks I, 
wonder if my children and friends don't think they will surprise 
me today, it being my birthday. But thinks I, guess they won't. 
I had not seen any person come in, had heard no noise, not 
a thing. 

Come, father, says one, we want you to go into Laurey's 
room. She says, you have not been in her room today. Well 
says I, I will a little while. 

My wife, with brush in hand gave my hair a little touch. I 
rose up and went toward the door not in the least of seeing 
any person except some of the family but you may judge of 
my surprise when the door opened I saw the room literally 
full of people. Well, well said I, what can this mean. Truly, I 
was so surprised that I hardly knew what to say, and while 
my surprise was way up, my son Jeddy says to me, Look here 
Father, pointing to a beautiful piece of furniture. I looked at it. 
What said I is that, an organ? No he says, look here, dropping 
at the same time the front door. What I saw was a writing 
table and seeing the drawer and place for books and shelves 
and papers, I saw at a glance what it was but had not time 
to say anything. He then opened a drawer, look here he says. 



What is this for says I. This is all yours, see here, a fine suit 
of clothes, slippers and socks. All this is yours he exclaimed 
with a look of high pleasure. But with myself, surprise and 
wonder and astonishment mixed with a thought, is it possible? 
This thing I had wanted so bad and a nice suit of clothes in 
the bargain made ready for me. 

Oh God, I thank thee. Wilt thou bless these my dear 
children. Wilt thou provide for them. May they never want, 
that through their faith and diligent industry they may always 
have, and to spare. 

Now, says Jeddy, let us go right upstairs, you put on these 
clothes, see if they fit. Yes, says Joseph E. and others, go and 
put these on. So upstairs we clamor like little innocent children. 
I, feeling so happy and the children feeling so very good. When 
tried on, all fit to a tee, clothes, slippers, socks and all. Then 
the boys got up a program for the evening exercise. Brother 
E. Rose, Joseph and others got up the program. Then supper, 
and a splendid one too. We had a feast, a royal supper. Thank 
God and all the good people that helped get it up. We will now 
insert the program. 

Program rendered at the 77th birthday of Brother Robinson, 
February 18th, 1888. Supper at 6:30 o'clock p.m. Song by 
the group with organ. Speech by C. Kirkham on the Word of 
Wisdom. A tune by the band. Harmonica solo by Frank Steed. 
Recitation by G. A. Robinson. Song by Miss Mary Robinson. 



Recitation by Miss Maggie Wilcox. Song by Mr. and Mrs. J. E. 
Robinson, speech by Mr. J. E. Robinson. Speech by father 
Joseph Lee Robinson. Organ solo by Miss Mabel Walker. Comic 
song by Mr. Hyrum Rice. Comic recitation by Mr. E. Wilcox. 
Sentimental verses composed for the occasion, toasts, dancing. 
63 persons present. We will here insert the verses. 

We have met here to greet dearest Grandpa 

To cheer him and make his heart glad 

Seventy-seven long years he has tarried 

We never knew his heart to be sad. 

Oh the wealth of a heart that's contented 

A treasure more precious than gold 

To the riches of heaven 

To the blessing and Christ's happy fold 

To Grandpa this chorus we sing. 

Sweet songs, precious songs of the heart 

His precepts we honor and cherish 

From truth we will never depart. 

The winter of life is approaching 

But still not a cloud on his brow 

Just calm and serene as a summer 

Or in springtime when gliding the plow. 

When the great book of records are opened 
And his deeds the kind Savior will scan 



There will be to his credit recorded 
Title clear of a good honest man. 


In the midst of his wives & his children 
A patriarch honored he stands 
Respected, beloved, and cherished 
Choice blessings they claim at his hands. 
There will be stars in his bright crown of glory 
That he'll wear on eternity's shore 
Oh then what a joyful reunion 
When all meet to part never more. 

Composed by Lucy A. Clark by request of granddaughter, 
Maggie Wilcox 

Farmington, February 18th, 1888. These verses were 
composed for Brother Joseph Lee Robinson on his 77th 
birthday. Verily, every part was performed well. We had a 
beautiful dance in our hall all evening. 

February 20th. We came home to Hooper. Sister and 
Brother Ausker [Oscar] Rice and his family came with us on 
a visit, he to help me some to get out manure. He is an extra 
good man. He helped me very much as I had a large amount 
of manure to get out. It had accumulated very much in two 
years that I had rented the farm and my income was small also. 



I now purpose to till the farm and put out the manure to see 
whether I can make it produce. Consequently I am laboring 
exceedingly hard. There are many things transpiring these 
days which is of great interest to Latter-day Saints. The Lord 
is chastening his Saints, the destroyer is taking away many of 
our children which causes many parents and people to mourn. 
Also many severe judgements are being poured out upon 
the inhabitants of the world such as very destructive fires, 
earthquakes, storms and tempests, whirlwinds, shipwrecks, 
railroad disasters, hailstorms, famines, and so forth. 

[Editor's note: Here Joseph Lee Robinson repeats again his 
prophecy or predictions that the world will be destroyed unless the 
people repent.] 

March lst-12th, 1888. We attend fast meeting. It was very 
well attended. The brethren spoke well. There were several 
little children blessed and oil consecrated. 

I sent one letter to Aunt Mary in the north and received a 
good letter from her. Amos returned from his visiting with his 
brothers and sisters and friends. He helped me some,, Amos 
started for his home in the north. Oscar and family for home. 
Sent letter to Solomon in Emery County. 

May the blessings of God rest on all of our dear sons and 
daughters. I bless them in the name of the Lord. We are 
favored with a beautiful rain today. The first for a long, long 
time. We thank the Lord very much, it will do the land so 



much good. (On 12th) Am writing a good letter to Charles E. 
Robinson in the city of New York. He had written a long letter 
to me asking me many questions with regard to Mormonism. 
He is searching for and obtaining a very extensive genealogy 
of the Robinsons, our progenitors and kindred. He will publish 
a book. He will give me one. 

My son Jedediah [Jeddediar] came today to help me put 
in my crops this spring. He takes hold good even with a will. 
God bless him and his little family. We labor with our might. 
We labor for Zion exclusively in the name of the Lord. We 
desire nothing, but the kingdom of God and his righteousness. 
We trust in God, we are friends of God and hope, and mean, 
ever to be. 

We are having very beautiful weather now. But in the 
eastern states, a dreadful storm, such as one as they have 
never known before. The chastisements of Almighty God are 
coming upon them. It may be the prophet Joseph is fighting 
them for they have spilt his innocent blood and he did threaten 
them in the name of God. 

[Editor's note: Here, J.L.R. repeats what he has written many times 
before, his predictions of the last days, of the destruction which will 
come upon the wicked.] 

March 13th. We commence putting in our wheat. I receive 
a very lengthy and very choice letter from my beloved ones 



in the north. They are all well. Have had a very severe winter 
in that country. 

Emera Sales and Ephraim Garner have buried each of them 
a son. 

March 20th. I engage a good boy by the name of David 
Fowls for the summer and fall. On the 27th we attend a 
funeral for George (Amis) little boy. He was a fine and noble 
child. Brother Johnson and I preached the funeral sermons. 
We told the Saints that the child should return to earth and 
receive its body again and that his mother, if worthy, should 
receive it into her arms and should with pleasure nourish and 
cherish it. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. now repeats what he has said basically before 
in respect to the resurrection of little children.] 

March 31st. Jedediah has gone home. We have performed 
a large amount of labor. Jedediah came to help me what he 
could before conference. We are laboring hard, enlarging the 
beet canal that we may have an abundance of water. We are 
very hard and faithful laborers but poor scholars. 

April 5th. We start to attend conference, the 58th Annual 
Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
how rich, the title. Took Aunt Rinda, Vee's wife and Jeddy and 
Rosy and stopped at Farmington. 

April 6th. We drive to Salt Lake City. Took Oscar and Willy, 
his wife with us and stopped with Sister Bridges, George (Arms) 



mother. Put my horse in Sister Smith's stable, my wagon in 
her yard and we attend a live and interesting conference. 
There was a very large concourse of people attending this 
58th Annual conference. We did receive a very large amount 
of very bold and fearless, good substantial preaching and 
teaching which caused our minds to expand and our hearts to 
rejoice exceedingly. It showed us that Mormonism is neither 
dying nor dead, but that the Latter-day Saints were alive and 
that they were improving some. We heard a very sound and 
interesting epistle, good for all the Saints, from President 
Woodruff. Also, from the Twelve. There are a good many of 
our elders in exile and many in prison while we have a large 
army of elders out in and all over and among the nations of 
the earth promulgating the gospel and the Son of God that if 
possible we may gather out the elect of God and gather them 
home to the place of gathering that they might be brought 
under a rod and into the bowels of the covenant. Yes, that 
they may become educated in the things of God, yes in the 
doctrines of Christ that they, with us, may be prepared to 
receive the Lord when he shall come. (Many other choice 
instructions were given at this conference.) 

April 9th. We drove to Hooper. Found things in very good 
shape. Find two ewes with six very beautiful, live lambs for 
which we thank God the great giver of all good. We also find 
upon our hands an abundance of work, hard work, also health 



and strength and a disposition to perform the same for which 
we thank God. We are enlarging our public large canal, laboring 
hard with our mights for water. 

April 12th. By invitation, my wife Laurinda and I attend 
a grand party at the house of Eli Mannings, Farmington, my 
eldest daughters, Anna Maria and second daughter Mary 
Wilcox, married to Eli Manning's eldest son. They are good 
children. They had been to Logan Temple and married prior 
in April, 1888. 

We are treated to a splendid supper. We had a good 
party and by invitation I talked to some length on important 

April 20th. We attend a meeting, the presidency of the 
stake and President F. D. Richards and Brother Joseph Stan- 
ford, our superintendent Rich Balentine and others were in 
attendance. The ward was reorganized by appointing Warren 
Childs bishop and Ollie Olsen and Nephi Hardy his counselors. 
These three brethren were all ordained high priests and also 
set apart in the bishopric. They are good, interesting, smart 
young men. They will make a good team. We pray for them 
that they may take hold with their mights, fill their high and 
important office with honor. 

April 25th. While moving my young horse this morning I 
became severely injured having my left shoulder put out and 
my upper arm bruised severely. I acknowledge the hand of the 



Lord in this severe hurt, but it probably was my carelessness. 
I thank the Lord in it and if I thought it was his will that I 
should suffer thus then I would certainly thank him for it. 

This evening, while I was laboring in my field, one of Brother 
David Bibey's sons came to me and informed me that his 
brother William had been stabbed in his breast and that he 
was very bad. They wished me to come and administer to 
him that he might live and not die. Accordingly I went about 
eight miles this evening and stayed with him all night. We 
administered to him in the name of the Lord that evening 
and the next morning we very earnestly sought the Lord to 
spare his life that he might live for the Lord's sake and for 
his own sake and for his wife and children's sake and for his 
dear father and mother's sake, his brothers and sisters and 
many friends' sake also that he was stabbed so severely that 
he bled inwardly. He was appointed unto death or at least we 
did not exercise faith sufficiently to save him. The next day, 
April 18th, 1888 in the afternoon he departed this life. He left 
a wife and three or four little children to mourn his loss and 
also many friends to weep for the loss of a loving son and an 
affectionate brother. He was surely a very good, kind, inter- 
esting young man. We surely weep and feel sad for him and 
his family but we would many times rather be in their place 
than in the place of him that murdered this good man. We 
do earnestly pray our Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus, 



to bless and comfort the widow and fatherless children and 
many relatives. 

May 1888. I received a letter from Mr. Tullege asking for 
historic information as he is about to publish the history of 
Utah. We tried to give him some of the desired information. 
We hope he received it in time. 

My son Jedediah is helping me very much. He is a famous 
worker and a good boy. 

This morning, very early, I awoke my son Jedediah asking 
him if he would arise and anoint and bless my shoulder for I 
was and had been suffering for several hours with a dreadful, 
cutting pain in my shoulder and that it was dreadful in the 
extreme. Now I did think, surely, the hand of the Lord is in 
this severe hurt, in the way it was brought about and that 
it became me to bear it with all the patience and fortitude 
that I possibly could. But, this present pain was more than 
I was required or more than I need to bear. So, in my heart, 
I prayed earnestly that this present pain might be rebuked 
and taken entirely away. Surely it was done, for my son 
commenced with pain killer rubbing it with the same for some 
time. But, that did no good, not one particle. This dreadful 
pain continued. Then he took the consecrated oil and anointed 
it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As he commenced to 
anoint, the dreadful commenced to leave my shoulder. When 
he got through administering the pain was certainly all gone. 



So, I did verily know it was the Lord and how thankful I was 
and certainly should be unto the Lord, my God, even unto my 
Redeemer, even for this wonderful manifestation of his power. 
I do know that my Redeemer liveth and because he lives, I 
live also, and we do certify now that that very severe and very 
extraordinary pain did certainly leave and it never came back, 
thank the Lord, although my shoulder is very weak and gets 
very tired and painful but that kind of pain never did return. 

May 8th. Elder F. S. Johnson came and examined my 
shoulder and he pronounced my shoulder in place all right. 
By request, he anointed my head and shoulder in the name 
of the Lord and administered to me. He rebuked the pain and 
soreness from the foundation. Suffice to say, I feel much bet- 
ter and expect to get well and sound again, if the Lord will, 
we expect he will, we trust in him. 

January 1st, 1889 

[Editor's note: The J.L.R. journal now skips to January 1st, 1889. It is 
obvious that there is no material in between these dates because the 
journal continues on the back of the page from which we have just 
been dictating.] 

January 1st, 1889. This day we took dinner with Jedediah 
and family in Farmington with several of our children. Had a 
good dinner, we enjoyed ourselves very much. Our daughter, 



Laury, prepared our dinner but the next day I was quite 
sick. However, I read 150 pages in the life of apostle Heber 
C. Kimball which was very interesting which related the very 
interesting account of the dedication of the Kirtland Temple 
and of his appointment and call to a mission in old England. 
This was the first Mormon missionary work done in foreign 
land. The book told of his success, the wonderful power of God 
manifested there and also the power of the devil in opposition 
to the gospel of the Son of God who attacked the elders and 
nearly killed some of them. The account told of his wonderful 
success, the great numbers that were baptized there and of his 
return and travels to Missouri and the dreadful persecutions 
the Saints received there, while some were killed and some 
were imprisoned and the whole Church was driven from the 
state of Missouri. 

I also fasted that day and visited some and got much 
better through the mercy of God. The next day I traveled to 
Hooper, found all well, Aunt Laurinda stayed in Farmington 
to nurse and comfort a sick daughter. The weather very cold 
these days. 

January 5th, 1889. Saturday, this morning before I arose 
from my bed my mind became lit up by the power of the Holy 
Ghost and I received a solution and explanation of several 
very important subjects. In my weakness, I may attempt to 
explain or I'll reveal some of them and these are subjects I 



never had explained to me before but had heard many opinions 
but they greatly differed as they always will without revelation 
to establish the facts. 

One was, the Lord gives a man a wife in the new and 
everlasting covenant. She is sealed to him for time and all 
eternity and by any means she may wish or thinks she does 
want to go to some other man to become his. If the man that 
she thought she desired was in a lower state or could not exalt 
her any higher or not so high, as her husband. In that case 
he should not let her go. But in a case a woman gets sealed 
to a man that cannot exalt her as high as she is worthy to 
receive, because she may be one that is very intelligent and 
has never committed adultery or any other capital crime in 
either of her probations so that there never was a stain upon 
her character and she has earned a very bright crown and 
that she is worthy to go up higher than her man can take 
her. She can claim the privilege of the hand of her Father in 
Heaven. He certainly will not deny her and in that case her 
husband cannot hold her back. 

Never until such times that we have temples built with 
an apartment in the same where the true character of 
every person can and will be brought to life, their truth and 
worthiness, as it is before God, can and shall be revealed and 
the fullness of the law revealed and after this, if a woman 
knowing the true worth of the man and she is willing and 



wishes to be sealed to that man, then she will be informed 
that she can never leave him. Now verily, until such times as 
the fullness of the law is revealed, in all cases, the daughters 
of Zion, cannot be compelled to remain with a man that she 
might happen to get sealed to because she can't have but one 
man, therefore it would not be just and equitable and strictly 
just before the Lord, as our God is just, he therefore cannot 
do wrong, his precious beloved daughters, for he loves them. 
I do love them also, even all those who are virtuous and true, 
thank God. 

It is very cold weather, some slow sleighing. I visited my 
beloved daughter Oaney and her family. Stayed over night with 
them. Had a very interesting chat with her husband Byran 
Bibe and he gave me two sacks of corn and one of apples 
for which I thanked him very much and upon my way home 
I took dinner with my son William and family. Consecrated a 
bottle of oil and blessed a sick child. I feel like David said, I 
give thanks unto the Lord for his very rich mercy. 

I drove to Farmington and visited with several of my 
children and had a regular good time with them. Blessed two 
of my daughters that were sick, namely Ester and Sarah. I also 
gave to four of my granddaughters a good patriarchal blessing, 
namely Lucy, Mary, and Rosy Robinson and Anabel Rose. They 
are good, nice daughters of Zion. God bless them. 



February 1st. Left Aunt Rinda, still with her daughter and 
brought up Sister Elizabeth, Oscar's good mother, as my son- 
in-law Oscar Rice and his family is living in one of my rooms 
this winter. He is helping me, feeding our stock, Having a 
good winter. 

February 3rd. The Sabbath, I attended meeting and af- 
ter meeting had a good talk with Brother John Manning, a 
returned missionary and gave two of their children a good 
patriarchal blessing. I also read the magazine sent to me by 
C. E. Robinson. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R.'s journal now skips to 1889.] 

Many things have transpired of vital importance during the 
last few months and also many very remarkably wicked, hard 
sickening and ungodly murders and suicides, robbings and 
sudden deaths and a great loss of life and many, very many 
have gone to a watery grave. Surely, it is evident God is angry 
with the wicked and not many years hence great and mighty 
cities shall be destroyed and sink with the inhabitants thereof, 
shall be burned with fire from heaven and that is not all but 
there shall be dreadful wars and bloodshed which shall make 
the hardest heart of wicked man to ache. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. inserts this 1888 material here.] 

November 4, 1888. My eldest son Oliver's seventh son, 
Eugene, died, leaving a wife and three small children to mourn 
his death and to be cared for. We mourn with them, but not 



without hope for he was a good man and has surely gone 
to rest for a while, but his work will follow him and he shall 
perform a good missionary work in the spirit world and in the 
near future shall receive a glorious resurrection and strike 
hands with his family and friends and live forever. 

At his funeral in the Farmington meetinghouse, which took 
place November 6, 1888, I was called upon to address the 
large assembly that was assembled upon that solemn occa- 
sion. (Eugene was born August 11, 1862.) 

In our remarks, we testified that this our beloved brother 
lying before us, was a Saint and that he had died in the Lord 
and that he was blessed that he had earned a glorious resur- 
rection and that he should receive that same body again and 
that it should look just like it did when he died and that he 
should be healed, become healthy, and live forever. All that 
the Holy Ghost has promised him should be given him and his 
work should follow him and he should enter directly into the 
work of the ministry in the spirit world. That he would most 
certainly perform a large missionary work there, as there 
was a thousand times more people to preach to there than 
there are here on this earth at the present time. Our elders 
holding the holy priesthood, they would have that work to 
perform in the spirit world the same as they have to preach 
it, the gospel, here upon this earth. 



[Editor's note: J.L.R. then continues to outline the things that 
would transpire before the second conning of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He 
concluded the recording of his address by assuring the congregation 
that Eugene would be reunited with his father, Oliver L. Robinson, 
and that they never would be separated again. Also, he concluded by 
asserting that there never would be a better man than he (Eugene) 

This morning, before I arose from my bed, in my serious 
and deep reflection, the veil seemed to be drawn and the 
Comforter kindly introduced several very important matters 
and subjects giving me an understanding and knowledge 
upon those matters, clearing up several to my understanding 
and leading me into other very great and important matters. 
Truly, the Lord is very gracious and extremely good unto his 
covenant people, as the Savior said to his disciples, that he 
would send the Comforter and he, the Comforter, should lead 
them into all truth. 

Now, we wish to be understood, that any person that ex- 
ercises true and genuine faith in Jesus Christ and renders 
obedience to the requirements of the gospel, whether this 
obedience, or baptism, and all other ordinances are performed 
by him, or her, or whether they are performed by others. 

Well, with regard to polygamy, it is in my estimation 
certainly a very interesting and very important tenet or item 
of our holy religion, yet not in a general sense essential to 



salvation. It is left optional with any and every man to enter 
into that holy order, or into polygamy, or not, as it may please 
himself only if he does break the laws of the land he will have 
to abide the consequences. But, with the hundreds and the 
tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of members 
of this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there are 
comparatively few that have ever entered into polygamist 
marriages and still those members are held in full fellowship 
in the Church just the same. But, I probably will say more 
to you upon this subject at some other time. We do not term 
this (polygamy) the gospel— no not by any means. 

I would like to leave this subject for the present and would 
like to preach the gospel of life and salvation to you. Well, I 
think or suppose you will say, we have already got the gospel, 
have we not? Well, as to that we will have to leave it to the 
Bible to say and that is what I meant, do you really think that 
you do believe the Bible or do you believe your own or some 
other man's interpretation of the Bible. We will now inquire 
and see what the Holy Bible will say about the subject of the 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. then continues for several pages preaching 
the gospel to Mr. C. E. Robinson— the gospel as contained in the Bible. 
j.l.r. ends his letter to Mr. Charles E. Robinson in New York with "I 
remain your very obedient and sincere well wisher", Joseph L. Robinson, 
Hooper, Utah.] 



April 6th, 1889. We attended our general conference, held 
in the large tabernacle in Salt Lake City. Many thousands of 
people attended this conference and it was a very excellent, 
good meeting. Much very rich instruction was imparted to 
the Saints. We enjoyed this meeting extremely well. We feel 
ourselves highly favored of the Lord, for he has given unto us 
a First Presidency, again. We voted for our beloved brethren, 
Wilford Woodruff, for our president and George Q. Cannon, 
our first and Joseph F. Smith, our second counselors. The 
vote was a hearty unanimous one. We thank our God very 
much for so good men, for presidents and that he, the Lord, 
is with this people and that he is so wonderfully blessing this 
dear people and that he has lead them into so goodly a land, 
out of bondage and that he has placed a hedge about them 
to protect them. 

June 20th. Our Hooper Ward has built a very large and 
nice bowery and several Sunday Schools met in the same on 
this day. There were speeches from different individuals, the 
recitals of choice scriptures, the singing and beautiful music 
from the band, a sweet and good spirit through the exercises 
altogether which made it one of the most interesting exercises 
we have ever attended. It manifested to us that our Sunday 
Schools are doing a vast amount of good. 

June 26th. We attended the old folks celebration in Ogden. It 
was a decided success, a beautiful day, a very large gathering 



and abundance of good dinner. Many very nice, good presents 
to the old and poor, good speeches and a very interesting, 
general good time, all seemed to feel well. 

August 4th, Sunday. Our new and very fine meetinghouse 
was dedicated today. The Hooper Ward has reason to feel 
proud and thank their God for their splendid meetinghouse. 
It would be a credit to any ward in Zion. President Shirtlif and 
his counselors, several of the twelve and others were there. It 
was a very rich meeting. The President and all hands did talk 
so very well. Apostle Franklin F. Richards made the dedicatory 
prayer. It was truly a feast, we were so very happy, the Lord 
was there. 

August 12th. My William came to me very sick. I anointed 
and blessed him in the name of the Lord. He was healed 
immediately and returned to his work, praising God, his good 
Lord for his goodness and his matchless love and power. Surely 
our God is with us. We shall never be moved. 

Now verily, this present season has been the driest season 
we have ever experienced in these valleys. Our potato crops 
have almost proved a failure. Our corn and cane and other 
kinds, about the same. Many fruit and shade trees have died 
with thirst, but I truly felt it was a marvel that my Lucerne hay 
did yield so very much. I do thank my God very exceedingly. 
It surely is his holy hand. 



August 18th, Sunday. I was watering my vines this morning 
by pouring water on the hills but this evening a soaking rain, 
a wonderful heavy shower. 

May 5th, 1889. As I have been writing a good letter to my 
nephew, Milton Robinson, a resident of the state of Pennsyl- 
vania. He is a very candid, interesting young man as he has 
undertaken the task and is getting up the Robinson family 
records. He has written to me several good letters and has 
requested me to write him a good Christian letter, I have writ- 
ten one and will copy the same, hoping it will benefit some 
others as well as himself. 

Hooper City, May 5th, 1889, Weber County, Utah. 

Mr. Milton Robinson, my very dear nephew. 

I have many times thought of you and had wished I had 
time to write a good, long letter to you, but I am very busy, 
as I am alone on my farm, but do not intend to have it so 

I am in very good health and in good spirits through the 
mercy of God and feel very happy in my very much despised 
religion. I have certainly taken, joyfully taken, the spoiling of 
my goods, and I have been driven once from Nauvoo, State of 
Illinois, with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and 
they, the Church, has been driven four times from their homes 
and hard earned possessions. Still this people is becoming 
a great people, numerous and many very wealthy, but I am 



not rich in the world's goods but have a plenty to make us 
comfortable, for which I feel very thankful to the great giver 
of all good. 

But, if faith in God and in his gospel and also in good 
works and in a large, good family, are riches, then I am rich. 
That is, I feel to say I am very thankful to Almighty God, my 
Heavenly Father for what I do possess in that line and feel 
that these things are worth more to me than a large amount 
of gold and silver, houses and lands, flocks and herds in great 

Well, my boy, I acknowledge the receipt of a very good, kind 
letter written by your hand to me. And since you have invited 
me to write you a good, kind Christian letter, something like 
I had written to you before and as you seem to be a candid, 
sensible young man, a man of good habits, interesting and 
enterprising, just the kind of a man that is worth saving and 
that would be worth being saved of the gospel of the son of 
God and become instrumental in saving others. Also, as a large 
mission is on hand which will require smart and willing young 
men to perform a preaching mission for dispensation of the 
gospel has been committed to man and it has been preached 
to many people, to many nations for the last 50 years or more 
and very many people have received it. Yet, this missionary 
work has but just commenced. But as the Lord liveth, that 
everlasting gospel that John the Revelator saw, the holy angel 



flying through the midst of heaven having the everlasting 
gospel to preach to men that dwell on the earth, which he did 
commit to man to preach to every nation, kingdom, tongue 
and people that dwell on the earth. As Jesus said, that when 
this gospel of the kingdom should be preached to every nation 
then should the end come. But our sectarian Christian friends 
will say that the everlasting gospel was preached by Christ 
and his apostles and that in their day it was preached and that 
there is never to be any more dispensations of the gospel of 
the son of God on this earth. They say that there shall never 
be any more apostles and prophets, gifts of healing by the 
laying on of hands and anointing with oil in the name of the 
Lord, etc. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. continues in this letter to outline the 
restoration of the gospel and renders his testimony to this young 
nephew. He continues for several pages in his journal quoting the 
scriptures to this young man. Then on November 17th writes another 
letter to his beloved nephew Milton Robinson in response to a letter 
which he had received from him. He ends his letters-with renderings 
of his strong, powerful testimony of the gospel and continues as 

Well now I want to say that I did not think of writing very 
much on religious matters, but have written some this time, but 
have still said but little. If you do not want to hear any more, 



you must not invite me to write you a good religious letter any 
more. I beg your pardon, you must not be offended. 

I will now say I have just received a very kind, good letter 
from you. My very best wishes and I am much pleased to 
hear that you were well and that you were still engaged in 
the good work, in looking after and tracing out the records of 
the Robinson family. I do really hope and pray that you may 
in some way trace out the line and lineage of our forefathers 
way back for a long ways. I do not doubt but that Charles E. 
Robinson has gone into them and that he and us are connected. 
But, I suppose that is not ascertained for certainty. Yet, he has 
taken up the offer that I gave to you, to ask questions and I 
would answer them and I have written a considerable to him. 
He is a gentleman, a very good man, I am highly pleased with 
him and his letters. I find no fault with them. I should like 
very much to see him as well also yourself and have a good 
long and sound talk with you both as I do entertain the best 
feelings for both of you. God bless you.) 

September 28th. It is, or has been Thanksgiving Day. My wife 
got us up a royal dinner. We have had a good time and some 
of our friends with us to partake with us. 

[Editor's note: This, apparently, is another letter addressed to 
Milton Robinson.] 



I wish, yourself, could have been one of them, one of our 
guests. I should like to see you very much but would more 
like to have you receive the gospel and become a member 
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But then, 
you would be called a poor, diluted Mormon and you should 
be belied and persecuted and would be cast out as evil. And 
how would you like that, my dear boy. Well the Lord bless 
you with a pure heart and clean hands and good luck is my 
humble prayer and blessing. Yours truly, with kind love and 
charity to my beloved nephew Milton Robinson signed Joseph 
L. Robinson. 

August 22nd, 1889. Thursday morning we were called to 
administer to Bishop Williams Childs, our bishop, he was a 
very sick man. We united and prayed for him and administered 
to him. I was mouth. We promised him he should live. I felt 
very much interested for him and through the day I retired 
to secret places and knelt down and prayed very earnestly to 
the Lord that he would look in mercy upon him and spare his 
life. That for his name's sake and for his and the ward's sake 
that he might be healed as he was a very good man, a very 
enterprising, industrious, useful man and we did not know 
how we could spare him. 

We were all called together again in the evening and on 
my way there I did pray earnestly to the Father, in the name 



of Jesus, that he would spare our bishop, that he would not 
take him from us, not at this time. And I did also tease the 
Lord, my God, that he would graciously give unto us something 
through the gift of the Holy Ghost with regard to that man. 

There were some eight or ten elders together. We formed 
a circle and Bishop Belnap was mouth in prayer. Elder Case 
was mouth, I anointed him and gave him oil inwardly. After 
the administration, a very few minutes, and the spirit of the 
Lord came widely upon me and filled my soul with great joy 
even to the shedding of many tears and the Holy Ghost did 
say unto me in plain words, the prayers of the brethren have 
gone up into the ears of the Lord of the Sabbath. The heavens 
have decided they shall be granted. Your bishop shall remain 
with you for a season. He shall not be taken at this time. 

These precious words to me were very consoling. I felt to 
praise and magnify the name of the Lord for he had heard 
and answered our prayers and that we did possess some of 
the faith of Abraham and that Abraham's God was our friend 
and that our bishop should remain. 

Presently, Elder F. S. Johnson came in, he was late, but he 
wished to do something for him. He requested and we formed 
a circle and in order we prayed. Elder Case was the mouth at 
this time. Elder Johnson anointed him and by request I blessed 
him and told him his prayers were heard and his brethren's 
also in his behalf and they should be answered. For thus saith 



the Holy Ghost, that he, our Bishop Childs should live and 
remain with us for awhile. So, in accordance to the word of 
the Lord, we knew that our bishop would certainly get well. 
But it was said by some that most of the brethren thought he 
would die but I did know that his word could not fail for we 
have always proved him in every word that he saith for he 
cannot lie, he will not leave us and we trust in him. 

[Editor's note: Although J.L.R, does not so record, apparently 
Bishop Childs did get better.] 

August 25th, Sunday. I drove to Brother Ausmaus. He is 
very low, he will soon pass away. Several of the brethren met 
and we prayed for him. We hoped he would get easier. I went 
and blessed Brother Ausmaus today that he might depart 
in peace inasmuch as it was not the will of the Lord that he 
should remain with us as he has suffered long and much. It 
has been several months since I took paper and a good man 
with me and went to his house and I did in the name of the 
Lord give unto him a good patriarchal blessing and he received 
the promise of many good things and this good brother wrote 
it and we left the copy with him. He had been sick for a long 
time, we hoped he would have faith to be healed and remain 
with us and with his dear, nice family, but no, our beloved 
Brother Ausmaus passed away easy today, gone to sleep. Died 
today, August 30th. Sleep on dear brother and take your rest 
and let your industrious spirit labor with the blessed. 



September 1st, 1889. Sunday, 4 o'clock p.m. at the 
meetinghouse, Hooper, funeral services were held over the 
remains of Brother George Ausman and being called upon I 
preached the funeral sermon. We addressed the people and 
friends of Brother George Ausman in the fear and in the name 
of the Lord. We said he is a good man and that he had died 
in the Lord, or more proper that he slept in Jesus and that 
God, for Christ's sake, had forgiven him all his sins and that 
he had a great work to perform in the spirit world and that 
he had suffered very much in this world and that he should 
be rewarded for all his suffering and that he should perform 
a very meritorious work in the spirit world and that his work 
should go on here and that he should lose nothing but should 
receive all that the holy patriarch had promised him in the 
name of the Lord. He should not remain very long in the grave, 
that when the trump should sound for him he would awake 
and he should look just as he did when he went to sleep but 
that he should be healed and become a sound man, a healthy 
and holy man of God and that he should carry on his own work 
and that he should receive all that had been promised him, 
not one word, jot or tittle should fail and that he should live 
forever with the Lord. We labored to comfort the mourners 
of our dear brother and friend. We said many things for the 
living and pertaining to the dead. 



September 8th. Jeddy and his mother went to Farmington, 
attended a wonderful good two day's meeting there. Presidents 
Woodruff and Cannon did most of the preaching. They were 
full of the Holy Ghost so surely the Lord is with this people. 
My son William came for me. They were all sick. 

I went with him to Brother Baker's and consecrated some oil 
and we administered to his wife and child and also to Brother 
Baker and child and they all did get better. 

September 12th. We met and united in prayer for and 
administered to our bishop, William Childs. He is very sick 
again but he will certainly get well. We remember the promise 
the Lord made to us for him. 

September 14th. We thrash our grain. We have about 150 
bushels of wheat. There are many very sick, the most of them 
recover but some die. Brother William Garner has buried two 
of their little flock, two little sons. He himself and the only 
two sons left were very sick. We blessed them, they will live 
and get well and so they did. 

September 29. My wife and I drove up to see our daughter 
Oanie and family and we attended one of the most interesting 
and sweetest little meetings, a conference at Uintah that we 
ever attended. The presidency of the stake and several of the 
brethren were there and they did talk so very good. Brother 
Joseph Stanford talked so very sweet, we felt to bless them 
all in the name of the Lord. 



As their bishop had died they organized the ward by ap- 
pointing a president and several officers and blessed the 

We had a good visit also with our children and my son-in- 
law Byron. They gave to me a good pair of new shoes and 
they gave me a large nice book, entitled "A Beautiful Story". 
Only, when we had done with it that it, the book, should fall 
back to their own children. Our son-in-law Oscar Rice and his 
wife, Welle [or Wette] from the poor-house (?). Brother John 
Wadsworth is driving a flowing well for us in Hooper. 

October 6th. We attended the 59th Semi-Annual Confer- 
ence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our 
President, Elder Woodruff and his first counselor and six of 
the Twelve and a host of elders were in attendance. It was the 
largest and we think as good and as interesting a conference 
as we ever had. The spirit of the Lord did richly attend the 
many very rich instructive and very interesting discourses that 
were delivered at this conference. They were well calculated 
to encourage and strengthen and bless the Latter-day Saints. 
God is with the Saints, therefore they cannot be moved out of 
their place never unless they do worse so that the Lord has 
to leave them. Wo unto them that fight against Zion. 

November 10th and 11th. Our new meeting-house in Hooper 
was christened with a very interesting conference. The presi- 
dency of the Weber Stake of Zion with several of the High 



Council and elders from Ogden were in attendance. The breth- 
ren were in good spirits. A considerable amount of business 
was transacted and the presidency and brethren talked so 
very extremely well and good to the Saints in Hooper. We had 
a regular feast. We are blessed with a very fine and comodi- 
ous meetinghouse to worship God in for which blessing we 
feel very thankful to Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, and 
also to all the good people of Hooper who have so cheerfully 
and faithfully contributed of their means and labor to build 
the same. We are laboring hard, putting in some wheat, the 
rains are falling copiously. 

November 18th. Our beloved son, Lee Sidwells, came in 
from the north. We were much pleased to see him looking 
and feeling so well. He is a very nice lad. 

December 23rd. The prophet Joseph Smith's birthday. We 
were invited to celebrate this day by our presidency. To fast 
all day and meet together and pray to Almighty God, our 
Heavenly Father, that he would graciously look in mercy upon 
his beloved people, the Latter-day Saints. That he would soften 
the hearts of our enemies toward them. That the Saints may 
not be brought into bondage and be destroyed, but that they 
may live and prevail against all their enemies. 

Behold, the Saints with all their children did fast and meet 
together in all the valleys in the mountains and behold, shall 
not the heavens be moved? Yes, verily they most certainly will 



be for the good of the poor (yet rich) persecuted, Latter-day 
Saints. Our God shall soon come out of his hiding place and 
he shall vex this ungodly nation with a very sore vexation. 

December 24th. Wrote one letter to my family in the 
north. Administered to Sister Elgren. We promised her she 
should recover. Took some meat for Christmas and charity 
to a widow. 

December 25th. Held our Christmas with our own beloved 
daughter Janie Bybe and family. We had an excellent good 
time with them. 

December 29th, 1889. Sunday, we attended the funeral of 
our grandson Joel Rose. We had received the intelligence that 
he had passed away. He had died and gone to rest. 

While viewing the corpse I saw in his countenance the 
spirit of the great rest, felt a solemn holy influence. It struck 
me like a flash of lightening. I had such feelings as never had 
before while viewing a corpse. I had to turn away and weep 
like a whipped child, the tears ran like a flood and that was 
something that I never had done before, never to my remem- 
brance did I weep while viewing a dead person. He seemed 
to me a very superior, majestic spirit, not by no means a 
common person. I was struck with wonder and amazement. 
My reflections were, this child, okay my God, what about this 
child. He was the first bom of our daughter Josephine who 
is probably as good a woman as they make, a Saint, a pure 



daughter of Zion. He was a remarkable, intelligent child of a 
very serious religious turn. At about 2 years of age he was 
stricken down and after he was stricken he never walked one 
step or spoke one word. He lived the past 21 years, he was 
born (1868) and he died December 29, 1889. 

He had never sinned against his God or any person living. 
It is very probable that another such an instance had never 
been since Adam's day, except Jesus, our Savior. He never 
sinned, but every man is counted a sinner but him. And if 
Jesus had committed one sin, then surely he could not have 
atoned for one man, let alone his blood to atone for the sins 
of the whole world. 

Brother James Smith and counselors Jonathan Wood spoke 
and Bishop Seacrist also. They spoke so very good, interesting 
and comforting upon that occasion. I was called on and I made 
a few remarks, something of my feelings of the remarkable- 
ness of this child before us, for we had administered to him 
many times and by the Holy Ghost had promised him he should 
be healed. Many blessings we had pronounced upon his head, 
all which we knew must and should be fulfilled because there 
was no act or sin on his part to prevent those blessings. The 
Holy Ghost has promised him and we did say so that he was 
as innocent as a new born babe and that he should be blessed 
with them and when the trump should sound for that class 
of dead to awake, that is innocent children, that he should 



wake up and that he should come forth and that he should 
look just like he did. 

Now as he lies there and he should be healed just as it had 
been promised him, that he should become a sound, healthy, 
intelligent and holy man of God and that he should forever 
remain so, and that there should be no power that should 
hinder him from doing the will of the Father. This was the 
most solemn funeral that I ever attended. 

After this meeting, the funeral was held at Brother Rose's 
house, we attended a meeting in the meetinghouse and surely 
there was such a good spirit. It seemed that I never heard 
men talk so good before. 

[Editor's note: Here, again, J.L.R. repeats the promises of the 

January 1890 

January 1890. We returned to Hooper, found our people well 
but several brothers and sisters were sick. We went out and 
administered to Sister Johnson. She got immediately better. 
Also to Brother Oliver Manning and he got better, also to a 
sick child and it got better. 

January 19th. The snow was very deep. We attend 
conference in Ogden, a very good meeting. William Blanthem, 
a very good, nice young man came to live with me, to help 



me as I have 40 or 50 head of stock to feed this winter and it 
may be he will stay with me. We have an abundance of work 
to do. 

January 28th. I took a load of hay to Jeddy in Farmington. 
Blessed my grandson Joseph E, Robinson, Jr., gave him a 
patriarchal blessing. I went to patriarch John Tibits. He is 
very "feeble, he has suffered very much, he wished me to 
bless him and I did so with pleasure. He feels that his work 
is done here. He feels very anxious to go if it can be the will 
of the Lord. I said to him what kind of a message would you 
take to our brethren up there. He said he would not take a 
bad message and it came pass the Lord, by my hand, and 
through my mouth, gave unto him such a blessing as I never 
gave to a live man before. We told him that when the day 
and the hour came for him to go, that he should go in peace 
and that he should have 'a pleasant look and a smile upon 
his countenance that would prove to all that saw him that he 
was happy and that also a holy escort should be prepared 
and that he should receive a welcome, well done good and 
faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord, for when 
I was in hungered, ye fed me, when athirst ye gave me drink 
and naked, ye clothed me. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. continues with the promises of a joyful 



Brother Tibits said he wanted to say something for Brother 
Robinson before he left. He was very weak, he was trying 
to get strength to speak. I stood by his side, my right hand 
upon his head and secretly prayed to the Father to give unto 
him strength to speak and that the Holy Ghost should speak 
to him what he wished to say to me. His wife was at his feet 
waiting to catch every word he might say. 

I could see his lips move, his wife said she understood 
every word. He said he felt very thankful for the great blessing 
he had received and that Brother Robinson was a great and 
good man and that he was a patriarch of the highest order 
and that he should hold that position and priesthood through 
time and all eternity. I said, all right, that is true, but surely 
it was more than I expected. I did thank my Father and God 
exceedingly. I felt so happy, such a holy solemnity prevaded 
my soul and my bosom, a feeling I cannot describe. I delivered 
to him the message to take to the spirit world and blessed 
him and bade him farewell and tears ran from my eyes like 
raindrops. I left him. 

I visited some with my son Joseph E. and transacted some 
business with him. 

January 29th. This evening the Farmington choir met at 
his house as a surprise party. He was the leader of the choir. 
They made him some birthday presents, a large fine rocking 
chair. My wife came up from the city this day and we joined 



them in this surprise party. We enjoyed ourselves remarkably 
well. We partook of a very rich picnic supper with them, we 
were very happy indeed. 

February 2nd. It is Joseph Elijah Robinson's birthday, born 
February 2, 1849. 

I received a letter from a nephew, a 15 year old boy. I think 
I will copy the same and also the answer to the same. 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio, January 28, 1890. 
Mr. Joseph L. Robinson, Dear Sir: 

I am a boy, 15 years old, and am the son of your brother 
Samuel's daughter Carria. I go to school in the grammar 
department in the Chagrin schools. I have been reading a 
book on the Mormon question and am very much interested 
in the same and I thought I would write to you, thinking that 
you would kindly answer all questions regarding them. 

I think they have stood a good many trials and persecutions. 
After reading that book I learned how they had been driven 
from one place to another and finally to Utah. What kind of soil 
is that of Utah and also what is raised there? I heard a letter 
read that you wrote to Charles E. Robinson in New York at the 
Robinson family reunion. I remember that I was interested in 
it at the time, but so much so as I would be if I were to hear 
it now. I wish you could come out here for the family reunion 



next August as it is to be held at our house, and would be 
very much pleased to have you come. We would warrant you 
a good time as we do always have good times. I also wish the 
Robinson family would hire a special car and go to Utah and 
hold the reunion out there. Wouldn't it be a great trip for us 
and just to think of the beautiful scenery we would all have a 
chance to see. But I suppose that never will happen. 

I suppose you would like to know how I got your address. 
I got it from Milton Robinson who lived in Pennsylvania. Now, 
I am afraid I am asking most too much when I ask you to 
give me a full account of the Mormons, but if I am, I trust you 
will forgive me as I do not know how long the history will be. 
Hoping to hear from you soon, I am yours truly. I also want 
to ask you if the Mormon question is growing or decreasing 
and about how many Mormons there are in Utah. That is, if 
you know very accurately. Yours truly, (signed Glne Eliss [must 
be Glenn Ellis]). 

As I have written a good letter to my young nephew in Ohio, 
I will copy the same, hoping it may do some good. 

Hooper City, Weber County, Utah, March 26th, 1890. 

To my dear young nephew, very good sir: 

I acknowledge the receipt of a very kind and inquiring letter 
written by your hand which came some time ago. I should 



have answered it long before this but being very busy have 
neglected it until the present time. You asked me several 
questions and I would be very much pleased to answer them 
all but shall not be able to at this time. 

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints (we are vulgarly called Mormons). 

I was baptized into this church in August, 1836. 
Consequently, I am something of an old member, as this 
church was organized, April 6, 1830, but with only six members 
in it. Now it numbers some two or three hundred thousand 
and is rapidly increasing in numbers, notwithstanding the 
severe trials they have passed through. They are despised and 
ridiculed. They are belied and slandered. A great many wicked, 
disgraceful reports are and have been circulated against our 
people. Many have been murdered outright and they have been 
driven from place to place, even four times as this church has 
been driven four times from their homes until they are found 
here in these valleys of the Rocky Mountains. 

You ask about the soil and about our country generally. 
The soil is black loam, dark sandy, light sandy, different kinds 
of clay, in some places a red soil. The land generally is very 
productive, but it has to be watered. It will produce all kinds 
of grain and vegetables and the choicest fruit of almost all 
kinds. The land is generally highly cultivated from small to 



large beautiful farms and it is very fine stock country also. (It 
raises) horses, horned stock, and sheep are raised in these 
valleys by the hundreds of thousands. There are a great 
many large and beautiful cities besides many small cities and 
villages. Our settlements extend several hundred miles north 
and south and there are a great many valleys which are very 
thickly settled. The capitol of Utah is Salt Lake City. We have 
several beautiful temples built here and many very elegant 
tabernacles and meeting houses to worship God in. and a large 
number of academies and school houses. 

You will want to know why it is that our people are so much 
persecuted and why it is that they are so much despised and 
so unpopular. Is it because they are so corrupt, or disloyal, or 
dishonest, or irreligious? No, it certainly is not, for our people 
are a very religious, devoted, humble, praying people. They 
do believe the Bible and they do believe the gospel of our 
Lord Jesus Christ, the same kind of gospel that our Saviour 
and his apostles did preach and which he commanded them 
to preach to all the world and to every creature, saying that 
he that believes and is baptized shall be saved and that he 
that believes not, shall be damned. 

[Editor's note: j.l.r. continues quoting the scriptures and outlining 
in detail the beliefs and teachings of the church recorded on his pages 
numbered 116 and 117. j.l.r. concludes the letter by telling this young 
man that it would be necessary to write an entire book to tell the 



whole story. He invites him to come to Utah and stay with him as his 
guest, then writes -] 

Now, I hope this small letter will find yourself and your 
father's family well as it leaves me. Your grandfather, how is 
he? You must tell him that I, his younger brother, would like 
wonderfully well to see him once more in this world and have 
a good long talk with him and his good wife. You must tell 
them when you see them that brother Joseph is yet alive and 
well and hearty and that he is a hard laboring man and that 
he was born on the 18th day of February 1811. 

Well, now, my dear boy, we have several, I don't know how 
many, very nice academies in good running order in Utah, 
with good first class teachers with the rudiments of common 
learning, bookkeeping and everything necessary to prepare 
young men and women for teachers. Also, theology and all 
the rudiments and principles of Mormonism or of the gospel 
of Jesus Christ are thoroughly taught in them. Now if you 
could only come here and attend one of these schools for a 
year or two it might be the best thing that ever happened 
to you. If you can get the consent of your parents and can 
get a little means, and feel like it to come ahead and I will 
do you all the good that I can. You have undoubtedly heard 
that your Uncle Joseph was and had been a polygamist. I 
have had and raised several families which all put together 



won't make more than one large family. Yes, several of them 
so that I have never become very rich. I am and also have 
been a very hard worker and industrious and what is called 
a good and very honest man. My chances for learning have 
been very limited indeed but I have always tried to give my 
children as good a chance for learning as I possibly could and 
if I can be allowed to say it, I think I can say it in truth that 
all my children are reasonably bright, intelligent, well- inclined, 
respectable, moral and religious and what we call worshippers 
of the true and living God. 

Now my dear boy, I will if you will allow me to ask, are you 
a praying child? If so I will say all right for it should be so. We 
certainly should all of us be found calling upon the name of the 
Lord even upon God that gave unto us a being and that doth 
feed and clothe us and that doth give unto us so very many 
rich blessings here on this earth. All our lives are in his hands 
and he has made unto us many rich and precious promises 
that inasmuch as we will repent of all our sins and call upon 
his high and holy name, in faith believing, nothing doubting, 
asking for the things that we do really need, he says we shall 
receive the things that we ask for. 

Now our Mormon elders would say unto you, believe in 
the Lord Jesus Christ who did come into the world in the 
flesh and did perform many mighty works such as none but a 



God could do. He taught as a man having authority, doctrine 
and principles such as no other many ever did teach on this 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. then bears to this young man a most powerful 
testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and of its 

Well, this is a little of Mormon preaching but only just a 
little. Now, with regard to the Robinson family reunions, I am 
well pleased that they are held somewhere and I presume 
that I should be a great deal better pleased could I, myself, 
attend them. But, I am so far away and time and money so 
scarce with me that I do not know when or whether I shall 
be able to attend. 

Now, I would like to hear from you soon and if I have your 
right address and if you wish to hear anything more on the 
Mormon question. If so, ask and you shall receive, seek and 
you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. 

The Lord bless you my very dear young friend and brother. 
With kind regards I remain yours very affectionately, Joseph 
L. Robinson. 

To Glenn Ellis. Write sooner than I have done and I will try 
to be more prompt. J.L.R. 

February 12th. We attend the funeral of Brother Flowers 
[Towers?]. Several spoke of him and of his virtues and zeal 



and faith and energy in the cause of his Redeemer. We knew 
him for years as an honorable man, a faithful saint. 

The funeral was well and largely attended. The people 
showed to him a great respect. There were 50 carriages. The 
bishop requested me to dedicate Brother Flowers' grave and 
we did dedicate him to God. 

February 18th. My 79th birthday. Some of my children with 
us. We have an excellent good dinner. My son-in-law presented 
me with a warm pair of boots and overshoes and my daughter 
Laurinda E. Parker with a nice pair of slippers. The spirit of 
the Lord rested upon me. My mind reverted back 79 years. 
I said, bless my mother that bore me and gave me suck and 
my father that begat me. They were honorable, good people 
and the blessings of God shall rest upon both of them and 
they shall rejoice in the kingdom of God. 

April 6th. My son Willie and the folks have gone to 
conference. Jeddy gone home and I left alone to feed all the 
stock, milk the cows and do all the work alone. Verily I felt 
very solemn and humble before the Lord, thinking it probably 
is our Saviour's birthday. I felt it would be wisdom for me to 
fast and surely I did fast all day, feeling sorry that I could not 
attend the 60th conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints. I bowed down before my maker and did offer 
up exceeding humble, earnest and solemn prayer to Almighty 
God, my Heavenly Father. An unusual spirit of prayer rested 



down upon me and I prayed earnestly for the conference that 
the Holy Ghost might preside through the entire session and 
that all necessary business might be attended to in the name 
and the fear of God. 

I also prayed that the Saints might be inspired and 
permitted to continue building holy temples in these valleys 
in the mountains of Ephraim, and that we may be permitted to 
finish the building of the Salt Lake temple from the foundation 
to the top stone thereof, even in every part. That the son 
of God, even our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the holy prophets, 
Joseph and Hyrum Smith, might be seen in their resurrected 
bodies by some in that house, be heard to speak, be felt and 
handled in that holy house, before the great day of the Lord 
shall come. Also, that all those holy temple might be well 
manned with good and sufficient teams of good and faithful 
workers, brethren and sisters, to perform holy ordinances for 
the living and for our venerable dead. 

April 13th, Sunday. Attended meeting, administered to 
J. S. Johnson. He came sick from conference. Just received 
word our daughter Emma Josephine Clark. They have a fine 
son born, their first son. Also administered to my daughter, 
Brother Charles Parker's wife. She is sick. 

April 20, Elder Johnson preached today, a very good talk. 
I consecrated oil and administered to our school teacher, 



Brother Sevens. And also to my daughter Arwilla Clawson, 
she was healed. 

April 24th. Our son-in-law's birthday, Oscar Rice, and we 
went up and took a good dinner with them. 

July 14th. Our beloved daughter Jane Geneva and her good 
man, Byron Bybee, made a good feast and we with a great 
many others by invitation attended. We partook of a royal 
dinner, a feast of fat things as they had prepared in great 
abundance. This was her birthday and their wedding day. We 
surely did enjoy ourselves very much for we certainly do take 
pleasure in visiting and blessing our children for we have good 
children. Our God has graciously given or lent them to us. We 
bless them. 

July 15th. Our daughter Laurinda E. Parker was safely 
delivered of a beautiful daughter born half past eight this 
evening. Mother and child are doing well. This day is the old 
folk's excursion. We were taken upon the cars and were so 
well treated, watered and fed, with a splendid dinner. 

July 24th. We celebrate this day. Our people should never 
forget the mercy of God in bringing us here and planting us 
here in these rich and beautiful valleys of the mountains where 
we have been so wonderfully blessed. 

September 4th. We attend a very good fast meeting in 
our meeting house in Hooper. A good turn out and a very 



good sweet spirit. We fast and pay our fast offerings. We are 
blessed by the Lord. 

October 2nd, This morning our beloved brother Emery 
Sales, Jr. departed this life. He had been very sick for some 
time. We and several of the elders had administered to him 
in the name of the Lord. We looked for him to recover, but 
he was appointed unto death and the Lord revealed not unto 
us that he would live. He was a very sedate, nice promising 
young man. It was the wisdom of God he should be taken 
away for he has a mighty and great and important work for 
him to perform in the spirit world. We do sympathize with his 
parents and friends. 

October 6th. Took Sister Ausman and children to conference 
and they wished to visit their friends in Tooele. We attended 
one of the richest conferences that we have ever attended. 
The very rich influence of the spirit. The preaching by the 
elders was excellent. Their language was so meek and edifying. 
The Lord's tabernacle was filled to overflowing and thousands 
that could not obtain admittance. We enjoyed a nice sweet 
onference. The weather very favorable. The Lord is with us. 

October 13th. Burt Simmons came in from Snake River 
with his mother, my beloved one, and his family to make a 
visit and he helped me some make some molasses and I let 
him take some home with him for himself and for Lell and my 
family there. Aunt Mary came down to see us a few days. She 



went to the Logan temple and did work for her dear and very 
precious dead father and mother. She returned home with her 
son George. We do very much appreciate the society of our 
friends and especially the society of those we love so dearly. 
We visited some of our children in Farmington and some of 
our friends there. 

October 19th. We attended a good conference at Ogden. 
President George Q. Cannon made himself more than 
interesting and the elders did talk so very, well to us. 

November 16th, Sunday. We took Elder F. S. Johnson and 
his wife to Cainsville meetinghouse and attended there with 
them. After their missionary had talked about half an hour 
Bishop Peterson called upon us to occupy the time and we 
did so with pleasure. 

November 22nd. I took my wife, Elder P. S. Johnson, on a 
visiting tour to Uintah a town at the north of Weber Canyon, 
some ten or twelve miles from Hooper City. We had a good 
visit with our son-in-law Byron Bybee and our daughter Lucy 
and others. On Sabbath attended meeting with the Saints in 
that place. The bishop called upon us to administer the gospel 
to the people and as Elder Stewart was there with us, we gave 
them a good preaching. 

December 7th. Sunday, this morning I was sent for in 
haste. Myron Childs worse. We prayed for him and dedicated 
him unto the Lord. He must and will die. He departed this 



life at 2 o'clock. He was a seventy, a very devout, nice young 
man of 20 years. His parents and friends take his death very 
hard and we feel to sympathize very much with them. We 
attend the funeral of Myron Childs, the eldest son of Bishop 
William Childs of the North Hooper Ward. Funeral held at our 

December 21st. Bishop Milton Atwood was buried today. 
He was the acting bishop of the 13th Ward (S.L. City). 

December 26th. Amos and Lee Robinson came from Snake 
River. Her husband, Frederick Clark, is gone to England on a 
preaching mission. 

January 1891 

January 1891. This is the first day of the New Year. The old 
year is gone, it gave us more in return and a new year has 
come. We feel to thank the Lord that we are spared and that 
we have done so well. 

We took dinner with Brother and Sister Johnson. This is his 
birthday. He is [?] years old. 

Our C. S. Robinson has returned home. He is a good boy. 

January 4th. Our beloved and worthy daughter, Josephine 
E. Rose and children have returned home. Her husband, Eras- 
tus Rose, has indulged in drinking and became abusive to her. 
She came to our place with some of her small children. He 



repented sorely. He sent out and plead for her to come home. 
He promised faithfuly he would not drink and that he would 
treat her better. Now, without a drink, he is a kind, good 
husband and father, a very ingenious, industrious, good man. 
We really hope he will let spirituous liquors entirely alone and 
save himself and his family. 

I have let my farm to Jeddy and Willie (Blanthom) for this 

January 18th. A two days conference in Ogden. President 
Cannon preached to a more than good and very full house. 
The singing was very excellent, music sublime. We visited 
Brother Elgren, anointed and blessed his wife. She will get 
well. I administered to two of his children sick and to Brother 
Starkey. He and some of his family are sick. 

Also Laurinda and Wella at the poor house, they were sick. 
I have been visiting and administering to the sick very much 
and blessing the Saints striving to do good with all my might 
and mind as the prophets say. 

January 23rd. I took hay to Ogden, visited Willie Robinson, 
found him a happy man, his wife Diana alive with a newborn 
son three hours old. He wished me to come and bless the 
child. It lived until it was eight days old and then died. We 
buried it today, the fourth of their sons. 

February 1st. Took a grist to Kays Ward Mills. Stopped 
with my beloved daughter, Anna Maria Wilcox. Gave unto her 



a patriarchal blessing and one also to her son Oliver Wilcox 
and he gave me one dollar. I went to my son Joseph Elijah 
and blessed him as he was sick and had a very good visit with 
them. LeGrand, my grandson. He was, as some say, on the 
underground but he feels well. He loves his two wives. I had 
given unto him a blessing some time before this. 

February 4th. Went to the poor house (as they were 
keeping that for the county) and consecrated a bottle of oil 
and blessed Laurinda and her babe, children, and consecrated 
some bottles of oil. 

February 6th. Sent an epistle, a letter to my son-in-law 
Frederick Clark in England. He is there on a mission. This 
morning Brother J. S. Johnson's house burned down with 
some of his furnishings and goods. It being a lumber house, 
they could not save it. 

Young Nephi Hardy went directly around the neighborhood 
with a subscription paper. The brethren subscribed very 
liberally and he went directly to Ogden and got lumber so 
they could start to build a new house. In one week they had it 
built. My son Jeddy helped do the carpenter work. Brother and 
Sister Johnson came and stopped with us until it was done. 

February 16th. John Wadsworth's wife was buried today. 
Elder F. J. Johnson preached her funeral sermon. 



Brother Johnson's new house, built by the people of the 
ward, he speaks well of them and I say that the blessings of 
God rest down upon them they shall be blessed. 

February 18th. My birthday. This morning I received from 
the Lord a very extensive and enlarged view of the promised 
blessings of God unto me. I am happy and have continued 
to be all day. I have received several presents, a nice hat, a 
splendid pair of shoes, a beautiful pair of slippers and from 
Jedda, a superb dinner. He said if the families of my children 
had not all been sick, that a multitude would have been here 
and would have surprised me and would have presented me 
with a fine overcoat. Then, would I have been more than 
happy, as it is I do bless them all and I say let the blessings 
of my God rest down henceforth and forever upon them. I 
have seen 80 long winters and the spirit doth manifest unto 
me, and some of the humble servants of God, have said that 
I should live just so long as I could desire to live. I have 
always labored hard and God has always been with me. My 
soul doth magnify the Lord and I do feel to honor him and 
the holy priesthood of my God, here upon the earth, even 
every appointment and ordination that I have been favored 
with, that hath been placed upon my head and also for every 
precious wife he has given unto me, for every child lent unto 
us by our Father in Heaven. 



February 19th. Took Sister Johnson and her things to their 
new house. They moved today. They have been with us two 
weeks. Took Jeddy and family to the poor house. They take 
the train for home. I administered to several sick. It is a very 
sickly time and Rinda and several of our children are sick. 

February 27th. Brothers Todd and Shores came to my house 
today for a blessing and they received a very good patriarchal 
blessing and our Will Blanthorn wrote them. 

March 6th. Laurinda Parker came to see me yesterday. They 
have gotten well and have received letters from Samuel who 
says there are several who are sick there yet. But, the most 
of them are recovering and our own children are all getting 
better. Brother William Garner's baby died but the most of 
the sick are getting better. 

March 15th. We attended meeting today and talked to 
the Saints. William Robinson came to see us. He is moved to 
the Basin and our William Blanthorn has gone to the city to 
attend a Democratic rally. He is a married man and will tend 
my farm this season. 

March 18th. Willie came this evening with his family and 
Amos came down from the valley. He, with Aunt Linda, have 
gone to Farmington. Our grandson Jeddy is very sick. The 
floods are raging in that place. 

March 27th. Brought my wife Laurinda and Ella to Hooper. 
Received word that my dear brother Ebenezer Robinson is 



dead. He died March 11th, 1891. His home was in Davis City, 
Decater County, Iowa. He has lived in that place for many 
years and has been editing a pamphlet, a little paper called the 
Return. He was sent away with Sidney Rigdon by the prophet 
Joseph Smith and the prophet told him to go with Rigdon, 
for him, and counsel him and never leave nor forsake him. 
His sending him away was not long before the prophet was 
martyred in Carthage Jail. Although my brother claimed and 
seemed to be firm in the faith he believed that the prophet 
had fallen from his high calling and he was at the time and 
for some time before his death advocating the cause, and 
doctrine of David Whitmer, one of the three witnesses to the 
Book of Mormon. 

But, we believe and do know verily that the Prophet Joseph 
Smith lived and died and was a true and holy man of God 
and that all the principles and doctrines that he taught were 
clean, pure and holy, as God is holy and that he was not a 
fallen prophet oh never, no. 

At some future time, when I feel like it, I may give a brief 
history of my brother Ebenezer and of Sidney Rigdon and 
something of David Whitmer. In so doing, we will try to deal 
justly and fairly with them, as we should with all men. But, 
we do firmly hold that all men whether great or small, friend 
or foe, that do discard either of the principles of the Prophet 
Joseph or either of the doctrines which he taught, practiced 



and left with this Church, are apostates. That they, and all 
such will have to repent and obtain pardon of all their sins or 
they will certainly be shut out of the Church and kingdom of 
our God even so, amen. 

March 29th. President Daniel H. Wells departed this life 
March 24th, 1891. His funeral was very impressive and solemn. 
He has left a good record, he was a wise counselor, a great 
and a very good man, greatly beloved and much respected 
in our Church by the people. 

We took the streetcar and dropped in to Sister Jane Slades. 
We found her very sick, or rather weak. She had been sick 
for a long time. She was very humble. She wished me to 
pray for her and administer to her that she might live and I 
did inquire of the Lord what I might, with his sanction, do for 
her and the Lord told me that I might bless her and that he 
would forgive her and that inasmuch as she would believe, she 
should be healed and remain for a season to enjoy her new 
home and the society of her friends and have time to reflect 
and to prepare to meet her God. 

I did bless her in the name of the Lord. We told her that 
God, for Christ's sake, should forgive her sins that she mush 
humble herself before him. That the Lord loved her for the 
integrity of her heart and for the liberality of her soul and 
because he loved her, he chastened her. That it was the hand 
of God that she must repent and acknowledge his hand. We 



prayer for her and blessed the medicine she had to take that 
it should not hurt her and the faith that might be exercised 
for her that it might do her some good. We told her that all 
men had faith, but the true and genuine saving faith, there 
was but little in the world at the present. She replied to me, 
you always have it. I said yes, a little of it. 

Her children and friends with her were unbelievers. They 
would have the doctor to continue his visits and she must 
continue her medicines, but she did get better. I felt if we 
could get her away from them and keep her awhile with us 
and get some faith in her and get her to be baptized for the 
remission of her sins and also for her health, that we might 
be able to save her. She might receive the blessings that she 

April 5th, Sunday. We attend meeting. The house was full 
and the preaching excellent, the music good. There was a 
very general attendance of the authorities, only Joseph. F. 
Smith was not with us. We miss him, we hope it will not be 
long before we will have him with us again, to hear his voice 
and to receive his counsel and his instructions. 

The drift of the teachings was to instruct, edify, the 
believers and to convince the believers and unbelievers of the 
truth of the great work of God on the earth and to persuade 
all men to repent and to obey the gospel of the Son of God. 



April 6th. Went to Sister Relies Atwood's. We blessed her. 
She felt blessed, stayed with them over night and had a good 

The tabernacle full, the assembly hall also. A splendid 
meeting and we enjoyed this conference hugely. We feel very 
thankful for the privilege we have of meeting with the Saints, 
of beholding holy apostles and prophets, holy patriarchs and 
seventies, elders and holy high priesthood, men inspired of 
God holding the holy priesthood of God. 

April 19 and 20. We attend our quarterly conference in 
Ogden. The tabernacle filled to overflowing. There were four of 
the Twelve and others who did talk so good to the Saints and 
surely we were richly and highly entertained. The speaking was 
divinely inspired. We did enjoy this conference very much. 

April 16. We attend meeting and I was called upon to 
address the Saints today. The Lord is with us. I went to the 
poor house to administer to Willie's sick child. Jeddy and his 
family came up. We have been driving a flowing well in my 
pasture. We drove 170 feet of pipe, a good flow of water. 
We thank the Lord for this blessing. Took Jeddy and family 

May 3rd, Sunday. Attend meetings in Farmington. Opened 
by prayers and a good meeting. 

May 7th. Fasted today and attended the funeral of old 
Sister Hardy, Elders Case and Johnson. Preached and went 



to Salt Lake City to see the President of the United States 
of America. He was in Salt Lake City today (May 9) he was 
very enthusiastically received (President Harrison). He was 
especially received enthusiastically by thousands of the 
children. He seemed very much pleased. He made several 
good speeches. He left the city at 12 o'clock. 

I saw President Woodruff, had a good chat with him at his 
house, got his signature to go to Logan temple to do a work for 
the living and other dead friends. Visited some in Farmington, 
administered to some sick, wrote a letter and sent to President 
Woodruff. Wrote and sent letters, one to Aunt Mary north and 
one to Mary J. West south. 

April 17th. I drove to Wellsville on my way to Logan temple. 
Stayed with Brother Whiting in Logan. Drove to Logan temple 
and met my son Joseph Elijah Robinson and my daughter Anna 
Maria Wilcox with her husband James Wilcox and Loren, my 
eldest son Oliver's oldest son, also Henry Wilcox my eldest 
daughter's Anna Maria's eldest son and her daughter Julia 

May, 1891. These two of my children were our eldest 
daughter Anna Maria, she was born June 8, 1838 and Joseph 
Elijah, our youngest son, he was born February 2, 1849. These 
two are the children of my first wife Maria Wood. She had born 
me seven children, namely Oliver Lee, Ebenezer J., Anna Maria, 
Joseph, and Zephenia Wood and Mary Elizabeth. All these had 



to be adopted to us as they were born to us before we were 
sealed according to the law of heaven. But Joseph Elijah was 
born to us after we had received our endowments and sealed. 
This week we had all those children sealed to us, adopted and 
we got endowments for several of my dead friends. We had 
been baptized for the spirit and the blessing of Almighty God 
rested down upon us abundantly. I put up and stayed with 
Brother and Sister Benjamin Williams. 

They entertained us very kindly. I was made more than 
welcome and was more than happy with them. 

May 20th, We were all at the temple. Had all those children 
adopted and my daughter Anna Maria was endowed for 
Mary (Rube or Rule, dead). She was sealed to me. Also she 
received endowments for my own mother, Mary Brown, and 
my dear sister Asenath and my son-in-law James Wilcox and 
my grandsons Loren J, Robinson and Henry Wilcox. They all 
helped me get endowments for my dead friends, endowments 
for 12 at this time. While there, this week, I also gave five or 
six patriarchal blessings. One to Sister Mary Williams and her 
sister Rebecca, their widowed daughter, she is such a good 
woman as well as her mother and all her sisters are very 
splendid good women, they are a choice, good family. We 
also gave to Brother Williams' son-in-law, William Evans and 
his wife Emma, all good patriarchal blessings. 



Also, I found in the temple a brother, Joseph Robinson. He 
is a resident of, or his family resides in Millard County, Fillmore. 
He is at the temple doing work for all the dead. I had never 
seen him before but he has been at Snowflake, Arizona and 
has seen my daughter Mary Jane West there. He had heard 
of me there. She (Mary Jane West) showed him some of my 
letters. He read them and he then and there vowed that if 
the Lord would be willing, he certainly would find me and that 
he would get from me a patriarchal blessing. He told me that 
he knew by my handwriting that I and his fathers came from 
one family. That we were connected and I had a considerable 
chat with him. Went with him, took dinner with him and with 
his two sons where he boarded and I gave to him a good 
patriarchal blessing. He gave me two dollars. I told him, no, 
I did not charge him anything. His son wrote the blessing. 

I also went and saw my friend and son, James Simmons 
living at Hyde's Park a few miles north of Logan. Took dinner 
with them and blessed a very sick child of theirs. He, George, 
used to live with me. He was with us in and before and after 
the great and important move south in 1858. He is a good boy. 
He seems like one of my family, I bless him. While at Logan 
this week I also visited the agricultural farm and college and 
barn, far up above the temple up on the bench. A grandson 
of Brother Williams that attended the college school went 
with me and showed me a good deal more because he was 



acquainted with the farm and barn. It is well worth one's time 
to go and see it, a grand sight. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. tells about his return from Logan and passing 
by the Hot Springs summer resort crowded with pleasure seekers. 
There were many carriages and cars there seemingly waiting to take 
loads of passengers back to Ogden]. 

May 24. When I arrived home I found our daughter 
Josephine with some of her children at our house. Her man 
had been drinking again and had abused her but he says he 
feels very bad about it. He said he will not drink nor abuse 
her any more. We would be very glad to exercise faith for 
him. We pray for him, hope he will let strong drink alone for 
without drink he is a smart, intelligent and very ingenious, 
industrious good man. Oh Lord, wilt thou help him. 

May 25. Our twins birthday, 31 years old today. Let the 
blessings of God rest down upon them. 

June 3rd. I took the girls to Uintah, visited with Byron and 
Janie, We attend a fast meeting but there were only a few in 
attendance. The president wished me to talk to them. And the 
spirit of the Lord rested down abundantly upon me. 

June 10. We partook of a royal dinner in the Farmington 
meeting house, got up by that ward for the old folks. We 
received it very thankfully. There were several visitors from 
Salt Lake, a very Interesting time indeed. 



July 1891. John Wood from Richfield, Morgan County, came 
down to inform me that my grandson Frederick Park, the only 
son of my daughter Emma Sophia Clark, was lying at the point 
of death. I prayed for her and for her dear child. He was a 
bright and promising child. His father was in Old England on 
a preaching mission and we did earnestly entreat the Lord to 
spare that child for his parents' and our sakes if it could be 
pleasing unto the Lord. But, we felt to say, not our will but 
thine oh Lord be done. The child was appointed unto death. 
He died about 1 o'clock today. We feel to sympathize very 
much with his parents for surely they are good children Lat- 
ter-day Saints. We say, God bless them. We pray our Father 
in Heaven to give unto them supporting grace and that he 
would sanctify this sad bereavement to their present and 
everlasting good. 

My son William, her brother, went with me. We attended the 
funeral. It took place today, July 16. Her neighbors, brethren 
and sisters, were so very kind and friendly just as they should 
be. They were so much so that we not only felt to bless them 
but we did bless them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I was invited along with others to speak at the funeral 
and in my remarks I felt to comfort the mourners and try to 
instruct the Saints. We did say that "that child, lying before 
us, should have power and influence in the spirit world to do 
a good work for his parents and friends. 



[Editor's note: J.L.R. then outlines the promises of the resurrection 
and that the mother would have the privilege of raising her son.] 

July 19 and 20. We attended a profitable conference in 
Ogden. Apostles Lyman, Richards, and Cannon. They brought 
us good sound doctrine. They were very interesting, but they 
hewed us down to the quick. They made us appear if Saints 
at all that we were very poor ones. They made us ashamed. 
We resolved to improve. Yes we must do better. 

July 23rd, 24th. We drove to Farmington. We had received 
a letter from Jedediah that they would celebrate at Lake Park, 
wishing us to come and attend with them. We, with a multitude 
of the people from Farmington assembled at the park. We 
had a very interesting and pleasant time. The weather was 
lovely. We celebrated the 24th of July for the day, that our 
dear brethren, the pioneers of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints, did enter this large and beautiful valley of 
the Great Salt Lake, 44 years ago today. 

Let us now look back some 50 or 60 years and very briefly 
sketch some of the most particular incidents of this now, great 
and growing and very interesting, despised people. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. reviews briefly the conditions and 
circumstances in the history of the Church.] 

July 25. A young sister, a near neighbor to us in Farmington, 
wished me to bless her little son. She says her little son is 
some unwell and she felt anxious that I should give unto it a 



patriarchal blessing. She said she would rather that I should 
bless it than any other man she ever saw. I thanked her and 
in the name of the Lord gave unto her son a good patriarchal 

Drove to Hooper, found the water turned in and all well 
with our farm and garden. 

August 1st. Drove to Farmington, visited some and 
administered to a very sick grandchild. 

August 2nd. Drove to Salt Lake City, saw President Smith 
of the Davis Stake of Zion and President W. Woodruff and 
conversed with them upon the subject of doing work for our 
dead. My eldest son, Oliver Lee, found all right with him and 
attended meeting in the large tabernacle. A full good meeting 
as usual. Received some very good pictures, photographs, sent 
one to my nephew, Milton Robinson in Pennsylvania. 

August 3rd and 4th, Came home and drove to Ogden. 
Visited some that evening and gave three patriarchal blessings 
to Joseph Obern and to his wife as they were going north. 
They were very anxious for their blessings and one to his 

November 1891. Aunt Jane Slade died November 21st, 1891. 
She is gone. We tried to save her from death. The Lord told 
me he would forgive her and that I might bless her and if she 
would believe she should remain for a season and enjoy her 
new home and the society of her friends and have time to 



reflect and prepare to meet her God, We were really in hopes 
we could get her well enough that she could come and stop 
with us awhile, that we might get sufficient faith in her that 
she might get rebaptized, renew her covenants and baptized 
for her health. We did feel very anxious to her to save herself. 
She was a very good woman, for the Lord said he loved her 
for her integrity of heart and for the liberality of her soul. Her 
sister, Aunt Laurinda, has gone to attend her funeral. 

December 1st. Went to the Logan temple, received 
anointings and second endowments for my eldest son Oliver 
Lee Robinson as proxy with his two wives now living, namely 
Anna and Esther. His first wife, Lucy, who was dead. We do 
esteem it a great blessing from the Lord our God that we can 
enter into the holy temples and receive holy ordinances for 
ourselves and for all our venerable dead. My eldest daughter 
there, Anna Maria Wilcox, she received endowments for Sarah 
Clark, my father's first wife, also for Mary Lee, my mother's 
mother, my daughters-in-law, Anna and Esther Robinson 
received the endowments for my mother's mother, my 
grandmother Mary Lee. Also for my eldest half-sister, Aurilia 
Robinson, wife of Orrin Paper. 

On my way to Logan, found several sick. I administered to 
them and stopped as usual with Brother and Sister Williams. 
They received me with great kindness. I gave to one of their 
neighbors a patriarchal blessing and one also to Brother Elijah's 



daughter. Sister Williams gave me two pounds of butter and 
several pounds of good cheese. She is very kind to me. 

Drove to Wellsville. Stayed with Brother and Sister 
Parkinson, they treat me very kindly. It is snowing. 

December 6th. Stopped with Brother Jensen and family. 
Blessed them and arrived home safe this evening. Jeddy and 
George are finishing Charles' house and they are building a 
house for William Baker. Oscar Rice has moved into my place 
in Hooper. He and Jedediah will take my farm. I shall be at 
liberty to go on a mission, to visit and bless the Saints. That 
will please me very much. 

December 24th. I took Jeddy and George with tool chest 
to Farmington. Had a good Christmas dinner with them and 
Rast S. Rose and their families and while there I gave to my 
daughter Mary Lysia and to three other children namely Ezra 
C, and Mary and Burt, very good, sound patriarchal blessings. 
Received several letters, one from Charles E. Robinson, New 
York City and one from son Solomon from Huntington, Emery 
.County. He wants some help to get his 'little children to his 
sisters in Arizona. I sent him $25. We had a good time in 
Farmington for the Lord is with us all the time. 

My children help me some. They donate some for Solomon. 
He is their beloved brother, his good wife has been dead some 
two years and the poor boy is left alone with several little 
helpless children. His sister, his mother's only daughter, living 



in Arizona said if he would get his children to her, she would 
take care of them. 

January 3rd, 1892 

January 3rd, 1892, Sunday. We have two missionaries. They 
talked good to us, they are sent to spend some time with us 
as missionaries to try to wake up the Saints, to encourage 
them that they may better do and perform their duties, that 
they may become more united and that they might enjoy a 
greater portion of the holy spirit and also to convert all the 
sinners if possible. These brothers are Parker and Butler and 
are in my estimation very highly recommended for they bring 
a good spirit with them and are humble and meek. 

January 10th. We attend conference in Ogden Tabernacle. 
The house is full to overflowing. On Sunday, Apostles John 
Henry Smith and Abram H. Cannon spoke twice each, more 
than good, we felt and said Lord we do thank thee for the 
great blessings of sitting and hearing these precious inspired 
words of truth. 

January 23rd. We received very encouraging words and 
news. Utah will be becoming a state. The bitterness and 
the very hostile feeling against Utah and the Mormons are 
wonderfully giving away and the prospects look more favorable 
than ever before for Utah. She must sometime receive 



statehood for we are sure of it, we prophesied it years ago 
that this mighty nation, before she goes out of power or before 
the kingdom is taken from the Gentiles, they will certainly 
have to give Utah statehood that she will become a free and 
sovereign and independent state. 

February 18th. My birthday, 81 today. They, the girls got 
me up a good dinner. We had a good company and we enjoyed 
ourselves extremely well. My daughters Anna Maria Wilcox and 
Laurinda Parker gave $1.50. They shall certainly be blessed 
of the Lord that they shall never want. They shall become 
rich. My grandson Joseph Robinson and Jedediah came from 
Farmington with a sleigh. I truly feel thankful to my God for 
his great promises and blessings unto me and mine. 

February 23rd. I am reading some old letters from my aged 
father and sisters and friends, very interesting. I received a 
very welcome letter from my daughter Mary J, West, written 
on birthday. 

March 15th. My wife and I visit my son William Robinson. 
He now lives in his own house in Ogden, We had a good visit 
with him and I blessed their first daughter at 8 days old and 
her name is Lydia Celestia. 

March 17th. We attend a celebration of the 50th birthday 
of the Relief Society, 50 years ago, March 17th, 1842, the 
prophet Joseph Smith met with the sisters in Nauvoo and he 
approved the organization of the Relief Society. It was done 



by inspiration and behold it has been or proved to be a great 
success. It is proving a great and a grand helpmate to the 
holy priesthood. We were invited to talk to the assembled 
congregation on that occasion. I did remember well the day 
it was organized, for I was in Nauvoo. I had arrived there in 
Ml, August 1841. 

March 18th. Our daughter Janie and her husband came to 
see us. We were very much pleased to see them. 

March 19th. I took Byron and Welly to Ogden. He bought 
for me a pair of pants. 

I received a letter from my son Solomon. He informs me 
that he has arrived safely in Arizona with his little children. 
He was happily received by his sister and family and he feels 
very thankful to God and to them and their families for their 
kindness. They are all well. He is well pleased with the country 
and prospects. 

April 3rd. We are preparing for conference. It is very stormy 
these days, my health is improving some, thank the Lord. 

April 3rd. Aunt Laurinda, Oscar and Well a go down on the 
cars and attend the 62nd Annual Conference of the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is very stormy but 
there is a very large body of people like we never have seen 
before in Salt Lake City. We never had better preaching. We 
saw very interesting sights on Wednesday. The Lord did favor 
us greatly on this day. This temple of our God is truly a very 



grand structure and the thousands upon thousands of people 
witnessing the laying the topstone on this temple and the 
shouting hallelujah and glory to God in the highest which filled 
the air, the waving of handkerchiefs, was something that can 
never be forgotten. The covenant we made to finish that house 
that must not be forgotten nor be neglected. My prayer is, 
oh God, my Heavenly Father, wilt thou graciously inspire thy 
Saints to perform that work within the time specified and wilt 
thou give unto them means and ability to accomplish it that it 
may be dedicated to God our Heavenly Father the next April 
conference and that we may live to assist in that laudable work. 
Let thy servants Wilford Woodruff and his counselors live to 
dedicate that house unto the Lord our God and furthermore 
we do humbly ask that we, or at least some of us, have the 
unspeakable privilege of seeing in that house the faces and 
hearing the voice of the prophet, our beloved president Joseph 
Smith. Also, may we be found worthy and have the privilege 
of seeing the face and hearing the voice of the Lamb of God 
which taketh away the sins of the world. 

The angel Moroni was placed soon after we left. He has 
a large trumpet raised at his mouth looking east. He is that 
angel that John the Baptist saw flying through the midst of 
heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that 
dwell on the earth. 



While in Farmington, I visited my daughter Anna Man a 
Wilcox. Made her a good visit and others of my children and 
found them all well. I wrote and mailed one good letter to my 
family north, feeling much better now. 

April 17th. It is storming this morning, but I attend 
conference in Ogden. Was called in to anoint and bless a very 
sick sister, the wife of Brother Tory. I anointed and blessed 
her, but she was appointed unto death. I fasted and prayed 
earnestly for her that the Lord would spare her with her good 
husband and young family of little children. But we did not 
have sufficient faith. She died this morning, April 18th, at 
about 6 o'clock. Left a young babe of five months old. 

April 20th. We attend the funeral of Sister Tory today. Went 
to his house before the funeral, blessed his little motherless 
babe, it is quite sick. We think the mother will want it for 
company. If she does, she will get it and she shall raise it to 
womanhood after they wake up in resurrection. 

April 21st. I attend the funeral of Lester J. Harrick today at 
2 o'clock. The Ogden tabernacle is full to overflowing. He was 
a fine, as perfect a man as gets to in the flesh. The services 
were very solemn. 

I drove to and put up with my well beloved son-in-law and 
daughter Janie and Byron Bybee and found my dearly beloved 
daughter, Josephine Rose and two of her children there. 



April 23rd. I heard this morning that my second son, Ebene- 
zer Robinson, was in Farmington and as I had some business 
that I wished to transact there, I took my daughter Josephine 
Rose and her little children and drove immediately to Farm- 
ington and presently found my prodigal son, E. J. Robinson, 
my dear boy, the Lord my God bless him. I did embrace him 
and he did embrace me. We hugged and kissed each other, I 
blessed him and he blessed me. I was so glad to see him and 
he appeared to be so very glad to see me. He had been gone 
only 14 years. He went with me immediately down to our place. 
We had a good chat all the evening at Jeddy's place. 

April 25th. At half past four this morning our son Jedediah 
became the father of a newborn son. A nice plump promising 
child, mother and child doing well and the father very happy. 
He immediately drove to Salt Lake City and brought up Laura's 
mother to nurse and bless her little child. 

April 26th. Jeddy with his little son, Jeddediar, came to 
Hooper with me to help us a few days on the farm. My son 
Ebenezer J. declined coming with us at this time. He said he 
was looking every day for news by mail which would come 
there and after he had received it he would come up on the 
cars. The Lord bless the lad and his family. 

May 6th. I had been laboring hard this week, writing and 
sometimes late evenings and on this day without much fire 
I had severe numbness of my right hand, rheumatism in my 



right arm. It became very lame and sore. I also had severe 
sickness at my stomach and for a few hours I felt very bad, 
but the sisters washed and rubbed me with camphor and we 
called upon the Lord and rested my arm from writing a few 
days and the Lord blessed me and I was able to pursue my 

May 10. Jeddediar, with his mother, came home to Hooper. 
They had been in Salt Lake and Farmington on business and 
visiting. My son Ebenezer came with them to visit us here 
and also some of my extensive family in these parts. We are 
wonderfully well pleased to see him here, yes all his friends 
and relatives. Ebenezer is very zealous in the latter day work, 
but he argues that young Joseph is the man to stand at the 
head of the Church. He thinks Brigham and the Twelve are 
usurpers and that polygamy was a very wrong step and that 
it certainly will have to be repented of and that all of us, if 
we wish to please God, and be saved, in his kingdom we must 
certainly halt, file right, come into line, be baptized or we will 
miss the figure. 

But verily, verily we say unto him that we do firmly believe 
and do verily know that the Prophet Joseph Smith was and is 
a holy prophet and that he did receive the holy gospel in its 
fullness and that he did receive the keys of the holy priesthood 
also the keys of the kingdom of God on this earth and that he 
did give those keys unto the Twelve Apostles, the Twelve the 



Lord gave to him with authority and commandment to preach 
the gospel and that Brigham Young was duly and properly 
selected by the Twelve and by the Lord for his great work. 

May 11. I took my son Ebenezer to Ogden. We had a good 
visit with my son William Robinson and family. Took them 
through a portion of the large and beautiful city of Ogden. 
It is very surprising and marvelous to behold so large and 
beautiful a city in so short a time. Surely, I felt you say, what 
hath God wrought. 

May 26. I took my son Ebenezer to Farmington. We had 
a good visit with my daughter Anna Maria Wilcox and family 
and with his brother Joseph and family and while there my 
son-in-law George Clawson and his father and my son Eben 
built a new base to my buggy. 

I came to Hooper, several of our little children were very 
sick. We anointed, administered to and blessed them and 
prayed for them, and they are better. 

June 5th. We attended some beautiful conferences, one in 
Centerville and one in Salt Lake City. A very interesting young 
men's conference. The counselors of the First Presidency and 
several of the Twelve Apostles were there and took a very 
active part. 

We visited some in Salt Lake City and viewed with wonder 
and astonishment that large and beautiful city. As we drove 
through portions of it, we did greatly admire its beauty and 



its rapid growth, growing larger and faster and our precious, 
beautiful temple where the mighty angel with the trumpet 
in his mouth. We enjoyed the sights with a great deal of 
admiration and with pleasure. 

We drove several miles away over the Jordan and south- 
west into a little town and had a very good visit with Aunt 
Ann Cummings and with a family of our late Aunt, Jane Slade. 
Aunt Ann and also Jane were very liberal unto their sister, 
Aunt Rinda my wife. They gave her many things, loaded our 
buggy with clothing and useful articles which made us feel 
good toward them and we felt to bless them. 

June 8th. This being the 54th birthday of my eldest daughter, 
Anna Maria R. Wilcox. Some of the children proposed to have a 
surprise party. Consequently, they prepared a royal feast and 
took it. We went a good number of us and happily surprised 
her and her family and we did have a royal, good time. 

June 18th. We received a visit from our dear sons, Ebenezer 
and Joseph Elijah and wife and my eldest daughter (her sister) 
and her husband, James Wilcox. I did feel to bless them. We 
did thank our God we had a regular good feast. We took dinner 
with Charles and Laurinda. 

June 19th. Joseph, and his wife Dora, entertained with 
some beautiful songs. They returned home, we had a good 
time. My son Jedediah helping me fitting on the [Bony?] and 
he painting my carriage. 



The weather is cold and wet, very rainy, I received a severe 
cold, an influenza cold and cough which was very severe and 
which lasted me for some time. Yet, through the blessings of 
the Lord, I have done considerable writing and labor on my 
carriage preparing to take a trip and a mission north, and 
several trips to Ogden and Farmington and Salt Lake City. 

I blessed Brother Ezra T. Clark. As he was sorely afflicted 
with an ugly carbuncle upon the back of his neck. He is a great 
man and if the riches that God is bestowing and is about to 
bestow on him do not overpower and destroy him he shall 
win a great prize and obtain a glorious kingdom. He will get 
well. I did bless him in the name of the Lord. 

I also blessed my grandson who was sick, Laury's and 
Jeddy's promising nice little son. 

My grandson, Henry Robinson, gave to me a nice summer 
hat. I promised to remember him until he was old and a long 
time afterwards. He is a good, young man, the youngest 
son of my eldest son Oliver and his first wife, Maria, and will 
someday be great and good in the church. 

My son Joseph gave me five dollars, my son-in-law George 
Clawson five, and Laury one dollar and E. F. Clark one dollar 
and fifty cents. My good daughter, Joseph Eve Rose gave to 
me all she had by her and my very good son William gave 
to me some to help me. This is for my benefit. There are 
many others who would have done liberally if I had offered 



the hat to them. But, I say, that all of the good liberal souls 
that would have done something for me, as well as those that 
have done something for my benefit, whether much or little, 
they shall be blessed, yea my God shall abundantly bless all 
such. Yea, all those that contribute something for the relief 
and benefit of a humble servant of the true and living God, 
shall be blessed in their bodies, in their families and in their 
houses. They shall have friends raised up to them in times of 
need I do and will bless them. 

July 4th. The people of Hooper put up a bowery, made 
preparations and the good people of the town turned out in 
mass with their beautiful brass band and they seemed to do 
justice to the righteous cause of celebrating the glorious 4th 
of July, the birthday of our American independence, or rather 
the day in which the Constitution of and for our American 
people was read in public. 

July 17 and 18. My cold and cough is fast giving way and 
we are faithfully laboring for Zion. I am preparing to take a 
trip into Cache Valley and the Snake River country. 

We attend a very interesting conference in Ogden. We 
were very richly entertained by several of the Twelve and 
others and by the reports of the wards and stake which are 
in a very good condition. My wife Laurinda with me attended 
the meetings. My son William also. He did help me some put 
the cover on my carriage and my wife Laurinda also helped 



me. Also my son-in-law Oscar and his wife, really they gave 
me a good lift and I do bless them all. 

July 24th. Our people celebrate Pioneer Day in all the settle- 
ments in the mountains. We should never forget the day, nei- 
ther the hand that brought this very much blessed people far 
across a long and weary desert into these blessed valleys. 

July 29th, Friday. I leave my home in Hooper in the name 
of the Lord, in my carriage drawn by a nice beautiful span of 
horses which I did raise or cared for rather and which the Lord 
did graciously give unto me for which I do feel very thankful. 
I drove to and stopped with Brother and Sister Jensen, a very 
choice family of Latter-day Saints living at the south end of 
the beautiful city of Brigham. This family did make me so very 
welcome and I did leave my blessings with them. 

July 30, Saturday. I drove through Box Elder valley, a 
very nice rich valley thickly settled and highly cultivated 
by our beloved brethren and Saints from Denmark, a very 
enterprising, industrious, good people. God bless them and 
prosper them. 

In Wellsville, Cache Valley, I put up with Brother and Sister 
Timothy and Jane Parkinson. They were especially kind to 
me. They did insist that I should stop with them that night. 
Had a good visit with them and with Brother Whiting and his 
family. They also pressed me to stay with them. They were 
all so very kind. 



July 31st, Sunday morning. I did bless and left my friends 
and brother in this thrifty and beautiful city. Found Brother 
and Sister Green and wife, old acquaintance of many years 
gone by: Took breakfast with them and had to promise to 
come and make them a good visit. 

Drove to Logan City just in time to attend a good quarterly 
conference, well attended, with several visiting authorities. 

Visited Brother and Sister Benjamin Williams and family, 
my old friends, and stopping place they do make me more 
than welcome. I met Brother Everett D. Norton who found 
me at the meeting. I had not seen him for many years before. 
He said I must call and make him a visit. I had been well 
acquainted with him and wife and with her father also. Sister 
Williams gave me a good chunk of cheese and I attended 
meeting forenoon. 

August 1st. I drove north past and through several nice and 
thrifty towns and cities, namely Hyde Park, Richmond, and 
Lewiston. Stopped with Brother and Sister Everett VanNorton 
and family and was very cordially and heartily entertained 
by them. I held a very lengthy, interesting talk with him. He 
seemed very kind and sociable, but somewhat skeptical. I 
tried to ride him up again. I do pray for him and for all such 
that our God would in his mercy, take all such in hand and if 
necessary chasten them severely sufficient to bring them up 
to the square. 



Verily, I now wish to say to my dearly beloved family and 
friends and to all Latter-day Saints that I, Joseph Lee Rob- 
inson, have entered my name upon the docket. I have taken 
passage in that safe, reliable old ship Zion for life. I have 
entered into covenant, God being my helper, to serve God, 
my Heavenly Father through time and all eternity to come. 
That God has seen fit in his wisdom to place upon my head 
the holy Melchizedek priesthood and has caused to be placed 
upon ray head also several very high and responsible offices 
namely elder, high priest and also the holy bishopric. And, 
again to the office of high councilor and I can say that I have 
faithfully and to the best of my ability officiated in all of these 
offices and also the last but not the least, the very high and 
very office of patriarch. When I was ordained to that high and 
holy office to bless my posterity and friends it was said that 
whomsoever you bless, shall be blessed and whomsoever you 
curse, shall be cursed, whatsoever you promise to anyone 
in the name of the Lord and by the virtue of my calling and 
priesthood that promise shall be verified. And also the Holy 
Ghost will say that I was a patriarch of the highest order and 
that I should hold that position through time and all eter- 
nity. Now with all this priesthood and holy callings upon me 
I can partially, also realize something of the obligation that I 
am under to God to faithfully perform my duty in these holy 
callings and I do consider myself a missionary. I have taken 



upon myself a mission for life and through all eternity to labor 
exclusively for Zion. 

August 2nd. Passed Weston and in Clifton I found two 
brothers working in their blacksmith shop. They were very 
fine, nice young men. One of them had seen me before. He 
was a brother-in-law of my stepson Eli Simmons who lived in 
Marsh Valley. They thought I would not be able to reach there. 
I must stop with them, have a good visit. I was made so very 
welcome, had a good talk with them, gained some information 
with regard to the country and their people. They requested 
me to call upon them again. I left them with a heart full of 
gratitude and thanksgiving to Almighty God for friends and 
for so very kind treatment from everybody. I left my blessing 
with them also. 

In Marsh Valley at Oneida I found a store and in that store 
Brother Thomas [Black?], he was the owner, he kept the post 
office and so he learned who I was. He was so very kind to 
me. His daughter got us a good dinner. He opened a can of 
oysters. He gave me candies and my horse oats. He would not 
take any money from me. It seemed he could not do enough 
for me but sent me to his family with a blessing. I blessed 
him also with his house and forever. His eldest son was there. 
He piloted me to his home six miles northwest. They have a 
large and beautiful farm (it is on the Indian reservation). His 
wife, a very extra, royal good woman, a precious mother of 



six interesting family of boys. A more peaceful, industrious 
family I think I never saw. These boys carried on the farm. 
They owned a selfbinder and more and horse rake. It was 
very interesting to see one of her sons mowing the grass, one 
raking hay, two or three hauling and some others at other 
work. Not one dispute did I hear as each one worked in his 
place. I felt in my heart to bless the sons. 

August 4th, fast day. Sister Mary, she did remember me 
so well in Farmington when she was about a small girl, and 
she was so pleased to see me there with them. She said, it 
is fast day, will you stop and go to meeting with me today? I 
said, yes, I will both fast and go to meeting with you today. 
The boys said there would be a ward conference held here 
Saturday and Sunday and some of the authorities would be 
there and that they would have a good meeting and they 
joined in wishing me to stay. 

We attended fast meeting. There was a very good turnout 
and the brethren talked very well. Several were confirmed 
who had been baptized. 

By invitation I did talk to them and left with them a spirit of 
blessing which came upon me to bless that people in the name 
of the Lord and by the authority of the holy priesthood. 

August 5th, Friday morning. Sister Henderson gave me a 
nice cake and a new loaf of bread. She thanked me so very 
much for my visit and told me how much she felt blessed. 



They said they did wish me to come and see them again. I 
blessed them and thanked them very kindly. One of her little 
sons got on a horse and piloted me out to the main road. I 
left with a light and joyful heart as the Lord was with me and 
he had graciously said to me you shall never want. So I was 
blessed on my journey two days and Saturday evening before 
sunset I arrived safely at our home and place at Willow Creek. 
Saw Amos at his place. He saw me coming and met me and 
came with me and I with joy and thanksgiving again met my 
beloved daughter Lucy. She ran and met me and sprang into 
my carriage and gave me a very hearty welcome kiss and I 
was so very thankful and blessed, pleased .to see them and 
they to see me. I found them all well and in comfortable 

August 7th, Sabbath morning. I find myself with my dear 
ones at home in Snake River Valley. It looks very natural but 
with a good deal of improvements. I felt well and very thankful 
to Almighty God that our lives were spared, that I had been 
so wonderfully blessed on my journey here. 

I was very much pleased to hear the word, we are all going 
to meeting today, will you go with us father. Yes, I said, I 
think so. 

Their bishop had proposed that they practice meeting at 11 
o'clock and have their Sunday School at the same time. The 
main reason for this was because of the scattered condition 



of the people that it would save them so much travel. Also, it 
would hold the children for the meeting. 

Well they had a very nice Sunday School and meeting with 
a good group of people and the spirit of the Lord was there. 
I was called upon to address them and I did feel it so with 
much pleasure. The spirit of the Lord was with me in great 

In coming to this place I was happily surprised and very 
much pleased to behold the many large canals, full of water 
that had been constructed since I was here the last time. Also, 
the many new homes and the many large and rich fields of 
wheat which to me looks far more precious than gold. I did 
preach a gospel sermon to them. 

On our way home we called and took supper with Brother 
and Sister Knowland and family. They are a very quiet, good 
interesting family. 

I am resting here and writing and visiting a part of this 
week. My good wife, Mary, did make me some shirts and 
repaired my clothes. 

We went to Lewisville and visited with our children Har- 
riett, Alice, with her husband Joseph Jones and their dear 
little children and several others. They too are getting rich 
in this splendid, good country. He has a large rich farm with 
an abundance of oats, wheat and potatoes and lucerne hay. 
Also a nice, new house. They are a couple of very smart, in- 



teresting, industrious children and are greatly favored of the 
Lord. He has given to them, as the fruits of their union, a son 
and a daughter, two very bright, smart little children, yes, as 
smart as a whip. 

They have set up the family alter in this house and are try- 
ing to be Saints, which thing doth greatly please me. 

August 14 and 15, Sunday and Monday. The Bannock stake 
of Zion did hold a very interesting, good conference in the 
Lewisville meetinghouse. We attend the same and Brother 
Thomas Ricks, their president, said it was the largest and best 
conference that had ever been held in the Bannock stake of 
Zion. Elder Seymore Young did entertain that people at this 
very interesting conference. He spoke very extremely well. 
Apostle John Henry Smith and others were very interesting 

I have written two letters and sent them to my family in 
Farmington and Hooper. 

August 18th. We came home and found our bishop raking 
hay (we should have stated that this, our bishop, is my very 
worthy stepson Alfonso Bird Simmons). He has a very smart 
little wife with an interesting little family of children. He has 
one son and three daughters. 

Also George Simmons, he has a very interesting good wife 
with two very smart, pretty little children, a daughter and 



son. He also is one of my very worthy stepsons, the bishop's 
second counselor. 

Brother Amman Shirtleff is a brother to our very much 
respected and beloved brother and president Shirtleff, 
president of the Weber Stake of Zion. 

August 18. We did attend a very good interesting meeting 
held in the (lona) meetinghouse. A good ward, some six or 
eight miles easterly from Eagle Rock. There were several of 
the good sisters from Salt Lake City, namely Sisters Horn and 
Freeze, with President Ricks' first wife they had attended the 
conference, held one meeting in the evening, and gave good 
talks to the sisters and people. 

August 21st, Sunday. Attended meeting with my wife. 
Bishop Simmons presiding, we were very highly entertained 
by the preaching and the talks of three of the brethren. We 
consecrated one bottle of oil and feel extremely happy in the 
service of the Lord. 

[Editor's note: One-half of page 161 and pages 162 through 165 
of J.L.R.'s journal are written with such light ink that they are too 
difficult to read. Consequently, we are skipping to page, his numbering, 

September 25th, My wife, Mary and I, this morning, broke 
a fast of three days which we did successfully make unto our 
God and I do testify that the Lord was well pleased with that 



sacrifice and he did forgive us and did pour out his blessings 
abundantly upon us. 

By her request, I blessed her in the name of the Lord and 
she did manifest and her countenance did show that she was 
greatly blessed of the Lord. I am very certain that I did receive 
a marvelous blessing from the hand of God and in answer to 
my prayer I did receive by the testimony of the Holy Spirit 
some promises and things of great importance. We did fast 
from Thursday evening, 7 o'clock to Monday morning, 8 o'clock. 
Surely the Lord our God was and is with us. We expect that 
through our faithfulness and the grace of God we shall prevail 
and triumph most graciously, even so. 

September 26th. Aunt Mary wrote a patriarchal blessing 
that I placed upon the head of our eldest son, Lee Sidwells, 
and also one upon the head of Anna Peterson, a nice young 
daughter of Zion. We feel to say, let the blessings of our God 
rest down upon the two that their hearts and hands may run 
together. That they might become one and remain so forever. 
They are very good children, God bless them. 

We visited with Burt and family and George and his good 
wife. They have each of them a very nice little family of 
children and we feel to bless them in their families, in their 
homes and also in connection with their counselor, Brother 
Shirtleff, in their labors and in their bishopric labors in the 
ward capacity. We pray that they might be very humble and 



faithful, that they might discharge their labors and duties 
honorably and acceptably to God and the good and holy 
priesthood. We left them feeling well and happy. 

September 7th. We drove to Taylor, a ward seven miles 
from Eagle Rock. Saw several of the brethren, stopped with 
Brother and Sister George Wadsworth and Ann Parker, his 
wife. They seemed very much pleased. They had been bap- 
tized and want to be Saints. I labored faithfully with them to 
instruct, to encourage, and to strengthen them. We told them 
to pray. He told me he had never prayed, that his father and 
his mother had never taught him to pray. He told his wife if 
she would do the praying that he would do everything else. 
But, she told him, as she was willing to do her part to help 
him but she could not do it all. I told him he must pray and I 
got him to pray and I did pray for them and left them in the 
hands of the Lord and commended them to his grace asking 
God to bless and to strengthen them. 

We saw old Bishop Wadsworth and his family. We also 
blessed him and his wife. We had good luck, from his place 
we drove through Ogden City in four and a half days. Stopped 
with Brother Henderson in Oneida. They treated me so very 

October 4th. Arrived home safely and found all well. Felt 
very thankful to Almighty God my Heavenly Father for his 
goodness unto me and for his protection and for the abundance 



of the Holy Spirit that he had shed forth upon me in all of my 

October 6th. We attended one of the richest conferences 
that we have ever had in the mountains. The Lord our God is 
with this people, for surely he is greatly blessing them. 

[Editor's note: Here, again, J.L.R. expresses his gratitude for the 
great blessings which have been poured down upon the people in these 

October 12. I wrote and sent one letter to my wife and 
children Aunt Mary and our good children in the Snake River 
country. I feel so very thankful to the Lord, I find myself 
at home and for the good health we are enjoying, that my 
family and friends are striving to be Saints and for the great 
blessings that our God is bestowing upon the people of the 
Saints of the Most High. 

October 16, the Sabbath, We attend a very excellent 
conference in the Ogden Tabernacle, a very full house. A very 
profound attention was paid to the rich and very interesting 
remarks made by several of the Twelve and President Seymore 
B. Young, Their instructions were so very consoling and 

October 21st. I brought my son Eben from Farmington to 
Hooper. This day the 400th anniversary of the discovery of 
the land and continent of America, or more proper very likely 
it should have been called Columbus Land because it was 



discovered by Christopher Columbus 400 years ago today. 
This is a very choice land above all other lands. The spirit of 
God did rest upon Columbus and he was divinely inspired to 
search out this very choice land. Yea, the land of Joseph that 
was sold into Egypt, the land where our first parents Adam 
and Eve dwelt, the land where the rich and beautiful garden 
of Eden was planted. 

[Editor's note: Here, for two and a half pages in his journal J.L.R. 
outlines the blessings that have been poured down upon the land of 

October 22nd. A very busy day getting my horses shod 
and repairing my carriage. I contemplate making a trip north 
to the Snake River country which is a distance of from 200 to 
300 miles. This trip to be on business in part and also to visit 
and bless several of my friends but, mostly to fetch our sister 
Elizabeth Rice and her daughter May as they were very anx- 
ious to come to Utah and as they had not money to come on 
the cars. I proposed to go and fetch them, feeling very much 
disposed to try to do all the good that I can, feeling assured 
that the Lord will be with me and that he will make my way 
prosperous for I do go in his holy name and his spirit is always 
with me and I feel to glorify and praise his holy name. 

October 23rd. I am visiting and writing some today and 
feel very happy in the Lord. I feel it is my duty to go and I 
start in his holy name, praying for his protection, 



October 24th. I drive to my son William Robinson's and find 
him a cripple, on crutches. I anointed him and blessed him in 
the name of the Lord. He soon got well and they were greatly 
blessed, they said, that I came to help them. 

Drove to Wellsville in Cache Valley. Stopped with Brother 
and Sister Isaac Green and they were so very pleased that I 
came. They seemed so very kind and good to me and we had 
a very excellent visit and talk of old times. 

He said his wife had never received her patriarchal bless- 
ing and that she had been waiting and was very anxious to 
receive one from under my hands. In the morning, I did give 
unto her a good patriarchal blessing and she was so happy, 
so much pleased. She has a very amiable, nice daughter of 
about 20 years. She too, with a daughter-in-law also were 
very anxious for a blessing. I told them I would have to come 
again to give them one and that I would like to introduce a 
very good Mormon son of mine, for I felt very anxious that he 
should get him a good wife. The parents seemed very willing 
and I blessed them all in the name of the Lord and left them. 
Both Brother and Sister Green wished me well and invited me 
to stop and make it my home with them whenever I came 
along. I told them that I would call and see them but that I 
have other children and that they would be very jealous if I 
did so. 



October 25th. I drove to Brother Everett Norton's. They 
were greatly pleased and they said I must never pass them. 

I had good roads and good luck and put up with Brother 
and Sister Blocksom in a settlement called Nine Miles in Marsh 
Valley. They fed my horses and wanted to feed me. They 
treated me so good, I blessed them and preached good to 

Called at Oneida and took breakfast with Sister Henderson. 
They wished me to be sure and stop with them when I come 

October 27th. Drove to Pocatello, a very nice city and 
railroad town in the Snake River valley. I put up with Brother 
and Sister Margraves. They were so very pleased and I must 
be sure to call them when I return from the north. 

October 28. I drove about 40 miles and was very royally 
entertained by Brother and Sister Hubert, a cheerful grand- 
daughter to Brother Austin's family of the Centerville Ward. 
A very nice, good sister. She had a clever, good hardworking 
man but he has not as yet established a family alter in his 
house. But I taught him the importance of the same. I talked 
good to them and preached to them a good gospel sermon. 
We got him to pray in his family and I prayed for them and 
left my blessing with them. 

October 29th, Saturday. I drove about 20 miles and ar- 
rived home safely at our place in Willow Creek. I found Aunt 



Mary and the children all well and very much pleased to see 
me again and I felt so very thankful to my God for his signal 
blessings unto me not only for the extreme good weather, 
good roads and seeing them, this branch of my family and to 
find them all well and cheerful and happy. 

October 30th. Am writing some and visiting some with my 
family and children. My stepson, the bishop, and his counselor 
George Simmons and their families and Elizabeth Rice. She 
herself and daughter Mary were there waiting for me and we 
did thank God for the fact of their good health. We had a good 
visit and are grateful for this also, for it being so late in the 
season and we wish to get back to Utah before the stormy 
and very cold weather set in. 

October 31. The last day of October, We parted with our 
friends at Willow Creek, took Aunt Lib and her little daughter, 
called and took dinner with Sister Margaret Rice. She lives 
at Eagle Rock. She is keeping house for one of her sons and 
taking care of his motherless children. She seemed very much 
pleased to see me and wait on us and wished we would stay 
with them for a day or two. 

We drove to the home of Jake Kucherson's. His wife is a 
daughter of the late Captain Lotsmith, one of the heroes of 
the nineteenth century. Her man was not at home. She lives 
in a good, large, strong new house. She said that her man 
had built that house. I told her she should be blessed and 



for her to tell her man that I said that he should be saved. I 
had never seen her man but from the appearance of and the 
strength of that house and its improvements, I judged him to 
be good. We blessed them and drove to the city of the railroad, 
Pocatello. I stopped with Brother and Sister Hargraves and in 
the evening I gave to Sister Hargrave a very rich patriarchal 
blessing. She seemed to be very thankful, her health was 
quite poor. We hope she will get well. (The above at Pocatello 
was on November 1st.) 

November 2nd. Aunt Lib stopped with William Rice, Marga- 
ret's son and we stopped with our friends, Brother and Sister 
Henderson, at Oneida, Marsh Valley, this being the name of 
this stake of Zion. They received us with great kindness. We 
had a very pleasant and agreeable visit and meeting in the 

November 3rd. Brother Henderson says, Brother Robinson, 
you will have to give my wife Mary a patriarchal blessing. She 
will not let you go away without it. Certainly, if any woman 
in the world said she must have one he says that he had to 
go to Pocatello, that his clerk will write her blessing. She did 
receive such good blessing for she was worthy. God bless her 
and her house forever. 

Presently, her husband came in. I said, I thought you were 
gone to the city. He said, I was too late for the train. She said 
I told him he had better stop today and go tomorrow. He took 



the chair and said, I want a blessing, will you give me one. 
And he did receive a good blessing from the Lord through his 
humble servant and they were such a happy couple for they 
did feel blessed and they truly were blessed. She gave me a 
handkerchief and one dollar in money and said they would pay 
me more another time. I told her that I was in debt to them. 
They thanked me a thousand times and I thanked them more. 
He gave me a sack of oats and wanted to give me more. We 
left them with a blessing and drove 20 miles, stopped with 
my stepson Eli Simmons and his good family and they were 
very kind to us and we left our blessing upon them and their 
house and upon their farm and upon their children. 

November 4. Made a long drive through Malad Valley. Good 
roads and the blessings of God were upon us. We met Brother 
Joseph Hadfield of Farmington with his eldest daughter. He 
has built himself a good house and is making a farm in Malad 

November 5th. We made a long drive and came to the city 
of Ogden. We stopped with Willie and family and found them 
well and pleased to see us. 

November 6th. Sunday morning we drove home and found 
all well. We felt very thankful to God for he had greatly blessed 
us upon this little journey of about 500 miles. We had been 
gone two weeks. 



November 7. Ebenezer helped me load some apples and 
I made a trip to Coalville, Summit County, Stopped with my 
daughters Janie and Emasophia with their families in Richville, 
Morgan County. Visited with and blessed them. Her good man 
was at home from his mission. 

I saw Jeddy and George building a mill in Morgan. Stopped 
with Brother and Sister Richins and had a good visit with them. 
Sold out, got a load of coal and drove safely home Saturday 
evening, the 12th. 

November 13th. Back in Hooper. Attended meeting and 
preaching good to the Saints. Visited Brother Thomas Johnson. 
We blessed him and his family. 

November 20th. Sunday. Ebenezer and the family attend 
meeting. I writing a good letter to my children Solomon and 
Mary Jane in Arizona. The weather is very cool. Oscar paid 
our taxes in Ogden. 

November 23rd. Me, Aunt Rinda & Ebenezer go to 
Farmington to attend a wedding party. We find some sick, 
Aurelia, George Clawson's wife and Laura's youngest daughter. 
I anointed and blessed them. They got immediately better. 
Visited some with Brother dark's family and others. 

November 24th. Thanksgiving Day. I visited my son Joseph 
Elijah and family and took Thanksgiving dinner with them. 
They said, our son William wants you to give him a patriar- 
chal blessing and in the evening we repaired to the house of 



Timothy and Lucy Clark by invitation to celebrate the wed- 
ding of our worthy son and brother, or rather our grandson, 
Oliver Wilcox and their daughter Eva Clark, A royal feast of 
fat things were prepared in great abundance and a very large 
and extremely civil company was assembled. There was a 
royal supper, a mammoth wedding cake and an abundance of 
rich food. After supper was over the boys got up a very good 
program. I was called upon to make a few remarks which I 
did with pleasure. The bridegroom wished me to give his wife, 
the bride, a patriarchal blessing as she was very anxious for 
one. As he had obtained his sometime since from under my 
hands and it was decided they should meet me at the house 
of Joseph E. Robinson, the next day at 12 o'clock noon. 

November 25th. At my son's house, Joseph and Dora's, 
this day I gave to my grandson Eddie West and unto William 
Robinson, Joseph E. and Dora's son and also to Eva [or Eda], 
the young bride, patriarchal blessings. And the Lord did give 
unto them or promise unto them good and great blessings 
through his humble servant. 

November 26th and 27th 

[Editor's note: J.L.R.'s journal on these dates contains his testimony 
of the prophet Joseph Smith, "the only hand that has the legitimate 
right to lead and to control the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints and the kingdom of God here on this earth." He then again gives 
his testimony of him and concludes with the statement that "Ebenezer 



and I were acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith and did know 
him to be a true and a holy prophet of the most high God and that 
he was called and chosen to lay the foundation of a great work. He 
was chosen of God to head the dispensation of the fullness of times 
and also to know that he, Joseph Smith, was responsible for what he 
taught, that he had good backing, and that Almighty God will bear 
him out in the things he taught to the Saints." J.L.R. again states that 
he knows that he, Joseph Smith, taught publicly that the law in Zion 
should be such that if a man received the gospel in Turkey, he could 
bring his five wives to Zion and enjoy them here the same as he could 
in his own country and that was synonymous to saying that polygamy 
will be practiced in this Church of Jesus Christ and I do know that the 
Prophet did say not very long before he was martyred he said it in 
public while he was speaking on the stand that he held the kingdom and 
the authority thereof and that this kingdom was put on the shoulders 
of the Twelve and that they were to bear it, for he was going to rest." 
j.l.r. then proceeds to give his justification of the original doctrine of 
the plurality of wives even though conditions made it necessary for this 
law to be lifted from the Church. His writing on this subject occupies 
pages 176, 177, 178, 179, 180 and part of 181.] 

[Editor's note: Joseph Lee Robinson concludes his testimony with 
these words.] 

Very straight is the gate and very narrow is the way that 
leads to life eternal and Jesus said, that few there be that find 
it. Now if I was to express my mind upon this subject it would 



be that a great portion of the people who were baptized into 
this Church and do become members of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints, in my candid opinion, they had 
better let the courting of the second wife alone unless they 
are commanded of the Lord to enter into that holy order, for 
it certainly is an holy order. 

You may ask, why then is or was it offered to all? I could 
give it as my opinion that it should be offered to all so that 
it could not be called a partial or personal doctrine. Brethren 
Brigham and Heber C. did say that they had sealed more to 
damnation than to salvation. Now I wish to say that polygamy 
in the world in any shape is another thing and altogether, why 
so? Because men cannot be sealed or are not sealed by the 
authority and according to the law of God and by the holy 
spirit of promise. Any other kind of marrying will only last for 

But the laws of the land are framed on the purpose to kill 
and stop this doctrine, or tenant of our holy religion. So that 
we will be obliged to obey the law. We must not preach nor 
practice this while the law is in existence. For this is the word 
and will of the Lord according to Saint Wilford, our president 
and his counselors. 

December 1st. It is snowing. I attended fast and teacher's 
meeting. Took meat and butter donations. 



Saturday evening, the 3rd, our Ebenezer talked in our 
meeting house, a very good house. His subject charity. My 
son Ebenezer seems to be very zealous and he is or feels 
quite certain that he is on the right track and young Joseph 
is the right man to lead this church. But, I told him that I do 
know that the same Holy Ghost that was given to the Saints 
at the start and also when I first embraced the gospel is the 
same that I and all the faithful of the Latter-day Saints do 
enjoy today. 

Also, that same Holy Spirit has certainly remained with this 
Church ever since the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and 
that the authority and power of the holy priesthood is certainly 
in this Church and with this people here in these mountains. 
Also, that God is with them, I do know and furthermore I do 
know and do testify that God has not rejected this people with 
their great faith and with their dead. Consequently I could not 
receive any man into fellowship, much more follow after him, 
low here and low there, no, never, no man unless he does 
come into this Church by the door of baptism and become a 
member in good standing and in full fellowship. Then he must 
be anointed by inspiration. Then he must be voted in by this 
entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before I 
could, or would, go after or acknowledge him my leader. So, 
there is no other rule by which I could ever become a member 
of young Joseph's church. 



December 4th, I received a good letter from Aunt Mary. 
All is well. Lee is married to that good girl to whom I gave a 

December 8th, 1892. This morning, at 4 o'clock, our daugh- 
ter Loella Rice, gave birth to a nice, fine son. This is their fifth 
child. He is a very nice, promising child. As my son-in-law 
Oscar Rice was living with his family in my house in Hooper 
he had taken my farm and I had blessed her some weeks or 
two before this. We had promised her in the name of the Lord 
that she should go the full time with that child and that she 
should have strength to be delivered of a good child, the spirit 
said a son but that child should be blessed and so it was. 

She was blessed of the Lord. She was immensely blessed 
with an easy time and good luck and was well attended to. 

The room was kept warm and she was getting along 
splendidly. She had an abundance of nurse for the child. It 
was growing nicely. 

She, Loella, had a good appetite. She ate her breakfast 
yesterday morning and after she took a good nap and after 
her breakfast this morning as usual turned herself to us and 
we supposed she had gone to sleep. She appeared cheerful, 
made no complaint. Her husband came to see her to tell her 
something, and she was dead. This was about 10 o'clock in 
the morning of December 16th. He screamed and cried, My 
wife is dead. My God, my God. My dearest, my darling wife 



has gone and left me. What shall I do? And her mother, my 
wife Laurinda came to my door and I was writing in my room 
adjoining to where she was sleeping (my daughter). 

My wife was screaming and wringing her hands saying 
Wella is dead. Oh father Loella is dead and the whole house 
was crying, almost distracted. 

I went immediately, saw her, she was lying quiet with her 
eyes closed tightly as a person's eyes could be when she is fast 
asleep. She was looking more pleasant and sweet comfortable 
and fast asleep. Her hands were getting cold and there were 
no symptoms of life at all with her. 

Surely, she had gone to sleep, to rest. She did look so very 
pleasant and sweet. Surely she had never before this looked 
so sweet and good to me, so sweet and lovely, .And verily, I 
do term it one of the most remarkable cases or circumstances 
that ever happened. This was on Friday morning, just eight 
days and six hours after her child was born. 

Bishop Childs came down and did as well as a bishop could 
do. He and I took that little motherless child into our arms and 
gave unto him a name and also a good father's blessing. The 
neighbors, as good brothers and sisters came in and greatly 
sympathized with the afflicted ones and the Lord will surely 
greatly reward them. 

They did dress her so beautifully and put her in a very nice 
coffin so that she was buried very decently. But while she 



was lying in her coffin, in my house I came to her secretly 
and placed my hand upon her forehead and in the name of 
the Lord I did bless that sleeping tabernacle of flesh, saying 
rest thou in peace and in quiet until the morning of the holy 
resurrection when the spirit which shall have performed a 
very noble work with her sisters and good friends in the spirit 

world shall reunite with and shall become immortal. Thou 

shalt die no more, then thou shalt embrace thy husband and 
thy friends with great joy and thou shalt wear a bright crown 
and live forever. These were the blessings that I placed upon 
the head of this very pleasant sleeping child and we have 
writing so much of it and it may be recorded, further credit 
for our satisfaction, 

December 18th. Her funeral was solemnized in our ward 
meeting house at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. It occupied the 
entire meeting, the Sunday services for that day. The house 
was filled to overflowing. The songs, the sermons were very 
impressive and solemn, the speakers were George Powers, 
Henry Mannings, J. S, (F.) Johnson and they did all talk so 
very well and consoling. 

There was a very large crowd of well-dressed, good looking, 
very solemn, very respectful people. They did all manifest 
their great respect to our departed dead. 

I never felt this entire people and ward before like I did 
this day. There was a very long train of carriages that went 



to the burial and when they were all gone from the grave but 
the bishop, William Childs, and Oley Olson and Nephi Hardy, 
his two counselors, the others had all started but these 
three waited for a blessing. As I drove past them the spirit 
of God rested down upon me to bless them. I said, Bishop 
and counselors, the blessings of the Lord Almighty shall rest 
down upon you and upon your house forever and as I prayed, 
Brother Joseph Fowley, I did 

[Editor's note: With this testimony, with this tragic experience and 
with this blessing to the bishop and his counselors, Joseph Lee Robinson 
ends his journal. He died about two weeks later, January 1st, 1893. 




Second Section 

A second, shorter journal, written 
by Joseph Lee Robinson in his last years 

Our great grandfather, Joseph Lee Robinson also wrote another shorter 
journal which was separated and on the bottom of his larger, more 
complete journal. This journal begins with April 18, 1884 and ends 
December 1892. We will study it and incorporate all items of importance 
in the proper places in the main journal. Repetitive material will not 
be dictated.) 

April 25th, 1884 

Saturday, 25th April 1884. Elder Johnson came to me and 
asked that we administer to his wife as she was very sick. We 
consecrated one bottle of oil. I went with him and anointed 
her and blessed her. She is much relieved. Lee came home 
from Promitory. He had been quite unwell. We were glad to 
see him. George came also and my son-in-law Oscar Rice 
[j.l.r. spells Oscar "Ausker,"] and his wife my twin daughter 
Wella came from Farmington to see us. 



April 27th. Took one bottle of oil, consecrated it and gave 
it to Sister Anna Blake and Elder J. S, Johnson. Anointed her 
and several elders and with myself laid our hands upon her 
and blessed her in the name of the Lord, as she is sick. 

May 4th. Attended a funeral, spoke to the people, opened 
the meeting with prayer and spoke to the Saints, had a very 
good liberty of speech, a very fine day. 

May 8th. Drove to Farmington, saw the children, anointed 
and blessed my daughter, Anna Maria as she was sick. Drove 

May 11. Sunday, a funeral, Sister Moore was buried. 
Elders Johnson, Cook and Flanders spoke well at the funeral. 
Administered to Brother Rube Belnap's little son. 

May 14th. Paid Joseph seven dollars. Traded some with him. 
Blessed my daughter Anna Maria Wilcox as she was sick with 
rheumatism and brought up Aunt Laurinda to Hooper. 

May 15th. I start for Logan with my team and buggy to 
attend the dedication of the temple, as it is built and finished. 
Took my wife Laurinda and Sister Lary Johnson. We drove to 
Brigham, stayed with Brother Jensen's good family. 

May 16. We drove around to Bear River and put up with 
Brother Israel Whiting. They treated us well. He lives in Wells- 
ville 10 miles from Logan. We had a good visit with them. 



May 17. Drove to Logan, the temple was dedicated this day 
and attended meeting in the afternoon in the tabernacle, a 
rich meeting. We stayed at Sister Hannah's over night. 

May 18. We received tickets and went through the house 
of the Lord, a heavenly sight. We found Brother Benjamin 
Williams and family. Stayed with them and had a good visit. 

Monday evening we drove to Wellsville and stayed with 
Brother Whiting again, he made us welcome. 

Certainly had a heavenly time. Thousands of Saints met at 
Logan to witness the dedication of the temple of God dedicated. 
It was open three days and was filled to overflowing. The 
people who attended were admitted by tickets. The dedica- 
tory prayer was read each day and there was preaching and 
singing each day. It is a beautiful house, the second temple 
finished in these mountains. 

May 19. We found Brother Benjamin Williams, took Sister 
Annette Cummings with us. We had a sweet visit with them. 
He took us in his carriage, saw some of his children and much 
of that large and beautiful city. They have a large and splendid 
tabernacle and a beautiful temple. They are far richer now 
than they were when they commenced to build them. 

May 20, We drove over the mountains through Copenhagen 
out at Brigham City, We found the sailing rough and tumble 
but the Lord blessed us. 



Dark found us at Byron Bybee's house in Uintah near the 
mouth of Weber Canyon. We found our daughter Jane and 
family well, had a good visit with them. We had driven 48 
miles that day. 

May 21st. Drove to Ogden and did some trading and drove 
to Hooper and found all well. 

May 24th. Drove to Farmington, took Aunt Rinda home, she 
was sick that night and the doctor helped her to get some 
better. Went and visited my daughter Anna Maria. She has 
been very sick but is better now. Took dinner with her and 
took my wife down to Millie's, our twins birthday. Took supper 
with them. Drove home. 

June 9. George Clawson, my son-in-law came up with me 
and he helped me this week. He did us a good job upon our 
house and other things, putting up a good porch and bedroom 
and milkroom. Mary stopped with the children and I took 
George to Farmington. 

July 3rd. Fast day. Attend meeting, pay fast donations. This 
meeting very interesting. President Shirtleff in attendance said 
we should leave off working on Sunday and keep the Word of 
Wisdom strictly. 

July 6. Took Amos to Salt Lake City. Aunt Rinda went with 
us on a visit. Got Wella to Hooper. 

July 23rd. Took my daughter Laurinda Parker to Farmington. 
All is well, the crops came in. 



July 24th. Attend meeting in the grove. The stake bet for 
a celebration. However there were funeral services for Elders 
Barry and Gibbs who were martyred by the hands of a mob 
in the state of Tennessee one Sunday morning as they had 
met at a private house of Brother Condor's to hold a religious 
meeting. They were shot down like wild beasts in the land of 
religious liberty, liberty for which many of our noble fathers 
bled and died. 

October 6th. Attend conference in big tabernacle with an 
overflowing house. Good attention was paid to rich preaching 
and teaching by the First Presidency and Twelve. The reins 
are being drawn a little tighter. The Lord requires his people 
should come up to a higher standard of purity. There is a 
marked improvement in the people of the Saints. Many are 
paying their tithing and keeping the Word of Wisdom better 
and performing their duties better and the devil is howling 
longer and louder to wicked men. 

October 15. Aunt Laurinda and I started for Logan with 
recommends to go to the temple to do some work for our 
dead. Stayed the first night with the family of George Marsh 
in Willard. He was absence but had a good visit with his family. 
We joined them in family prayer. The prayer was held in a 
circle the same as we do in our family prayers. 

November 17. Monday, we went into the temple and regis- 
tered for those for whom we wished to be baptized. Then we 



drove to Brother Benjamin Williams where we stopped with 
them that night. 

November 18. Went to the temple and were baptized, I for 
the renewal of my covenants and for the restoration of my 
hearing and for several of Rinda's male friends, also she for 
the renewal of her covenants and for several of her friends. 
Brother Williams said we must stay with him while we were 
in Logan. 

November 19. Went to the temple and received endowments 
for my father Nathan Robinson and she for her sister (Jemsha). 
I received a great blessing after being baptized for my 

November 20. We again went to the temple and received 
endowments I for my grandfather Samuel Brown and she 
for her sister Orril. We were exceedingly happy while in that 

November 21. We were in time arriving at the temple by 
half past eight in the morning, I received endowments for my 
great grandfather Joseph Lee and she for her friend Rebecca 
Smith who was dead. She also had her two sisters sealed to 
their former husbands. We acted as proxy. The spirit of peace 
dwelt there with us. 

November 22nd. This temple is a beautiful house in a 
beautiful city. We drove to Wellsvilie and stayed all night with 
Brother Israel Whiting and family. I gave his stepdaughter a 



patriarchal blessing. It was a good one, she is a very good 
girl. Also laid my hands on their heads and blessed all the 
family. They felt themselves greatly blessed. And I myself, if I 
dared to say it, while in Wellsvilie was blessed almost beyond 
measure, for the voice of the spirit said to me, You are clean 
before the Lord, I have no doubt. 

November 23rd, Sunday. We drove to Hooper, had a very 
interesting time. The Lord was with us. Have considerable 
writing in a life book from 

September 1888 to February 1885, which I have not in 
this book. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R. indicated on a previous page that he had 
written considerably more in another book than he was writing in 
this book. As a matter of fact, this account is sketchy and skips many 

February 18, 1885 

February 18, 1885. My birthday, 74 years old today and a very 
excellent good time. Was very greatly and happily surprised 
in that we had plenty of good beer (root, undoubtedly) and a 
splendid supper with a large and lively company and last but 
not least the Hooper brass band which discoursed for us very 
excellently. Yes, they appeared and behaved and performed 
(in music) magnificently. We were entertained with songs, 



speeches and a super abundance of choice food and plenty 
of drink of our own make, no imported wines or liquors. We 
had truly a most enjoyable time. All seemed to feel so good 
and happy to celebrate my birthday. It was planned and got 
up through the labors and dictations of my wife Mary, she is 
good, God bless her. 

February 19. Elder F. S. Johnson [it is difficult to read these 
initials] anointed my daughter Emma Sophia for her health 
and we laid our hands upon her head and I blessed her in the 
name of the Lord. 

February 20th. Took my wife Mary and daughters Laurinda 
Parker and Emma Sophia and Sister Baker up to Willie's and 
made them a visit and blessed his little son. He was eight 
days old. His name is William Jesse. 

22nd. Wrote two letters to my children in Arizona. 

April 1st. We had a fine rain and Joseph came from the 
north on a visit fixing to go for conference. 

April 2nd, Start for conference at Logan this time. I took 
Aunt Rinda and Charles Parker and his wife our daughter 
Laurinda and babe with us in my buggy and we drove to 
Willard the first night. We stayed with Brother and Sister 
Evans, Charlie's friends. 

April 3. We passed over a hilly and rough road with some 
snow and mud, into the south end of Cache Valley five miles 
south of Paradise. Passed through Paradise and Hyrum, two 



very nice cities, into Wellsville and found good dry roads in 
Cache Valley. We stopped with Brother and Sister Parkinson. 

April 4th. Saturday, a fine day. I drove to Logan. Was in 
time for conference. On the stand was five of the Twelve 
Apostles namely Franklin D. Richards, presiding and John 
Henry Smith, F. M. Lyman, Grant and Taylor and a number of 
the presidents of stakes with many bishops and a house full 
of Saints, but no First Presidency. This was the first general or 
annual conference ever held without some of the Presidency 
attending. They are sought after by our enemies and we deem 
it wisdom for them to hide themselves as they are wise and 
good men and we do not want them to be abused or slain by 
the wicked mob, as they are persecuting and afflicting the 
Saints, some of them, and we do not know whether they will 
ever cease their raid against the Latter-day Saints, probably 
not until the Lord shall stop them. We had a very excellent 

Sunday 5th, Apostles F. D. Richards, John Henry Smith, 
Marion Lyman were the speakers. Their preachings and 
teachings were sound and logical and very interesting. 

April 6th. The conference closed, but these apostles spoke 
today instead of yesterday and we had a very excellent con- 
ference. The house packed and many that could not get in. 

We stopped with Brother and Sister Benjamin Williams and 
family, were treated very kindly and we feel to bless them very 



much. Drove to Wellsville, stopped with and took breakfast 
with Brother Whiting and family. 

April 7. Drove around the mountain to Bear River down to 
Willard. Stopped with Brother and Sister Edwards and were 
well entertained. 

April 8. We drove home in good weather. 

April 12. Attended meetings in Farmington. My grandson 
Ebenezer Wilcox, who is going on a mission to the states, 
spoke with some others, I spoke and went to my daughter 
Anna Maria's in the Monday evening. 

April 14th. Ebenezer Wilcox starts on his mission to the 
state of Indiana. 

April 26th. Brothers Bidolph and Farandland and families 
came to visit us. 

May 3rd. Attended Sunday conference in Salt Lake, a very 
excellent meeting. The mob courts and U.S. marshalls are 
raiding heavy on polygamist Mormons. 

May 17. The U.S. officers and courts are making a heavy 
raid on our polygamist Mormons, fining and imprisoning several 
for their crime of marrying wives and owning their children 
and educating them. Our councilmen have visited President 
Cleveland and delivered their statements of grievances and 
protest. The President says he will appoint officers who will 
execute the laws impartially. We hope he will. 



June 6. A pleasant day. Took a cow to Farmington for Rilla 

June 13. Brought Aunt Rinda up, Joseph and Henry with 
their wives came to see us. We took dinner at Charlie's, had 
plenty of strawberries and a good visit. 

June 26. Took Anice and her crippled son David to Salt Lake 
City to get him doctored.. Consulted with Doctor Anderson. 
He prescribed, she got some medicines and we left her and 
children with Brother Joseph Kingsberry and family. 

June 28, Sabbath. Brought Janie and children and we at- 
tended meeting in Hooper. Elders Henry Manning, William 
Garner and Joseph Belnap spoke and gave good talks. 

July 24. Pioneers Day. It was celebrated in the Farmington 
Grove, a good turn out, a very enjoyable time faired 
sumptuously. General Grant is dead and the flags are draped 
in mourning. Visited some with my children. 

[Editor's note: The entries for the months of August and September 
are primarily about the weather, farming, and incidental activities.] 

October 2nd. Go to Farmington, gather some peaches and 
brought a load of apples. I got Joseph's carriage from him to 
go to conference. 

October 6. We start, Mary and our daughter Lucy and I, to 
attend conference at Logan. We had Joseph's good carriage 
with a comfortable fit out (outfit) expecting to take a trip north 
to the Snake River country and to visit some of our children 



and friends. Also to see the temple at Logan and some of the 
settlements of the Saints. 

We drove to Denmark, Box Elder Valley, a small well 
watered with a very nice large town built exclusively by the 
Danish Saints. Put up with Brother and Sister Jacobson. They 
treated us so kindly. The name of their place is Mantua. 

October 7. Arrived in Logan and took dinner with Brother 
Ricks. Attended conference. They have a very large and 
commodious tabernacle and it was packed to its utmost 
capacity, a very excellent conference. The preaching and 
teaching was very interesting and instructive. Seven of the 
Twelve were in attendance. We put up and stayed with Brother 
and Sister Benjamin Williams. They treated us very kindly. We 
visited Brother Elison. He wished us to come in the morning 
and bless his wife which I did the next morning and felt her 

October 8. We all attended conference, a splendid meeting 
and after meeting we visited Brother and Sister Williams', son- 
in-law. He was very sick and I anointed and blessed him in 
the name of the Lord and he received a blessing. 

We drove around the temple, a beautiful and striking 
building in a large and beautiful city. We visited and blessed 
Sister Williams, got some cheese from them and drove across 
Bear River about 18 miles and put up with Sister Hause and 



October 9. We passed through Trenton. Here we found 
Brother James Harrison, then drove on passing through 
Whiston and Clifton and Oxford and some other places. Put 
up with Sister Thornton, a good woman and a good house. 
She was very kind to us. 

October 10, We drove into Marsh Valley. Found Ely this 
morning. Stopped with them over Sunday. He and his wife are 
doing very well. We enjoyed ourselves very much with them. 
They treated us well and we had a good time together. 

October 16. George took me over to Amos' farm. There 
is a fine stream of water running through it. On Sunday, 17, 
Amos took me some eight or ten miles to a settlement called 
Louisville. We saw Brother Thomas Sairs [Sears?] and wife 
and sons. They are making a good start, are not far from the 
river, but a few miles from Rexburg. 

October 23rd. Left Marsh Valley and Ely's place, drove over 
the Divide, through Malad City, stopped with Brother Joseph 
Harris then crossed over the Bear River and put up with 
Brother Chester Loveland. He was an old acquaintance. 

October 25. Drove home and stopped to do some trading 
in Ogden. Arrived home in the evening, found all well with a 
considerable amount of work to do. 

November 2nd. Took Aunt Rinda and Rosa to Salt Lake. 
Stopped with Aunt Ann Cummings, sold some wool and some 
white beans, then came to Farmington. 



November 16. Attended a ward meeting, a good turnout 
seeking to effect ecclesiastical organization in the ward in 
order to save our church's property and take care of the same. 
Drove to Byron Bybee's and stayed overnight with them. He 
is getting along extra well. 

November 18. Took Rilla and her children to Farmington. 
Her husband has gone north working. Took Aunt Rinda and 
Ester to Anna Maria Wilcox's and had a good visit with her. 

November 20, Sunday. Drove over to Briga Stowel's place 
to see my daughter Alice and David. Her little son has one of 
his legs amputated. I anointed and blessed him. 

December 22nd. It is raining. I drove to Croydon and Heni- 
fer. Sold some apples and molasses and dried fruit. Arrived 
at Edward Richins at dark. Had a good visit and stay with 

Drove to Enterprise, Put up with Jesse Haven, Got myself 
a pair of blankets, boots and comforter for a Christmas pres- 

December 24. Drove home. Found all well, had a good time, 
received money, paid school taxes and five dollars to Joseph 
on store debt. Took dinner at Janie's table. 

December 25, Christmas. A very good day. Felt thankful 
to my Father in Heaven for the privilege of enjoying the 74th 
Christmas in my probationary state. A happy Christmas it 
is indeed. I have the great privilege of enjoying the society 



of Saints, I've received in the gospel peaceful ness and of 
entering largely into the work of assisting to build the kingdom 
of God on the earth. 

January 1, 1886 

January 1. New Year's. A happy New Year's day. Had a good 
dinner and company at home. Spent the evening with some 
of our friends and had a pleasant supper. 

The past year has been a very pacific one. The earth has 
yielded bounteously which blessing we heartily thank the 
great giver of all good. We have great peace and some severe 
persecutions. Our Gentile friends are very bitter because we 
believe in and are striving to obey his holy commandments. 
Our great and glorious Constitution says we shall not be pro- 
scribed in our religious exercises and worship, but our gov- 
ernment says we shall not. Therefore, because we obey God, 
they put into execution their mob law and fine and imprison 
some of our brethren. They have murdered and robbed and 
imprisoned many of our brethren and may be many more of 
them as they always have done when the true worshipers of 
the true God was on the earth. 

January 3rd. We had with us Brothers Farndland and our 
son William Robinson and families and Mary got us a royal 
good dinner. We had a good visit. 



January 4. Took Aunt Rinda and our daughter Laurinda 
to Farmington, found our children well. On the 5th, visited 
with the children and in the evening attended a theatrical 
performance. My son Joseph Elijah gave me a ticket. Saw my 
son Oliver, he offered me one. 

January 6. Came up to Hooper, very cold weather. Mary 
and Burt and his wife and I went to Brother Farndland's for 
a visit. 

February 4. Attended fast meeting. Bore my testimony, a 
very good attendance. Several of the brethren spoke and we 
had a very good meeting. Took dinner with my daughter Lau- 
rinda Parker. Received some mail including paper and some 
letters, one from a grandson of my brother William, his name 
is Milton Robinson, Bradford, McKene County, Pennsylvania. 

February 17. Drove to Croydon, travelled some then to 
Henifer. Sold some fruit and meat. Then to Richins. Put up 
with them. Found them mostly well, mostly good for the time 
of the year. 

February 18. My birthday, 75 years old today. Three-quar- 
ters of a century, I have been a sojourner on this Lord's earth. 
It is through his blessings we live and in him we live, move 
and have our being. Many have been things of great rejoicing, 
and many are the heavenly visions and rich manifestations of 
his love and power and knowledge and intelligence hath the 



Lord God manifested unto me, unworthy me, for which I feel 
very grateful unto him. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R.'s pages, his numbers 15, 16, for February, 
March, 1886 are so badly smeared as to be unreadable.] 

April 23rd. Took Aunt Rinda to Salt Lake City, sold some 
wool and bought Mary a churn. Went to the Historian's Office, 
saw Brother Franklin. He said I could search the records for our 
dead, I engaged Laron Cummings to search for us, Laurinda 
and me. We studied the New England state records as they 
have them there. We visited with Sister Annette and Jane and 
drove to Farmington, attended meeting and drove to James 
Wilcox's, visited with them. Got my records prepared and 
came to Hooper. Found all well. Had a good time copying my 
records this week and working about home. I received one 
letter from my daughter Mary Jane West. 

April 29. Drove to Ogden and went to the mill. Did some 
trading, preparing to go forth for a while. Received a letter 
from our children Fredrick and Emma Sophia. They have a fine 
daughter they are very proud of. Her name is Lydia Ann. 

May 3rd. Sent a letter and my family records to Milton 
Robinson in Pennsylvania. Also one long letter to my daughter 
Mary Jane West and family. Went to Ogden, heard from Anise 
and children. She found her man waiting for her. They had a 
good trip and David is better. They are gone to Old Mexico. 



May 9. Went to Baker's house in the morning and gave 
seven patriarchal blessings. The parties blessed were William 
Baker and wife, my son William Robinson and wife, Chancey 
Garner and wife, Brother Bevans our school teacher. He wrote 
all the blessings. At four o'clock, went to Charles Parker's and 
gave five patriarchal blessings to Uncle Charles Blake and 
wife, Charles Parker and wife, and Sister Bevans, the school 
teacher's wife, he being the scribe. This, on the Sabbath day, 
before leaving Hooper. 

May 10 and 11. Preparing and covering our wagons for our 
trip north. On May 12, we start with three wagons, Burt goes 
with us with his team and little David Fowls drives one team 
and our Harriett drives one and Lee went with Samuel to start 
the stock. Brother Thomas Johnson came and brought some 
chickens to send to his daughter at Eagle Rock, He helped 
me prepare my buggy and also Willie and Chancey came with 
their wives to see us start. They helped also to put covers 
over the buggy. After dinner, I gave Brother Thomas a patri- 
archal blessing. 

We, Mary and Lucy, start our Snake River trip, two or three 
hundred miles north. 

We drove to the hot springs and camped. Lee returned. 
We passed through Brigham City, but Brother Lorenzo Snow, 
one of the Twelve Apostles, is in the Pen which circumstance 
we regret very much. 



May 14. We camped in Dueyville last night. We repaired 
our wheel this morning, all is well. On the 15th, we camped 
in Malad Valley, drove through Malad City and over the divide 
into Marsh. Put up with Ely, found them well and looking for 
us to come. 

May 16th, Sunday. I took Ely's wife to Oxford, had some 
talk with Brother Smith and took dinner with them and brought 
Sarah's sister with us to stop with her while Ely was gone, as 
he went with us. 

May 17 and 18. Herding stock and preparing to move onto 
Snake River to Amos's and George's place. 

May 19. We leave Marsh with some of George's and Ely's 
stock and a very rough road and a good time. And Ely took his 
team and three pigs and several of our load. Mary and Lucy 
drove the buggy and Harriett drove one wagon and I drove 
one and two boys drove the stock. 

Saturday evening brought us into Eagle Rock. The folks put 
up with George and Amos, but the boys and stock and I with 
one team stopped with Brother and Sister ? 

May 24. We finished our journey on Sunday and we rested, 
for we felt tired. We thanked the Lord and was encouraged to 
find that the boys had a good crop in and had done well. 

May 30th, 1886, on Willow Creek, eight miles northeast of 
Eagle Rock, Idaho. The boys, Ely and Burt started back home 
on the 29th. David with them, gave him [cents?]. 



Sunday at home, reading, writing and resting as we are 
laboring hard. Had put in several acres into lucern barley and 
potatoes and other things, 

[editor's note: j.l.r's page 18, his numbering, covers the rest of 
June and July and their activities primarily on the farm and in visiting 
friends and relatives.] 

August 1st, Sunday. Attended meeting. Missionaries Par- 
ley P. Pratt's son preached to us. He looks very much like his 
father. He talked well to us together with a young bishop of 
the ward, 

[Editor's note: In the August days that follow to the 18th, J.L.R. 
tells of farming and visiting some members of the family. On the 
11th he took Aunt Rinda to Farmington and got some peaches from 
Brother Wilcox and some apples from Sister Bybee and Sister Sales. 
He wrote] 

All my children were well at Farmington. Oliver had built a 
house for his second daughter Alice Richards and a greenery 
for his brother Joseph. August 13, packed some fruit and 
start for Willow Creek near Eagle Rock, Idaho. Drove to Mark 
Bigler's, he gave me hay for my horses. Drove all day to find 
a meeting but found none. Reached Marsh Valley on Monday. 
Arrived at Ely's at noon but found my peaches spoiled, sold 
some apples and honey. On Sunday, August 22nd, Mary, Amos 
and I attend meeting at Eagle Rock. I was called upon to 
preach to the people. 



August 23rd. This evening, through the news, we received 
the sad news that Oliver, my eldest son, my dear son, died. 
He departed this life on the 18th and was buried on the 22nd, 
Sunday, at Farmington. There was a great gathering for he 
was a very much respected and very useful man in the Church. 
His family took his death very hard. We mourn very deeply 
for him. We ask our God to give unto us grace that we may 
feel reconcile to his death. The Lord giveth and the Lord ta- 
keth away and we feel to bless his holy name and try to be 
reconciled to his will and his rod. 

August 26th. Went to James Michel's and brought his 
machine to cut my barley and some hay for the boys. 

August 29th. We attend meeting east of us. Bishop Cordon 
met with us. He called on me to speak. There was a large ward 
and the families of the Saints are very much gathered. 

[Editor's note: J.L.R., during the first days of September, 1886, 
spent his time helping on the farm and attended meetings.] 

September 12, Sunday. Wrote a letter to my afflicted chil- 
dren in Farmington. At home, reading and writing and prepar- 
ing to start for Utah. 

September 16. Samuel and I start for Utah on business. 
Took with us to Ogden James Smith and James Michel. We 
arrived at Ely's place in Marsh Valley. Stopped with him over 
the Sabbath. 



September 21st. Arrived in Ogden two days from Marsh. 
Stayed overnight with Brother Michel. He has a fine crop of 

September 22nd. Arrived in Hooper, found all well. The 
boys are busy making up molasses. I went immediately to 
work helping, repairing gates, hauling cane and lucern seed 
and cutting peaches. 

September 24. Visited and anointed Brother Charles Blake. 
He is very sick. We feel to thank the Lord our God that he 
has of late removed several of our bitterest and very ungodly 
official enemies. 

September 26, Sunday, Drove to Farmington, found all well 
but the marshalls are making a heavy raid on our polygamists. 
Have arrested Brother Watson, E. T. Clark and Peter Barkdoll 
and had writs for several others. 

It is very remarkable, if not strange, the Lord has removed 
by death several of our brethren from their families, namely 
Thomas Grover, 0. L. Robinson, Job Welling, Joseph France, 
Leonard G. Rice. 

I visited several of my very exceedingly afflicted children 
of Oliver's family. 

[Editor's note:The first days of October, J.L.R. spent time on the 
farm, paid some tithing in Ogden, saw several of his afflicted children 
and took Aunt Rinda to Hooper.] 



October 4. The boys shod one horse and I drove up to 
Byron Bybee's. Took Rinda Parker and her mother and visited 
with our daughter Janie and family. 

October 5. Drove to Jesse Havens, took dinner and had 
a good chat with them. Took supper with Brother and Sister 
Thackrey, sold them some molasses and drove over to Brother 

October 6. We attended conference at Coalville. Four of 
the Twelve were in attendance namely F. S. Richards, presid- 
ing and John Henry Smith, Heber J. Grant, John Taylor and 
some of the presidents of the stakes and other brethren. It 
was the 56th Semi-Annual Conference of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints. A very interesting conference, a 
good demonstration of the spirit. 

We administered to Sister Richens. She is some better. 
Brother Richens gave me some early potatoes for seed. 

October 9. We drove to Fredrick Clark's, my son-in-law, he 
is absent attending a Seventies meeting. Found our beloved 
daughter Emma Sofia and beautiful baby. 

October 10, Sunday, raining hard, but drove to Janie's and 
stayed over night. 

[Editor's note: these last few pages of J.L.R.'s journal, the second 
one, covering the ending months of 1886 are very finely written and 
crowded in lines that are crowded close together making the journal 
very difficult to read. They cover primarily mundane things such as 



crop planting, writing, visiting, and the like. Except where names are 
mentioned or significant events occur, they will be abbreviated here. We 
refer to his pages numbered 20-24 and covering September, October, 
November and December, 1886.] 

October 15. Went to Farmington, took Aunt Rinda and some 
salt and wheat to Joseph and to Fred Combs. Wrote and sent 
one letter to my nephew, Milton Robinson. On 16th, visited my 
daughters Ester and Anna Maria and came back to Hooper. 

November 3rd. Fine weather. Lee and I start for Snake 
River with two good loads. Laurinda gave us some cakes and 
butter and we butchered a sheep. Had plenty and camped at 
Coal Springs. On 4th, crossed Bear River and drove to Willard. 
The Wellings treated us kindly. I drove over to Ely's. He and 
his wife are blessed and prospered by the Lord and have a 
fine, new, big son. 

November 11. Drove to Eagle Rock, stopped at John Hill's. 
Patience gave us some dinner. He owes me $1.50 for salt 
and apples. Left one cake of molasses and arrived home, felt 

November 13. George, Mary and I start for conference, 
cross Snake River for the first time, a great river and beautiful 
water. Put up with Hyrum Simmons. They treat us very well. 

November 14. Hyrum went with us to Rexburg, found a 
good meeting and a large city. It surprised me very much. 
Apostle John Henry Smith preached to us most of the day. 



His subject was on the law of tithing, purity of life and the 
first principles. 

December 9. Had a good chat with Elder Johnson and was 
very happy to see them home again. Had a very excellent 
breakfast and a very enjoyable time reading a portion of the 
Apocrypha of the New Testament. It was an uncommon treat 
for me. I enjoyed it very much, about the virgin Mary which 
was a child of promise, of her being taught and educated for 
the express purpose of bearing the Son of God, the Savior of 
the world. Also the birth of the Savior and many important 
cases of healing which the Bible never mentions and many 
other things equally as marvelous and interesting. Read until 
late hour in the morning. 

December 10. Drove to my place, found the children well 
and things in as good condition as I expected. 

December 11. Visited Charley and Ruby Parker this eve- 
ning. Burt took some things and some tithing to Ogden. I paid 
Burton $20 on a note and on account. 

December 12, Sunday. Writing some and visiting the sick, 
my grandson David has got well. December 20th. Traveled 
with Dora and came to Willie's and blessed his second son. 
His name is Joseph, then drove to Hooper. 

December 21st. Working on gates and fences, reading 
Juvenile Instructor and the Bible. 



December 22nd. Burt and I are plowing and picking up 
potatoes. Visited Mother Blakes at the same time. Samuel is 
gone to Ogden to get him some clothes. It is snowing some 
this evening. 

December 24th. Drove through the mud to Farmington, 
found all well and much blessed to see them, felt very 

December 25th, Christmas. My 75th anniversary of that 
auspicious day we celebrate as the birth of beloved Savior 
Jesus Christ and if I was certain he was born on that day I 
would celebrate it before any other day in the world for I do 
certainly love him more than any other one that ever lived 
in this world. Yea, better than all the rest put together, and 
the Prophet Joseph Smith the next. Because they exhibit so 
much nobility, charity and godlike majesty. 

I love my wives with all my heart and my children dearly 
and my neighbors and myself 

[Editor's note: A few lines illegible.] 

chiefest among 10,000 and all together lovely. 

We had a lovely dinner and a good time. Aunt Rinda surely 
knows how to do it and the girls got it up for us. We had for 
guests in company our children Janie, Josephine, and Rita 
and Wells with their husband and children. Also Jedda with 
his family, a good house full and plenty of dinner and a very 
pleasant time indeed. Yea, a time we shall long remember, 



Christmas and New Year's and my visit with them and the 
blessings we received. 

December 26. I attended Sunday School, a very good 
full school, well conducted under the able superintendence 
of Brother James Smith. I was called upon to make a few 
remarks, spoke a few minutes to the children. We feel very 
much interested in the childrens welfare. We took dinner with 
my daughter Anna Maria and Henry Wilcox. 

Attended 2 o'clock meeting. Brother Thomas Steed was 
called to the stand. He spoke very good to the Saints, told a 
very interesting incident of two brothers who live in Scotland, 
the one a Mormon, the other a Methodist. The Methodist died 
and after a while he came into the room where his Mormon 
brother was and he says, James, it is you. I did not expect 
to see you again until I came to you. But, James says, I have 
obtained permission to come and bring a message to you. 
Now my dear brother, will you forgive me for my abuse to you 
while I was with you and when I was with you on the earth. 
Yes, said he the Mormon, with all my heart, said he, I forgive 
you. When we took you to the grave, said the visitor I thank 
you kindly, now, said he, you will go up into the mountains, 
there will be temples there and you will do a work for me 
that I may come out of prison. Yes, certainly, I will. How is 
it, James? Are you not happy? I thought when you died you 
were going right to heaven. 



Oh, but it is not so. I am in prison and will have to re- 
main there until someone does a work for me in a temple 
here upon the earth. The visitor said further that when the 
Prophet Joseph Smith died, he came and started Mormon 
meetings there and that they were rather poorly attended 
at first but that they were very well attended now. Said he, 
there are Methodist meetings and Presbyterians, and other 
denominations held there also. The visitor then left and said 
Brother Steed this morning. But he has since come here and 
done the work in the Logan temple for his brother and also 
for hundreds of others. While he was doing this, it was the 
happiest days of his life. 

I note this for it is very interesting and a striking proof of 
the magnitude and importance of this latter day work in the 
human family. It shows very firmly that the priesthood is God's 
authority and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day 
Saints is indeed the true Church. Therefore, the importance 
of temples and also the magnitude of the work of the latter 
day people. 

Regardless of how good this Methodist brother was, a 
work has to be done for him in holy temples. Now, how very 
thankful we should be to our God that he has led us into the 
mountains of Ephraim even unto his strong holies where we 
can and will be thrushed and cleaned, where we have liberty 
and are not in bondage, neither indeed shall we be. 



The Saints shall not be moved again but shall be added to 
and spread abroad and many of the peaceful and meek people 
of the earth shall say, "Let us go up to Zion," and some of 
them shall come to Zion, even to a people that shall be at 
peace with each other and shall be very happy. 

It came to pass that I stopped with my family, children 
and grandchildren and friends three weeks visiting with and 
blessing them and at this time gave upward of twenty pa- 
triarchal blessings. I did considerable writing and preaching. 
Sent one letter to Mary Jane West to Arizona and one to my 
daughters Emma Sofia and family in Morgan and one letter 
to my family and sons at Willow Creek, Snake River County. 
I wrote a description of the transfiguration of our Savior and 
his translation and ascension into heaven, how he was met 
in mid-air by countless thousands, thousands of angels who 
surrounded him and escorted him up to heaven with more 
sublime music than earth ever heard before, singing, and 
chanting, lifting up their heads, ye everlasting gates and the 
king of glory shall enter in. 

[Editor's note: Here, J.L.R. ends this, his second journal. The 
next part of this second journal begins April, 1887 and is duplicative 
of the material already covered, or to be covered in his main journal. 
Consequently, this duplicative section will not be dictated and 
reproduced but the original pages will all be preserved with the regular 
journal which will be placed, as indicated, in the Historical Department 



of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All pages carefully 
protected in plastic covers.] 

Oliver Preston Robinson 
Dictated 1978-1980 

Typed 1979-1980 by Mary Robinson Egan 
Published for the Robinson Family, 1981 

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